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  1. I'm not sure what to make of this... Who would have locked him up? had any laws been broken? Who would just ask him to walk away?
  2. Has anyone heard anything about whether MOD police will open up transfers again in the near future? Understand this is a bit of a crystal ball question but I know on a sister forum you have a member MDPREC whom may peruse this forum under a different username. JD
  3. Officers who left father-of-three at coach station in early hours face no further action. Released: Anthony Kostiw dropped off at Milton Keynes Coachway Date - 3rd December 2018 By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle 1 Comment Two officers who “de-arrested” a drunk man and dropped him at a coach station two days before he was found dead have been cleared of gross misconduct allegations. Father-of-three Anthony Kostiw was originally detained in the early hours of January 3 by PCs Rebecca Wade and Johan Stevens. The 35-year-old was released shortly afterwards and left at the Milton Keynes Coachway – several miles from his home. A misconduct hearing at Thames Valley Police headquarters in Kidlington, Oxfordshire was told that the officers did not believe Mr Kostiw was impaired, or at risk, as the terminus is open all night. His body was found in water nearby on January 5. The officers were responding to a 999 domestic violence report when they arrested Mr Kostiw for breach of the peace, panel chairman Chiew Yin Jones was told. Accused of gross misconduct for leaving him at the coach station with £10, while not properly investigating if he was under the influence of drugs – the panel heard the officers had breached the standards of professional behaviour in relation to duties and responsibilities, orders and instructions, authority, respect and courtesy and discreditable conduct. And his partner of 17 years, Carol Attridge, wrote on the Justice for Anthony Kostiw Facebook page: "There was a bad storm that night. Anthony was drunk and unsteady on his feet at time of arrest. “Why was he not taken to the police station, or wasn't he brought home?" But the two-day case – directed to a hearing by the Independent Office for Police Conduct – heard it was not up to the force to ensure someone could reach their destination and concluded that the actions of PCs Wade and Stephens did not amount to gross misconduct. The pair will not face any further action. A full inquest into Mr Kostiw’s death is still due to be held. View On Police Oracle
  4. Police have released footage of officers being surrounded by up to 100 teenagers in a town centre and 'appalling' scenes as a number of them launched an attack. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6444527/Shocking-moment-police-attacked-bricks-fireworks-100-CHILDREN.html
  5. Junior officers endured daily sexual bullying, misconduct panel told. Date - 19th November 2018 By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle 1 Comment A Met PC made probationers’ lives a misery with his aggressive, sexual harassment after being kicked off a firearms team, a misconduct hearing was told today. PC Lee Harrison sent lewd videos of himself, groped and simulated sex on young probationer officers while on duty between 2014 and 2017, a misconduct hearing at the Empress State Building in West London heard. Two female witnesses, named only as Officer A and Officer B, testified they did not report his behaviour because they did not want to “rock the boat” and simply thought it was how junior officers were treated by their seniors in the Met. The 31 allegations against PC Harrison, who did not attend the hearing, include he masturbated on duty, made insulting comments about his female colleagues’ personal appearance, touched their legs and breasts and put his tongue in their ears whilst on duty and “bantered” about sexual violence. His sergeant, Stuart Murray, who did attend today, is accused of failing to challenge PC Harrison’s behaviour, allowing an overly sexualised atmosphere to develop and making comments of a sexual nature on a WhatsApp group with colleagues. He attempted to resign, the hearing was told, but was refused permission. He is accused of failing to turn up for work, despite an official letter ordering him to do so, between February 2017 and July 2018. It is believed he took up a temporary offer of work during this time. He denies all the allegations against him. Sgt Murray is accused of talking about paying a prostitute on duty, allowing a PC to sleep on duty and doing nothing when PC Harrison twisted the arm of Officer B so she was bent over an office table while telling her “Don’t touch one of those or I’ll kick you in the uterus”, referring to a box of doughnuts a male colleague brought in. In a WhatsApp group named “Merry f*cking Christmas” Sgt Murray is alleged to have written “I will come as long as there is a strip joint hand…do you get touching in the cave…no fun we need a foreign trip to somewhere civilised where they do”. PC Harrison is accused of repeatedly sending insulting and explicit texts to Officers A and B, saying he didn’t know why women were allowed in the MPS, simulating sex on Officer A in the back of a police van, and intimately touching his female colleagues on numerous occasions. The unwanted sexual advances towards the junior probationers include telling Officer A he wanted to “bruise her labia”. PC Harrison had been sent to the Safer Neighbourhood team at Newham after being disciplined for a misdemeanour during his time on the “gun team”, the hearing was told. Officer A told the hearing PC Harrison was the most experienced member of the team but often refused to take her or officer B out on duty because he “didn’t want to take out girls” and didn’t know why “women were allowed in the Met if they didn’t put out”. Every day he would tell her she was a “f*cking disgrace” and a “failure” when she walked into the office, she said. When she was sitting in the front of the patrol vehicle he would squeeze her thigh and if she was sitting in the back he would reach under her trouser leg to “check the lengths of the socks I was wearing,” she said. “I was in the very back [of a police minibus], PC Harrison was in the middle row and climbed over seats to get in the back, pushed me onto the seat, got on top of me and simulated having sex with me. “On another occasion I was putting something into the boot of a marked police car. “He bent me over the boot and simulated having sex with me on the bonnet. “At the Christmas party it was a pub where the toilets were upstairs. He followed me, he was behind me and said you actually look like you’ve got a bum in those jeans and slapped my bum.” “When I joined the police, I was told there would be banter,” she said. “I assumed this was normal police banter which was I think one of the reasons I didn’t challenge it. I just thought this was what the police were like.” She was reluctant to incriminate Sgt Murray, saying PC Harrison was a very controlling personality. Officer B on the other said, although Sgt Murray is a “really nice guy” she was 100 per cent sure he knew what was going on. She stood by her comments even when counsel for Sgt Murray, Richard Atchley pointed out by her own admission, 95 per cent of the inappropriate behaviour happened inside a police vehicle and that he was frequently away on mutual aid or other duties. Officer B described the atmosphere at work as “awful”. “I felt that Lee was the boss. If Sgt Murray called and asked him to do something he would say ‘okay serg’ then put the phone down and say ‘we’re not fucking doing that.’ “I didn’t report it because I didn’t feel anything would be done about it. “I dreaded going to work.” Mr Atchley told the hearing Sgt Murray had in fact disciplined PC Harrison when Officer ‘D’ complained he made inappropriate comments about her pole dancing hobby and had sent an email to the team complaining his orders were not being followed. View On Police Oracle
  6. Mental health services and other agencies need to stop relying on the 24/7 availability of the police, a report has said. Officers often need to step in because more suitable services have finished for the day Five people with mental health problems called the Metropolitan Police 8,655 times in 2017, according to a new report. https://news.sky.com/story/police-stepping-in-for-struggling-mental-health-services-11564752
  7. NINE out of ten people surveyed in Dorset believe the police need more money - but officers fear cuts will soon cripple the service https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/17255349.amp/ similar story across the UK, but interesting numbers none the less.
  8. I'm looking at getting myself a warm layer for the winter period as I froze last year (and the year before). The fleeces we are issued with in work aren't much good. I've been looking at Keela, Snugpak, Montane and Buffalo. Some of the options are a little pricey. Does anyone know of any brands that offer a discount to Police/Emergency Services in the UK? Thanks
  9. Chilling footage showing a getaway driver abandoning an ambulance on railway tracks in front of a high-speed train has been released by police. The driver, who was being chased by police, smashed through a railway barrier and jumped out of the decommissioned ambulance, which then came within inches of colliding with an oncoming train. Read more at: https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/watch-the-terrifying-moment-a-yorkshire-getaway-driver-abandons-an-ambulance-in-front-of-a-70mph-express-train-1-9455805
  10. A life-size cut-out of a police officer used to deter drivers from speeding has been stolen from an Edinburgh street. The cardboard effigy, dubbed Pop-up Bob, has been used by communities for four years to try to cut offending. It was stolen from Lower Granton Road between 14:15 and 16:00 on Sunday. Police Scotland are appealing for witnesses. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-46262509 ok, who stole the police officer? 🤣
  11. Ian Naude: Cheshire PC convicted of raping 13-year-old girl 15 November 2018 Image copyright Cheshire Police Image caption Ian Naude admitted having sex with the teenager, but said it was consensual A policeman described as a "committed paedophile" has been convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl. PC Ian Naude, 30, joined Cheshire Constabulary "to gain the keys to a sweetshop" through access to potential victims, Liverpool Crown Court heard. The rape, which took place in his car, was filmed on his mobile phone. Footage of the attack was played to the jury. It has emerged Naude was already being investigated for sex offences when he became a student officer in April 2017. How a predatory paedophile become a PC Naude, of Market Drayton in Shropshire, was also found guilty of four charges of attempting to arrange the commission of a child sex offence and one charge of arranging a child sex offence, relating to five complainants aged between 12 and 15. The father of one, originally from South Africa, previously admitted 31 offences relating to grooming underage girls via a fake Facebook and Snapchat profile. Image copyright Cheshire Police Image caption Naude raped the girl after being called to her home to attend a domestic incident Cheshire Constabulary said Naude had passed the vetting process in October 2016 but that allegations of sex offences being investigated by two neighbouring forces in early 2017 did not get picked up. Latest news from the West Midlands During his two-week trial, Naude denied rape and sexual assault as he claimed the sex with the 13-year-old girl was consensual and that she "seemed to be enjoying it". The court was told he met the girl after he was called to her house over a domestic incident in October 2017. After looking her up on Facebook and exchanging sexual messages and photos, he returned to her home three days later. He picked her up while her mother was out and drove her to a country lane where he attacked her. Image copyright Cheshire Police Image caption Naude used names including "Bruce Wayne" and "King of the North" on fake profiles Naude deleted more than 750 photos from his phone after an "administrative error" meant he had been copied into emails relating to the police investigation into his conduct. He also concealed other devices including a second phone and a laptop in a field in Market Drayton. Cheshire Constabulary said this had "frustrated" and "set back" the investigation. Texts sent by Naude revealed a pattern, always starting conversations with "Hi, you look pretty and interesting", before quickly demanding nude images and threatening to expose girls to their friends if they refused. Image copyright Cheshire Police Image caption Naude threatened to expose his victims if they did not comply with his demands Cheshire Police's Det Ch Supt Aaron Duggan said Naude "joined police intentionally to commit this type of offending. "We know from our investigation that he's a sexual predator, a groomer and he's also a chancer." Acting Chief Constable Janette McCormick said she believed Naude had been working alone but it would be "naive" to think there were not other offenders within Cheshire Police. She has also said the force is now investigating other potential offences by Naude. Rape accused PC said girl 'enjoyed it' 'Paedophile' PC 'demanded nude pictures' 'Paedophile' PC 'raped teenage girl' Judge Clement Goldstone warned Naude he faced a "very significant sentence" and that even his defence conceded he had been "fairly depicted... as a cold, uncaring, selfish and cruel paedophile". An NSPCC spokesperson said it was "evil" of Naude to "shamelessly label it [the rape] consensual". Naude will be sentenced on 13 December. View the full article
  12. grumeister

    Freemasonry in the job

    Hello all Saw a similar thread on the other site and found it quite interesting. Just wondering if there were any masons on here who are serving regular officers? How do you juggle your lodge meetings with the different shift patterns? Thanks
  13. Zulu 22

    PC Ian Naude, Serious Questions for answering

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-46208724 The case of PC Ian Naude is one which is most disturbing. This officer was convicted of Rape together with other offences and the Judge has warned him a substantial Prison sentence will result. I do not think that any sentence could be severe enough. What is really disturbing is that before his appointment in 2017 there were flag marks indicating sexual offences and grooming before his appointment. I would wonder who did the vetting and who was responsible for his appointment. Some one has a lot of questions to be answered.
  14. Force is developing 'police reserve' which is hoped will make use of accountants, bankers and former officers. City of London regulars, volunteers and specials at an attestation ceremony earlier this year Date - 12th November 2018 By - Ian Weinfass - Police Oracle 6 Comments If police officers with cyber and fraud knowledge leave to join the private sector, is there a way for law enforcement to retain their talents? The special constabulary at City of London Police, the national lead for economic crime, is trying to do just that. The force is changing the way it recruits volunteers into a police reserve system, and hopes it can make the most of former regulars as well as professionals from the financial sector. Special Commander James Phipson told Police Oracle that those with fraud and cyber skills are too often lost to policing. “We can't train up those skills, or if we do train up those skills we lose them into the banks. “We shouldn’t be losing them, we should view this as a lifetime’s mutual association, where we keep those skills current for their new employer and in return their employer makes a commitment to us,” he said. If companies know their staff are learning about law and police procedure and the force can use people with expert knowledge, both sides benefit, he believes. Employer-supported policing schemes, including where companies give their staff extra holiday to serve as specials, have been around for some time but the City force thinks far greater use can be made of them. Part of their current project is looking at making sure that the skills of everyone who applies to serve with the force are put to use in a suitable manner and their time is not wasted, S/Comm Phipson explained. People often raise the prospect of a conflict of interest, the special chief officer, who advises businesses including finance firms in his day job, said. And that is something which could crop up further if, as hoped, financial firms in the City sign up to employer-supported policing programmes with the force. But he doesn't feel it is a big problem. “We have to manage that quite closely already. If we have a special who’s a banker and there’s an issue involving that bank, the person managing that case will have to look at the special and ask is there a conflict of interest? “Say an accountancy firm supplies us with 20 compliance staff, we’re going to have to look at a cases they’re working on and ask if there is a conflict. “It’s actually easier with an organisation than with an individual because organisations have a compliance department and you can ask if there is a conflict, whereas with an individual you’ve got to wait for them to scratch their head and say I’m not sure whether this person is a client of ours or that there might be something else,” he said. It is hoped a major corporate partner will be announced early in the new year. Another element of work at the force is a move to try to keep regulars on as part of a police reserve encompassing both specials and other volunteers. This involves changing the approach to people leaving the service. S/Comm Phipson said: “In the Met, for example, if you go from detective chief inspector to wanting to join the specials, you have to go back down to being a special constable and you also get put into the pool of specials wherever they want to deploy you – and that’s in uniform policing. “That’s insanity because you’ve got somebody that is the peak of their career, generally retiring [or] moving to a bank. “That’s the absolute paradise spot for us because we could get somebody with incredible experience. We can tell the bank they’re an ex-cop but they’re still getting training, so the bank gets somebody whose skills will always be current and therefore its still useful to them.” The force has seven ex-regulars within, or about to join, its reserve. These include its incoming head of economic crime volunteers - a former detective chief inspector with the Metropolitan Police. From the ranks of the City too, departing regulars are being seen as potentially useful to the force, and asked if they would consider continuing to contribute. A fraud analyst who recently left has stayed on as a volunteer. S/Comm Phipson added: “Whether we keep them as a cadet supervisor, special or a volunteer, we want to keep those skills.” Volunteer posts are more flexible as there is no minimum time needed to contribute, but rather: “You’re there if we need you. It means that if you’re known to us, and we want you to come and help, we know. “If the balloon goes up, if there’s another Borough Market [terror attack] - which is where they all regret leaving the service, they all want to come in and help - we can drag them in and put a high vis on them and get them to man a cordon. “It gives us the ability to scale-up in all sorts of ways.” The changes are part of a Home Office funded pilot being assessed by the Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice. If successful it is hoped elements can be used at other forces to adapt for their own purposes View On Police Oracle
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2018/nov/09/melbourne-bourke-street-police-incident-declared-after-car-in-flames What we know so far One person has died after a man drove a car into Melbourne’s Bourke Street and attempted to stab people in a terrorist attack. The attacker was shot by police at the scene and died in hospital. Police said he and his family members were known to counter-terrorism. Two other men were injured and are in hospital, though their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. The attacker had “barbecue-style gas cylinders” inside the car and set it alight. The man had a minor offending history of drug, theft and driving offences, and lived in the north-western suburbs of Melbourne. Police did not confirm reports that the attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar”. Video
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. This is the shocking moment an armed robber dragged a policeofficer out of her patrol car and threw her to the ground in a 'ferocious' attack while ransacking a Tesco Express. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/cctv-shows-shocking-moment-armed-robber-drags-police-officer-from-patrol-car-as-he-is-jailed-for-14-a3976376.html
  18. I would like to ask you for a favor. Recently I have been forced to experience some difficulty which I have never experienced in the past. A few months ago, I have filed an online crime report to the met-Police, But, Police informed me that my report is a civil matter, hence, can not be investigated by the police, and it was rejected to be assisted by the police, Please note: Report against a valid authorise service company, which they damaged my brand new car ( My Asset, My Property under the English Law), and my car, still is at their garage. However, when the other party ( the service company) filed a report against me to the police, They have got the police trust without being demanded to show any proof. Therefore, I would like to ask your advice, how can I request for some help through this website?
  19. Thieves stealing from petrol pumps are being let off by almost one in five police forces. At least eight forces in England and Wales have stopped pursuing fuel thefts and retailers accuse them of ‘routinely ignoring the crime’. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6326671/A-fifth-police-forces-ignoring-fuel-thieves-face-budget-cuts.html Why don't petrol stations have pre-payment systems? What is the obstacle in getting people to pay for fuel before they put it in their cars?
  20. Two bungling car-jackers attempted to carry out a terrifying robbery on a Black Country street – only to find the vehicle they targeted filled with armed police officers. https://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2018/10/29/men-arrested-after-threatening-armed-police-in-car-with-crowbar/ I guess it it was a case of “you call that a weapon, THIS is a weapon!” 😄
  21. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/police-officer-launches-palm-strike-13112460 A police officer is seen striking a 14-year-old girl in the face during a violent arrest. Also the response already from the CC. Bravo! Nice to see he's willing to back his officers up.
  22. Scotland Yard says murder detective has 'significant amount of experience and expertise with hate crime and diversity' https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/police-racist-met-officer-cleaner-n-word-toilet-wall-glen-lloyd-hate-crime-diversity-murder-a8596136.html
  23. Four officers are accused of failing to conduct any welfare checks. Date - 9th October 2018 By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle 1 Comment A sport science student suddenly changed from angry and energetic to “blank, nothing there” after first being “rugby tackled” to the floor by a night club bouncer and then restrained by officers, his friend told a hearing this morning. In the early hours of the morning of May 6, 2013 then 19-year-old Julian Cole was kicked out of Elements night club in Mill Street, Bedford. He was infuriated when staff refused him a refund and repeatedly tried to re-enter the club. On his last attempt a doorman floored him and restrained him on the ground with the help of police officers, a misconduct hearing was told yesterday. Mr Cole was arrested and taken to Greyfriars Police Station in Bedford town centre but later rushed to hospital after he stopped breathing. Five years later he remains in a vegetative state, paralysed and brain damaged. The officers are not accused of causing Julian’s injuries or making them worse. PC Ross, PC Oates and PC Kalyan are accused of failing to make any welfare checks on Mr Cole despite showing “obvious signs of serious injury” and “fabricating” evidence to deflect responsibility. Sergeant Andrew Withy is accused of not making any welfare checks on Mr Cole but is not accused of dishonesty. Giving evidence at a Bedfordshire Police misconduct hearing held at the Holiday Inn, Stevenage, Julian’s friend Martin Gomes told the hearing they went to Elements as a large group of friends that night and paid a bigger entrance fee than normal to see a DJ performance. Mr Gomes said himself and Julian were thrown out of the venue after they stood up on metal barriers near the stage to get a better view of the show. Afterwards they had a heated conversation with bouncers, with Julian calling one of the doormen a “prick” and becoming increasingly angry when they declined to give him his money back. “He [the doorman] sort of antagonised him, knowing if he [Julian] does anything he’s going to get into trouble. “I didn’t like it because it was making the whole situation a lot worse than it neded to be. I think I lost my temper with him.” Julian initially calmed down when police were called, Mr Gomes said, but later made a break for it and tried to run back into the side entrance of Elements. Mr Gomes said: “Jordan [security guard] came out and he’s rugby tackled Julian. I remember just around the chest and neck he’s taken down. “It was quite a bit of force because it’s only him and he’s only a small guy. For me it was too much force. “Julian has gone down on the ground, Jordan holding him. “He’s gone from being very loud to now not respnding to anything. “Once Jordan sort of let go three or four police officers had pounced on him and put handcuffs on him. “Once they’ve handcuffed him they had two of them at the side of each arm, one behind him. “They lift him, as they’ve lifted hm up he’s really dead weight. At first I thought maybe he’s just having a tantrum. “Then I started realising - hang on he’s not responding.” He said he tried to speak to his friend behind the van, who he had a close relationship with, to tell him just to cooperate with police. “I had to lift his chin up to look into his eyes. As soon as I let go it’s gone down. He’s just not there, he’s blank, there was nothing there.” Mr Gomes said he continued to try and speak with his friend but saw Mr Cole “slumped down again in the van”. Joel Ofoe, who played football with Julian and was with him all night, told the hearing he saw a “collision” between Julian, bouncers and police. “I saw quite a lot of police officers run toward Julian which I thought was a bit unnecessary. Julian is on the floor so me and Martin run over. “All I remember is running, a collision and police officers on top of Julian. I pulled one officer off of Julian. “He was like 'get away, what you doing'. As he’s saying this to me Julian, he’s on the floor. Martin lifted his chin up and his head was down. “He said: 'Julian are you alright?'. “When I next look at Julian he had one officer interlocked on each arm and he was being draggd because his feet were limp so he was literally being dragged across the floor.” He said he grabbed a shoe which had come off Julian as he was being dragged and tried to give it back to him as an excuse to check if his friend was okay. “Julian’s head [was] hanging down, his feet are dragging on the floor limp. Really limp. “I almost thought he’d just given up, accepted being arrested. It wasn’t ‘til I took the shoe towards when I see Julian. I shouted: 'Julian are you alright?' “There was no response and that was when I thought there was something wrong. “I just thought it was odd.” CCTV footage played at the hearing appears to show Mr Ofoe being held back by a friend as Julian is taken to the van, eventually breaking free and then remonstrating with a police officer at the back of the police van. Mr Gomes admitted under questioning by counsel for PC Ross Kevin Baumber he had seen Julian carrying a bottle and looking angry and aggressive. The case continues. View On Police Oracle
  24. Vorn189


    Hello all, I'm Worcester born and bred, but have spent the last 4 years in Dyfed-Powys. Just now have jumped at the opportunity to transfer to West Mercia with the most recent intake. I've got my interview on the 8th June, concerning competencies, knowledge of legislation, and hypotheticals. Is anyone else here going for transfer? Is there any advice I can glean from anyone that has been through this gauntlet already? Nice to meet you, and very much hope to be part of the force in the near future. Charlie
  25. The City of London police force has failed in an attempt to block disciplinary action against an officer who was accused of clubbing a student over the head and causing a life-threatening brain injury. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/oct/15/alfie-meadows-london-police-force-must-act-over-officer-accused-of-excessive-force-says-court

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