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    Arrest rates aren't really that useful as they'll be heavily skewed by whether someone is detained or not - you're more likely to get a higher arrest rate where the majority of crimes are people being stopped with drugs than you are from reports of violent crimes where the offenders have made off by the time officers arrive. Looking at recorded crime I can't find decent statistics for 2018, but if we go back to 2017 there were seven stabbings, five acid attacks, 38 assaults on police and three cops hospitalised at NHC. In 2016 there were 56 GBHs, 34 ABHs, 18 sexual offences, 23 robberies, 49 offensive weapons, 20 assaults on police, 223 thefts from the person and 273 drugs offences recorded. By way of comparison, in 2016 A&SP recorded 217 crimes at Glastonbury (including 151 thefts and 16 VAP) and in 2017 247 crimes (136 theft, 19 VAP), so clearly we can see the crime rates aren't at all comparable. If anything the downward trend over several years suggests that knife arches and saturation policing are successful in making NHC a safer event.
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    A Taser wouldn't have prevented PC Harper from being run over and tragically losing his life. Nor would a Taser have stopped PC Gareth Philips from being run over by his own car either... A 9mm or .45 through the windscreen of either vehicle however may well have prevented these incidents. As an officer who carries Taser I can say it is a great deterrent, looks good on the belt as it's bright yellow and everyone can see it. However actually relying on it to do its job when required is supposedly around 50/50 and those odds don't seem to represent reality with the number of failed Taser deployments uploaded online for everyone to view. Personally I think we should be discussing rolling out handguns under the 'self defence' deployment model as seen in Northern Ireland.
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    The Brexperts all told us: ’Coming to a free trade agreement with the EU should be "one of the easiest in human history.' Liam Fox, July 2017 'The day after we vote to leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want.' Michael Gove, April 2016 'Getting out of the EU can be quick and easy – the UK holds most of the cards.' John Redwood, July 2016 'It is like threading the eye of a needle. If you have a good eye and a steady hand, it is easy enough,' David Davis, December 2016 ‘I believe that we can get a free trade and customs agreement concluded before March 2019’. David Davis, January 2017 Trade relations with the EU could be sorted out in 'an afternoon over a cup of coffee,' Gerard Batten, UKIP Brexit spokesman, February 2017 'It will be easy to negotiate a trade deal,' Paul Nutall, UKIP leader, Jan 2017 I don’t suppose that anyone was influenced to vote to leave based on being told any of these things.
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    When Notting Hill Carnival rolls around every year it reminds me that I've never been more happy not to be London based...
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  6. 2 points
    Has the Commissioner ever fought an angry 6 foot + man. She should be saying Assault on a Police Officer should carry an immediate custodial sentence. NO if's No but's.
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    The fact you have posted that just confirms to me and I suspect many others that you have precisely zero respect for democracy.
  8. 2 points
    Democracy is dead when you remove the democratic right of the officials we elected to represent us to be allowed to democratically debate. Leave, Remain, don't care whichever you are, this is an alarming thing for an unelected PM to do simply so that they can fulfil the promises they made to ensure they got and remain in the most powerful position in the country. Tin Pot dictator is the most apt term for Johnson right now. If this doesn't concern you then you simply don't care about democracy. What happens next year when Boris fails to get something else passed that he's made promises on? Will he just suspend parliament again? A petulant child springs to mind (otherwise known as Donald trump).
  9. 2 points
    No deal is the people’s vote?
  10. 2 points
    Democracy is ONLY dead if MPs refuse to allow the people's vote to leave to be enacted in a timely and prompt manner. The tactics today are no different to the various ones being discussed to be taken or perhaps already taken by those who wish to defy the people's vote and make the country remain in the EU.
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    ķ Sorry but, it is democracy, which has been used many times as part of our Parliamentary procedure. What is not democracy is ignoring the result of the referendum.
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    Is there even such a thing as being unfit to stand trial - such a concept would effectively put someone beyond the reach of the law. There is the concept of being unfit to plead, and there is a process for trying such people under the Criminal Procedure (Insanity) Act 1964 and equivalent provisions for summary offences - if I were Insp Taylor then I'd be using my victim's right to review to understand the CPS' rationale, as prosecuting assaults on constables particularly of this nature should almost always be in the public interest.
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    Bonus points to whoever knows the song that has the blog title in! Happened to be listening to it as I was thinking of a name! As the title suggests, its been a long time to start my PC training. I'll start from the beginning. Some will be vague for a reason. Ten years ago I was in a rut. In a job I hated (petrol station) about to start a uni course I wasn't interested in, but felt forced to apply for uni at college (radio production). I was at work and got talking to a police officer whilst their colleague was fuelling up. There job sounded amazing! The conversation was cut short as a job came in and they went off on blues. Whilst at work I googled joining the police. Actually found this form (before it was Police Community) from that search. Annoying my local force had just stopped their most recent recruitment phase. No worries, they recruit a number of times a year. In the meantime, I learnt about the Specials. I've always been a quiet person and wasn't sure if I was suited to policing. Was I fit enough? I grew up wanting to be a policeman officer (won't lie, Hot Fuzz has something to do with it!), but never thought I would do it. I figured by becoming a Special first, I could at least try before I buy as such. Ten years ago today I found out that I had passed the papershift and was invited for a interview and some tests. I don't remember much about these, other than the interview was over really quickly. A few years ago a supervisor told me the scoring system for it (its changed now). It was scary how bad it was and how easy it was to pass! Not that I was complaining...I was joining as a Special! I started my training in January 2010. The training wasn't brilliant, in fact it was rubbish. 13 days in total. One a week other than personal safety which was a full weekend. But I passed. My station choice was a mistake thinking back, but also a good thing. Thankfully things have changed massively now. It was seen by regulars as a place to get away without doing any work. They didn't want to be proactive. Their patrol would be from one nick to another for a cuppa. Annoying to say the least. Even more annoying as I don't drink tea or coffee! Anyway, I moved stations. It wasn't as easy as just asking to move though. But that's a whole different story that ended with me resigning and coming back a few months later. My new station was brilliant. The regulars were amazing. Supportive and happy to see me. Felt like one of the team. My tutor was great. Saw what I was good at and what I needed to improve on quickly and helped me with all that. I got signed off as independent and got a A to B car course. Traffic was my passion. I would take the laser out and go to any places members of the public had moaned about speeders. Would call up for any jobs that came in and deal with them as well. Call up for the rubbishy jobs to help out. Annoyingly my force didn't allow Specials to take statements from witnesses (I know!), so there was only so much I could do. We also couldn't interview. But, the squad were happy to help. Around 2013 recruitment finally started again, although not in my force but another one. Seeing as I was with my girlfriend who lived in this force, and we had talked about moving in together it made sense to apply for them. Thankfully that didn't go any further than the papershift as we broke up in 2014! I applied for my force again but failed the papershift. I was never any good at application forms! 2014 I moved to another department. Traffic. I loved it. The squad was amazing. I still did some shifts at my old station, but mainly with traffic. Crewed with the regulars and with other specials. Dealt with some cracking jobs (mobile phone stop ended with a PWITS and the person getting three years inside for his first ever offence!). Once a year I seemed to get a phase of not enjoying it. I was doing a lot of hours (100+ a month). I had moved departments at my day job and was now a delivery driver. It was normally around Xmas this happened, when work became manic. Things were also stressful at home and my on/off relationship was now off fully (woo!). 2016 I applied again. Passed the papershift and had my assessment centre. Wow...I don't remember much of it, but when I got home I slept for 16 hours. I was sick twice during it as well. Unsurprisingly I failed. I wasn't upset though. 2017 I applied again. This time I had been giving extra time due to my dyslexia that had been diagnosed between the two. Failed again...but got the paperwork late so appealed. This was upheld. All this meant was another AC in six months time. 2018 was my third attempt. I had told myself that this would be my last attempt. I considered other careers, was looking at becoming a driving instructor. I had been given my response ticket in 2017, was loving my role and work was OK. I passed! Not a great score, but I passed! I got my email whilst waiting to see a doctor about a injury from a car crash, so couldn't really jump up and down like I wanted to! Next stage was my interview...they didn't know when this would be. I passed my AC in June/July time. September I emailed HR to see If they had any update. Didn't hear anything back (I had huge problems with HR during the process). December I still hadn't heard back. The MET had removed their requirement to be a resident there before applying so looked at transferring my AC result across. For family reasons I decided to withdraw this in mid January. A week later I got a email saying my final interview would be a week and a day later. Result! Thankfully I had the day off. Annoying the day after I put my back out and couldn't walk! Three weeks off work in the end. But as I couldn't do anything but revise that's what I did! Interview was so much better than the AC interview. I think it helped it was at my HQ compared to Ryton College of Policing HQ and knew my way around. The interviewers were great. Friendly, relaxing. I also had man flu. Everything was against me. My back was killing and every time I coughed I wanted to cry! I found out there and then if I passed or not. Longest five minutes of my life waiting in the HR room. Thankfully just myself and some HR people. Small talk was awkward! Called back in, sat down and told I've passed. I was over the moon. Massive sigh of relief. Had to remind myself not to swear! Next was medical and fitness with vetting in the background. Only thing I was slightly concerned about was my medical due to my back, and my vetting due to my dad who I have nothing to do with. Medical passed. Fitness test passed. Vetting passed. Told I was given a start date of July, but would hear once my references had returned. Annoyingly my day job required me to sign some paperwork to say they can give my reference to the Police...but no one knew this! In the end a friend who is a Special and a manager at another store phoned my manager and asked him to email one across to HR that day (company policy is Head Office do references not managers at the store). Got my offer the next day! (This was made more stressful as I was buying a flat at the time and needed my offer of contract for the mortgage company to give me a mortgage!). I have never been so happy. There is something nice about knowing you can quit your job you hate at any time! I lasted a week before I handed my notice in (only had a week to give), giving me two weeks off beforehand. I'm now into week three of my training and loving it. Being a Special has helped massively. Some days are a bit boring (IT for example. My access got taken away and wont be given back until I do all the training again!). The class is great. We all get along really well. The trainers are fantastic. I'm struggling with the Monday to Friday bit though. Most my shifts were lates as well, so my 0600 alarm five days a week is a killer! I've got no social life at the moment as I'm so tired. I'm doing two hours+ revision a night. But its the best thing I've done (other than meeting my girlfriend if she sees this!). It doesn't feel like I'm going to work. The saying 'if you find a job you love, you'll never work again' is true. I'll do a post about what I've done so far later. I'll do it on a weekly case as its easier.
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    Can anyone confirm if the 2.5% pay award is being back dated from April 2019?
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    Well that’s going against all facts and evidence available. Prime example of this as much as the WA was derided, it does not change the fact some leave voters voted for it, whilst others said it does not = leave.
  16. 1 point
    Actually, I rather suspect it's the Remainers that didn't and won't accept the result - the democratic result - and have been shoving sticks into spokes at every single turn and have made things impossible to move smoothly.
  17. 1 point
    If the choice was so simple why is it leave voters want different things? Some want a hard Brexit, others want a soft Brexit, others are happy with the Malthouse agreement, etc. The fact that leave voters all want different types of leave is a major issue.
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    I'm genuinely interested in what force you're in, and what exactly their package entails, because from my own experience of OST, and my experiences of coppers' general unarmed fighting capability, I'm inclined to think you've simply been very lucky, or may be benefitting from certain attribute bonuses. Personally, I think the first problem police forces come into, is that they hire people with no experience of violence, and no inclination to use violence where appropriate. Recruits at Hendon used to have to engage in a spot of "milling" to see whether they had the courage to actually get in the ring and fight, needless to say nothing resembling that happens anymore at recruit level. Secondly, anyone who has ever competed in a full contact combat sport knows full well that to be any good at fighting, you need to train regularly. Once or twice a year will not cut it, no matter what you're taught. I'll also add that once, early in my service, I absolutely raised how dire OST was with the appropriate people; all that happened was I got an appendage-swinging email from a sergeant about how he "knows what works on the streets, because I did [x amount of years on X rough borough]".
  19. 1 point
    Good question! Would be good to get a definitive answer. Most rumours I have heard are that it will be backdated to April. Wouldn't mind it being backdated a whole whole year though 🤑 Edit: Just found this “The pay rises will be backdated to the start of each work force’s financial year and mean a rise of 2.75% for school teachers, 2.5% for consultants and dentists, 2.5% for police officers, 2.9% per cent for personnel in the Armed Forces, at least 2.2% for Prison Officers and 2% for senior Civil Servants and senior military staff.” https://www.gov.uk/government/news/almost-a-million-public-sector-workers-handed-a-second-year-of-inflation-busting-pay-rises So looks to be from April.
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    We are going to need loads of additional tutors if we are going to take on an additional 20,000 during the next three years. It might be a good idea to start paying them again in order to encourage more to take up the role. We're also going to need more lockers, phones, laptops, police stations....
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    Why on earth should they - anyone - be given two chances against anyone? Why? First time should be mandatory prison sentence. Giving them two strikes and it's like two free goes against anyone, even that of assault police which is plain wrong. Clearly the lunatics have taken over the asylum.
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    Instead of making their evidence available to the Police they should have informed the Police of their investigation and findings. Had I still been serving I would have been camped up the road to bring speedy justice for all. It is obvious that he has no regard, at all, for the law.
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    It's never been a particularly easy job, but made even more difficult now because the student officer's learning program is still based around police work, but get them out on the street and instead of being given opportunities to develop they are being sent to all the usual non-crime stuff just picking up the pieces that other public agencies cannot/will not deal with. I've got a student officer on my team who has just finished their initial tutor period and in the whole 10 weeks or so they only ever took one MG11 statement, did no stop searches, one traffic file (which was handed to them as opposed to self-initiated) and just a general lack of police work. To the untrained eye this might seem absurd, but when I looked through all the jobs they attended with their tutor they were going non-stop just being sent to stuff that didn't tick the boxes. If I had been their tutor this would have caused me significant stress, and it's a sad indictment of what policing has become.
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    Has she gotten around to issuing spit hoods yet considering our cops use them in the capital as and when required?
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    The problem with those who voted leave is all of them literally have different versions of leave. The vast majority of leave voters according to numerous polls do not want no deal, so you are in a minority’s of leave voters who wants a no deal. What is likely to happen is no deal will thankfully be blocked by the courts or Parliament or both, by that time there will not be enough to negotiate a new deal, so Boris will have no choice but to say to Parliament vote through May’s WA or have no Brexit at all. Seeing as Boris voted for May’s WA previously I think deep down he won’t be too fussed if it passes through Parliament
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    You know what they say about having little knowledge. And what’s wrong with a British Court having a say about a British constitutional matter? I thought you Brexiteers were all against outside influence and all for internal control.
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    To Prorogue Parliament is a normal procedure and is often used to permit the party Conferences. During the time this year it covers the Party Political Conferences of the Labour Party, The Lib Dems, and the Conservatives. The Conferences are then followed by the opening of Parliament and the Queen's speech setting out the proposed legislation of the Government. Nothing to see here sir, move along. A Scottish Court trying to make a ruling over the British Parliament ?
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    The feed says Lord Doherty will consider it overnight and give his ruling at 10am tomorrow.
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    To be fair she can't refuse to do it. What can happen is The Courts can strike it down. Nice to see that The Prime Minister is giving back sovereignty by attempting to remove the power and ability of the very body he says he is trying to protect. Let us see if there is a plan for our very own version of the Reichstag fire...
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    Prorogue: The government takes its shot https://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2019/08/28/prorogue-the-government-takes-its-shot A very balanced article on this, appears things are not as bad as they seem...
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    17.4M, ‘We want Brexit.’ ‘We want Brexit.’ ‘We want Brexit.’ x/17.4M ‘Not that Brexit.’ y/17.4M ‘we all voted for the same thing. ‘We want Brexit.’ ‘We want Brexit.’ z/17.4M ‘Not that Brexit.’ ’We all voted for the same thing. ‘We want Brexit.’ ‘We want Brexit.’ a/17.4M, ‘Not that type of Brexit.’
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    From the outset it was stated that No deal was better that a bad deal. Since then negotiators have tried to find some form of common ground to leave with a satisfactory deal, or even a Norway type system. It is fact that the EU negotiators have done everything in their power to stop Britain leaving the EU. They need us and our finance to support their failing economic system. And just to upset a few, again, the EU accounts have never been signed off by auditors. Places like Switzerland have no problems at all with an open border, and, they are not even in the EU. As for the WA it was a botched up dogs dinner.
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    The EU compromised and agreed a deal that fitted in with the red lines that May’s Government took to the negotiating table. The Brextremists and self centred MPs, particularly those of the ERG refused to support it. We would be out now if they had. It all comes back to the same thing - Brexiteers believe they all voted for the same thing and now argue over what that was. The only thing they all voted for was a direction, the destination was never considered.
  34. 1 point
    About time can we start with the absolute basics of OST
  35. 1 point
    Do any of us suspect that the 12000 coppers (four times more than we have in the entire force) that police the event might have something to do with it?
  36. 1 point
    The answer lies with the Politicians and the Judiciary. Strengthen Legislation and increase penalties for assaulting any Police Officer with mandatory custodial sentences to cut out the bleeding heart wrenching stories espoused by every defence lawyer in the Country. He/she was deprived as a child, they were molested, they were not breast fed, they were under the influence of drink and/drugs, etc, etc, etc.
  37. 1 point
    Can you clarify something? Am I right in saying you are not a police officer but a crossing guard akin to a lollipop lady in the UK? In other words you help kids cross the road after school?
  38. 1 point
    Being released and not sectioned doesn’t mean you’re fit to stand trial. It has to do fitness to be tried NOW not when the offence happened. I’d have expected him to know that.
  39. 1 point
    So what is he doing that is any different to what May was doing? They both talked about ‘alternative arrangements’ but both could not give specific examples of what these arrangements actually are. Johnson’s approach seems to be the same as May’s, the answer to the backstop is unicorns. Could be argued that Johnson wants a no deal more than May ever did but even trying to force it through will lead to numerous legal and Parliamentary challenges. So if as expected he fails with no deal we are back to square 1. Only viable solution is to revoke.
  40. 1 point
    I often wonder it there is some form of indoctrination propaganda. The fact that the public ask why our vehicles are liveried with this message makes you wonder how many people actually take offence at the message. I would suspect that, if the truth were known, the number of objectors would be far higher than people might think. Would the Bus Company or the Police ever consider a Christian liveried car, I doubt it and, that just about says it all. Why cannot the Bus Driver be offended?
  41. 1 point
    What about the UK’s FoM into the EU? Why are the gutter press reporting this as some kind of win for the UK? How are they going to police this when no viable plan actually exists? Have they learnt nothing after the Windrush scandal? Or don’t they care?
  42. 1 point
    So you do not believe in democracy then?
  43. 1 point
    With a comment like that I can understand why you might encounter problems. Usually the only people using "No Comment" are those that have something to hide. It is obvious also that you have no idea what a Para Military is. The Police are there to safeguard the Public and Society. Those same Police officers, as has been shown today, sometimes pay the ultimate price for safeguarding the public.
  44. 1 point
    No he isn’t, stop politicising the role of the police. There is no military element to the police, quite the opposite
  45. 1 point
  46. 1 point
    Nothing at all, then, to do with Nicola Sturgeon and the obsession with her own personal agenda?
  47. 1 point
    I got 71% which I'm really pleased with and surprised by. The score break down showed the lowest score in the country as 18% which is good going because even if you guessed every answer you should get 1 in 4 correct and get 25%, but I suppose they may have walked out as soon as they were allowed to without completing all 150 questions.
  48. 1 point
    Insufficient information to give an informed opinion. Report to your local police. Sent from me using Witchcraft
  49. 0 points
    A cop killer who mowed down a police officer is back behind the wheel while banned from driving. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/police-killer-who-mowed-down-19116373.amp
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    You aware that his course of action is literally straight out of Hitler's Playbook?
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