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  2. BBC: 'Man shot' in Barcelona suspect hunt

    That would be alright as long as the country had a death penalty. Of course the ISIS states have a death penalty without any trial.
  3. When asked by a Chief Officer, "What can we do for you" How about the reply, "When I call for urgent assistance you could make sure that there enough officers for someone to attend" I wonder how that would go down? Whenever any of my officers was assaulted or injured I would always see them and check that they were alright. If they were at hospital I always made a personal visit to ensure over their health and well being. It is one of those basic actions in supervision, or management, however you want to term it. In the past I have known Sir James Anderton visit officers in hospital but never knew any of his successors to do that.
  4. How's it all going since your last update @alicing ? Look forward to reading your next blog.
  5. People or observers who don't work within the CJS like to think that habitual offenders can some how be rehabilitated and should not be sent to prison. They probably also believe that they need help, should be given employment, benefits, housing etc. That's a lovely fluffy world but far from reality. People do go to prison for minor offences but these are persistent offenders where every other non custodial sentence has been tried. I have never seen someone go to court simply for possession of drugs. What message does it send to the public that if you commit crime you won't go to prison. Where is the deterrent? I'm sorry, if you persistently commit crime you deserve to go to prison. If I had it my way legal aid would also be withdrawn after you had been arrested a certain number of times or convicted of a certain number of offences. I'm a fairly black and white person. If you commit crime that carries a custodial sentence then the possibility of being sent down must be there. Call me old fashioned but the thought of going to prison always kept me on the straight and narrow.
  6. Just applied to surrey. Step by step process

    Not join Surrey. I'm a good officer but they've missed out on me because of their tunnel vision interview. I've since applied elsewhere and will hopefully be moving into a new role in a few months subject to training and vetting.
  7. I can only echo the above comments re the likelihood of people being sent to prison for lower level things. Even fairly serious offences can be a struggle for the genuine recidivists. The bigger problem is sentencing is far too weak and actually does nothing. When will people learn that constant short sentences do nothing for the criminal or victim. There isn't enough time to rehabilitate someone nor to punish and keep society safe and therefore provide a deterrent. The main issue we have with prisons and the justice system as a whole is it has been taken over by the naive lefty do gooders who as usual don't realise they are doing more harm to everyone involved. This obsession with rehabilitating and 'fixing' everyone at all costs is just ridiculous. The vast majority of habitual criminals, particularly violent offenders will never change regardless of the schemes and money spent. We need to accept that prison is a punishment. It is there to protect society and to deter people from committing crimes. If someone can be helped along the way and rehabilitated then that's great but certainly not the main aim.
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  9. Just applied to surrey. Step by step process

    What division are you on? APT? Still in training. Being posted west I think. Are you surrey?
  10. BBC: 'Man shot' in Barcelona suspect hunt

    I would also for intelligence purposes b.ut dead men can't kill and I much prefer they become a martyr to police bravery and effectiveness than to their perverse and warped ideology.
  11. Just applied to surrey. Step by step process

    Not good! What you going to do now then
  12. Just applied to surrey. Step by step process

    hello sunbeam. Training is so much more in depth at the moment. Better officer safety training. It's a lot more disciplined! Are you thinking of joining?
  13. BBC: 'Man shot' in Barcelona suspect hunt

    A large part of me would like to see them captured alive. But if they're shot dead by the cops then so be it.
  14. Surrey Are recruiting!

    At least your lot worked out that PC straight into CID didn't work. I was part of that awful DCIT in 2004 before making a sharp exit back to Metland. Looking at the Met recruitment we need DC's (presumably to replace any lured off to the counties) and oddly we want PC's with CAD experience. I don't know how many forces have PC's still in control rooms, but the MPS is full of them and whatever software you have, it will be decades ahead of ours.
  15. Yet another gimmick really and most likely viewed as a tick box exercise by most of them. Just general support day to day would do the trick for most officers.
  16. Agreed, it is not easy to get into prison. Before someone gets sent down it is either an extremely serious offence, or every other option has been explored. If they are in prison then, they truly deserve to be there, and probably for a longer time. Sentences are a joke, just ask any victim.
  17. Restricted Topics - Showing in Unread

    I will speak with the team at Tapatalk - thanks for letting me know folks.
  18. This article is misleading, Op Hampshire is already in place nationwide and one of the points is duty SMT make contact. I can't see any rank above chief super making contact unless it is very serious. Have only been injured once thankfully prior to op Hampshire and had a phone call personally from CI Ops.
  19. Showing they care from the sanctuary of their offices!
  20. I know, strange making officers sound almost human. Part of the issue is that the public, the media, the judicial system, the government just see the 'Police' as a body corporate and not the individual behind the mask so to say. So when an officer is injured it becomes a corporate statistic, not a serious offence because the individual element to the assault is overridden by it being seen as an offence against the body corporate.
  21. Nice idea, I had a CI ring me when I was involved in a scuffle where I had minor injuries. Then my S/INSP, then my S/SGT, and the Inspector who was on duty. Seemed excessive in my case, but if you're required to attend hospital then at least someone is checking on you afterwards.
  22. Was thinking exactly the same, given how many officers are assaulted each day. Not good. But good to see some interaction from the Chiefs - and calling them personnel is better than resources...
  23. Trespass on Private Property

    Thank you for the informative response @Cathedral Bobby I believe it covers my question and the example that you included is also very interesting and shows a different angle of what could happen if such an incident took place. Much appreciated!
  24. Trespass on Private Property

    I just wasn't 100% sure and was curious is all, thanks for clarifying though [emoji1303]
  25. Office of constable

    Yes they lost the case. It is only HO force constables have that limited protection as I remember, but things might have changed. Elsewhere, including I think CNC and MDP, constables of 'private forces' don't have that protection. Don't know whether it is because of police regs that HO force officers don't have employee status and cannot strike.
  26. Hello Helen Mc On behalf of the Police Community Team I would like to personally welcome you to our forum. Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you, what brought you to Police Community and what you hope to use the site for as we would love to hear. If you have any questions that you would like to ask the Police Community Team please feel free to drop one of us a message. Best Wishes Chief Rat
  27. So all chief officers should, but given the numbers of officers assaulted they won't have time to do anything else.
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