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      Are you thinking about joining the Police Service as a Special Constable or Police Officer? You can post general questions in here about the recruitment process, and get answers and support from others who are going through the process or already serving Officers.

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      This area of the forum is dedicated to scenarios - "what if" discussions based on real or imagined policing situations. Post your own or answer an existing scenario!

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      The place to discuss kit - boots, belt kit, clothing and gadgets as well as useful stuff like books and training aids.

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      Read some great stories of Police Officers and Special Constables to find their blogs on "What I Did On Duty".

      Our own members are also encouraged to post blog entries, and to give details of their experiences of policing in this section. Funny, dramatic, frustrating or mundane - This is your chance to give other members an insight into what you do day to day, and to read more about what your colleagues do in other specialisms and across the country. We have a lot of members carrying out a wide range of roles, so we should be able to read some candid insights into the whole spectrum of policing. Think of it as a communal anonymous blog!

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      A rich resource of information regarding joining the police service, competencies, interviews and more.

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      Light-hearted discussion of topics which don't really relate to police work... abandon hope all ye who enter!

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      For light-hearted discussion about love, life and relationships.

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  • Our picks

    • We want our pre-1969 force back, say campaigners
      We want our pre-1969 force back, say campaigners

      • 9 replies
    • 'Like rats with good PR': PCC cuts into rival force
      CC Barton feels the sharp side of Holloway's tongue.

      • 3 replies
    • Things going wrong is not misconduct, chief stresses
      Force threatened police watchdog with judicial review over directed misconduct hearing.

        • Like
      • 4 replies
    • 'The idea of a pot of gold to make our problems go away is wishful thinking', HMI warns
      Little to no hope funding pressures on police will be alleviated.

      • 2 replies
    • Ex-sergeant settles race discrimination case for £95k
      Former officer was subjected to unconscious and direct discrimination due to his ethnic origin.


      • 15 replies
    • PC dismissed for 'feeding gossip' about colleague to relatives of suspect
      The chairman called his behaviour 'disgraceful'.


      Date - 2nd October 2018
      • 5 replies
    • Traffic policing powers given to PCSOs
      Lincolnshire Police is granting extra powers to its uniformed police staff.

      • 14 replies
    • Chief: Service keeps failing to learn the lessons of history
      Ahead of the National Black Police Association conference in Belfast next week, CC Jon Boutcher says forces cannot afford to rest on their laurels on race and diversity.

      Bedfordshire Chief Constable Jon Boutcher

      • 6 replies
    • Financial system doubled invoices for up to seven years.

      PCC Matthew Scott

      By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle



      Discovering a fiver down the back of a sofa is a smug feeling like no other.

      But few people will experience the mixture of horror and joy Kent Police auditors must have known when they uncovered £1 million - hidden by a “technical glitch”.

      For between five and seven years, every time a Kent Police employee altered an invoice the system was charged double for accounting purposes.

      The money never left force accounts, meaning the force has racked up almost £1m extra.

      An eagle-eyed auditor spotted the discrepancy while Kent Police finance team was putting its end of year accounts together.

      Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott told his police and crime panel he decided to describe the issue in his annual report “in the interests of transparency”.

      The extra funds will be added to Kent Police reserves.

      Councillor Fay Gooch said at a meeting of the police crime and panel she was “baffled” the mistake went unnoticed for so long.

      “In local government we are the best at managing money so happy to come along and give advice at any time but I do think that you need to rack up the accuracy a bit more because something’s going wrong,” she said.

      Mr Scott responded: "Because it was an unqualified opinion I didn’t have to [highlight the error]. I could have just said there are the accounts go find it yourself.  

      “But I wanted to highlight that to the panel of where I’m holding to the force to account.

      “We didn’t lose £1m in cash. It was there, it was always there.

      "I bring that forward for that very reason because sometimes these things do happen and I don’t think always that agencies should hide behind unqualified opinion saying that everything’s fantastic.”  

      Mr Scott’s chief finance officer Rob Phillips added the problem is “clearly unacceptable”.

      “It was an error in the way that we’d been using the financial system that meant that effectively this money was double counted to a certain extent and is over a period of a number of years.

      “So it’s happened over the last five, six, seven years clearly. That’s not right.

      "We need to makes sure the systems we’ve got are working perfectly fine.

      "So with the commissioner’s agreement and approval we are now going to engage an audit firm to come and have a look and to make sure we are using the systems correctly, that we’ve got to ensure that there aren’t any other of these things that are slipping.”

      View On pOlice Oracle
      • 5 replies
    • Judge hits out after officer put on trial accused of barging colleague
      Neither the 'victim' nor the defendant were even aware of the incident at the time.


      • 9 replies
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