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  1. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree but, we are all one family. None of that matters so to everyone on here a Very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.🎅 For those working keep safe, for those not working savour your families and loved ones.😘
  2. “It’s another isolated incident people.......no need to roll out the common sense approach to policing, wheel it back into the shed of ignorance. Close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears and go la-la-la-la-la” a government spokesperson was heard to say.
  3. Come off it. Whilst tongue in cheek, the sentiment is true; had the first officer on scene been armed, and the subject was attacking members of the public with a large knife, he would likely have been shot. In attacks of this kind, the availability of armed assets can make a huge difference in how able a lone wolf is to cause devastation.
  4. Reasonable Man

    BBC: Brexit: Cabinet to consider ramping up no-deal plans

    We’re in a mess because emotions aside there are no practical benefits to leaving. The vast majority of politicians knows that and so are trying to make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. The strong proponents of leave quickly disappeared when it came to doing anything practical to re-emerge and shout condemnation at those left to sort out the mess. Meanwhile Brexiteers claim that it is the ‘remoaners’ who have hijacked the process. Strange how a minority group of ill informed ‘project fear’ types are able to upset the will of the people and desire of the majority.
  5. ParochialYokal

    BBC: Brexit: Cabinet to consider ramping up no-deal plans

    That’s all right then. So long as some Eurocrats gets their cash envelopes reduced, it is totally worth the recession that will follow in the U.K. if we crash out of the EU without a deal.
  6. Another example of how the threat could have been stopped and reduced the risk to officers if routine arming was brought in. Well done those officers.
  7. I won’t shoot down anyone’s opinion as everyone is entitled to their view. Please answer one question though, how are we not free now? I wasn’t aware that we were being oppressed or occupied by some foreign force. We have our own currency, we pass our laws, we have our own free elections, love them or hate them we have our own free media. We already control our own borders. We aren’t under any sanctions as far as I know either and we are part of one of the biggest trading blocs on the planet at present. Just what is going wrong with the current set up?
  8. In any other circumstance it would surely be considered criminal and absolute misconduct in their offices to take the country down a path that means we will be worse off and likely crash the economy. Whether people voted leave or remain in 2016 it’s frankly irrelevant. The choice now is continue as we are or be worse off and potentially our next generations being worse off. That’s the choice that needs to be put to ‘the people’. Weve endured a decade of austerity and our country crumbling. I think the way things are looking these will be seen as ‘good times’ when the next 10-15 years come. Sorry for the rant but I am so sick of the utter tripe being spouted by people whilst they harm the country.
  9. MerseyLLB

    Purpose of rear red lights

    They are designed to be inadvertently left on for half the shift thereby leaving you wondering why motorists behind you are driving so erratically.
  10. Reasonable Man

    Public Support for Taser

    Guess this shows policing by consent. [emoji1] https://t.co/g4wmnpyncn?ssr=true
  11. I'm sure the then 14 year old victim of sexual assault would agree that being part of the EU which allowed the movement of a convicted, unskilled, uneducated, predator free access to the UK without warning nor being prevented/hindered at the border in anyway was the 'safest' thing that was allowed to happen because of our membership, afterall they became a victim of that allowance. Cressida Dick can say whatever she wants, I've seen the impact on the frontline our membership has had on the wider community at large and you cannot tell me my own experience has been wrong.
  12. Worst dayshift handover ever!
  13. I am all for modernisation and progression, but history is a great teacher. Our own history and that of many other nations, tells us that when a country appears weak, when it cannot raise an effective and substantial fighting force quickly, your country is at risk of exploitation. We now have such reduced numbers, ability and fighting spirit, that any real challenge and we wouldn’t cope. We are an island nation, a navy is essential. The ability to enforce our boarders is integral to managing the nation. The police and the law of the nation are now perceived as weak and ineffective, there is no deterrent for criminals or those entering illegally. The notion that the police Is a service and not a force is the slow decay, force is used by the police every hour of every day. The whole nation is now full of people who believed they are ‘entitled’ to so much.
  14. Remmy

    Airport Policing- New Approach

    I hope you are just joking with regards to shooting it down? If not please explain how you imagine that would be achieved.
  15. Growley

    Airport Policing- New Approach

    Like I said, having been involved in numerous public order and firearms operations spanning into railway property, I'm not convinced BTP can handle their own house when it comes to unforeseen incidents, let alone take on more. You've given some clearly well thought out arguments so far, but you haven't dealt with this point, which in my own opinion is a major issue.
  16. I agree with you, in training environments you will not be faced with an individual trying to do you serious harm - However you cannot deny the importance of understanding the basics of self defence which is just not there in any way, shape or form in the current offerings that I have experienced or heard from PST across the country. Understanding ground control, the ability to control an individual using basic principles from wrestling/ BJJ that can be used on a general MOP who will be fairly clueless unless they themselves have had some sort of training and how to actually take somebody out of a fight - I cant put it any more bluntly than the following, we need to understand how to end violent confrontations by necessary means in the situations we are facing these days with active and violent resistance from certain members of society. These situations need to be met with equal aggression and violence on our part, and officers owe it to themselves to learn how to defend themselves and know that if the day comes where they need to do so they will have the backing of senior officers. I do feel quite passionately about this aspect of the job and when I see videos such as the one here it really boils my blood, as I am sure it does for many of us.
  17. Meanwhile we have families at food banks, homeless people dieing outside parliament, hospitals full to bursting, an increase in suicide, children in poverty, the list goes on. But let’s devote precious Parliament time to childish jeering and debating who said what. They all need to grow up.
  18. Chaos

    What’s the strangest...

    Went to a sudden death. The informant of witch was reporting the death after viewing the male not moving for some time via online CCTV streaming app. The deceased male was into BDSM and the informant was a customer of his who watched the male do some very , erm, interesting things including bondage. Well on this occasion the male, who was streaming online to this customer, decided to tie his ankles together, knees together, put a stocking over his head with a ball in his mouth and managed to handcuff himself. It's safe to say that the male got into difficulty, the customer watching online got bored and logged off... About a day later logged back on and realised the male was still laying in the same position, not moving and waring the same gear... Out of concern the customer called the police, I attended and due to the CCTV being around the house that the customer had access to, they watched me force entry to the door, locate the male and advice the control room that he was deceased. So no need to pass on a death message... That was a strange job.
  19. Radman

    What’s the strangest...

    Funniest lock up I had was near Christmas around six years ago. I was conducting good old beats on a really clear and fresh afternoon, not much was going on and I was stood at the front keeping an eye on some christmas jumper clad drunks when out of the station this bloke appears, really shifty looking guy wearing a baggy, oversize coat that just looked badly stuffed and bulging. This lad tries his best as casually as he can muster to walk passed me, as he does this to comedic effect directly infront of me a large family sized bar of chocolate falls out from under his coat onto the floor two feet away from me. I stand there and watch as he bends down to retrieve the chocolate up from the floor when another two large family size bars spill out... A bemused member of public is staring at me by this time and I'm trying not to laugh as bars and bars of large chocolate just pour out from underneath his coat onto the floor... In the end I retrieve 16 large bars of chocolate from him and locked him up for theft. He went "No comment" on interview and was unsurprisingly charged anyway, he protested at the desk as the charge was being read out "But you don't know where I got them from!" The Sergeant with a wry smile just looked up from the counter and replied "Well it wasn't Father Christmas was it?" Such a memorable lock up... I cried with laughter all the way back to the BTP Office.
  20. Here was me thinking that 2018 had been relatively peaceful. I hope that the injuries aren't serious and everyone recovers quickly. DM is stating this is possibly terrorist related making reference to the bombing of Syria. I hope the coward that committed this attack is sentenced appropriately.
  21. Carol and Daz from Smalltown Ruralshire can tell her how wrong she is.
  22. Don’t worry the Navy have plenty of ships and personnel left to assist, oh wait a min....
  23. Mac7

    PolCom Fitness Club

    I would steer clear of any pre workout drinks, powders etc. If you don’t have the energy to workout then you should look to change other aspects of your life I.e diet, sleep etc. The pre workouts that I’ve seen give you a huge chemical high but an equal huge low when it wears off. You can’t be sure what strain the chemicals in pre workouts are putting on your heart and other organs that have to digest it. Some pre workouts are equivalent to drinking 10+ strong cups of coffee. I, personally, would never put that much caffeine in my body. You never know what the long term affects are going to be. Some of the best workouts or runs I’ve had have been when I don’t feel like it through fatigue. I stopped taking any kind of supplements a few years ago and recently increased my cardiovascular fitness. I’ve found I can lift more, in terms of weight, for longer and have not lost any size.
  24. I kind of agree with this. Had some 'discussions' with other SCs who think you can always talk people down. I don't know if it is my age or the area I grew up in, but I know some people just want a fight. Better they try to fight me than go home and beat their wife or girlfriend.
  25. The first bit of advice is to join a quality police forum, perhaps one of ours. 😂

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