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  1. Could have been worse for her.. she could have been confronted by someone pulling a 6" kitchen knife out their sock.
  2. This makes me angry on so many different levels. This is becoming an increasingly alarming trend: officers are having their lives put on hold for years on end, with all of the stresses that entails, where there is no realistic prospect of them actually being found to have committed gross misconduct. It's not fair on the officer and it is not fair on the complainant. The IOPC's "case to answer test" is ludicrously low. However, it's even worse in this case as it got kicked out at half time on a Galbraith submission - so this case didn't even reach the "case to answer" threshold. The IOPC have bad form at sending cases to hearing when they aren't proven and now, this is the second MPS case in a couple of weeks where it hasn't even got past half time. I anticipate more coming. The fact that the DPS and then the IOPC found no case to answer only for the IOPC to kow tow to a threat of a Judicial Review makes it even more galling. Furthermore, on what has been reported this should never have even been Severity Assessed as Gross Misconduct: the lawfulness or otherwise of the search is broadly irrelevant. Getting a legal test wrong is not gross misconduct: it is a performance issue or misconduct at its highest. Unless there is evidence that the search was completely gratuitous or for sexual gratification etc - which there was no apparent evidence of in this case. Then there is the complainant herself: what recourse does the officer have against her for putting him through years of hell only for him to be vindicated? None! Her comments are outrageous and should be robustly challenged: it cannot be a case of "closing ranks" - the panel chairs are independent, the judgement had sound legal reasoning behind it. Most custody sergeants would have done the same thing. She's either stupid or deluded, or both. Finally, the reporting doesn't stress enough that this was an IOPC farce and not something brought by the force. Unfortunately the legally-qualified chair is technically accurate when they say that the "The Met appeared to have been “labouring under a misapprehension” in bringing the case - because the lawyers act on behalf of the "Appropriate Authority" (the Commissioner) but the Appropriate Authority was directed by the IOPC. So it may look to some like the MPS instigated proceedings. I could bore the forum silly about this topic all day long as it is a world within which I operate and I can safely say most Professional Standards Officers are as frustrated by the misconduct system as everyone else.
  3. Whilst the cuts have been devastating to policing I think we can all agree to some extent that the fall in numbers has revealed a very ugly truth with just how the modern British Police service operates. We have taken on far too much over the years, expanding far beyond our remit of crime prevention and upholding law and order. We have become the go to organisation for EVERYTHING be it Mental health services, social services, expecting to be an on call guard service to every public body/organisation going... We are expected to step in for local authorities in matters they are perfectly capable of sorting out themselves and even take on investigations from bodies supposedly specifically in place to enforce that niche section of law. Speaking frankly I think it is high time for a royal commission in just what policing is and just what is expected of us and other public bodies who fail to provide a 24hour service and instead opt to leave it to us to sort out after hours. As a BTP Cop I frankly don't have it half as bad as you county officers and my utter respect goes out to you all who are left struggling to plug the gaps an unwilling society has frankly left you to fill
  4. Um, who of your frontline officers has access to you to request anything anyway?
  5. Or they could step in and assist the cop in restraining the individual as is actually required by the public at a common law level.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/aug/30/konstancja-duff-kurtis-howard-met-police-sergeant-cleared-misconduct-over-strip-search-academic "Duff, 29, a lecturer in political philosophy at Nottingham University, and her lawyer were ushered from the Met’s Empress State building in Fulham, west London, after she had stood up in the 14th floor hearing room to tell panel members what she thought of the judgment. She told the Guardian: “What I said precisely to the panel was: ‘you are endorsing the commonplace use of repressive and violating tactics like strip searching to punish and intimidate anyone who does not simply go along with being treated unjustly by police.’ “They are effectively saying this is our policy – Met police policy is to strip search anyone who stands up for their rights or the rights of somebody else.” She added: “This makes very clear that we are not dealing with one bad apple, they are closing ranks and saying this is Met police policy. That’s my sense of what this judgment means. “That does need to challenged.” " Ah philosophy professors... The only people that will try to talk their way out of a traffic ticket by challenging your perception and whether the notion of red truly is red...
  7. That's a lovely soundbite. Over here in the real world though, it's just not an effective use of my time. I can run the bleep test with no problems, so rather than pushing my 5k time, I'll stick to circuits, lifting and grappling, which are arguably far more relevant. This actually brings me to a point I've made years ago on discussions about this on here and the other forum; whilst running alone may be a good way of working out a person's VO2 max, on its own it actually holds very little relevance to the role it's measuring fitness for. What's the point in being able to run for X amount of time at X speed if you can't last more than ten seconds fighting when you get there?
  8. Where there are domestic issues a family may be spoken with, but they shouldn’t have a ‘say’ as the article puts it. Moreover disclosure to anyone not residing with the applicant is surely against the right to a private life. I am all for proper and intelligent firearm control, but not the constant erosion of a decent member of the public’s ability to own one.
  9. Lone Wolf

    Is this a civil or criminal offence?

    This is a clear case of theft, with the David vs Goliath factor meaning that some people are taking the side of the offender and disregarding the actual law.
  10. I don’t agree with this way of thinking, it’s the same in my force. If an officer isn’t “trustworthy” enough to carry a taser why are they still employed as a Police Officer? For me I received a spurious complaint over a year ago which still hasn’t been finalised so I’m not eligible to carry a taser as you can’t have any outstanding use of force complaints. I’ve not been restricted at all am frontline and also psu. I feel like I’ve got less right to defend myself because someone made a complaint about me and that’s not fair.
  11. Sceptre

    Is this a civil or criminal offence?

    Since the Ghosh test has been struck down her belief in her own honesty or otherwise is immaterial. She has paid for a sofa, not necessarily that particular sofa, and through no fault of her own nor any of the other people in the same boat the company has gone bust but that doesn't give her any title to that particular sofa she has wheeled out. It belongs to the store, or its administrators or whoever now owns its assets - the honest way for her to recover her money is through the administration process, not by looting the shop for whatever she feels she has a right to. So I would say it is theft.
  12. With the greatest respect you must be familiar with prevent harm and protect a vulnerable person in respect of necessity criteria?
  13. Do you have any experience of this type of operation or serious organised crime? I can imagine you’re the type of person that walks into a nick, sees that a team or person has had a really good proactive result and tries to down play it rather than say well done. This will be the culmination of a lengthy covert operation involving covert tactics. Well done to the NCA.
  14. I wonder what would happen if, instead of saying, “Tasers will always be used as a last resort,” chiefs started saying, “If we do not start seeing the public assisting and supporting police in these situations then we will have no choice but to start being far more robust in our defence of ourselves. This could result in more unsightly use of force and more use of taser. If you want your police officers to continue policing in the manner that you are used to and with the level of restraint that they show - when higher levels of force may well be justified - then get behind them because when we’re cornered it’s fight or flight. And we ain’t going anywhere!” Mic drop.
  15. She ain't dun nuffik mate, she knows 'er rights like. You aven't got anyfink on 'er. YOU'LL NEED TO FIND A NEW JOB MONDAY MORNING! GERROFF, I PAY YOUR WAGES! OW! THESE CUFFS HURT!
  16. junior_7178


    Very predictable for me, almost to the point that it has put me off watching this week. I was also annoyed that the train stuff was so fake in the first episode. A Class 47 diesel hauled london bound train with heritage carriages hasn't happened for about 40 years!
  17. And we wonder why things are the way they are as discussed in other threads. It’s getting beyond a joke. There are some ‘outcomes’ I have noticed from the article. 1. Don’t interfere in things that have nothing to do with you (particularly when you are getting involved when officers are dealing with an armed criminal) 2. Don’t be silly and unreasonable 3. If arrested (even if you disagree with it) don’t be silly and unreasonable. Things can be challenged properly at a later time. 4. If you don’t give details then how can the custody officer assess what risk you pose to yourself or others, especially when you have got involved with an armed criminal As usual though, because she is an activist then the horrible police must be in the wrong. Particularly with point 4, where are the senior officers to point this out?
  18. To put that into perspective, it's more than the entire police officer establishments of the City of London Police, Warwickshire Police, Wiltshire Police, Gloucestershire Constabulary, Suffolk Constabulary, Lincolnshire Police, Cumbria Constabulary, Bedfordshire Police, Durham Constabulary, Gwent Police, Dyfed-Powys Police and Northamptonshire Police all put together. It's hard to imagine how unpleasant this event must be to work that it requires so many cops.
  19. This is the problem, instead of condemning these individuals behaviour we are playing up to it by allowing for people to actively assault and obstruct officers... "We can't give officers spit guards because it will just incite people to attack officers further." Where has our backbone as a society gone? I watched part of the interview and she didn't have an answer when BTPs use of spit guards was mentioned.
  20. oh, we're on trite fitness quotes now.
  21. One mans tragic suicide triggers a reform in firearm legislation at central government yet the numerous suicides that occur up and down the country on Britain's railways prompt no such response? The sad fact is if you're a white, male you are far more likely to kill yourself than any other group in the country... Why is this? I don't have the answer but suicide amongst white men is one of those statistics which simply isn't talked about and is buried - how about we start a review on why this man killed himself not the method he ultimately chose, if he was determined to kill himself he could have put himself on a high speed mainline or used any number of other methods. That's my opinion anyway.
  22. It's a fact that gangs from all over London use the carnival as a location to meet up and fight. It's not necessarily that there's more violence happening on the day (I haven't checked) but that the violence in concentrated at one event with thousands of innocent people tightly packed around them. There's also the issue of the streets and peoples' properties being absolutely trashed over the weekend every year. Whilst those warrants do attempt to stop drugs turning up at carnival, they're often more about stopping certain people attending carnival. The job does similar things before other large events. Statistics like that are very comforting I'm sure, but when you consider that's 151 recorded crimes in a series of a few streets, that's pretty significant. Probably not, but they have a different situation over there anyway. I'd suggest it's not entirely analogous. Unfortunately it's the way of things that a minority can ruin it for the majority. Even then, there have been suggestions of moving it to an enclosable location (such as Hyde Park) and using a ticketing system to refuse known gang members on the door, as has happened with festivals like Lovebox. It would probably mean the floats will be severely limited, but I personally think that's a fair compromise. It also means local residents don't get their houses trashed every year.

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