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  2. @Jeebs, Your post reminded me of the time I acquired a yellow reflective jacket from one of our guys from traffic. He came in from what must have been a nasty job one Friday or Saturday night just as I was coming on duty at about half nine. It was covered in the red stuff, he was in the process of putting it in the bin in the back yard when I rescued it. After I had sloshed it about in a bucket of hot soapy water a few times later on where we washed the cars/vans in the yard and hung it up to dry in the garage it was as good as new. It was a nice quality warm jacket with big pockets and wore it on cold nights, especially on rural for years and years. It didn’t bother me in the slightest. Mind you this was about the late seventies or early eighties and things were a bit more laid back then. Still, I don’t think health and safety would be very impressed with a special doing that now. They would probably look on the computer and send an email asking the traffic officer where the old one was. It was one of my better aquirements and certainly better than the one I had.Ha . Rich.
  3. BBC: 'Security incident' at RAF base in Suffolk

    Apart from the ‘here and now’ issue of what happened, I am a little bit curious about the legal context surrounding shots fired by US military in the UK. MOD PLOD, where ever they were, have ceded jurisdiction to Suffolk Police. If the US military had actually managed to shot the individual and / or killed him, what would have have been the jurisdiction issues surrounding that?
  4. Today
  5. Achieving Best Evidence Interview ? Sexual Offences Trained Investigator?
  6. Our MP agreed with me that PCC'S were a bad idea and would politicise the Police. He then went into Parliament and voted for them, so what would we expect.
  7. Sounds like its become something of an unhealthy obsession, rather than simply trying to get justice where the evidence points to an offence. I also wonder where a falsely accused person would stand in relation to suing the police/CPS having been dragged through court, had their name tarnished in the press and lives turned upside down based on one person's word against another's and little to no evidence. The justice system is meant to be impartial.
  8. Seems to me it's very much the other way around: MPs have absolutely no idea or the context the police work in.
  9. Please for the love of god dispose of kit that gets contaminated with blood, vomit etc. rather than washing it in your own machine.
  10. ABE? SOIT? Jargon I’ve never come across. I’ve also never heard of the threshold being lower for sexual offences. They can be incredibly difficult to prove but the evidential tests remain the same.
  11. It’s a valid argument, it is common now that all sexual offences get put before the court because no one is willing to turn off jobs with insufficient evidence
  12. I think Zulu makes a good point, how can sexual offences have a lower evidential threshold for prosecution? If that's the case that this is happening it sounds like a gimmick to me. The evidence for a conviction is either sufficient or it isn't. Sex crime is most certainly up there with the most horrendous crimes, however it is not the severity of a crime which determines the prospect of a conviction.
  13. What’s on your phone?

    Same as I do. Spent a lot of time annoying people by hogging comms over the radio?
  14. SC - Appeal Process/Rights On Vetting?

    I have to say that I mirror what everybody else has said. I would certainly look into other nearby forces though as I'm aware of a friend that applied for once force and got dropped on vetting and then applied 6 months later to the next force to him and got through and this was for a regular position and not special. Did you pass your medical, could it be something to do with that? Are your finances ok, you can get your credit score and report these days so it may be worth looking into that. Failing that you may want to have the inevitable chat with your family which I imagine won't be a pleasant experience but if you feel you must know then it's something that you will have to do. In terms of the force that you applied to, I wouldn't bring it up with them any further as if the chief constable has got involved it will be final.
  15. 18 December 2017 A train carriage has plummeted on to a highway in Washington state and there are reports of casualties. The Amtrak train car fell from an overpass, landing on the I-5 highway outside Seattle. Authorities have not yet confirmed the extent of casualties. But witnesses say several people have been injured. This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version. You can receive Breaking News on a smartphone or tablet via the BBC News App. You can also follow @BBCBreaking on Twitter to get the latest alerts. View the full article
  16. What’s on your phone?

    What on earth did we do before mobile phones!
  17. So the Police are not political and yet Parliament believes that we should do as our master's at Westminster say. It is for Parliament to make legislation and for us to enforce within the legislation without any prejudice. One problem is that they have a habit of making laws which are unenforceable. It appears that they want to make rules which do not apply to them.
  18. 18 December 2017 Police say they have been responding to reports of a "significant incident" at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk. The incident at the base used by the US air force is understood to have involved an individual in a vehicle trying to force his way through a checkpoint. Mildenhall was put into lockdown for a time. A person was arrested and is now in the custody of Suffolk Police, This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version. You can receive Breaking News on a smartphone or tablet via the BBC News App. You can also follow @BBCBreaking on Twitter to get the latest alerts. View the full article
  19. A police force and council "repeatedly sided with the abusers" of a man murdered after being wrongly accused of being paedophile, a report has found. The Safer Bristol Partnership (SBP) found a "collective failure" by Avon and Somerset Police and Bristol City Council in the case of Bijan Ebrahimi. The disabled Iranian refugee was beaten to death and set alight on a Bristol estate in July 2013. The SBP found there was "institutional racism" from both parties. The council and police say they accept the report's findings. Lee James, then 24, was jailed for life in November 2013 for killing Mr Ebrahimi three days after the Iranian national was arrested following complaints he had been taking pictures of children near James's home. James repeatedly stamped on the 44-year-old's head during the attack in Brislington, shouting "have some of that". While the SBP report said there was no evidence of any individual being intentionally racist towards Mr Ebrahimi, it did find he had been "repeatedly targeted for racist abuse and victimisation by some members of the public". Read Full Story
  20. The defendant was on tv this morning durng which he claimed he had told the police about the messages. To be honest I would have expected contact between the IP and DP after the offence form part of the interview after caution. I would also expect that the assigned SOIT would have established the extent of the relationship and contact between the parties during ABE. These 2 things if done would have guided the investigator to phone records. I’m still confused as to why the messages were classed as being ‘too personal’ to go in to open court, but the intimacy of sexual intercourse isn’t. It’s the prosecutor who decides what is disclosed to the defence, so the CPS may have questions to answer. But I suspect the issues lie in the disclosure officers reports.
  21. The report is also calling for legislation to be updated to make social media companies responsible for intimidatory content posted on sites. Police chiefs have been told to ensure officers are properly trained in social media by a parliamentary committee. Meanwhile Facebook, Twitter and Google should be made legally liable for material posted on their sites which incite intimidation, a report published by the Committee on Standards in Public Life stated. Chairman of the committee Lord Bew said in the document: “We propose legislative changes the government should bring forward on social media companies’ liability for illegal content online, and an electoral offence of intimidating parliamentary candidates and party campaigners. “A significant proportion of candidates at the 2017 General Election experienced harassment, abuse and intimidation. “There has been persistent, vile and shocking abuse, threatened violence including sexual violence and damage to property. It is clear that much of this behaviour is targeted at certain groups. “The widespread use of social media platforms is the most significant factor driving the behaviour we are seeing.” Police authorities have “shown inconsistency in supporting those facing itimidatory activities”, the report said. In particular, the committee felt police had a lack of understanding of social media and did not fully appreciate the context MPs and candidates work in. On the same day Met Police Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey hit out at HMICFRS saying inspectors did not properly understand the circumstances the Metropolitan Police Service works in. “While we are mindful of pressures on police resources, better training and guidance is needed in this area,” the report stated. "There is a lack of policing guidance on offences which constitute intimidation during election periods, and local police sometimes conflate personal threats and public order offences. “General Election periods are a heightened environment in which candidates, in particular MPs standing for re-election, are more likely to experience intimidation. “The rise of social media, in particular its transnational reach, has created significant challenges for policing." “Parliamentary candidates have a broad range of expectations about what the police would be able to do in response to intimidatory behaviour they experience. "Greater clarity as to what behaviour is and is not illegal... would assist parliamentary candidates during a campaign and would result in more effective policing.” But it added: “The law is a blunt instrument for dealing with much intimidatory behaviour. Policing and the law should not be seen as the primary means of addressing this issue. The primary focus must be on prevention.” Social media companies were lambasted for being “too slow” in taking action on online intimidation and political parties were criticised for “failing to show leadership…and changing the tone of political debate.” “In the fast-paced and rapidly developing world of social media, the companies themselves and government must both proactively address the issue of intimidation online. “Not enough has been done. “The committee is deeply concerned about the limited engagement of the social media companies in tackling these issues.” Currently, social media companies do not have liability for the content on their sites, even where that content is illegal. This is largely due to the EU E-Commerce Directive (2000), which treats the social media companies as "hosts" of online content. But the committee said the legislation is out of date and that Facebook, Twitter and Google are “not simply platforms…they play a role in shaping what users see.” “We understand that they do not consider themselves as publishers, responsible for reviewing and editing everything that others post on their sites. “But with developments in technology, the time has come for the companies to take more responsibility for illegal material that appears on their platforms.” Social media has sparked a “step-change” in the abuse and intimidation MPs receive and “has shaped a culture in which the intimidation of candidates and others in public life has become widespread, immediate, and toxic,” according to the report. The committee also called for an independent body to be set up during election campaigns as a social media “trusted flagger” to pick out illegal, hateful and intimidatory content. Recommendations for the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) included working with CPS and the College of Policing to development guidance for parliamentary candidates on what to expect during a campaign. The College of Policing should update the Authorised Professional Practice for elections to include intimidation offences and offences committed through social media. All forces have “sufficient training” to effectively investigate crimes committed via social media within a year the NPCC should ensure local police have access to guidance “on the context in which MPs and Parliamentary candidates work.” The Parliamentary Liaison and Investigation Team (PLaIT), specialist police team based in Parliament which was created to assess and address security threats to MPs, was commended for forging “very effective” working relationships with CPS and social media companies. MPs were encouraged to make better use of the service and report intimidation incidents to help police “build a national picture of the threat to MPs.” View On Police Oracle
  22. SC - Appeal Process/Rights On Vetting?

    Subject access request for £10 and if you can’t see any issues with the information they have on you then you know it’s someone else!
  23. What’s on your phone?

    iPlod and DVLA Tax and Mot checker.
  24. GMP sexual offences investigations team was based at Nexus House. It was announced about 4 weeks ago that the team was being disbanded. There had been a documentary a few weeks ago featuring the work of the team on one of the TV channels. The Prosecution Barrister must have had the case beforehand, or was it a case of him only looking at the file on the day of the court. Whatever happened the case had been running for 3 days before the disclosure. With that in mind the Prosecution Barrister did have some responsibility. There is nothing in the report to say if the defendant had mentioned anything regarding the calls in his defence or interview. As he was receiving the text messages he must have been aware. As regards sexual offences having a lower barrier in terms of the quality of evidence, that should never be the case. The quality of evidence should be the same for every case.
  25. Ikea's tax affairs to be investigated by the EU 18 December 2017 Image copyright Getty Images The European Commission is to open an in-depth investigation into Ikea's corporate tax structure. The Commission said Dutch-based Inter Ikea, one of the furniture giant's two divisions, may have been given unfair tax advantages by the Netherlands. European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said all firms "big or small, multinational or not, should pay their fair share of tax". The EU will look at whether Ikea's tax affairs breach EU rules on state aid. View the full article
  26. What’s on your phone?

    I use PNLD and Whereami? On top of standard apps. Also Dutysheet app, though it is a bit poop at the moment they are improving it.
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