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  2. Taxi Rank Offence - London

    Legal Disclaimer This area of the forum is intended for members to seek advice on Law and Police Procedures applicable to England & Wales. Just like you would pop into your local police station to should the need arise. Any advice on a specific area of law is from either currently-serving UK police officers, and is offered to the best of their ability, or from members of the public who are perhaps aspiring to be serving police officers and may not hold the necessary level of knowledge to provide such assistance or by any other member who may offer their opinion. Either way such advice can only be treated as an opinion and nothing more. Members should look for the Verified Members Badge that appears on the posters name as advice from members holding this badge are verified police employees. The information is based on their own individual experiences, expertise and training. It is stressed, however, that if any information or advice found in these forums is used by any person or organisation, then the respective police officer(s) and staff can not and will not take any responsibility for any outcome in any investigation in a criminal or civil enquiry. Any advice or opinion offered is to the best of the individuals knowledge and ability based on the information you have supplied, and we will stress that we will never be knowingly misleading or untruthful in content. Please note, we do not offer advice or assistance in order to avoid penalties that you have incurred or maybe pending.Such requests are deemed to be of an Operational nature and against our main Forum Rules.You should always seek Legal Advice from a Qualified Solicitor in the event of any impending prosecutions or other involved legal matter.Police Community Team
  3. Taxi Rank Offence - London

    Does anyone know what the Offence is for parking in a taxi rank in London? Outside of London it's covered by S.64 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 but I can't for the life of me find the legislation for London
  4. Response driving training

    Generally it's as soon as they can get it done, based on how many drivers your post has and how many they need. Many posts, particularly out of London and on the C are short as many experienced officers came up for their retirement last year (big recruitment drive circa 1986 and 1991 leading many to leave)

    The CRIS app hasn't been released yet, it is almost impossible to use desktop CRIS on the tiny tablet screen. The MERLIN app looks quite good (haven't had to make use of it yet). Mobile PNC does not work (yet), and it will not work at all if you are connected to a mobile network, you have to be connected to a docking station. A new app is being created that will work on a mobile network and is a cut down version of PNC.

    I know where you're coming from, but unless the rules around this are clear, someone will end up getting stuck on one day!
  7. I don't want to give Trump credit for anything but his term FAKE NEWS could have been created specifically to describe the Sun. It is banned in my house and Liverpool of course.
  8. Here is some more news for the Sun , Police officers pee , they poo ,they burp and f@rt , they have good days and bad, they eat ,drink some even smoke. Yes Sun believe it or not they are human beings
  9. Specialising

    Almost all roles will be advertised, other than CID which is a natural progression in my force. Here if you have a CID career in mind then you'd ask for an Investigation posting (dealing with volume crime) and do your CID course/portfolio. However posting to more specialist DC roles are advertised, as noone really wants to stay in the main office for long! Roles such as Firearms are advertised twice a year at the moment what with the massive uplift in numbers along with retirements and transfers to the regional CTSFO teams. Dogs/Mounted/Traffic are every couple of years and a very large number of people go for them so your application has to stand out (as they're all anonymised so there's no - who you know - to help!). My force currently, or will shortly, have a load of probationers in firearms, who have joined as new starters from the CNC and therefore be on probationers wages with a SOLAP to do whilst working on the ARVs.
  10. My force, happens every year on the final day of the fair just after briefing. Last year we hit the big wheel in force but never made the front pages. We are so used to this anti-Police drivel that the Chief Inspector even paid for the ride so nobody could whinge about that side of it. Thankfully the good people of Hull are fully behind us and this toilet article is being treat with the contempt it deserves!
  11. LPU Teams

    Most of those I've spoken to about their moves find neighbourhood to response is easier than the other way round. Many response officers in my force have only ever known response and struggle with completing full files/completing investigations to completion. The best neighbourhood cops make great thief takers as they know their areas/offenders and don't have to bounce from DV to DV job.
  12. Initial Fitness Test -Scotand

    I'm not aware of the station but the fitness test comprises of a bleep test to 5.4. Which is 525m in length and takes 3:34 to complete, if your fit then itll be a light jog for you. If your not start preparing now there are lots of online resources that can help you if you need it.
  13. Only because the gutter press dross that is the Sun has blown a non-story out of proportion when in reality it was probably a good piece of community policing.
  14. Low-level crimes to go uninvestigated in Met police spending cuts

    There are plenty of minor thefts, assaults and burglaries that don't warrant investigation. Just because a crime type is not considered minor there are scales of seriousness within those.
  15. I agree to an extent, the public dont care much about police cuts as it is, reading this article will just cement that view. Its counterproductive from that point of view.
  16. Just thought I would update people and ask a question. So I sent off my application for police scotland specials on 22nd of august, I received a e-mail today to say that I had been invited to attend an initial fitness test up in Jackton on the 3rd november at 9 am lol. I was hoping if someone who has done it up in Jackton could tell me what to expect? They also request that I bring photo id is there like lockers there, since I dont really want to be jogging/running with my drivers licence in my pocket in case it comes out. Thanks
  17. Specialising

    Specialists roles will be advertised internally, however, some are also advertised externally as well. Every specialist department will have a certain number of officers. When people move on, retire etc they will advertise internally to fill the posts. If you are interested and possess the right experience you can submit an application. Depending on the role and if success at papersift you will be interviewed. Some specialist posts require candidates to undertake assessment after papersift and prior to interview. If you are successful at each stage you will be offered a position. Specialist teams will also hold a pool of officers (usually between 12 and 18 months) for vacancies that may arise. You will be placed in a pool if you haven't scored high enough in the interview to secure an immediate position. This is about the only time when I agree with some old sweats. Do your time on the streets and get experienced before you consider moving on. Plus go into the police with an open mind. I've ended up specialising in something I never considered before joining. It will be down to individual supervision and force policy as to whether you are supported. Firearms, intel roles, CID are the ones that come round regularly in my force.
  18. It’s good community engagement as far as I’m concerned. Damned if you show a human side, damned if you don’t. Haters gonna hate no matter what we do, but a lot of the comments in that vile red top paper were positive.
  19. You have to take care of your own well being to ensure you can take care of others. If a quick go on a fairground ride relieves a bit of stress and means the officers are more likely to continue in their jobs rather than change career, it's okay with me.
  20. Valley Cops

    TBH I've had to grab my glasses while tussling. Didn't let go of the dude, but when they slip off you have an automatic reaction to it.
  21. Parsons Green tube stabbing: Victim named as Omid Saidy 17 October 2017 From the section London Image copyright Met Police Image caption Omid Saidy was stabbed to death outside Parsons Green Tube A man killed outside Parsons Green Tube station was stabbed after confronting a drug dealer, Scotland Yard has said. Omid Saidy was fatally wounded and two others were injured in the attack on Monday night. The 20-year-old from Fulham died after confronting a drug dealer and another man who was with him, the Met confirmed. The injured 16-year-old was discharged from hospital and arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. A 20-year-old man suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries. View the full article
  22. Nonsense in the sense how no agencies want to take ownership and the pathetic legislation we have to even try and help as we don’t say no to ambulance and social services re calls to Mental health incidents. Not pathetic as in the condition it self, for clarity....
  23. Valley Cops

    Harsh to criticise an aggressive resistance situation where you weren’t there or in that situation. Easy to sit in armchair and question the effort.

    Who cares about regulations, getting that last train home is no1 and if it means I can top and tail some paperwork instead of having to kip at the nick all night then so be it!
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