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  1. A police officer has condemned people who cheered a man escaping police after a confrontation which left two officers requiring hospital treatment. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-45224946 The onlookers who are cheering on like they are watching a Boxing match or something are really vile.
  2. Three London police officers charged with perverting course of justice after Hounslow crash https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/three-london-police-officers-charged-with-perverting-course-of-justice-after-hounslow-crash-a3914566.html
  3. Three people were stabbed to death and two teenagers disembowelled in just 48 hours in separate attacks across London. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6071987/Police-battle-save-disembowelled-teen-three-stabbed-death-London.html
  4. The Undertaker

    Rashan Charles death

    A large gang of masked protesters have clashed with riot police after blocking a busy east London road in an angry protest over the death of Rashan Charles. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/masked-gang-blockade-kingsland-road-and-intimidate-drivers-in-flash-protest-at-death-of-rashan-a3599091.html
  5. PC Stuart Brown shot Dean Joseph dead when he lunged at his ex-girlfriend with a knife. Date - 13th August 2018 By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle 10 Comments A judge slammed attempts to smear the name of a firearms officer as he threw out a damages claim against the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Dean Joseph, 40, was shot dead by Met PC Stuart Brown in the home of his former partner Julie Moyes in September 2014 after a tense 90-minute stand-off with police in which he repeatedly held a knife to Ms Moyes’ neck. PC Brown was in position, shoulder to shoulder with colleague PC Philip Clark on the gully wall with his feet against the sill of a broken window, for about 30 minutes. When Mr Joseph pushed Ms Moyes hard against her bedroom wall with the knife, PC Brown fired twice. Mr Joseph’s family wanted to sue MPS Commissioner Cressida Dick for personal injury and psychiatric harm damages and claimed the force had breached its obligation not to take life except where absolutely necessary and for inadequate planning of the operation. He was already subject to a non-molestation order when he smashed his way into Ms Moyes’ Islington flat late at night on September 4. Her neighbour Julie Westrop heard Mr Joseph shouting, swearing and kicking a window and called 999. In a witness statement days after the incident Ms Moyes said Mr Joseph asked if she wanted to watch him die and then moved the knife to her own throat. PC Brown said in oral evidence Ms Moyes “had nowhere to go; she was stuck in a corner … I thought he was killing her. I saved her life. I was extremely relieved to see her walk out in one piece”. Judge Alan Saggerson said PC Brown had been challenged throughout the case on nothing more than “groundless speculation”. “It is difficult to express in moderate language how utterly warped such accusations are when considered in the context of the evidence as a whole,” he said. “There is no room for doubt that PC Brown saved Ms. Moyses’ life and that his professionalism, steadfastness and judgment in the most extreme circumstances calls for commendation rather than criticism. “His evidence was impressive… his evidence was measured, accurate and reliable on all material issues. “Anyone who had the advantage of seeing and hearing from PC Brown would not for one moment consider that he was the sort of coward who would seek to concoct a catalogue of half-truths and lies in collusion with fellow officers just to cover his own back. “I am not aware that this type of case falls into any special category in regard to “testing the evidence”, neither am I aware that police officers have some reduced status as witnesses that permits the throwing of mud in the hope that something will stick any more than would be acceptable for any other kind of witness. “The challenges to PC Brown’s integrity were without justification or, in my judgment, adequate foundation, and are to be deplored.” He said it would be an “affront to justice and common sense” for Mr Joseph’s funeral expenses to be met by the public purse and pointed out Mr Joseph had been estranged from his sister Susan Joseph for some time when he died. Even if there had been organisational shortcomings on the Met’s behalf, he would not have awarded her compensation he said. She had told her brother to leave her home as he was a “drain on her own very limited financial resources”. Commander Kyle Gordon, of the Met’s Specialist Firearms Command said: “Any death following police contact is a real tragedy, and something we plan to prevent, and train to avoid. “Our thoughts of course remain with the family and loved ones of Dean Joseph at this difficult time. “My thoughts are also with the officers involved in this incident, who have all been personally impacted by what happened. I hope that this judgement will allow them and their families to their resume their lives confident in the knowledge that they acted properly and bravely to preserve life. “Armed officers perform one of the most challenging roles in policing and often have to make critical split-second decisions in dangerous, volatile situations to protect the public. “In this case, it was accepted that the actions of the officers and the force used in the circumstances was justified and proportionate. “We are pleased that the judgement commended the professionalism of the officers who, like all of their colleagues, are asked to do a very difficult job in very challenging circumstances.” In 2015 the Independent Police Complaints Commission (now the Independent Office for Police Conduct) cleared PC Brown of all wrongdoing. One month earlier an inquest concluded Mr Joseph was lawfully killed. View On Police Oracle
  6. Officers accused of acting like 'Keystone cops' as report blasts armed response tactics. Critical report: Nine firearms officers being deployed on seven separate occasions Date - 9th August 2018 By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle 2 Comments Policing in the aftermath of terror attacks across the UK saw armed officers engage in “completely unwarranted” actions as they pointed guns at innocent bystanders in a fast-moving response that bordered on farce. A highly-critical report has called on Police Scotland to apologise to eight individuals for 90 minutes of mayhem where highly-trained authorised firearms’ officers raced around the streets of Edinburgh acting like “Keystone cops on a wild goose chase”. Last summer, the Scottish capital witnessed one man forced out of his home in pyjamas under arrest, two women strip-searched and detained for 24 hours without legal basis – and claims of weapons aimed at eleven people on four occasions which the force denies. The force, despite facing a barrage of criticism from report authors the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner – praised its officers’ professionalism while accepting not everything was “handled well”. The operations in the early hours of July 22 saw four armed response vehicles and nine firearms officers being deployed on seven separate occasions on the basis of “uncorroborated” and most likely “bogus” information made by an unidentified man, alleges human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar. He told Police Oracle: “The PIRC investigation exposes a catalogue of failures and a horrifying disregard for the use of firearms, which could easily have resulted in the death of an innocent member of public. “What is truly shocking is that nine officers deployed their weapons despite not being authorised to do so. “There is no point in robust regulations or demands for more armed officers, if the ones we have fail to obey the rules.” PIRC’s formal report adds: “A number of these people were detained and searched on the strength principally of allegations made by an unidentifiable male and this action in a number of instances appears to have been entirely unwarranted.” Events, which began just after midnight, last under an hour-and-a-half. Armed officers police detained a man in a building before searching his flat and his car. The independent watchdog said the “balance of probabilities” indicated AFOs pointed their weapons at him and other residents in the stairwell of the building. It added there appeared to be “no legitimate basis for Police Scotland to suspect that the man had any involvement” and that officers who searched his home and car appeared to lack the lawful authority to do so. ARVs later blocked two cars – an Audi and Peugeot – with five occupants who were all deemed suspects. Three men claimed officers pointed assault weapons at them in a retail park at Seafield Road and ordered them to get out of their vehicles with their hands up. The officers later denied pointing their firearms at the men. One of the two women in the Peugeot describes how she “saw the gun's red dot on her chest". The group were all taken from the cars at gunpoint and detained. The PIRC report said: "Despite there being no evidence to connect the two women to any offence, they were kept in police custody for almost 24 hours, during which time they were strip-searched.” They were later released without charge. The PIRC report found that the only evidence at that time to connect any of the five people detained, to any of the previous incidents, was that of the unidentified man. The three men were charged with threatening and abusive behaviour but the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service ordered their release from custody, and subsequently no criminal proceedings have been brought against them.” The report recommends the force apologises for the actions of its officers and provides “a clear rationale” for the apologies, examines and investigates the individual actions of the officers named in the full PIRC report, ensures that all officers in charge of or who form part of any firearms operations apply the National Decision Model’s principles, ensures that all ‘firearms incidents’ are identified and declared, to allow the Chief Constable to comply with his duties in terms of the Police Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006, and finally it reports back to Commissioner Kate Frame within three months on actions taken. Chief Superintendent Matt Richards, the force’s head of specialist services, said the incident had precipitated “time-critical decision-making”, adding that the officers were all “acting in good faith in what was a difficult and fast-moving situation”. But he admitted: "It is clear that on this occasion it was not handled well." The force has implemented a “thorough” review following the incident and a number of measures have been put in place to address the issues that have now been identified by the PIRC. He added: "We are also writing to the individuals involved to apologise and I want to do that again publicly now." View On Police Oracle
  7. Vorn189


    Hello all, I'm Worcester born and bred, but have spent the last 4 years in Dyfed-Powys. Just now have jumped at the opportunity to transfer to West Mercia with the most recent intake. I've got my interview on the 8th June, concerning competencies, knowledge of legislation, and hypotheticals. Is anyone else here going for transfer? Is there any advice I can glean from anyone that has been through this gauntlet already? Nice to meet you, and very much hope to be part of the force in the near future. Charlie
  8. Nicholas Perry could be dismissed after incognito colleague filmed interaction. A Met Police officer thought he was saving himself hours of paperwork by letting a member of the public off the hook for drug possession - but could now be dismissed as the man was an undercover officer. PC Nicholas Perry, based at the Roads and Transport Policing Command, was carrying out a routine patrol alongside a probationer colleague when he saw a man walking towards him “brazenly” holding two small bags of cannabis in his hands. He told him to hand over the drugs then ground the contents under his boot, in north-west London in October 2016. He did not file any records or carry out name checks and even told the man “Do you want to get arrested?” when the apparent member of the public asked if he was going to be served with paperwork, a misconduct hearing heard. PC Perry accepts his action amounted to misconduct but denies gross misconduct, arguing his behaviour does not justify dismissal. Stephen Morley, representing the force, said PC Perry had been an experienced officer at the time of the incident, with seven-and-a-half years service under his belt. He had been on a routine patrol with PC Ricardo Kuronis, sweeping the area near a bus stop for knives and other weapons. An officer named at the hearing as “Simon”, was on a separate, undercover operation at the time and had just bought two bags of cannabis. “As the three officers walked towards each other as, Simon says 'Alright?' PC Perry says 'Hi, what have you got in your hand'.” Simon insisted he had “just a phone” until PC Perry lost patience, asked him to “hand over the gear”, told him “Off you go” and dropped the cannabis on the floor, Mr Morley said. Mr Morley added: “Simon turns around a bit cheekily and says don’t you give us no paperwork or anything. PC Perry says do you want us to nick you? “He grinds it on the floor with his boot and puts the plastic wrappers in the dustbin.” Because of the sensitive nature of Simon’s work, PC Perry wasn’t given his misconduct notice until June 2017 and was not interviewed until last October. Mr Morley said: “PC Perry was immediately honest about what happened and said he remembered and accepted he’d taken the drugs and destroyed them. He said it was a small amount of cannabis and decided to simply use his discretion to destroy the cannabis and apologised. “He knew in essence he should have done the checks and records. He said he’d let himself and PC Kuronis down and agreed he let the police service down as well. “It was unfortunate it was an undercover officer. It could have been someone who walked away from that incident with a very low view of the police service. “It was topped off with the threat to arrest. We say this was a serious statement.” PC Perry told the misconduct panel although he had no idea Simon was a police officer, he was “99 per cent sure” he was not a drug dealer as he did not fit the demographic and would “have to be out of his mind” to encroach on local drug dealers’ territory. He said he had mistakenly believed he had the right to use his discretion and wanted to save himself two to three hours paperwork, bypass the force’s “bureaucratic system” and prioritise searching the area for weapons instead of dealing with a tiny amount of cannabis. But he also argues his judgement at the time was clouded by work related stress and personal struggles. He claims he had been bullied by a colleague in the 18 months prior to the October 20 incident. He said his concerns about working conditions were “largely ignored and dismissed” and he was eventually referred to occupational health for depression and work related stress. PC Perry recalled that in September that year he had been working in a small team based in the Civic Centre in Harrow and was chatting with other officers and PCSOs about how the day had gone when another officer launched into a verbal attack. “He stood leaning over me as I was sat down and said 'Fuck off you fucking wanker I fucking hate you.' “I requested to move teams. That was ignored. I felt very uncomfortable working with him and I requested many more times to be moved,” he said. PC Perry had a two week residential occupational health internment later that year. His lawyer, Nicholas Yeo told the panel the PC did not have a lenient attitude towards cannabis and had seized £120,000 worth of the drug from a residential property after smelling the drug on his walk to work on the same day as the incident with the undercover officer took place. Mr Yeo said: “From a common sense point of view the decision he [PC Perry] came to was not a bad one having regards to there wasn’t much in the way of drugs [and] the time that would have been spent in dealing with the drugs. “By way of background, in 2004 the Labour government reduced cannabis from Class B to C. In 2009 Gordon Brown put it back to B. Research shows 190,000 [of police] hours were saved by having it as Class C. “It was a rather unusual set of circumstances. Simon deliberately brought himself to the attention of the police, he passed one would think deliberately close to the officer. “This officer has given evidence saying he met his eye. He was the first to speak to him and had the drugs in his hands. “Ordinarily people who don’t want to be arrested wouldn’t be acting in that way.” PC Kuronis was initially investigated alongside by PC Perry but dealt with via management action as it was decided although he should have challenged PC Perry, he was a junior officer and was not the perpetrator. The hearing continues. View On Police Oracle
  9. Hi all, I was having a conversation earlier this evening whilst at dinner with friends about new policing students and advice that they were given either by their tutors, colleagues or just in passing. We all took it in turns and mentioned something and when it came round to me I replied with the trusted 'what you put in is what you will get out'. This got me to thinking though whether any of you guys had been given advice that has helped you in the past and whether you'd be happy to share it here on the forum as it just may help another user if they are going through their training whatever the role may be. Other things that my friends mentioned: Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't know something Have confidence and don't be afraid to get stuck in Don't allow your emotions to get in the way of your role Be willing to listen and learn
  10. This dramatic video shows the moment a police officer smashes a car windscreen after a driver refuses to get out of his vehicle. Full Story - Mirror This video is doing the rounds on social media, many people including Lee Jasper using it as a propaganda video for their own agenda. Many people trying to imply the officers are behaviour is racist, not sure how that is? Buzzfeed are trying to find the driver to make an article about it.
  11. Hi all, I've been in the job for 2 years in a couple of weeks so to celebrate getting through my probation I've decided to try and find out a bit more about my great grandfather, who joined the Met in 1924. I'm desperate to find a photo of him, but oddly the only photo I have is of a friend/officer that joined the same day as him. Pictures below. I have been able to find out the following about my great grandfather. Sydney Clarence Robinson Born 21st Sept 1901 Joined up 24th July 1924 Was in "B" Division in 1926 No. 3 District: A – Whitehall; B – Westminster; C – St James’s; T – Kensington; V – Wandsworth 1934 - 1950 Lived in Police Flats in Regency Street Pimlico? next door to "Peel House" Warrant number 113157 National Archives MEPO4/338 (Image 241 of 321) Handwritten record with warrant number Does anyone know how I might find out more about him or possibly find a photo of him? It's a long shot but I thought it was worth posting and asking about.
  12. One PC knocked drug dealer off scooter, the other apprehended him. PC George Anckorn and PC Russell Mellis Date - 3rd August 2018 By - Ian Weinfass - Police Oracle 5 Comments Officers who used a tactical stop to apprehend a criminal on a moped have been commended by a judge. PC George Anckorn and PC Russell Mellis were on patrol when they saw Abdirizak Kheyre, 19, driving a stolen scooter on Hornsey Road junction with Highgate Hill, Islington, north London. They pulled alongside the scooter while it was stationary and asked Kheyre to stop. But he made off soon travelling at almost twice the speed limit. PC Mellis, who was driving the police vehicle, made tactical contact with the scooter, causing Kheyre to fall off. The criminal tried to run away but PC Anckorn chased and detained him. There were no injuries. Kheyre was found in possession of nine bags of cannabis and others containing cocaine and ecstasy. They also found a kitchen knife, approximately 22cm in length, behind the front panel of the moped. Kheyre had a revoked provisional licence and had no vehicle registration in his name. He was later sentenced to 21 months’ detention in a young offender’s institution. Judge Tony Badenoch QC said: “Kheyre placed pedestrians and other road uses at very great risk and had not the slightest concern for them. “It was necessary for PC Mellis to knock Kheyre from the scooter in a controlled manner to bring the pursuit to a close. PC Anckorn then took up the chase on foot and apprehended the offender who continued to resist arrest. Kheyre was brought to a stop by the combined skill of the officers in exceptionally difficult circumstances.” The pair are part of Operation Venice, the Met’s team which tackles scooter-enabled crime. Inspector Jim Corbett, from the team, said: "It is fantastic that these two officers have been commended for their great skill in making tactical contact with Kheyre, which consequently led to his arrest and subsequent conviction.” View On Police Oracle
  13. Northumbria Police has been told to reinstate all the money lost by one of its officers because it failed to warn him about pension scams. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-tyne-45031722
  14. VIDEO footage has emerged showing the show moment a man hits a policeman to the ground before ramming his car into the officer’s vehicle and speeding away along a footpath. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/994720/police-bradford-fight-grantham-road-west-midlands-police
  15. Four men have been charged with three counts of attempted murder after shots were fired at armed police during a chase in east London. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-44993335
  16. An Essex police officer who kicked an arrested man in the face acted "instinctively", a misconduct hearing heard. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-44876079
  17. The Home Office has again rejected recommendations from its remuneration review body. Home Secretary Sajid Javid The federation says demoralised officers who are considering leaving the police service could be tipped over the edge by a government decision to again ignore the independent pay review body’s guidance. This morning the Independent Police Remuneration Body (IPRB) released its official recommendations, advising the Home Office to consolidate last year’s one per cent non-consolidated pay award on top of a two per cent consolidated pay boost. But Home Secretary Sajid Javid said a two per cent overall pay rise would strike the right balance between affordability to forces and fairness to the taxpayer. The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) in its submission asked for 3.4 per cent plus the consolidation of last year’s one per cent pay award but was undermined but a National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) report arguing forces could only afford two per cent. Met Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh said the reward amounts to a one per cent pay rise since last year's award included a one per cent non-consolidated bonus. He called the announcement a "government smokescreen." "I think it's disgusting. The army are getting 2.9 per cent, teachers are getting 3.5 per cent. It shows how much the government care about police officers. "They come out with all this rhetoric about how police officers are amazing but when it comes down to the crunch they couldn't give a hoot. They've given us the bare minimum of one per cent." PFEW conduct lead Phill Matthews, a candidate for national chairman, said the Home Office announcement makes a “mockery” of the IPRB and will leave officers across the country demoralised and questioning their commitment to a career in policing. "It will destroy the morale of police officers," he said "they are already being run to the ground and it will take a massive toll on their wellbeing." Hampshire Police Federation chairman John Apter, also a candidate for national chairman, said: "I am angry at the government who yet again have shown nothing but contempt for hardworking police officers. "They have ignored Independent Pay Review Body who recommended a higher pay award." He said the news will come as a "kick in the teeth" for police officers and shows that "warm words from the Home Secretary were nothing but rhetoric." The two per cent pay increase will apply to officers of all ranks. Dog handlers will see a two per cent boost to their allowances while the Met and City of London Police will able to offer an extra two per cent increase to their London weighting payments, Mr Javid said: ”Our police officers do an incredible job in the face of complex crime and rising demand, and I’m grateful for their continued dedication to keeping us safe. This award represents the highest consolidated pay award since 2010. “I’ll continue to fight on behalf of police to ensure they have the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. “The award comes after the government removed a one per cent cap on increases to public sector pay in 2017. “The government has delivered a £460 million increase in overall funding to policing in 2018-19, including increased funding for local policing through council tax precept. “This funding will enable forces to meet the costs of the pay award.” View On Police Oracle
  18. JD180


    I'm hoping someone can assist me, this appears to be a very quiet sub forum but maybe we have some Cumbria officers lurking around. If we do indeed have any officers from Cumbria please if you could spare me 10 minutes reply to this thread so I can ask some questions about the force.
  19. Report suggests change in drug policy will generate revenue and save more in police, court, prison and probation costs https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/jun/02/legalise-cannabis-treasury-3bn-drugs
  20. A West Midlands police officer has been removed from frontline duties after he was filmed telling a black man: “You’d be the first one I’d shoot if I had a gun.” Full Story - Guardian Clearly the officers like most of us are sick of the hypocrisy of BLM, and the comment about shooting the man was made in jest, however these videos just give more ammunition to BLM and the like, which is ridiculous.
  21. A drink-driver put a policeman in a headlock and lifted him by the nostrils after being pulled over, a court heard. David Bull, 37, is accused of using "savage levels of violence" against two officers in Tavistock, Devon. He put Sgt Dave Clarke in the "choking headlock" and dislocated another officer's knee, Plymouth Crown Court heard. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-44550339 Man accused of assaulting Devon officer 'suffering PTSD' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-44567349
  22. An on-duty police officer was driving over the speed limit when he hit a man on his way to his granddaughter's 21st birthday party, an inquest heard. Leslie Bingham, 73, died from multiple injuries after being hit by a marked patrol car while crossing Penistone Road in Sheffield on 7 January 2017. PC Steven Hazelhurst was recorded driving at 41mph in a 30mph zone, Sheffield Coroner's Court heard. He told the inquest jury there was "absolutely nothing that I could do". The police car was not on an emergency call and was not using its sirens and blue lights. Mr Bingham, a retired metal worker, was heading for his granddaughter's 21st birthday party at the greyhound stadium when he was struck. 'Split second' The stadium was on the other side of the road when the incident happened on a pedestrian crossing, the inquest heard. The hearing was told the "black box" in the patrol car recorded a speed of about 41mph when the driver, PC Hazelhurst, began to brake. The speed limit on the dual carriageway is 30mph. PC Hazelhurst said he had just bought a coffee from a nearby McDonald's restaurant and was heading for a "very routine appointment" with a colleague in the passenger seat. Asked to describe the incident, he said: "It was a split second. "What I saw was more of a blur. "At the moment I saw him there was absolutely nothing I could do." Asked by the coroner if he had the coffee he had bought at McDonald's was in his hand at the moment he saw the pedestrian, he said: "No, I did not sir." PC Hazelhurst said he was not constantly looking at the speedometer on the car. "I was driving at what I thought was on or around the speed limit and what was reasonable for the road." The jury will continue its deliberations on Tuesday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-44606685
  23. Up to 10,000 police officers will be drafted in to protect Donald Trump from mass protests and the threat of a terror attack when he visits Britain next month http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5878349/Operation-Protect-Trump-10-000-police-SAS-guard-President.html
  24. A Hull police officer has been sacked for putting a woman in an arm lock after she allegedly assaulted him while he was on duty. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/hull-police-officer-james-ross-1696117
  25. Several people are injured as explosion rocks Southgate Tube station in London with locals evacuated form their homes as police probe 'suspicious packages' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5862467/Police-rush-scene-small-explosion-Southgate-Tube-Station.html

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