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Found 30 results

  1. Charles

    Police drones

    There are many new possibilities for the police, to use drones. Some examples: 1. Mini-drones Police-officers could wear foldable mini-drones on their body, weighing about 200 grams. A mini-drone can be controlled via a smart-phone, that can also display it's video-images. The smartphone can send those images to the dispatcher, and to police-collegues on the scene. These mini-drones can be deployed to locate a suspect in a park or on a roof, or to search a building where an armed suspect may hide, or to quickly find a drowning-victim, etc. 2. Fixed-wing VTOL drones Fixed-wing VTOL drones combine high-speed and long endurance, with hovering in place, and 'Vertical Take Of and Landing' (VTOL). They have the shape of a mini-plane, and can weigh less than 4 kgs. They can reach an incident-scene very fast, to record evidence and start pursuit, while police-cars rush to join the pursuit. 3. Tethered drones Tethered drones are tethered with a vertical kevlar or nylon line, to a police-car, police-boat, pole or building. Tethered drones are powered via a thin copper wire, that runs along that kevlar cord. That allows them to be larger than battery-operated drones, and carry heavier equipment, like a video-camera with a radio-controlled telelens. 4. Tethered blimps Tethered blimps (AKA tethered balloons) are filled with helium. They don't need a motor to stay in the air, so they are cheaply operated. They also are tethered to a vertical synthetic line. Tethered drones and tethered balloons could be located at the exit-roads of cities, at a height of 10 to 150 meters, to help detect fleeing suspects. Or above a city-centre, mass-event, disaster-scene, large fire, riot-scene, et cetera.
  2. A police officer has been filmed punching a man in the face as he was being detained under the Mental Health Act. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/01/police-officer-filmed-punching-man-face-restrained/ The mobile version used by most rags to berate the police. The version released by Avon and Somerset Police to counter claims of excessive force. Nice to see the force publicly backing their offices!
  3. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/police-officer-pins-suspect-floor-9372518 A shocking video has led to the investigation of a police force after it showed an officer allegedly punching a suspect to the floor during an arrest.
  4. DRAMATIC CCTV showing a knifeman wrestling with a police officer in York will be shown on television this week. Full Story - York Press Nice to see a passer by helping the officer.
  5. Mdon

    Facebook video of BTP

    Just seen this on Facebook, don't know if this is the wrong place so please feel free to move mods. Whats everyones thoughts? I'm so surprised she didn't get locked up?! https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jul/28/man-complains-after-police-place-spit-hood-over-head-during-arrest-london-bridge
  6. http://www.wral.com/police-video-bill-wins-house-vote-/15801436/ A big step backward I think. Body cams are now not an officer's personal record and not public? Then what are they? And only obtainable with a court order? If the officer is doing everything right this shouldn't be a problem
  7. A man on trial for stabbing a musician at Leytonstone Tube station "for Syria" said he was being followed by “people from MI5 and MI6.” A jury at the Old Bailey were shown CCTV footage of Muhiddin Mire, 30, of Sansom Road, Leytonstone, seize Lyle Zimmerman, 56, from behind, at the ticket office on December 5, last year. After the attack, when Mire was finally subdued by police, a shocked eyewitness called out, “You ain’t no Muslim, bruv,” – words that went viral on the internet. After his attack on Mr Zimmerman, Mire left the ticket hall and made his way to the street, where he ran into a Polish man, Daniel Bielinski, and his girlfriend. Mire swung the knife blade at Mr Bielinski, but fortunately, he quickly moved aside and avoided injury. Mr Rees said: “What happened next was extraordinary. Instead of running off to protect himself from the defendant, Mr Bielinski took out his mobile phone and began to record the defendants’ actions at some considerable risk to himself.” The court was told Mire shouted he was attacking people for "my Syrian brothers" and "Do you know if you live in Syria they bomb you? I'm going to attack your civilians." Police officers eventually Tasered Mire, and shortly after he was apprehended, one shocked onlooker shouted out, “You ain’t no Muslim, bruv.” The case continues. http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/14528753.Leytonstone_tube_attacker_said_he_thought_he_was____being_followed_by_MI5_and_MI6___/
  8. Tony Wilson

    Urgent Assistance BTP

    Hope they're ok. Not seen anything on the news.
  9. A Vancouver police officer was found guilty on Tuesday of assaulting a cyclist during an arrest that was videotaped and posted on Facebook two years ago. However, Vancouver police said in a brief statement that Const. Ismail Bhabha — who had pleaded not guilty — will remain on duty in his current position in patrol. The assault conviction stems from a March 2013 incident in downtown Vancouver while Bhabha was handcuffing cyclist Andishae Akhavan Kharazi after pulling him over for riding without a helmet and allegedly running a red light. A video taken by Kharazi's friend, Mike Schwarz, was posted on Facebook and was shared thousands of times. It appears to show Bhabha punching Kharazi in the face. At Bhabha's trial, Kharazi testified he did not recall running any lights on his bike and said he normally stops for lights. He also testified he never resisted arrest or raised his voice, and only moved his arms involuntarily when the officer twisted his arms behind his back while attempting to handcuff him. Police have said the video captured only part of the incident and that Kharazi was "allegedly confrontational with police," and "escalated the situation." West Vancouver police had conducted an independent investigation and recommended Bhabha be charged with assault, and further police investigation was suspended at the time. Police investigation will be re-opened On Tuesday, Schwarz said he was surprised by the guilty verdict as he expected Bhabha to get special treatment as a police officer. He says the guilty verdict was the right call, but questions the decision to let Bhabha remain on patrol. "I would think that if you have an assault record, you probably wouldn't get hired into the police workforce, but I'm sure his track record speaks for himself ... I'm sure they've taken a lot of things into consideration with that decision." Generally, however, Schwarz says the police in Vancouver do a great job. "I have no hard feelings against the officer," Schwarz said. "Good people can make bad decisions and they have to make decisions in split seconds, and who knows what they were dealing before that ... they were undercover." The Police Act investigation by West Vancouver police into Bhabha's actions will be reopened, said Vancouver police spokesman, Const. Brian Montague. Vancouver Police Union president Tom Stamatakis said he did not want to comment until he read the full decision. But he wrote in an email that the officer was "obviously disappointed" with the verdict and the union will continue to focus on supporting Bhabha and his family. Bhabha will be sentenced in November. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/ismail-bhabha-vancouver-police-officer-found-guilty-of-assaulting-cyclist-1.3179398
  10. Typical anti-police crowd watches
  11. prolixia

    Catch-All Offence for Pranks?

    This video shows the police attendance at a car wash after members of the public reported two males washing blood off the bonnet of their car and putting what appeared to be a body in the boot. The blood and body were both fake and the whole thing was a filmed prank. The police were understandably annoyed (having driven there at 100 mph on icy roads) and the pranksters were self-righteous. The result was a $450 ticket(?) for "disorderly conduct, at least". Videos of pranks are very popular online and there has been plenty of discussion on the Forum about specific offences committed within them (like Trollstation's impersonation, TWOC, etc.) Here the problem wasn't so much that the prank itself involved the commission of a specific offence (putting ketchup on your car and plastic bags in the boot is hardly illegal), but that the overall intention was to shock the public and provoke a reaction from the police. Clearly it's wrong both to upset the people around you and to put the police and other road users at risk during the inevitable emergency response, and it's good that the US has a nice and broad offence that catches this kind of behaviour with a suitable 'on the street' penalty. Are there any similarly broad UK offences that would apply for this kind of scenario? I was wondering about Public Nuisance - is that something that would apply to pranks that are intended to alarm the public and provoke an unnecessary police response? Is it as simple as S.5 POA?
  12. Tony Wilson

    Billionaire Motorcade Video

    Saw this a few days ago and thought i'd share. There's several videos of them causing a nuisance around central London. Thoughts?
  13. Burnsy2023

    Video Request

    I'm after youtube videos of offences to teach the Public Order Act; ideally I'm after 2 or 3 examples of a riot, violent disorder, affray, s4, s4a and s5. If you've got any particularly good examples,s can you post here please? Thanks!
  14. Source Video in link. Sensationalist title. I think the actions were perfectly justifiable. The guy certainly disappeared quickly.
  15. Driver jailed after video shows him ramming cop car sending it cartwheeling across motorway VIDEO and news source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/driver-jailed-after-video-shows-5868943 This video really does bring home the dangers of TPAC.
  16. Hades

    Civil Disobedience

    This made me chuckle...
  17. Candles

    Recruits in Training (Videos)

    The following four videos were produced by West Midlands Police and give you a glimpse of the training given to new PC recruits. Episode one
  18. Very well handled by the Cumbria bobby, very polite and professional. The man was infuriating and had to be told numerous times that the search did no require his consent but he got there in the end. Good little video.
  19. Techie1

    "Be my eyes" app

    Just seen this on bbc click, interesting idea. A bloke, who is blind, was installing a TiVo and used the service to do a video chat with a volunteer - who told him if there was any error messages coming up and what they said. BBC blog article (from earlier this year) - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-ouch-31006666 Kevin Satizabal from London recorded a demonstration of the service which he posted on the web. He hits the connect button and we hear holding music as he waits for a volunteer to appear. The music stops and someone is there, a female volunteer with an American accent. Satizabal asks if she can hear him and she says she can hear him well. "I was just wondering if you could identify this package I've got," he says. "I'm sort of pointing the camera at it, I don't know if you can see it." The volunteer strains her eyes to see, and responds. "It's something... Easter flurry... strawberry flavour marshmallow." After a quick "thank you" and "you're welcome" the transaction ends. Smartphones, along with a dog or white cane, have become an important part of a blind person's toolkit. Online communities of blind technology buffs can offer information on which models which have built-in talking screenreader software, for example. But this is the first time that live video help has been tried. When the Be My Eyes app is first launched it asks: "What is your role?" The user can then choose: "I am blind" or "I am sighted". If the user is blind, it goes on to set out the rules and what can be expected: "The helpers in the Be My Eyes network are volunteers and we cannot guarantee the quality of their help or take responsibility for any of their actions. Furthermore, because we rely on real people to help you, we encourage you to be patient. When you request help you may under no circumstances share any nude, unlawful, hateful or sexually suggestive content via the service." But is a video link to a random person entirely safe if you can't see? Some have reasoned that blind people already have to flag strangers in the street if they want directions, so doing it over the internet is arguably less of a physical risk. But Wiberg points out other obvious security concerns should be kept in mind when using the app. "You should never show your credit card to some total stranger," he says. "You have to use your family or friends for that kind of stuff. If the user encounters any abuse they can report a volunteer. Wiberg says the app gives no information about the location of either the user or helper. There are already services which describe photos to blind people. A picture can be send with an attached question. Often a volunteer will text back to seek further clarification: "Can you turn it 180 degrees and send another photo please because I can't see the front," for example. Via a video and audio connection though, someone can ask the user to "turn it a bit more... a bit more..." until a text label is visible. It's a more immediate method than waiting for a back-and-forth response to a photo which may have unwittingly been photographed at an unhelpful angle. Another positive of this new app for users is the fact it is free. The photo-sending TapTapSee app asks blind users to pay for the help they receive, from 50 photos at $4.99 (£3.28) or a three-month unlimited deal of $24.99 (£16.43). So how long does it take to receive help after you press the button in the new Be My Eyes video app? "When you get 99,000 sign-ups in a week we have some server issues," says Wiberg, "but when this has settled down a little bit you should be able to get help within one minute." The project has currently received $300,000 (£197,000) for development and more development may be needed as it presently only works on Apple's iPhone. Wiberg says they are going to try and keep it a free service, and that once its fully developed it can be run fairly cheaply. Hans Jorgen Wiberg was speaking to BBC Radio 4's In Touch programme which airs every Tuesday night at 20:40 GMT Follow @BBCOuch on Twitter and on Facebook, and listen to our monthly talk show
  20. Candles

    VIDEO - Lane Merge road rage

    The following video appears to show a road rage incident on the M58 approaching a closed lane... The comments seem to show a wide gap between views on what the rules are. I know what the rules are - interested to hear what others say on here!
  21. Sir Penguin

    Filming in a court

    Nothing massively interesting here, just thought that I'd share it having come across it on youtube. Would any officers have considered a different approach?
  22. Tony Wilson

    Not in Uniform

    Was wondering if you can stop vehicles when not in uniform. Could you just drive off?
  23. Pictures at the link for those who are interested.
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