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Found 14 results

  1. Chief Bakes

    Social Media Team

    Places: 3

    Applicants: 0

    JOIN OUR SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM HERE AT POLICE COMMUNITY Do you want to be part of a vibrant community where you help to shape its future? Why not join our fantastic social media team here at Police Community with responsibility for ensuring that all the very best content from across the site gets posted to our social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook. This role comes with enhanced access across the forum. You will have access to our social media platforms and other restricted content. For these reasons you will be required to comply with our non-disclosure agreement and sign a contract to ensure you only access information required for your role and you treat that information in the strictest of confidence. Previous experience of using social media platforms, in particular Twitter and Facebook is essential. If you have further questions about this role, please contact a member of the Management Team to discuss the role further. We look forward to receiving your application.
  2. Britain's biggest police force has set up a controversial unit – dubbed as ‘thought police’ by critics last night – to investigate offensive comments from the internet Full Story - Daily Mail Twitter are infamous for allowing abusive comments in the name of freedom of speech, there must be millions of vile/slanderous comments on Twitter, Twitter regularly refuse to cooperate with authorities in dealing with abuse. How the Police are going to force Twitter to hand over details is beyond me. Most Twitter use fake names as their ID as well so that is another issue. Facebook clearly is different, with more traceable info on open accounts.
  3. Mdon

    Facebook video of BTP

    Just seen this on Facebook, don't know if this is the wrong place so please feel free to move mods. Whats everyones thoughts? I'm so surprised she didn't get locked up?! https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jul/28/man-complains-after-police-place-spit-hood-over-head-during-arrest-london-bridge

    Cracked Window Freeman

    Came across this video on Facebook
  5. Sir Penguin

    By the way..

    Us folk might actually learn a thing or two..
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-33586626 Putting aside the sensitive subject matter, I think this raises some important discussion points around the fact that nothing on the Internet is ever fully hidden. There is also another more detailed story here from The Independent with some images which could be screenshots of the alleged racist posts.
  7. . GMP panel hears how colleague was 'disgusted' by rant, on Daily Mail story, which is ruled to have breached force's professional standards A police officer who posted ‘offensive and racist’ comments about Muslims on Facebook has been dismissed from Greater Manchester Police force. During only the second hearing of its kind ever to be heard in public, the officer admitted gross misconduct by breaching professional standards for equality and diversity and discreditable conduct. A panel chaired by Assistant Chief Constable Ian Wiggett heard how an officer, who remained anonymous throughout the hearing, had posted Facebook comments which had ‘disgusted’ a colleague. Officer A made a comment below a Daily Mail article about the number of Muslim and Christian children in Birmingham. ADVERTISING He said: “That’s because we have allowed them to settle into their own communities and they have no desire to mix, they would rather take over areas and breed like rabbits. "If you look at the way they take over certain areas it’s not unlike what the Germans did in Europe, they get a stronghold and then go for broke. We have already had 2 Muslim-related beheadings in this country in a year.” The comment has since been deleted. GMP bosses said the outburst came at a time when the force is ‘at the heart of tackling hate crime and defying racism’ and dismissed Officer A immediately. ACC Wiggett said the panel noted Officer A’s remorse and good service record - which included several commendations - and accepted the comments were made off-duty on a private Facebook account. But he said the officer should have been aware of the sensitive nature of race as a debate and of GMP’s work to tackle racism. Greater Manchester Police headquarters He said the ‘very concerning’ comments ‘seriously undermined’ confidence in Officer A amongst the public and his GMP colleagues. He said: “It’s clear to us the message was both offensive and racist in nature.” Mark Alberry, defending Officer A, admitted the comments made online last September were ‘clumsy and crass’. But he said the officer had been making a point that ‘segregation is not a good idea’. He said Officer A held a number of manual labour jobs before his 14-year career at GMP and was not well educated. He insisted: “He is not a racist individual who has entrenched views.” The panel heard character references from colleagues who described Officer A as ‘professional and enthusiastic’ with a good understanding of diversity and equality issues. One gay colleague said he was ‘one of the most open minded people on the division’, while a Muslim colleague said he was ‘considerate’. Mr Alberry said Officer A was mourning the death of a close friend and was depressed when he made the comments. But GMP barrister Jennie Ferrario said the force could not simply regard the comments as ‘clumsy and crass’. She said his continued employment would ‘make a mockery’ of GMP and added: “The authority has lost all confidence in Officer A and asks for him to be dismissed.” Police bosses say opening up police misconduct hearings to the public will increase transparency within Greater Manchester Constabulary. Police chief defends decision to keep identity of officer secret as GMP throws open doors to misconduct hearings ACC Ian Wiggett spoke to the M.E.N. following the first GMP misconduct hearing ever to be heard in public. The force is the second in the country to throw open its doors to the public for the hearings, after Thames Valley Police. ACC Wiggett said he hopes the public access will help to increase transparency and inspire public confidence in the force. He said: “In the past we’ve not had anything to hide. The panel reports were published internally and we never used to name the officer and we would only talk about the misconduct. “It is good that the public can see how the hearings will take place now. It really helps with transparency. “But we need to also make sure the officer can have a fair hearing and you’re not under public pressure. They need to still be fair and correct.” Assistant Chief Constable Ian Wiggett ACC Wiggett anticipates that space in the public gallery could become scarce depending on the case. He said: “In some hearings we will have victims and family members interested. In some cases a misconduct hearing will have a very high public interest. “You don’t want it to be a show trial, we’ve got to look after the officer. “These hearings have got really major implications. They are never easy to do.” ACC Wiggett decided the officer facing the allegations would be anonymous throughout the hearing. But he stressed that anonymity will rarely apply in future hearings. He said: “This was quite specific for this case. A one-off heat-of-the moment action means we now have an officer half-way through his service dismissed. That will stay with him for the rest of his life. “We need to have a diverse workforce policing a diverse community. We need a force that has the respect and trust of the community. This is about basic respect. That’s what we ask all our officers to do and the vast majority do.” http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/gmp-police-sacked-muslims-facebook-9398940
  8. Found some lost property? Don't hand it in, put it on Twitter, say police
  9. LosingGrip

    Road safety videos

    Hi everyone, As you may know I work with a department whos aim is to reduce the number of KSI's (killed and serious injuries) on the roads in Dorset. I'm looking for any road safety videos that people may have seen that they feel are worth sharing. Doesn't have to be ones made in the UK. If anyone has any, please could you share them below. I'll be sharing them via my Police Twitter Account. Couple that I've shared so far. Thanks.
  10. This lady videoed herself during a pursuit today and posted it to facebook
  11. Fox

    Facebook page

    Am I the only one that thinks filling the Dorset Specials Facebook page with No excuses type posts (a rolling update of number of tickets issued) is becoming a bit boring? Kind of gives a public perception that all we do is pick on motorists and issue tickets. I've emailed Vol support with several noteworthy things that have gone on at my station in the past, but they don't seem to want to post them on there. (not prepared to post them myself given my name will pop up and it's an open group)
  12. School bosses say Jordan Ford, 14, who had been suspended for his hair style, violated an agreement about the use of social media Double standards: Jordan says he was only highlighting his headteacher's purple hair dye A headteacher has been accused of double standards after expelling a pupil over a row about his hairstyle - despite having dyed hair herself. Jordan Ford, 14, was upset after his headteacher Keziah Featherstone told him his red Mohawk hair style was unacceptable. But Jordan found a picture of Ms Featherstone in which she also appears to have dyed purple hair and posted it on his Facebook timeline with the caption: "This is not an example to set to other students". Controversy: Jordan was originally told his red mohawk needed to be changed School bosses at Bridge Learning Campus in Bristol failed to see the funny side however, when the post prompted a further 50 comments from Jordan, many making reference to Ms Featherstone's looks and weight. Jordan refused to apologise over the row and has now been permanently excluded. SWNS Backlash: Jordan posted this picture of Ms Featherstone he found on her Facebook account on his timeline Mark Davies, chief executive at the academy school, said the post encouraged other students to cyber bully a member of staff. He added that it had also been made the subject of a police investigation for "malicious communications". Mr Davies said: "Jordan and his parents signed a home school agreement in terms of acceptable use of IT, which is very clear." SWNS Expelled: Jordan Ford has been kicked out of school for encouraging cyber bullying "Even if it was in his own time, it invaded a person's private space and he copied pictures from a staff member's personal Facebook profile. "He refused to take part in any restorative justice which would have involved meetings between him and Ms Featherstone. "It was a permanent exclusion because he broke the contract between the school and student. His actions were against the morals of the school." The row centres on a picture Jordan found of headteacher Ms Featherstone in which she appears to have fake tattoos, bright hair and colourful clothing. In the caption Jordan wrote: "Anyone remember our lovely headteacher and she talks about our dress wear such a good example." The image, posted on December 11, was taken before she started working at the school when she took part in a stunt for World Book Day. Jordan's mum Patricia, who also commented on the Facebook post, claimed that the headteacher was being hypocritical. SWNS Cyber bullying: The school said Jordan failed to apologise to Ms Featherstone The mother-of-four said: "If she doesn't want this, she should have private settings. You can't criticise a student when you look like that. "The other children commenting said much worse stuff but Jordan is the only one punished. I think that Jordan can be unreasonable but this is OTT. "He's no angel but I just want him back in education." Jordan has since apologised for the Facebook post and said that he wishes to return to the school. He said: "They won't let me go into the new school because they said it will affect my education." "I get so bored at home. I regret doing it. When I have gone in for meetings with the teachers I have apologised. "I shook Mr Davies' hand and said I was sorry. I want to go back to that school." His dad John added: "He always goes to school and always in uniform. Where Jordan has made a name for himself, they have made an example of him. "It's a lot of stress on the family. You can't even go to the council because the school is an academy." The post was uploaded to Facebook just before Christmas after the youngster was told that his red mohawk needed to be changed. Jordan's parents, mum Patricia Hedges, 43, and father John Ford, 46, have defended their son's actions and said it was clear they were "looking for an excuse to get rid of him". Google / SWNS Upset: Jordan refused to apologise to headteacher Ms Featherstone over the haircut row John, from Bristol, said: "He found a picture of the head teacher with purple hair. "This was after Jordan had been told to change his hair colour because it was banned by the school. "His comment said something like: 'How do you expect us to follow your example if this is the example you are setting?' "My wife went up to the school to see if there was any chance of him going back but because he is a bit of a clown they were looking for an excuse to get rid of him. "We think it's unfair that he's been punished because he's the class clown. "He dyed his hair red and the school made a really big thing of it but there are teachers up there with coloured hair." http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/teen-expelled-for-exposing-headteachers-5043577 Don't have any sympathy for the Kid, cyber bullying a member of staff and then running to the newspapers when he couldn't get his own way. Only criticism for the Head is she should keep her Facebook private!
  13. Dorset Specials now have official Facebook and Twitter accounts:   Twitter: @DorsetSpecials Facebook: Dorset Police Specials
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