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  1. We have recently have a heavy influx of probationer PCs on our team, and it's always helpful to have real world examples for them (and myself) when teaching them the ropes. I have a few reasons I use regularly, but was wondering if anyone could give some examples they've given to custody sergeants to justify an arrest under IDCOPPLAN? For example, with an arrest for class A, I often say prevent disappearance as their criminal history is such (providing it is) that they are unlikely to attend a summons or caution + 3 knowing that the evidence against them is strong and will likely l
  2. Jamie1983

    Special Warnings

    Can anyone clear a few points up with special warnings? My understanding is that you an arrest under prompt and effective to make a special warning available to you, should it be a significant fact a person has a mark. object or was in a place (MOP)at the time of a crime. This would make the investigation more effective as otherwise you could not use these and the courts could not take a negative inference against a no comment in interview. A colleague said, however, they were not applicable in some cases, such as when a person was arrested for possession of class A/B and they admitted i
  3. I quite often come across a wanted missing marker on PNC that says 'POWER ARREST'. I've always assumed this means the warrant for their arrest carries it's own arrest power and there is no need for necessity under S24 IDCOPPLAN. Am I correct in this? I quite often throw in prevent disappearance anyways and custody seem to like it. Many thanks, J
  4. When would you use a section 18(5) their presence being necessary at the suspects address? Could anyone give me some real world scenarios where it was necessary in day to day policing? Many thanks, James
  5. How do police choose who to arrest while leaving other protesters alone? I saw one video of a guy being arrested while they just ignored the guy with a megaphone standing right beside them
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8677865/Military-police-arrest-RAF-Voyager-captain-drink-flying-moments-jet-off.html Military police stopped tanker as it taxiied down runway at RAF Akitiri in Cyprus Pilot and a crew member were arrested after allegedly failing breathalyser test Insider said it came after bosses became aware of a 'riotous' party night before
  7. Kadzi

    Shop Alarm Security Arrest

    Could an EAS (electronic article surveillance) alarm give security staff reasonable grounds to any persons arrest for theft if the shopper did not want to return to the store, or to be searched by security? Bare in mind, they have not witnessed any theft. Only the alarm has sounded on somebody exiting.
  8. I love the police response. And looking at the video seems like he got a good beating with those wooden poles lying on the floor!
  9. Code G states one of the necessities for arrest is - Prevent offence against public decency. Public decency makes me think automatically of things like exposure and indecency. Am i barking up the wrong tree? I'm wondering if it could be a useful necessity for Public Order offences? Can anyone give any examples of offences where it might be necessary to arrest to prevent an offence against public decency? I'm trying to use P+E as little possible now and when another necessity exists, i will use that.
  10. Pathca

    Arrest or not

    Not wishing to take the other thread further off topic Is successful policing about arresting people? Or looking at alternatives that may bring about the same conclusion? I remember a conversation where a Regular officer in company with a Special picked up another Special to take them somewhere. This Specials first comment was ' So how many people have you arrested then? ' Before the other SC could reply the Regular jumped in and said 'It's not about arresting people it's about how many you haven't arrested and finding other solutions as well ' That conversation took place over 20
  11. An MOP is given a section 35 notice by another officer and subsequently breaches it. Obviously you'll want to arrest that person for breaching a section 35 notice. What necessity do you use?
  12. James255

    Swedish Police Arrest

    Watch from the beginning to 5.36. They seem to have the same problem as the UK police with people filming and trying to obstruct them. The arrest doesn't look too good.
  13. Mdon

    Facebook video of BTP

    Just seen this on Facebook, don't know if this is the wrong place so please feel free to move mods. Whats everyones thoughts? I'm so surprised she didn't get locked up?! https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jul/28/man-complains-after-police-place-spit-hood-over-head-during-arrest-london-bridge
  14. David

    Time to rethink arrest

    For once in a way I am speechless. Full article can be found here http://www/news/live/enews-new-35705750
  15. This has come up a few times recently and I was looking for some clarification. The special warnings are covered by S.37/S.38 of the Criminal Justice Act 1994: Legislation.gov link This seems to cover things like inferences being drawn from your presence at or near a crime scene with suspicious marks, matching footwear, being covered in blood, glass shards, etc. but I can't find any references to this special warning being required to be given post-arrest? Is it just given as per the normal use of the when and now caution?
  16. Rogue One

    Arrest at St Pancras

    Saw that a statement had been released regarding this video of an arrest at St Pancras earlier. Seems much ado about nothing really. With the benefit of hindsight, what do people think?
  17. Hi all, I am currently finalising my dissertation for my masters and would be grateful for some help if possible. Please see the below. If you would like to help I would be grateful if you would click on the link below and complete the questionnaire. The purpose of the study is to identify whether a mandatory arrest policy, as present in many States within America, works in reducing domestic violence incidents and if so whether it could work in England and Wales. The study is being conducted purely for an educational purpose and as part of the researche
  18. mastermind21970

    Needles- Heroin and Alike

    Afternoon' all On a lovely Friday night patrol recently, myself (SC) and two regular colleagues were on foot patrol. Suddenly they both charged over to a young man- who I now know to be a repeat offender for class A drugs (poss + Sup). I followed over and they had hands round his neck saying "spit it out". After about 2 minutes, somehow the male managed to swallow whatever it was he had in his mouth, then denied doing so. Whilst carrying out a stop and search under s23, the lovely young man had three capped needles in his pocket. He did admit to these before being searched. But surp
  19. West Midlands Police also twice as likely to use force when not wearing body CCTV equipment, chiefs told Full Story - Birmingham Mail
  20. MajorDisaster

    The County Show

    Rank:SC Experience: 9 Months Duty: Two days at the County Show. The County Show is the premier annual event in our neck of the woods - it runs for three days but I only did the first two. Summary of how it went. Day 1: 0730 - Meet up at Station with NPT Sgt, Special Sgt and several other officers. We go up to the show ground and locate the police tent. We are sharing with the PCC rep, a drug outreach charity, a military charity and the council crime prevention dept. There are things for the kids, dressing up stuff, two officers who are on light duties are making up thumbprint keyrings
  21. MajorDisaster

    Saturday Night Time Economy

    Saturday Night, Response, 2000-0400. All timings approx 2000: Get in in a bit of a rush but looking forward to it as Code B are on and they are very Special Friendly - also one particular officer (Joe) is on and there's never a dull moment when I'm paired with him-at this point however he is out with RPU and some of the others are on another task so... 2015: Another officer and I head off with a Sgt from the south of the county to look for a specific habitual drink driver. On the way a car pulls out suddenly on us so we pull him over. My colleague breath tests him while I do the check. A
  22. OfficerG

    Arrest Or Summons?

    Hey guys, so there's something that's been bugging me through training and I need a little help answering it.. ANDY and JOHN are neighbors, ANDY has just hit JOHN for saying something he doesn't like. JOHN calls the police and wants to press charges for his bloodied and chipped tooth, ANDY somehow believes that what he done was justified and waits nearby until the police arrive -To tell his side of the story. Police promptly arrive and speak to JOHN about what has just happened. JOHN mentions everything that has happened and 'wants to press charges'. The police speak to ANDY (He is very ca
  23. To prevent a complete hijack of @Krycek topic of thought I'd start a new one as I'd never herd the term before. As I understand it they have no actual legal status and are perhaps slightly bias towards the protesters. Has anyone had any dealings? Positive or negative experiences?
  24. miffy

    Public Order arrests

    You are working at a Public Order event - Protesters rally You arrest one person for XYZ offence, but notice you need to arrest more. What do you do with the detainee? I assume you wouldn't be going back to custody to process Do you hand over to other officers to deal with it? What about your cuffs?

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