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  1. Officers from the National Crime Agency have carried out a series of raids across London as part of an investigation into an organised crime group suspected of using victims of modern slavery to operate cannabis farms. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/nca-targets-crime-group-suspected-of-operating-slave-labour-cannabis-farms
  2. https://www.openrightsgroup.org/blog/data-sharing-and-migrant-women-reporting-abuse/ If an illegal immigrant reports domestic abuse, should the police report them to immigration and why or why not? On the one hand the police have a duty to uphold the law whether they agree or disagree with it, and an illegal immigrant by definition is breaking the law. On the other hand, reporting someone who has come forward about domestic abuse could discourage others in a similar position from coming forward in future. Where is the balance?
  3. https://www.justiceinspectorates.gov.uk/hmicfrs/publications/how-well-the-police-and-other-agencies-use-digital-forensics-in-their-investigations/
  4. IMO this is a very slippery slope. I studied the rise of Nazism in Germany and can see parallels already.
  5. blakey

    Another YouTuber

    Hello All, Whats your thoughts on this guy ? .
  6. SD

    Police V NHS

    Job comes in today which is trivial in nature but in theory a criminal offence. Several calls to the caller and non answer so cops are tasked to attend the address to speak to them. Person is on the way to work so officers are asked to return the next day which they do. They spend an hour speaking to the 'victim' and a crime is recorded and closed as the person doesn't wish to pursue it. The NHS would not have gone to those lengths and it is fully accepted by the public. So the question is, should police act a little more like the NHS and put the onus on the caller. You wouldn't expect a Dr to come to your house for a minor ailment after all.
  7. There's been a lot of media attention on the private Whatsapp group where police officers shared racist and derogatory messages. But should they loose their jobs over it and do the police have a right to access people's personal conversations? I agree that the Commissioner should say stop being members of these groups from a date, but to retrospectively look back at messages years old is a bit much. It's a good job these reporters don't see 90% of what is shared online, they'd have a heart attack.
  8. A man suspected of being the leading figure in an organised crime group supplying significant numbers of small boats to people smugglers has been arrested by the National Crime Agency. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/alleged-small-boats-kingpin-arrested-by-the-nca-in-east-london
  9. Hi I am hoping that some police officers here or people knowledgeable will be able to help with this matter. I was witness to and asked to take part in theft and fraud by an individual and so have all the evidence needed for the police to prosecute an individual for these crimes. I reported a serious crime involving theft and fraud over 101 due to pandemic. The police have refused to investigate claiming it's civil matter (and that I should ask the company from whom the property has been stolen to issue civil proceedings). However, it is not and I told them that the various parts of the theft act and fraud act had been violated and that this person has a very responsible position with access to venerable adults and children and if they behave in this way, then they pose a risk to these individuals. I really didn't understand why they would not investigate. I put in a complaint to PSD about their lack of investigation of these crimes and I am a victim and a witness and that this is not a civil matter. The PSD replied a few days later that what has happened is "proportionate" and it's a civil matter. I then submitted a complaint under Schedule 3 Police Reform Act, 3 day later I am again told my complaint has been investigated and recorded under Sch 3 and it is a civil matter. I don't think a sch 3 investigation has been done (as I doubt that can happen in 3 days) and I do not think it has been recorded a a crime even though the policies say that if a victim believes they have been subject of a crime, then it should be recorded as a crime - this is probably to (a) avoid having it as a crime statistic and (b) that if they log it as a crime then it will have to be investigated. So they again copy and pasted the same response to my previous complaint "civil matter etc ...". Now PSD have told me I can complain to Mayor's office of policing if I am not happy. I am very unhappy about all this. This is my first reported crime the police EVER and they have refused to investigate it or even log it as a crime which is concerning and shocking to me. Please can anyone tell me what or how can I get the police to take this seriously and investigate it as a crime. How should I word my complaint to the Mayor's office to get them to take it seriously. The person that has committed these crimes is a very dangerous character and if he's held responsible for this, it will mean that vulnerable adults and children are not at risk. I can prove these crime of theft and fraud as I was a witness and victim, but not more serious crimes I think he is up to. Thanks
  10. Police Community

    MOT Testers Manual

  11. OK folks So in the new year we are looking to have a bit of a spring clean. We'll be reviewing all forum areas and content so don't be surprised of some things move around a bit. With that in mind is there anything you would like to see more of? Less of? Something new? The forum is only as good as it's members and it you folks that make it worthwhile. All suggestions will be considered so don't hold back. I shall try to answer any questions you may have on here. but if you want to message me directly then I can assure you I will remain anonymous (if that's what you want). One we start to make any changes I shall endeavour to document them all into a new thread so you can see what was new. Anything we change or adopt from one of your suggestions you will of course where appropriate be acknowledged publicly.
  12. Anyone a Member of this EPIC ? its open to serving police officers and police staff who are due to retire or leave the service in the next 2 years or have retired or left the service (and can produce the relevant certificate of service). All applicants must agree to our vetting process to assure their integrity both in their professional and personal lives. Membership is also open to personnel from HM Government security and investigation services Annual membership is currently only £96 (less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week!)
  13. Hello, I have a question: if parents call the police at home because they seen 12 years old daughter to use drug, if during the arrest the girl becomes aggressive and resists arrest, can cop hold the girl bent over his knee to calm her with parents permission?
  14. A man has been charged with firearms offences after a loaded handgun and bullets were seized from the car he was travelling in yesterday [3 August] . https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/self-loading-pistol-and-ammunition-seized-on-motorway
  15. https://www.bbc.com/news/explainers-47475566 The powers allow officers to carry out searches without the need for "reasonable grounds". I've never really agreed with Section 60 stop and searches. Searching a person is an invasion of their privacy, and should only happen where there is demonstrable grounds to justify it and I'm worried that any expansion of Section 60 could pave the way to searches being routinely carried out without grounds.
  16. A graphic designer has been convicted of terrorising six women in an online abuse campaign. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/graduate-guilty-of-terrorising-six-women-in-online-abuse-campaign
  17. Pakistani Traffic cop arrests truck driver after a hit and run incident - YouTube
  18. I know this will probably vary depending on what kind of team you're on/role etc. When I was on response I used to carry a kit bag that could fit my hat/coat etc., along with various bits of paperwork. Being cheap, I just used a £15 holdhall from JJB, which kind of worked. Unfortunately, as it was just a holdall, paperwork and things did get tatty and now the whole bag has pretty much fallen apart after 2 years of being thrown around, so I'm looking for a replacement. What do people use as a kit bag? I know people use things of niton999 and patrol store, but from looking at some colleague's they seem to be quite huge, and looking at those websites, a bit pricey. In my current role I only spend about half my time in a vehicle, so I'm looking for something cheap and that I can just quickly grab. I was looking at something along the lines of http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004LSBYV6 Anyone with any ideas?
  19. Hey all, first post! I'm currently in the 7th week of my student training, and I'm noticing I'm sort of hovering around 60% in my in class knowledge checks and was wondering from everyones experiences what they found was the best for learning the law in terms of books? thanks! jack
  20. A recent incident in France has reignited the discussion about the often shaky relationship between those with a camera, and those with arresting powers. The security apparatus can be astonishingly camera-shy. This is a worldwide problem, as is readily verified by searching for wobbly close-ups of policemen’s palms on YouTube, but it’s certainly become an issue in France in the last few days. Looking at the UK, we quickly encounter the modern authoritarian’s favourite word in the title of the Terrorism Act 2000, which prohibits, with enormous vagueness, “a record of information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.” The Metropolitan Police’s own guidelines state that “An arrest would only be lawful if an arresting officer had a reasonable suspicion that the photographs were being taken in order to provide practical assistance to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.” It’ll be interesting to see if a blameless photographer is ever actually convicted under this law, though there are many ways to justify an arrest. Most YouTube-worthy cameraperson encounters involve “auditors,” people who film in the deliberate hope of provoking drama, which security people then obediently provide. Often both parties come off as dislikable and professional crew often take a dim view of the way it adds tension to a police-press relationship that’s already tenser than it needs to be. We could, however, also compare it to the freedom-of-navigation exercises undertaken by international navies in contested waters, which are also done, really, just to make a point. Regardless, the easiest solution is for security people to refrain from gifting the auditor the anticipated drama. It should not be too much to ask any security professional to maintain a calm and friendly demeanour in the face of provocation, and keeping a cool head will certainly result in a less embarrassing social media reaction. That being the case, let’s end with some advice for anyone with a high-visibility jacket and the imperative to ask questions of anyone with a camera. If there’s someone hanging around outside your building filming, or if private security reports someone filming the shopping centre, take a deep breath and count to ten, because in case it bears repeating yes, we are, overwhelmingly, free to shoot the police station, the private cars in the car park, people coming and going, their wives and their children and the paperwork they’ve incautiously left sticking out of a shoulder bag, and then publicise the results. And yes, if the bad guys want to do that it’s very difficult to stop them. If you’re a police officer, that’s probably quite annoying, but even the slightest degree of negativity plays directly into the hands of the person with the camera. So, smile while you’re asking your questions, because no matter how great you look in your work clothes, dayglo yellow rarely renders well on YouTube.
  21. Evening all, Just wondering if anyone has any direct experience of working for NPAS specifically as a tactical flight officer, I'm trying to view or understand the medical standards required? I figured I'd ask here before going to my own HR team to ask. Thanks in advance.
  22. I was at a crown court the other day. When going through security, the group in front (wearing suits) badged out but they still had to be searched. I though officers don't need to, or is it only while in uniform?
  23. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=srq5TnsPkd4
  24. Hi. I am currently 5 months into training and recently undertaken PST course. As part of the course you need to complete a use of force role play scenario to gain a pass. You get 3 goes at the role play and need to show various signs to gain that pass. I struggle with role play and haven't been used to conflict but when have had dealt with it okay in normal life. I am on the 3rd go and been told if don't pass this time will be made redundant. It is making me worry as got so far and have a family to provide for. Is this true? Thanks in advance.
  25. Police have been cleared of wrongdoing over an arrest - despite viral video footage showing an officer hit a man repeatedly over the head. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/west-midlands-police-officers-cleared-18396137.amp
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