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  2. But unlike most public sector workers we have no option but to accept whatever rubbish HMG imposes on us. Fairness only seems to go one way which is awaya from us and towards the government.
  3. Don’t disagree with any of what you said, my point simply was the pay isn’t particularly bad. Public sector workers are all suffering.
  4. XA84

    Disqual driving - code G

    From experience of working within custody, I'd have a chat with a custody sergeant beforehand and tell them your plan of attack. Advise that you're wanting them arresting and you'd be looking for a remand if able and what would the likelihood be? Some sergeants will tell you straight out no and others will say it's no problem but to make sure that suspect gets brought in whilst they are working so they can oversee it all.
  5. It will not happen as it is not in our DNA. Perhaps the Home Offcier should dig out, dust and rad the Edmund Davies report from, I think, 1974. The damage was done by Theresa May and Tom Winsor who butchered the Police Pay structure and reduced staffing levels to obscene levels. I remember being at Conference when May attended as Home Secretary she just ignored everything that was said and addressed conference in a derisory manner. What di she do, she awarded Tom Winsor with a Knighthood and appointed him as Chief HMI. Ronnie Barker could not have competed with that type of comedy.
  6. LosingGrip

    Disqual driving - code G

    Hi all! I maybe over thinking this. I’ve currently got a case file waiting for review by my SGT for a disqual driver. He was stopped a month ago and a VA was arranged. I saw him off duty driving three days before the VA. He has admitted both. I saw him driving again on my rest days. He has said he’ll keep driving. I want to arrest him, interview for when I’ve seen him off duty and look at a remand. Sometimes the custody sgts can be a bit hit and miss and prompt and effect for interview may not be enough. (I’ve had a DP rejected for a high risk DA because I could have VAd them. Ignoring the fact she tried to hide and is NFA…).
  7. The nature of our job means that we can't be compared with most of the rest of the public sector so we should have different treatment from them. We don't have unions, we can't strike, we work 24/7, we deal with vile people, we can be told where to live and what second jobs we can do and we've worked through covid and been exposed to more of the disease than most other workers with the exception of the NHS. The end result is warm words and no pay rise. I would also anticipate that the government will have an excuse to cut our wages even further for the next 3-5 years, just like with austerity. Remember inflation went up by over 30% whilst our wages only grew by 12% during the same period.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/26/met-police-investigate-anti-vaxxer-as-speech-sparks-fears-for-safety-of-medics In a widely circulated public speech, she compared medical staff to Nazi war criminals, referred explicitly to their executions and demanded that people gather the names of doctors and nurses in the UK. Quite appalling really. The Met are looking into it, what is she likely to be charged with?
  9. TWO off-duty police officers have been hailed as heroes after saving a four-year-old's life when he started choking on a chicken nugget. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1467691/police-officers-save-boy-choking-chicken-nugget Well done to both officers saving the boys life.
  10. A small Organised Criminal Network who arranged the importation of guns, ammunition and heroin have been sentenced to a total of 42 years' imprisonment. https://news.met.police.uk/news/organised-criminal-network-sentenced-for-importation-of-six-handguns-and-ammunition-431419
  11. A man who was arrested carrying two Skorpion machine guns in his backpack close to Chiswick Park Underground station has been sentenced to nine years and nine months' imprisonment. https://news.met.police.uk/news/man-transporting-two-skorpion-machine-guns-sentenced-431480
  12. High-harm offenders and criminals involved in firearms offences and shootings are going to be the focus of specialist officers from the Met this week as officers launch an upsurge in activity to tackle violent crime and firearms offences in London. https://news.met.police.uk/news/firearms-and-high-harm-offenders-to-be-targeted-in-week-of-activity-across-london-431490
  13. A woman from Kent who headed up a crime group that supplied over half a tonne of cocaine and laundered millions of pounds in illicit cash has been jailed for 15 years. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/venetic-kent-woman-headed-up-family-run-multi-million-cocaine-dealership good another drug dealer off the streets.👍
  14. I have no idea how this will make s difference. It would be nice if it does, but it won't. Enquiries for victims are chucked together in the brief lul between jobs or thrown out to our statement takers (literally no idea how we managed to get one ) Then at the end of the process, when / if justice had been completed, nothing has changed and the victim has nothing. Why would you report most crime apart from a crime number I don't know.
  15. Last week
  16. This is part of the problem though. We are people who make it work even when it’s broken. Teams at minimum staffing?….it’s okay we will run about like headless chickens to meet demand and oh so important target times. No vehicles?……it’s okay, we will send someone to another nick to pick some cars up. File needs sorting?…..it’s okay, we will stay late, in our own time to get it done because otherwise it won’t happen. The Cons tell their Sgts that their at breaking point, their workloads are too high, they don’t get clerical, they can’t possibly do all this disclosure nonsense, the vehicles are all shagged, the IT is so broken they cant do their jobs, they can’t get leave and that civvie street during a global pandemic seems like a better option. The Sgts pass it on to the Inspector who pass it on and on and on. It eventually reaches the Chief Con, his bagman says “Sir the moral on the frontline is a bit low, maybe send out a patronising email to cheer them up next week” and that’s the solution to the problem. Nothing is ever addressed properly. It only works because we make it work, no other reason. If we stopped, it would fail. Every single year our earnings in real terms are reduced, I think since I joined, I have lost 16% of my salary or something daft because of inadequate increases. To my knowledge, they have always been below the rate of inflation. Im deskilled and indoctrinated, I simply cannot leave. It’s like an abusive relationship.
  17. It’s hardly just a police issue, the public sector has had no pay increases in years and policing is still Reasonably paid.
  18. It will never happen as we have no history of doing anything like that, we aren't militant and we have a can do rather than won't do attitude.
  19. Didn't a certain Ms T May once say that the number one priority for police is to deal with crime so BoJo is just repeating what she said. Sadly neither of them have notice how much none crime crud we deal with which stops us dealing with crime.
  20. Allow me to put it into perspective. Most frontline officers are carrying 30+ crimes and are still expected to attend emergency incidents. So, yeah, you've have a name to complain about but your crime isn't getting solved any quicker. But...and here's the important part...it looks good on paper and wins votes.
  21. The biggest tool in the armoury of the party that is ‘Tough on Crime’ having demolished the police for 10 years is to give every victim the name of the officer who is dealing with their crime. I may be wrong but hasn’t that been the case under VCOP since 2005? Maybe the new rule can include something like you get when you phone other businesses? ‘Your crime is important to us. PC Johnson your named contact. Your crime is number …. 15 on their list.’ Then maybe some realism like, ‘They will contact you when they are not dealing with immediately saving life and property, working nights, covering for the other beleaguered public services - ambulance, social care, coastguard etc. Doing cell/hospital watch and after they have dealt with crimes 1-14 on their list.’
  22. Can't say I've noticed anyone on my shift act differently. The control room certainly likes to assign us to 2-3 calls at the same time to clear their screens and harass us for taking more than 30 minutes on a robbery at knife point.
  23. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9822195/PM-tries-shift-focus-crime-Priti-Patel-rebuke-pingdemic-row.html "Boris Johnson will seek to shift the focus on to tackling crime when he re-emerges from isolation to counter criticism over the 'pingdemic' and police anger at Home Secretary Priti Patel." What does this mean in practice? It says victims of crime will be assigned a specific officer and given a number to call or email to message, but doesn't this kind of thing already happen with officers giving out their card and "call us if you remember anything else/want updates"?
  24. Hmmm, can't say I'm aware of this sort of threat. Yes we like a moan, but we have been kicked so many times we can barely feel this one.
  25. Nearly one in five Metropolitan Police officers are currently absent from duty after being forced to self isolate amid pingdemic chaos. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9822253/Nearly-one-five-Metropolitan-Police-officers-currently-absent-duty-amid-pingdemic-chaos.html
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