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  2. Reuters *:not([hidden]):not(style) ~ *:not([hidden]):not(style){margin-top:1rem;}]]>The UK will aim to cut its carbon emissions by at least 68% of what they were in 1990 by the end of 2030, Boris Johnson has announced. The PM said the "ambitious" target would see the UK cutting emissions faster than any major economy so far. And he urged other world leaders to follow his lead at a virtual climate summit on 12 December. Scientists have welcomed the news - but say it does not guarantee dangerous climate change will be avoided. They urged Mr Johnson to impose policies to back up his ambitions - c
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  4. pcmode

    Failing to provide details to police

    Out of interest, did he eventually get out of the car voluntarily?
  5. bensonby

    Failing to provide details to police

    I’ve had exactly this: arrested them for failing to produce their driving licence. Upon search I found it. I dearrested him and summonsed him for failing to produce and obstruction (he locked his car doors when I told him he was nicked). He got convicted on both counts.
  6. Perhaps its being the victim of the policing ego and expectations. Now, it seems amazing that a stray dog might have been expected to be taken to a station, now the council do a mediocre job of it. There seems to be an instance that if the police have any tangental role or responsibility for something then they have to keep it! There was (and think there still is) a discussion on an agency doing the m'way accidents to help speed up opening the road without loss of evidence to great upset that it was solely a police job. And yet, in the same breath, many of those who want to keep it in h
  7. In answer to the OP's question, not much. I don't think I'd rejoin. I do still have friends in the job, most are actively thinking of leaving. Not just my old force, but the local Home Office force, as well. Half of my own training class left before completing their probation. Policing is a uniquely disfunctional and parochial profession. My own experience was that inovation was actively discouraged and countless opportunities to improve were missed. The attitude that "it's always been done this way" seemed to prevail, even if the process was ineffective or just plain didn't work. This w
  8. Radman

    Failing to provide details to police

    Yeah if you've arrested them take them to custody unless suddenly you find their driving licence on them or they tell you who they are which you can verify, then I'd de-arrest for a low level job. Necessity no longer exists to arrest.
  9. You certainly have to wonder what their motives are. As for swearing almost every sentence of the, so called journalist, contained the "F" word. Do these people realise the potential danger of terrorism in these times.
  10. Sadly, good Policing is not newsworthy for the press, but any misbehaviour and they highlight and magnify what ever happened. The Legal system lets down the majority law abiding citizen by failing to be strict with sentencing and lawyers coming forward with uncorroborated sob stories on behalf of defendants. The Senior Command team have become so politicised that they seem to forget what their purpose is and seem more concerned with paying lip service to Politicians instead of speaking out against their weakness. Two things I hated when Policing, the lax and failing sentencing and a
  11. Personally I'd say it's a double edged sword. For me I'd say that the downside to policing is that the courts don't represent a true legal system in that their outcomes are too weak. The fact that Johnny burglar or Peter fighter can go do what they do and then get presented in front of the courts and they get nothing. A friend of mine from another force dealt with a career criminal burglar, he was arrested on 17 counts of burglary and likely a lot more that went under the radar, he got remanded, went to court and they gave him 10 days in prison and he didn't have to pay any victim surcha
  12. I can’t remember who said it, but the quotation goes something like this , “The public get the police service they deserve “. I don’t believe that this is fair, especially for law abiding citizens and the more mature/elderly amongst us. A lack of discipline and indeed self discipline together with a selfish lawless streak that defines some groups and communities has bred an apathetic attitude towards policing and holders of other offices of authority and responsibility in recent years. The media may well bear some responsibility for this too. I expect respect and self discipline will return
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  14. Gross Misconduct and fast track to being fired. That was pure thuggery and there simply isn't an excuse.
  15. Sceptre

    Failing to provide details to police

    Yes. I'd require them to produce evidence of their insurance at the same time, which is a second offence if they fail to provide it.
  16. Well if people have the capability to clone Credit cards, ID cards should pose no problem,
  17. Great news, there must have been quite a few people looking forward to something they can clone / copy or fake as a xmas present and beyond, perhaps even making a small charge for doing so!
  18. Dave SYP

    Tears for Tiers

    In tier 3 but some people are ignorant and arrogant and just ignore the rules. Others (mainly the student population partying) are purposefully going against the rules with their civil disobedience attitudes. I am still working full time and trying to stay safe, sticking to the rules and finding ways to cope with the monotony of staying indoors most of the time.
  19. The National Economic Crime Centre (NECC), in conjunction with the Independent Schools Council (ISC) and the Independent Schools' Bursars Association (ISBA), has published an alert on the money laundering risks faced by independent schools. Graeme Biggar, NECC Director General said: “The UK’s independent school sector is internationally well regarded and attracts students from all over the world. Sometimes, people who have accumulated significant wealth through corruption or other forms of serious crime will attempt to secure school places for their children or the children of associates. T
  20. PEOPLE in Wales will get an ID card to show they've had the coronavirus vaccine, it was revealed today. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/politics/13358874/id-card-wales-vaccine-coronavirus/ ID cards for UK as well not just wales.👍
  21. A LUCKLESS suspect was arrested covered in poo after he leapt into a slurry pit while fleeing police. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13358290/suspect-covered-poo-jumping-slurry-pit-cops/ feel sorry for the cops who have to arrest this man covered in poo🤮
  22. TWO people have been stabbed at a Marks & Spencer store in Burnley, police said. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1367322/burnley-stabbing-attack-marks-and-spencers-uk-knife-crime
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