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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-62083196 Are the military police fit for purpose and do they have sufficient independence? That is ultimately the question the BBC are raising with this article. With the removal of the Royal Military Police in 2012 from the Iraq Abuse enquiries over concerns of independence further raising the question. https://amp.theguardian.com/uk/2012/mar/26/royal-military-police-removed-iraq-inquiry Humans Rights groups are raising concerns of Military Police investigation into Sexual Offences and misreporting of offences by Commanding Officers to lessen the impact. https://centreformilitaryjustice.org.uk/guide/sexual-violence-and-sexual-harassment-in-the-armed-forces/ Is it time for Military Policing to become defence policing under a Constabulary entirely independent of the Military Command structure? Much of this is assumption and lacks Military Police involvement, but it gives the idea of recommendations by various organisations which appear reasonably consistent. https://centreformilitaryjustice.org.uk/guide/problems-with-the-service-police/
  2. This is how the Wayne Couzens get away with it as the rest turn a blind eye. She should have spoken up and ended this.
  3. Hello, Apologies in advance if this is not appropriate for this forum or is in the wrong location. My good friend Stephen Pearce recently passed away after a two-and-a-half year battle with cancer. He was a policeman who was diagnosed after a car accident when returning home from duty one evening. He leaves behind his wife and two young children, and we are hoping to help give him the best send off possible as well as providing any extra support we can with a Go Fund Me page. If anyone is able to donate or share, it would be hugely appreciated. The page is here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/g3rt23-remembering-steve Thank you for your time.
  4. Zulu 22

    Failing IOPC still Failing.

    Perhaps this article shows the IOPC in their true light. Incidents happened between 2015-2016 where a Police Dog handler's dog injured offenders being detained. They appeared before Crown Court in 2019 and were found not Guilty. The IOPC insisted on charges being made before a Police Discipline Panel which was held in May 2022, that being 3 years after they were found "Not Guilty" by a Jury. It seems that the IOPC should be headed by a people who are more interested in gaining a conviction at any cost. I have to wonder what the officers mentality might have suffered under this strain for such a long time. Perhaps all Police Dog handler's should ask their dogs, nicely, not to bite and injure offenders who are fleing an incident. Two Greater Manchester Police officers cleared of gross misconduct | Independent Office for Police Conduct Reproduced from the above. Two Greater Manchester Police officers cleared of gross misconduct Published 10 Jun 2022 Share this page: Twitter Facebook Email A misconduct hearing has found the case not proven against two Greater Manchester Police officers investigated in relation to a series of complaints relating to police use of force. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) carried out seven investigations into complaints linked to eight incidents involving one of the officers, dog handler PC Paul Jackson. The complaints, which were referred by GMP between May 2015 and December 2016, all related to the use of force against male suspects. Some of the men suffered significant dog bite injuries. One of the complainants alleged a second officer, PC Paul Lockett, failed to challenge his colleague during one of the incidents or report it afterwards. We made an initial referral to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in July 2017, which authorised charges of wounding against PC Jackson and misconduct in public office and aiding and abetting wounding against PC Lockett. There were no charges for two other officers we investigated in relation to their use of force in one of incidents complained about. PC Jackson and PC Lockett were acquitted of all charges at Preston Crown Court in June 2019. Having originally agreed with our findings that all four officers under investigation had a case to answer for gross misconduct, GMP informed us in April 2020 that, following the outcome of the criminal hearing, it no longer believed they should face disciplinary proceedings. We carefully considered our decision in light of the force’s position and in December 2020 informed the force we believed misconduct hearings should take place for both PC Jackson and PC Lockett. Following further representations, in May 2021, we directed the force to hold the hearings. During the misconduct hearing, which started on 10 May, the independent panel heard submissions from the officers’ representatives and on 30 May agreed to discontinue proceedings for one of the cases after a witness indicated they no longer wished to engage with proceedings. The panel has today (10 June) found the cases not proven against either officer. IOPC Director of Operations Amanda Rowe said: “This has been a complex case involving some very serious allegations and some of the men involved suffered significant dog bite injuries. As such, it was important for the matters to be independently and thoroughly investigated. “Our work has ensured these officers actions have been scrutinised at public hearings, which provides the transparency that is vital for public confidence in policing and in the complaints system. “We are grateful to the panel for their consideration of the matters brought before them.”
  5. A man from Runcorn has been given a life sentence of 27 years after he admitted to raping and sexually assaulting a baby. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/life-sentence-for-man-who-raped-a-baby-and-shared-images-of-his-abuse cant repeat the words of this scumbag pity they cant hang him 😠
  6. A man suspected of being the leading figure in an organised crime group supplying significant numbers of small boats to people smugglers has been arrested by the National Crime Agency. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/alleged-small-boats-kingpin-arrested-by-the-nca-in-east-london
  7. Police Station Representatives, we have all had contact with them during Interviews, many of whom appear to be ex cops. Has anyone ever retired and gone this route? Is it a viable route to top up one’s pension? Interested in hearing anyones experiences.
  8. Four men have been arrested in Glasgow by officers from the National Crime Agency and Police Scotland as part of an investigation into drug production and money laundering. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/organised-crime-partnership-scotland-make-drug-and-money-laundering-arrests
  9. An online forum that provided criminals with stolen personal data has been taken down in an international operation, which has also seen the NCA arrest a suspected site controller. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/hacking-forum-taken-offline-and-uk-suspect-arrested
  10. A POLICE employee who shouted homophobic comments at an officer has been sentenced. https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/19978211.legal-adviser-convicted-homophobic-abuse-towards-sussex-police-officer/
  11. A man from Southport who was jailed for raping a toddler and sexually assaulting another child has had his sentence increased to nearly 20 years. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/rapist-who-filmed-abuse-of-toddler-has-sentence-increased
  12. More than 70 kilos of Class A drugs have been seized and three suspects charged after an investigation by a specialist crime team from the National Crime Agency and Merseyside Police. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/three-charged-and-70-kilos-of-class-a-drugs-seized
  13. Hi I am hoping that some police officers here or people knowledgeable will be able to help with this matter. I was witness to and asked to take part in theft and fraud by an individual and so have all the evidence needed for the police to prosecute an individual for these crimes. I reported a serious crime involving theft and fraud over 101 due to pandemic. The police have refused to investigate claiming it's civil matter (and that I should ask the company from whom the property has been stolen to issue civil proceedings). However, it is not and I told them that the various parts of the theft act and fraud act had been violated and that this person has a very responsible position with access to venerable adults and children and if they behave in this way, then they pose a risk to these individuals. I really didn't understand why they would not investigate. I put in a complaint to PSD about their lack of investigation of these crimes and I am a victim and a witness and that this is not a civil matter. The PSD replied a few days later that what has happened is "proportionate" and it's a civil matter. I then submitted a complaint under Schedule 3 Police Reform Act, 3 day later I am again told my complaint has been investigated and recorded under Sch 3 and it is a civil matter. I don't think a sch 3 investigation has been done (as I doubt that can happen in 3 days) and I do not think it has been recorded a a crime even though the policies say that if a victim believes they have been subject of a crime, then it should be recorded as a crime - this is probably to (a) avoid having it as a crime statistic and (b) that if they log it as a crime then it will have to be investigated. So they again copy and pasted the same response to my previous complaint "civil matter etc ...". Now PSD have told me I can complain to Mayor's office of policing if I am not happy. I am very unhappy about all this. This is my first reported crime the police EVER and they have refused to investigate it or even log it as a crime which is concerning and shocking to me. Please can anyone tell me what or how can I get the police to take this seriously and investigate it as a crime. How should I word my complaint to the Mayor's office to get them to take it seriously. The person that has committed these crimes is a very dangerous character and if he's held responsible for this, it will mean that vulnerable adults and children are not at risk. I can prove these crime of theft and fraud as I was a witness and victim, but not more serious crimes I think he is up to. Thanks
  14. Hi all, Bit of an odd question but does anyone know what rank somebody has to be in order to have dismissal privileges over officers and staff? I suspect that it would at least be at SLT (senior leadership team) level but wondered if there was a specific rank in question? I know that there will be the likes of HR managers etc who can start the ball rolling but it would need to be either under consultation of either the SLT or COT. I only ask as a friend brought it up the other night (they have no involvement in the police) and it got me to wondering.
  15. A hero police officer who once saved a woman's life has been fired for grappling with an abusive teen who spat near him during the pandemic. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10510697/PC-Graeme-Gale-hailed-hero-saving-womans-life-SACKED-grappling-teen.html#article-10510697
  16. Police Community

    MOT Testers Manual

  17. https://youtu.be/PiP6_zqWs78 Documentary from Romania looking at the polices poor working conditions, unsuitable vehicles and substandard equipment. From serving police officers and union officials.
  18. Zulu 22

    Pension Negotiation Unlawful

    This is of great interest to all officers and is the circulation received via the GMP Federation GMP Federation 17 December at 15:31 · The Police Superintendents’ Association (PSA) is branding the actions of Government on police pensions reform as “deceitful and showing complete contempt for officers” after a High Court Judge declared them to be unlawful. On Wednesday 15 December, the findings of a Judicial Review launched by the Superintendents’ Association were published, ruling that the consultation on public services pensions schemes carried out this year was unlawful and that the government had breached its Public Sector Equality Duty. Responding to the News, Lee Broadbent, Chair of Greater Manchester Police Federation said: “Firstly, I want to thank the Police Superintendents association for listening to the concerns of its members and the concerns of police officers as a whole in advancing important issues via the Judicial Review process. “Whilst no Relief was granted by the sitting Judge the JR did succeed in establishing that the Government failed to give sufficient (if any) weight to the responses it requested via its own public consultation. “In doing so, not only did the Government act unlawfully, but they have further eroded the trust of serving police officers when it comes to demonstrating they support the difficult job we do by advancing a fair pension settlement which considers the unique status of policing and police pensions. “It was also held that in failing to properly consider the various consultation responses, Government also breached its Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) by not taking into account the various Equality Impact Assessments (EIA) prior to making its decision on the shape of pension reform (its preferred choice). “Taken together, these two things are the most basic of undertakings required of Government during any consultation and in not fulfilling these functions Government have shown a contemptuous disregard to the views of police officers.” Lee added: “Given that we’re now in further, albeit scheme specific, consultation process the Government has some ground to recapture in demonstrating that they understand the nuances being consulted upon, but also that they are actually listening to and are prepared to act on our concerns. “If not we’re likely to see further legal action being taken in the coming months.” As part of the government’s proposed pensions changes, thousands of police officers at all ranks will be forcibly moved from the pensions they were promised when they signed up to become police officers, into the 2015 ‘CARE Scheme’ on 1st April 2022. Many officers are also being told they cannot be given their retirement settlement figures until October 2023, because the details of the complex transitions are not yet known, and the Government are yet to change the necessary regulations.
  19. What do officers think of this new platform that has come about, RateOurPolice - They own RateOurCops.org and now the latest RateOurOfficers.org which handles UK officers by crowdsourcing reviews. The development team seems to be quite enthusiastic. Quite an ingenious idea, on of the developers is an ex GCHQ Crypto specialist and has design a number of state of the art A.i algorithms that seems to exceed what the UK Govt is able to come up with. An intelligent system that uses varied factors to grade police based on their conduct by analysing reviews and information posted in the public domain. They utilised web3.0 standards and the blockchain to create an immutable decentralised platform. Apparently, something was setup similar in 2008 but the developers received pressure from off duty police officers. So these developers took steps to ensure that didn't happen. What's pretty good is that the site being stored on the blockchain cannot be shutdown like the other sites. Checking their policy they are well within that remit of the OpenLicence 3.0 and even interacts directly with the Police.API to provide accurate data. It's rare you see such a calibre of skill being applied as volunteers, using charity and govt services are designed very poorly. Another developer has an IQ of 144 and has Asperger's, he received a large amount of police persecution in his city of Brighton. He reported that children were being let into a popular gay nightclub, the man though boy at the time had just completed his degree in Computer Security Forensics, graduated at 17 did have the intention and skillset to join the police force had this not have happened. Imagine being 17 years old with autism, seeing a crime being committed, reporting it in and then having yourself arrested. The autistic group can be very candour and struggle to lie as a lot of their functions rely on analysing logic. Check out the TV Drama "The Good Doctor" - autistic people can turn bad, but it's down to early influence, as the saying goes, children are born criminals, its down to environment. The police officers that arrested him, were later dismissed for misconduct and 5 years later the club was found to be letting in children and getting many minors hooked on substances may of had adverse effects on their early educational development. The city Brighton actually has a large LGBT scene and a high amount of children involved in prostitution. I like the way it allows both good and bad reviews to be posted, most sites that I've seen only focus on the bad. It must be hard putting 110% into your job as a police officer and then having some poorly trained officer literally crapping on all your hard work. Sgts should be able to utilise this platform to check which officers are in need of more training. Many of Wayne Couzens peers stated on the platform that they went to school with him and were NOT surprised of his actions. They used Amazon Web Services to take snapshot of all Police Twitter accounts in the public domain and then cleverly applied an algorithmic search to determine whether their platform would be accepted and what they needed to implement. Development Team - This Is My Police Rapport The excerpt below is taken from their about page About - Rate Our Officers Quite a few UK Police officers are on the volunteering team, something like this could not have been built with out help from both sides of the fence. Policing in England and Wales is, as you know, based on the principle of policing by consent, which relies heavily on a relationship of mutual trust and respect between the police and the public. Trust is essential if the police are to receive information from the public which helps them to detect and combat crime. It is also essential to enable the public to feel able to seek the assistance and protection of police officers when necessary. The police have significant powers to intervene in our lives when they believe we need to be prevented from harming ourselves or others, or from committing acts of criminality. Their powers are such that there are even circumstances in which a police officer may lawfully take a life. Given these powers, it is important that the public know that if police officers fail to uphold the very high professional standards expected of them, or break the law, their actions will be dealt with robustly. It is vital therefore that members of the public know how to make a complaint against the police, have confidence that the system will take their complaint seriously and believe it will be dealt with rigorously and fairly. Our team are a bunch of engineers, academics, professionals even ex-police, it's amazing what can be done when people stop hating and fighting and just come together. Right now people are dying from a disease that you cannot see, we don't need more bloodshed, we need to all work together. None of us are anti-police or anti establishment, some of us have received police injustice but we have not turned angry. We all put our heads, together lets rise up and do better.
  20. OK folks So in the new year we are looking to have a bit of a spring clean. We'll be reviewing all forum areas and content so don't be surprised of some things move around a bit. With that in mind is there anything you would like to see more of? Less of? Something new? The forum is only as good as it's members and it you folks that make it worthwhile. All suggestions will be considered so don't hold back. I shall try to answer any questions you may have on here. but if you want to message me directly then I can assure you I will remain anonymous (if that's what you want). One we start to make any changes I shall endeavour to document them all into a new thread so you can see what was new. Anything we change or adopt from one of your suggestions you will of course where appropriate be acknowledged publicly.
  21. Chief Cheetah

    What would you like to see on here?

    What would you like to see on this forum? What can we do to make this place better for everyone or just for you? We are looking for your ideas. It could be something you've always longed for in a forum, or maybe it's something you've seen on another forum that you think would be good on here. Let us know your ideas. All ideas will be considered although if it is very outlandish it probably won't be considered for long. It can be anything at all no matter whether you think it can or can't be done, leave that bit up to us. Please put your suggestions below or if you would rather not say them out loud, then please feel free to DM me and I promise, you will remain anonymous to all members. Thank you.
  22. Anyone a Member of this EPIC ? its open to serving police officers and police staff who are due to retire or leave the service in the next 2 years or have retired or left the service (and can produce the relevant certificate of service). All applicants must agree to our vetting process to assure their integrity both in their professional and personal lives. Membership is also open to personnel from HM Government security and investigation services Annual membership is currently only £96 (less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week!)
  23. Not sure when or where this was but I hope she was OK.
  24. Wikicop20

    BBC - Four Hours at the Capitol

    Excellent feature length documentary just released by the BBC about the US 6th Jan assault on the US Capitol at DC. Shows some sheer strength and courage from various police officers that day and the lunacy and uncontrolled violence by the rioters. I know people take the mick out of the US law enforcement officials, but really they are not that different from us and this day was well documented and worth a watch. Lots of public order footage and obviously some terrible areas in pre-planning by the US Government. Five officers lost their lives (four suicides, one died in hospital after a beating) and four rioters (one shot by USCP). One MPDC officer very nearly died after being dragged into the mob, after helping pushing them out of a tunnel. Warning: Very bad language & unpleasant footage.
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