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  • Our picks

    • Senior officers unite to tackle gender inequality in policing
      Issues of violence against women and girls can be better addressed with a more balanced workforce, says chief.
      • 0 replies
    • Business owners shot at police officers as they chased 'burglars'
      'I feared for my life. I believe the intention was to cause me serious harm,' one officer told the court.

      • 3 replies
    • Sajid Javid downplays police funding boost pledge
      'Don't put words in my mouth.'.

      Home Secretary Sajid Javid

      The new Home Secretary’s first public encounter with the policing community marked a stark contrast to his predecessor’s “put your pens away” speech last November.

      Sajid Javid made crowd-pleasing promises to prioritise police funding at next spending review while also looking at misconduct investigation deadlines.

      He went out on a limb to make a good impression, emphasising his close connection with his chief superintendent brother.

      His stories of playing at CrimeStoppers while growing up in a deprived Bristol street were a hit, as were his comments that he did not see why police officers needed a degree or why police chiefs won’t give their officers spit guards.

      The talk set a markedly different tone to former Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s speech to police chiefs and police and crime commissioners last year in which she said when crime goes up “I don’t want to see you reaching for a pen to write a press release asking for more money.”

      But when asked afterwards whether in his view there is a link between crime and resource Mr Javid hit back “don’t go putting words in my mouth”.

      He distanced himself from hints in his speech that he is breaking with government denials that police cuts have led to an increase in crime.

      “Let me be clear. I am not saying that but what I am saying though is I fully accept resourcing is an issue if we are to expect our police force, as we all do, to meet rising demand,” he said during a brief press conference.

      He said rising crime is as a result of increased reporting of historic sex offences and domestic abuse, cyber crime and the impact of county lines on the illegal drug market.  

      “I’m looking ahead at demand. For those who say the rise in serious violent crime is only because of a cut in police resource I do throw out there that there was a rise ten years ago - quite a significant rise [in crime] - and at that time police numbers were much higher than they were today.”

      When asked whether he could commit to increase police funding beyond flat cash and precept, he said funding was always a “collective decision of government”.

      “What I promised today is I will prioritise police funding when it comes to spending review.

      “The starting point of getting to the right outcome on resources is obviously having the department responsible pushing in the right direction.

      “I think as I look at all the demands that are now being faced and the gap between capacity and demand, there needs to be more resourcing put into policing.”

      View On Police Oracle

      The back peddling has begun, likely to disappoint a few people on this forum. 
      • 13 replies
    • Thornton: Plan is in place to tackle large-scale riots
      Fed rep casts doubt on ability to deal with 2011-style disorder without military support.

      • 31 replies
    • For those who're unaware on Monday the MOT rules changed so that instead of just a fail the defects are now split into two categories major and dangerous.

      Does this have any change on the enforcement?

      For example a car presented early under the new rules fails on a dangerous defect, clearly it cannot be driven away from the station as it has been judged in a dangerous condition even if it has MOT remaining. However, the fact we now catagorise it dangerous doesn't mean it wasn't on the old rules and so should not really have been driven away.

      It is just a case that now it is far easier to put forward that they knew or should have known it is in a dangerous condition and does that mean dangerous driving will be considered in some occasions where a ticket for the defect would have previously been considered?

      Adding to this the new category of "dangerous" includes dangerous to the environment not just in the mechanical sense, will this negate the usefulness of this category for showing a careful and competent driver would know the vehicle is in a dangerous state?
      • 3 replies
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