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  2. Its not the PCSOs fault its the f wit who assaulted him as well as the a holes who filmed it and others who stood around and watched!
  3. As a concept, not sure how PP could influence the globally accessible internet to the extent suggested. As tragic as they are, as others have said, 2MPs deaths in X years warrants radical fast paced response, yet the other more prolific ones continue with barely a mention.
  4. Equin0x

    NCA. Ex-police officer accessed child abuse material online

    Yes. I thought that was the point of the discussion, to give our own views? About the lad you mentioned, he's broke the law but I can accept it's probably not in the public interest to pursue.
  5. Sceptre

    Green flashing beacons / RVLR 1989

    I don't think private vehicles make any difference, fire officers use them all the time. As a policing example I don't believe that negotiators called out of bed to despondent people couldn't lawfully make progress safely on their way into work either, they'd never arrive anywhere in time to do any good. Driver skills etc is more an RSA question, and S19 is still not enacted. Not necessarily, because S87 includes: "...if the observance of that provision would be likely to hinder the use of the vehicle for the purpose for which it is being used on that occasion." If the recovery lorry is being escorted above the speed limit to clear a gridlocked motorway more quickly then yes, it probably would. Just tootling off to collect a S165, no. If the MRT travelling at the speed limit would hinder the aim of rescuing someone, preventing their injuries deteriorating, finding a misper etc then why wouldn't S87 apply?
  6. If that’s not another example why PCSOs should be no longer a thing, I don’t know what is. That poor PCSO is failed by the system, inadequately trained, inadequately kitted and put at risk unnecessarily.
  7. The article does make that clear. It is just the headline that says that they were worth 50p each. If it was clear that they were priced at 50p then I have no sympathy for him. I am not criticising the action taken just the standard and ambiguity of reporting. But then, it was the Mail.
  8. Seems clear enough to me: PC Chris Dwyer, 51, put coins in the cash tin and took two Jaffa Cake packets being sold for 50p each. And... The stall at the police station in Halifax, West Yorkshire, was selling sweet treats, crisps, snacks and soft drinks for 50p each
  9. My warrant number in the internet brings up my name and image, primarily from a rather contentious protest which got some headlines. My online persona has no connection to my real name on any platform. That way I can interact with family and friends without fear of being targeted or them being connected to me. If I couldn't do that I would have to delete absolutely everything and would be shut out of social media entirely. Beefing up safeguards and possible prosecution is fine but sledgehammer tactic when you haven't bothered trying to get things to actually work is typical knee jerk government at the moment. And won't solve the issue.
  10. The article does not make it clear at all. If the items were priced and labelled at 50p each then he has defrauded the charity and the verdict is then, perhaps, correct. If however the items were on display and only required a monetary donation then it would be left up to him how much he gave. It is poor reporting which does not make it clear.
  11. It is robbing a charity and to me that is wrong what the officer did only putting two 5 pence in the box .
  12. An officer has been dismissed following the conclusion of a misconduct hearing. DC Stephen Proctor, who was attached to the South East Basic Command Unit, attended a hearing on Thursday, 14 October, where he was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour for Discreditable Conduct. https://news.met.police.uk/news/officer-dismissed-for-failing-drugs-test-435701
  13. Ether

    NCA. Ex-police officer accessed child abuse material online

    By your own comments earlier you claimed people watching IIOC created a market for it and they should be punished. Surely that is exactly the same for drugs, the harm drug production does to people is insurmountable.
  14. Two young yobs have been arrested after attacking an elderly PCSO in north London in shocking footage posted online. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10106711/Moment-two-male-school-pupils-attack-PCSO-north-London-street.html
  15. So anonymous users should not be allowed on social media according to Patel, so where do we draw the line? Forums are arguably social media should we now ban anonymous accounts on forums? Are those on this thread who agree with Patel happy to user there real names on forums like this? After all only " criminals and cowards hide behind anonymity"
  16. Yeah very weird. Lot of my friends who would often slate police seemed to thing this was wrong.
  17. Surprised at how many of the DM comments were unsupportive of the action taken and thought the officer was hard done by.
  18. Reasonable Man

    NCA. Ex-police officer accessed child abuse material online

    What you are describing is your own personal compass. To another person that dealer selling a bit of blow to his mates is the scourge of society and should be hung, drawn and quartered. I knew a lad from my home town who got his 15 year old girlfriend pregnant when he was 18. Is he a disgusting paedophile pervert who should have gone to prison for a long time? Last I heard of them they were celebrating their silver wedding anniversary.
  19. I believe it was Mr Johnson who said something along the lines of "We don't do gesture politics" This is nothing but gesture politics. Anonymity has a very important place in social media, just ask the countless women escaping violent partners etc If they do away with anonymity online then they MUST do away with anonymous MP sources conveniently leaking things to the media.
  20. This proposal followed the awful murder of Sir David but online trolling had nothing to do with his murder so I don't know why Patel et al has tried to link the two topics. I support online anonymity although I'd like a way to force social media companies to respond to requests for information from police a lot quicker than they currently do and for the same policy and procedures to be followed by both foreign and UK companies.
  21. I'm not certain how she could actually do this, but it's always important to saber rattle for a bit. It's interesting how its only now that they want to ban accounts, not after the endless abuse suffered, primarily by women and minorities. I think having anonymous accounts is actually important, part of freedom of speech and expression. Part of being able to hold power to account does need anonymity and something that any person can do. Beefing up safeguards, setting better systems in place to get people's details, blocking accounts properly etc would be good start but rather than just get things to work properly, it's straight to slash and burn.
  22. Last week
  23. Utter nonsense. People who don’t want their personal life to be made a misery by people with nothing better to do hide behind anonymity. Like police officers! Whilst I may have nothing to hide, I choose not to make myself vulnerable to spurious allegations by not identifying myself online. A sensible Personal Security measure.
  24. I personally would never post something online that I wouldn't be prepared to shout loudly in a crowded room. There definitely should be some scope for exposing those who post abuse towards others online.
  25. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/17/priti-patel-could-remove-your-right-to-anonymity-on-social-media-15435905/ "The Home Secretary says she is not ruling out ditching anonymity on social media in the wake of the murder of Sir David Amess." What do you think? Should people have to use their real name online?
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