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      Light-hearted discussion of topics which don't really relate to police work... abandon hope all ye who enter!

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      Are you thinking about joining as a PCSO? You can post general questions in here about the recruitment process, and get answers and support from others who are going through the process or already serving as PCSO's.

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      This area of the forum is dedicated to scenarios - "what if" discussions based on real or imagined policing situations. Post your own or answer an existing scenario!

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    • Legal advice and legal expenses cover

      In order to ensure that special constables have legal protection, the Home Office provides legal assistance cover currently through Arc Legal Assistance. This is available to all special constables, free of charge, and includes personal injury cover including financial compensation for damages. It also includes cover for legal advice as well as representation at criminal proceedings.

      The Special Constable Legal Fees Insurance Scheme is now administered by the Home Office. For more information and summary of cover, please email: specialconstabularyenquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk.



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    • Work With Offenders looks behind the decline in prosecutions with only three out of every 200 accused ending up in court.


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    • West Midlands to teach frontline response to life-threatening incidents.

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      • 6 replies
    • Survey comes out in favour of cap that fits the 'safer, practical and comfortable' approach for wearers.

      Passing out parade: Officers will still wear helmets for ceremonial duties 

      • 20 replies
    • Tried to search the forum high and low and we appear to have officers in all areas but I can't find anything that suggests we have any dog handlers?

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    • Campaign groups call for reform of 'digital strip searches' amid claims policy is unlawful.

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    • Colleagues,

      I have about 12 months service as a Constable with the Police Service of Northern Ireland. In the PSNI, when you pass out from the training college, everyone is sent to response. No one likes being in response for reasons why I will go on to outline in a moment. The coveted roles, available only to Con's outside of probation are the Neighbourhood teams, road policing teams, various crime/pro active teams, investigative departments, Firearms etc.

      One of the most stressful things about working response is the investigation of the crimes you pick up, all the way to court. I don't know what your experience in response has been like, but I go from emergency call to emergency call. In between times, I am supposed to conduct my enquires, process them at custody interview suspects, prepare the file for the public prosecution service and go to court. This is what I signed up too. It's been very stressful however I thought that was the only way to do things. 

      I've had the benefit of working alongside Con's who where formerly attached to Merseyside and the Met. They've advised me that in their previous forces, they arrested suspects, wrote up a statement and notebook entry then passed the investigation on to dedicated case progression/investigative teams to follow up. I couldn't believe this. It makes so much sense. Rather than a half baked investigation from a Constable who his running pillar to post they have a team of people 9-5 dedicated to investigative follow ups.

      In short, I'm wondering is this standard throughout GB police forces? Do you carry out your own investigations from start to finish or what mechanisms do you have in your force to complete investigations?
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    • A Met Police officer has admitted buying buying pornography at the family home of a dead child while he waited for the undertaker to turn up - and charging it to the grieving relatives.

      • 8 replies
    • PM to use final leadership days to give public sector £2bn pay rise.

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    • Following arrest, officer said: I am not like one those people who touch children. They make me sick.

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