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  2. MeganP

    Police Scotland Recruitment 2019

    Hey all Going for my AC next week and more worried this time as it is my second attempt, it was supposed to be in September but I got a cancellation date next week. just wondering If anyone is in the same boat? This forum was really helpful when I started the process Thanks!!
  3. Today
  4. Caislade0411

    Questions about police vetting, please help

    Thanks @Funkywingnut for taking time to reply. Let’s hope so, I’m just worried because I’ve come so far now, just don’t want to fail on the final hurdle. Time will tell I guess. I just hope they don’t use it against me
  5. He could have spent it on the Homeless problem, or isolated Pensioners. So many more deserving cases.
  6. Well it was a criminal offence, just as the original was.
  7. Techie1

    Career advice

    Fancy sharing your experiences so far on a blog? 😀 https://police.community/blogs/
  8. kirsty05

    Police Scotland Recruitment 2019

    If anyone needs any advice or guidance about the process or recruitment then please feel free to send me a message. I’m currently in the first year of my probation so happy to help anyone😊
  9. Funkywingnut

    Questions about police vetting, please help

    Vetting is about honesty most of all, the majority of those who cannot obtain a security clearance is down to dishonesty, not past actions or debt.
  10. Caislade0411

    Questions about police vetting, please help

    Hi everyone, new to the forum my name is Cai. I’m currently in the process of joining BTP and have a few questions about the vetting process which are concerning me for a number of reasons. - are defaulted credit files an instant bar to entry? I was very irresponsible when I was a late teen and defaulted on a number of accounts. All paid off now and this was a number of years ago now, as I’m 25 now. I don’t have any current debts to anyone and haven’t had for years. -my mum who I currently live with (I plan on moving out if I get in) has a conviction for possession of cannabis in 1985, I’ve been completely honest and I’ve put it down on the vetting form. However, I think it’s that that’s going to end up with me failing the vetting for sure, which is absolutely devastating that something which happened before I was even born (I was born in 1993) can ruin your chances in a career which I’m so excited to be in. Can anyone give me some info about my current situation and be brutally honest about my chances please, because now I’m starting to think that I’m going to need a plan B as it might be a failure in my vetting which is disappointing to say the least. Kind regards, Cai
  11. Mazza

    Career advice

    Quite right! Good luck.
  12. Mazza

    New Student Officer

    Get used to everyone mentioning your age and how great it is that you’re older than the average probationer. Don’t take it to heart. Don’t worry about the jobs on the box or attending everything - the job existed before you started your shift and it’ll exist when you go home. One job at a time. You don’t get paid to worry about going to everything. First arrest - if your arrest is a frequent flyer then they will be able to sniff you out a mile off but don’t worry - you’re still in charge no matter if you’ve done one day, one year or one lifetime in the job. If you’re not sure how to act in a situation, take the lead from your tutor. If they’re friendly with someone, you be friendly. If they’re a bit short with someone, you know to be assertive. That way you look like a cohesive unit and less like one of you doesn’t really know what you’re doing. If in doubt - say nothing. Muster room “banter” will go over your head for a few weeks, accept it, take it all in, and one day you too will be able to extract the urine from your fellow colleagues. Dead bodies are what they are, again if you’re working with someone else just flag up that this is your first dead body and they should be able to handle it sensitively. Good luck!
  13. Not condoning his behaviour at all, just commenting on the number of times that people get caught out by an ex. I had a colleague that made a false insurance claim, and then got bubbled up when he and his wife split up.
  14. And bent officers do us no good whatsoever. If it takes a scorned wife to rid us of corrupt officers then, so be it.
  15. New Things Bad. Old Things Good. If it was good enough in the 1970s, it is good enough now etc etc
  16. Bubbled up by his ex wife. How may times have we seen that? Hell hath no fury...
  17. I can't see any significant changes happening. All we seem to be good at in Britain especially surrounding policing is either carrying on as normal (Border and Port Policing) or simply re-branding what was already in place (I'm thinking what was SOCA now NCA.) Very little fresh thinking or innovation.
  18. Paper talk. Heard it discussed on the radio where he was being condemned for spending £30k on Bicycle Ballet. The true story was that as part of the contribution to boroughs for cultural events one borough received £30k and decided to spend some of that on an event that included bicycle ballet. But in typical rag ‘journalism’ don’t let the facts get in the way of a good bashing story. Compared to our future Prime Minister’s spend of £43M on the Garden Bridge that never was it peanuts.
  19. I know you are referring to motorways, but you do know the strategic road network has a high proportion of A class 2 lane (1 lane each direction) roads as well as the multi lane motorways. In the past past, one review was to consider how collisions were managed so as to clear the roads quicker - accepting the results (good or bad depending on your view) of the investment in supplying all police forces with 3d laser scanners to supposedly speed up road openings. There are areas where attendance of the relevant resources CI/SIO etc to a serious collision can cause significant delays in the road opening procedures. Overall, won't be surprised at either nothing changing (more likely) or significant changes and amalgamations of lots of agencies into a dedicated SRN coverage.
  20. This is why I think it is so important to have a national approach to major roads policing - criminals use the road networks to facilitate their crimes, its essential that it is policed properly and robustly. We had an ex-traffic cop who then worked for my local authority (retired now... Fully) He used to come down to the station as part of his job and we'd have a coffee with him most E/T the stories he'd tell where he would come across real mister crime, committing major crime all on the back of a traffic stop or Intel led. At the moment I don't think our motorways and major roads are recieving the policing they deserve, like I said in my first post during the massive cuts the roads policing team was the first to get slashed back, merged into an operations team. I think we could do better.
  21. Small Parish and Rural forces had ceased to exist when motorways were first built in the 60's. If you ever worked a motorway system you might be surprised how many criminals are caught by Traffic, Road Policing patrols. There were many officers without the aid of Number Plater Recognition who could small a Criminal half a mile away. By it mere existence Roads Policing will always be coming across commuting criminals, it has always been the case. I do not believe that it is any accident that with the decimation of Roads Policing detected crime rates fell, Drink and Drug driving increased as di serious cases of dangerous driving.
  22. It doesn't make sense though does it? I'm talking about the motorway networks specifically, most of it built in the 60s, you had small parish/rural constabularies policing small snippets of major roadways that formed a new national fast road network, breaking that up amongst what was 117 individual police constabularies. Conversely the railways at this time had a dedicated national police force to cover the national network for the same exact reason, it doesn't make sense geographically breaking up the policing of a national infrastructure. Personally speaking this could have been solved back in the 1950s and 1960s with the establishment of a dedicated highways force. That seems like common sense to me. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  23. cammybernard92

    Police Scotland Recruitment 2019

    That's my application forms sent in yesterday. Hopefully hear back soon, I've already passed my SET's last year but had to retract my application before my initial interview. So fingers crossed the process isn't too long.
  24. SADIQ Khan has been blasted again for spending millions of pounds on culture festivals as the capital's crime crisis continues to spiral. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9516951/sadiq-khan-spends-11million-on-culture-festivals-including-bicycle-ballet-as-londons-bloody-crime-epidemic-rages/
  25. A detective from Beds Police has today pleaded guilty to stealing over £9,000 from the force's major crime unit. https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/news/crime/beds-police-detective-pleads-guilty-to-stealing-9k-from-major-crime-unit-1-9001094
  26. The roads were never ‘originally divided up’. It made perfect sense for a police force to cover a geographic area and everything in that area. It is modern life that now gives some credence to a ‘British Rosa’s Police Force’. In 1850 it would not have been feasible for Ruralsville Police to Police the village pub, blacksmiths shop, fields and houses while the Roads Police dealt with the carts on the lanes between the fields.
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