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  2. No so sure of that. The Met recently changed their requirements too attract more candidates.
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  4. Reasonable Man

    BBC: Italy budget: Rome rejects European Commission demands

    Quite right. Time to empty the British Museum - return the Elgin Marbles etc. Pay for all the gold we ravaged from South Africa, the Aluminium from Australia, spices, silk, other precious metals, ancient artefacts ravaged from numerous other countries. And while we’re about it the gold and jewels Francis Drake and his kind stole from Spanish and Portuguese ships to give to Elizabeth I. Or because that was ‘our’ country in different time make a difference?
  5. JulietAlpha1

    Direct entry inspectors, is there a thread?

    I’m not a huge fan of the scheme but I’ve met a couple of DE Inspectors and they both seem to be decent. Heard some not very good things about others though and I know of a couple who dropped out of the scheme at sergeant level as they felt they needed more experience. As with anything else in the police, you either have the ability to do the job or you don’t.
  6. Yes and they crucified Greece as well. OK they could have handled their finances better but back in 1939-44 the Countries resources were ravaged by Germany who never repaid anything.
  7. CASIO

    Obligation to Arrest

    No, I realise it was a bit off topic but I was just venting a little bit. In my area alone in the last year we have lost 4 CEOs to early retirement entirely down to being treated like this.
  8. Yeah those shocking bullies who are trying to prevent a catastrophic financial situation, which would effect more than just Italy if and when it all goes wrong. Did you read the article or just the headline?
  9. I thought very much the same thing when I read the article. What if it had been some one intending to do harm and the close protection officer took no action? What if harm had come to Corbyn? Surely then there would be action taken against the officer if it could have been avoided. As a country we become more embaressing by the day. Its alright though, Jon Snow didn’t agree with it so let’s drag this out. What a fool.
  10. So, a "photographer" breaches a stuards cordon and gets flattened by a close protection officer guarding the leader of the opposition? Is that right? And the officer did so with a lot it force? Is that the compliant here? Obviously the close protection officer, seeing someone breach the cordon should interview the person regarding their intentions, serve them the 'I hope your not a terrorist ' leaflet and await a written response.
  11. Well done Italy, stand up to the bullies.
  12. There is also the problem that, at the moment, the Police in general are, perhaps held is less esteem than at any other time.
  13. And he arranged his holiday after the notification of the hearing. That shows a complete disrespect, for that alone he deserves to be shown the door. The whole incident is bizarre and if it did not happen then why would other members of the public get involved.
  14. Journalist 'confident' PC assaulted photographer. Empress State Building Date - 14th November 2018 By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle 1 Comment Channel 4’s longest-running presenter told a misconduct panel he had "never before and never since" seen a police officer act like a close protection officer accused of using unreasonable force against a photojournalist at a Jeremy Corbyn rally. Met Police PC Mark Dawson, based at Royalty and Specialist Command, is accused of grabbing photographer Anthony Devlin around the neck and wrestling him to the ground and damaging his camera on June 7, 2017 despite the fact he presented “very low risk to the public”. He denies all the allegations against him. Mr Devlin is making a civil claim against the MPS for the cost of damaged equipment. PC Dawson had been assigned to help protect Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during a campaign visit to Colwyn Bay in Wales the day before the 2017 general election. A large crowd of people turned up to hear Mr Corbyn speak and Mr Devlin was attempting to follow the politician back to a local train station when PC Dawson confronted him. Giving evidence at a misconduct hearing held at the Empress State Building in West London today, Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow told the panel he stands by his description of the scuffle between Mr Devlin and PC Dawson as an “assault”. He said an 18-second video clip played repeatedly to the panel, which appears to show Mr Devlin trying to slip under the linked arms of stewards and then being wrestled to the floor by PC Dawson, does not capture the “sheer violence” of the incident. Mr Snow is heard on the recording shouting “stop it, stop it, stop it man” and putting his hand on PC Dawson’s back. He told the panel: “You can do me for assault. “I had no doubt that man I had my hand on had just assaulted that bloke thrown to the ground and all his equipment smashed. “The force of the collision was so much I would have been very doubtful you could take a picture with them afterwards [Mr Devlin’s cameras]. “The thing that provoked me was the sheer force of what had been delivered. “It was unusually peaceful for a political rally, the general feeling of beach. It was unlike any political event I’d been to. “It was full of holidaymakers, it was an incredibly relaxed scene. I see a very heavy-handed thrust.” Although he said at the time he had had no idea PC Dawson was a police officer, when questioned by the panel about whether he still stands by the “strong language” in his witness statement Mr Snow responded: “I do very strongly. “He hurled himself, he did something which no human being would do to someone else in a civil context. “I have never seen a police officer behaving in such a way in this country, completely losing his temper and self-control. “It was totally unnecessary to do that. If that’s the way we’re going to deal with civilians in a crowd we’ve gone a long way down a dark street.” He said he had seen clashes on the streets of Northern Ireland between police and civilians but “that had been in the context of a protest”. Other photographer witnesses from the June 7- Anthony Goodman and Oliver Scarff, said they also would have questioned the authority of Labour “volunteers” to block the path of a journalist at a public event. They also agreed they would have questioned the power of a police officer to do so. Mr Scarff said he saw PC Dawson bring Mr Devlin to the ground and apply pressure to his neck area in a “grossly disproportionate” reaction. View On Oracle
  15. It reads to me that he’s bang to rights and come up with a feeble excuse for his actions. Coupled with the fact that he’s booked a holiday to coincide with his hearing says it all. Thankfully this kind of behaviour is rare but does the majority of dedicated, hard working officers no favours. Good riddance.
  16. Mac7

    Brexit Discussion

    Media leaks are tactical. It wouldn’t surprise me if the leaks are from the Downing Street press dept.
  17. Israel Defence Minister Lieberman resigns over Gaza ceasefire 14 November 2018 Related TopicsGaza border clashes Image copyright Reuters Image caption Avigdor Lieberman warned that Israel was "harming deterrence in the long term" Israel's defence minister has resigned over the cabinet's decision to accept a ceasefire ending two days of fighting with Palestinian militants in Gaza. Avigdor Lieberman, the leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, denounced the move as "surrendering to terror". He also criticised attempts to broker a long-term truce with the Hamas group. Eight people were killed on Monday and Tuesday as militants fired 460 rockets towards Israel and Israeli forces bombed 160 targets in Gaza. Hamas, which dominates Gaza, and other Palestinian militant groups announced on Tuesday afternoon that they had accepted an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire and would abide by it if Israel did too. Life in the Gaza Strip Gaza protest image likened to famous painting Israel's security cabinet initially said only that it was ordering the military to continue its operations as required, but Mr Lieberman and another minister appeared to confirm it had agreed to accept a ceasefire when they denied supporting it. The ceasefire was largely holding on Wednesday and schools and businesses in southern Israel reopened after no rocket attacks were reported overnight. However, Israel's military said it had shot at and captured a Palestinian man who tried to breach the Israel-Gaza border fence while hurling grenades. Image copyright AFP Image caption This week's clashes were the most intense between Israel and Gaza's militants since 2014 Dozens of residents of Israeli border communities meanwhile blocked roads in protest at what they called the "lack of action by the Israeli government" to deal with the threat of Palestinian rocket attacks. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the ceasefire decision, saying that "in times of emergency, when making decisions crucial to security, the public can't always be privy to the considerations that must be hidden from the enemy". The latest violence began after an Israeli special forces undercover operation in Gaza was exposed on Sunday, triggering clashes that left seven Palestinian militants and one Israeli soldier dead. View the full article
  18. Yet another utterly bizarre case. How do people get themselves in to these ridiculous situations? The only thing I would say in regards to the ‘slap’. It either is shown on the CCTV or it isn’t. Fairly straightforward. I just don’t get the whole thing, sounds a bit strange from the outset. Meeting up to buy headphones from someone, then 20 minutes of arguing. Why not just walk away? It then turns in to a potential attempt robbery. Why would he try and snatch the item? Unless money had actually been exchanged. Im sure if there is more to it it’ll come out during the process.
  19. Special allegedly tried to steal a pair of headphones in the middle of a busy shopping centre. Date - 13th November 2018 By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle 1 Comment A special sergeant is accused of trying to steal a set of headphones, slapping his alleged victim and showing his warrant card to frighten the man out of calling the police. Metropolitan Special PS Moynul Alom, based at NE BCU, was off duty of May 21, 2017 when he was visiting Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford. It is alleged he tried to snatch a bag containing headphones from Anthony Whymark, a member of the public, and slapping him. When Mr Whymark said he was going to call the police, Sgt Alom pulled out his warrant card and said “I am the police,” it is alleged. Counsel for the Metropolitan Police Dan Hobbs said, at a misconduct hearing at the Empress State Building today, CCTV shows Sgt Alom trying to grab Mr Whymark’s bag three times. “He doesn’t just casually walk away, he turns on his heel and moves at pace,” he said. “Mr Whymark initially appears shocked. He moves from his position, follows the officer up the steps and then remonstrates and is joined by other members of the public - it was because he’d just been slapped in the face. “He is assaulting a member of the public. “Not only was there no proper policing purpose. This was a matter of self interest. You produced it [the warrant card] because you’ve just done wrong. “You want to use your position of authority to make the problem go away.” Sgt Alom did not attend the hearing today as he was on holiday and federation representative PS Kamran Qureshi presented his case on his behalf. Misconduct chairman Siobhan Goodrich decided to proceed with the case in his absence because Sgt Amon had booked his holiday after he was notified of the date of his hearing. Mr Qureshi said Sgt Alom negotiated a sale with Mr Whymark and grabbed the bag as a sign they had “closed the deal”. He also said Sgt Alom showed his warrant card to reassure Mr Whymark that he was a police officer and would stay in the shopping centre until the issue was resolved. Sgt Alom admits he did take the headphones and that he produced a warrant card without a policing purpose but denies he struck Mr Whymark or that he was dishonest in his account of the incident. Mr Qureshi said: “It should be noted Mr Alom was the one approached, followed by verbal commands. “He [Mr Whymark] accepted he was selling the headphones. “We accept a lengthy negotiation did take place, it was almost for 20 minutes. This led to frustration. Mr Alom was going to use a handshake agreement and didn't understand the severity of the action he was taking at the time. “It is suggested Mr Whymark tried to scare Mr Alom. Mr Alon tried to provide reassurance by showing his warrant card and would stay on the scene if indeed the police had been called.” Mr Hobbs said Sgt Alom’s version of events did not add up because it was untrue and he was trying to “deflect the seriousness of a criminal assault on a member of the public”. View On Police Oracle
  20. Fedster

    Brexit Discussion

    To be fair to the Government it seems Brussels are doing their own leaking as well .'Stop this deal!' Boris Johnson makes last-ditch appeal for Cabinet to kill off May's Brexit plan as leaked note claims UK must 'swallow' EU rules forever https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6386435/PM-told-days-numbered-battles-historic-Brexit-deal-cabinet.html
  21. Beaker

    Brexit Discussion

    Because they're overdue to fall apart in a total shambles. Tory MPs like to knife each other in the back every few years.
  22. Fedster

    Brexit Discussion

    The media will get their hands on May's Brexit plan later so by extension we the pubic will finally get to know whats going on............... oh hang on that is way too sensible, the actual key points are being leaked to the media hacks as we speak. Why the heck are the Government leaking stuff?
  23. Mac7

    Brexit Discussion

    Sounds like a transition arrangement to me, which is something that I’m in favour of and many brexiteers are. [emoji117][emoji101][emoji101][emoji118]
  24. Reasonable Man

    Brexit Discussion

    The biggest problem for the Brextremists (Rees Smug and B Johnson) is staying in the Customs Union while we negotiate our future trading arrangements. Claims of uncertainty and vassal state are bandied about. As I see it if we are going to leave then unless part of that is to never trade with the EU again then we have to negotiate the terms of those trade agreements. So we have two options: 1. We put in place a temporary measure so we can continue to trade while those new agreements are established; OR 2. we stop all trade with the EU on 29/03/2018 and start negotiating the trade agreements from scratch. In the first situation we can continue to trade in the second we have to stop all trade for a period of time. What’s the Brexiteers’ take on this. Please point out that what I’m saying is ‘project fear’ and how we we can either continue to trade with the EU without any agreements in place OR how we will cope with no trade with the EU, even for a short time. NOTE - ‘we managed before’ is not a valid point as ‘before’ we had trade agreements in place.
  25. Fully agree, I hate the bull that SMT and the CoP seem to thrive on. However this issue has so much potential to get officers and supervisors in trouble a little guidance is welcome. It's a complex issue for all those involved and one that we cannot ignore. My own personal thoughts on the subject is that before rolling our eyes and shaking our heads. Perhaps we should just take a moment to think how stressful this situation is for those directly involved. I have no experience with those making such a choice, but I would imagine it's a very stressful and requires a lot of courage, if we can avoid adding to thier troubles surely that must be a good thing?
  26. Italy budget: Rome rejects European Commission demands 14 November 2018 Image copyright EPA Image caption Italy's co-Deputy Prime Ministers Luigi Di Maio (left) and Matteo Salvini made defiant comments The Italian government has defied the European Commission by sticking to its big-spending budget plan. Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said a deficit target of 2.4% and a growth forecast of 1.5% were unchanged. The Commission, worried by the impact of high spending on Italy's high levels of debt, had told Rome to revise the budget or face possible fines. It had set Tuesday as a deadline to Italy's governing populist parties to respond to its objections. The Commission's warning to Italy, the eurozone's third-biggest economy, is an unprecedented move with regard to an European Union member state. It will now decide whether to begin disciplinary measures against the Rome government. Italian government bond yields rose sharply early on Wednesday amid fears that its budget decision would raise borrowing costs. What's behind Italy's economic turbulence? Italy populists take power: What comes next? Why does Italy want to spend more? Italy's government, made up of the populist Five Star Movement and right-wing populist League, came to power vowing to "end poverty" with a minimum income for the unemployed, along with promises of tax cuts and scrapping extensions to the retirement age. To fulfil its promises it trebled the previous government's deficit target of 0.8% of Italy's economic output. In its letter to the Commission, Italy reaffirmed its commitment to maintain public finances, but insisted it would stick to a deficit target of 2.4% which it said was an "impassable limit". The government said it would aim to generate 1% of GDP by selling state assets with which it would pay back debt. Mr Salvini, who leads the League party, was quoted as telling Rai radio on Wednesday that the Commission had " got it wrong if they are even just thinking of imposing fines on the Italian people". Luigi Di Maio of Five Star said: "We have the conviction that this is the budget needed for the country to get going again." The government argues that servicing its debt of 131% of national output - second only to bailed-out Greece - would hurt Italians, who have still not recovered from the decade-old financial crisis. Italy's economy is still smaller than it was in 2008. The governing coalition argues an increase in spending would kick-start growth. How bad is Italy's debt? Italy's neutral Finance Minister Giovanni Tria and international observers had hoped the country would keep its deficit under 2% of GDP - and perhaps as low as 1.6%. While 2.4% falls well short of the 3% deficit limit under eurozone rules, Italy's debt level is alarming. Click to see content: debt_ratios_Europe "For the first time the Commission is obliged to request a euro area country to revise its draft budgetary plan but we see no alternative than to request the Italian authorities to do so," the EC Vice-President for the euro, Valdis Dombrovskis, said last month. He pointed out that Italian taxpayers were having to spend as much servicing the national debt as on education. "Breaking rules can appear tempting at the first look - it can provide the illusion of breaking free," he said. "It is tempting to try and cure debt with more debt. At some point, the debt weighs too heavy... you end up having no freedom at all," Mr Dombrovskis said. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday that the EU wanted to reach out to Italy but that it had adopted budget rules "that we all now have in common". View the full article
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