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  1. Famous & Fighting Crime will give well-known rookies the chance to see what it’s really like on the beay, including football matches and busy Saturday nights https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/new-channel-4-show-features-11857556 I can't believe it. Who on earth authorised this?
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6711747/Police-officer-tracked-14-year-old-girls-address-using-social-media-raped-her.html What was he thinking, MDP must be desperate for the story to disappear.
  3. I'm not sure what to make of this... Who would have locked him up? had any laws been broken? Who would just ask him to walk away?
  4. Minnie1545926337

    ill health pension advice

    Can anyone guide to what the criteria is to be retire on ill health grounds
  5. Cathedral Bobby

    Working alone left me with PTSD

    A Cleveland officer has reported how staff shortages and working alone has left him with PTSD after tackling a person armed with a knife. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-47212662 I think he is only the tip of the iceberg.
  6. Cathedral Bobby

    Not So Special

    To end any public confusion and to acknowledge the increased professionalism and wider use of specials, has the time now come to dispense with the title 'Special'. Powers they hold are exactly the same as regulars, as are their uniforms and equipment, with the exception of the SC surmounted by the crown to distinguish them from regular colleagues. Training standards and quality of officers has improved and the public only see a police officer and not a special. Why then do we continue with this outdated term. Specials are Reserve Police Constables and for me it is time to ditch the 'Special'.
  7. Firstly I would just like to express that I fully respect Police Officers of this country for having the courage and the determination of putting their own lives on the line (I certainly wouldn't have the balls to do that) to attempt to prevent causalities and put a stop to the people who are causing harm to others. The points and the keyword where I see it as a issue though is; - Suspect (A suspect is a suspect, however that doesn't mean that person has definitely done something wrong) - So you could be potentially chasing a suspect that hasn't actually done anything wrong. I'm going to explain a scenario to help people understand what I mean exactly. The issue is if a Police Officer has witnessed someone speeding in this example I am going to use going 35mph in a 30mph zone according to his speed gun, the Police Officer operating that speed gun is likely going to take chase and stop the speeding vehicle and ask for ID and apply points onto his licence. (This isn't where the problem is just yet). Usually people will stop and accept the points etc, but there's a few individuals that don't listen and don't stop and there's those that don't want to lose their licence as maybe they already have a lot of points etc... So they see blue flashing lights and decide to get away (Here's the problem if a "Suspect" shows signs of getting away after blue flashing lights are behind them, the Police Officer has caused them to do that if it's through been scared or fear. In turn because the Police Officer has took chase and put his lights on a suspect is going to try and get away if he doesn't want to be caught. (They may use techniques such as Going on the opposite side of the road, Going through Red Lights, Speeding, Throwing objects in a attempt to distract the Police Officer it's a never ending list of what a suspect can do). Now here's the problem can the suspect really be held responsible for their actions when the suspect has clearly demonstrated that he doesn't want to stop and the Police Officer has took no notice of that and seen that he's driving recklessly and still chased causing the suspect to drive even more recklessly and maybe result in a person crossing the road's death. I see it completely as the Police Officers fault as the Police Officer caused the suspect to drive recklessly, if the suspect was driving perfectly normal at 35mph and only acted recklessly when the Police Officer made himself visible I.E through sirens, flashing blue lights that's completely the Police Officers fault. Then there's a completely different side of this as I said above a Suspect is a Suspect until proven guilty a speed gun isn't proof that someone was speeding it maybe in the eyes of the law, but I would certainly argue that a picture and a video should be required as it could be wrongly calibrated, pointed at the wrong vehicle etc.. I believe there's infinite reasons and scenarios where technology can fail, there's also a matter of what's right and what is wrong. As a example in England it's illegal to eat a Dog but in China it's legal, but who's right? Is china right and we're cruel to keep dogs for domestic purposes or are the Chinese right for ending the suffering of a dog in captivity - (Domestic)? I'm not saying that you shouldn't pursuit the person, nor am I saying i'm Anti-Police. I'm more saying I strongly believe there's other "Safer" methods should be used such as; GPS Tracking (Darts - that penetrate the vehicle and stick into it) which would result in a better outcome statistically rather than causing causalities.
  8. XA84

    Failed Medical Process

    Morning all, I'm just wondering what the standardised process is should somebody fail their police officer medical stage. I realise that this will be force specific, each case is on it's own merit and it's best to contact HR however I'm curious to hear what the normal actions are should somebody fail. I imagine that one would just be told that they can reapply in 6 months providing it is not a life long issue that would prevent you from becoming an officer or you would be placed on a back fill list? Before you ask I'm just curious of the process and haven't been failed at medical 😅 Any advice welcome! XA84
  9. Two people have been sentenced after nearly crushing a police officer with a car while trying to steal a cash machine. The ATM was dragged out of a Co-op store in Kessingland, Suffolk, on 10 September 2018, and attached to the back of a car which was later driven at police officers as they tried to escape. Det Insp Matt Adams, from Suffolk Police, said they were lucky to avoid injury with the car "almost crushing one officer". Jack Morgan, 21, of Common Road, Potton, was sentenced to five years in prison at Cambridge Crown Court for charges of burglary, theft of a motor vehicle and attempted theft of a motor vehicle. A 17-year-old boy from the Bedford area was previously sentenced at the court, where he received a detention and training order.
  10. This is seemingly another story involving police officers attempting to censor speech over matters which haven't been deemed criminal. To give Suffolk Police their due credit they have acknowledged that this was a misjudgement and are actively reviewing their processes to such complaints. Is this merely good intentions over stepping the mark? Just how far does the British concept of 'free speech' extend in today's world? Thought it'd be a worth while discussion.
  11. Thousands of police officers and civilian staff have never undergone stricter criminal record and background checks, despite the fact that they were introduced in 2006, the BBC has found. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47073883
  12. The latest police workforce statistics have just been released. Notable headlines appear to be an increase of Police Officers across E&W by 466 ( + 0.4% ) but a decrease in Special Constables by 1572 ( - 12.5%) https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/police-workforce-england-and-wales-30-september-2018
  13. Seen a lot of bike PCSO working in Soho in the last couple days and I've noticed they're wearing white traffic caps. Are they actually traffic trained and passed the exam? If anyone could shed some light, be really interesting to find out more and their role.
  14. ASCO

    What is ASCO currently working on?

    Our work Training standards ASCCO (ASCO’s predecessor) agreed national training standards for basic training for the Special Constabulary and the level required to achieve Independent Patrol Status (IPS) as part of the first National Strategy for the Special Constabulary:http://www.college.police.uk/What-we-do/Support/Citizens/Special-Constabulary/Documents/SC_Strategy_2011-16.pdf Our standard is IL4SC and we recommended this to all Forces. What’s happening now? There is still variation across the country with some forces achieving the standards and others failing to provide the basic curriculum. The planned Professional Educational Qualifications Framework (PEQF) which is being developed by the College of Policing will see substantial changes in approaches to training standards and approaches for regular officers – including graduate entry, graduate apprenticeships and work-placed assessment. We challenged the College on their suggestion that Special Constables would not need to achieve the same standards. The NPCC supported us in that position. The result is that Special Constables will have to reach the same standards as regular officers. We are now working with the College to work out how the Special Constabulary fit within these new requirements. Our policy position: we want to see all forces maintaining agreed training standards (IL4SC) for Special Constabulary officers while new national standards are being developed. We believe that all Special Constables should be supported to achieve the same standards as regular officers. Access to training ASCCO represented the Special Constabulary in the College of Policing Leadership Review resulting in the College policy that all training should be available to Special Constables as well as regular officers – regardless of rank – provided there is an appropriate business case for this. It has even been accepted that Special Constables can apply for the Strategic Command Course that prepares regular senior officers and police staff for appointments of Assistant Chief Constable or Assistant Chief Officer and above. The course is currently a full-time commitment for 4-6 months and we are keen to put forward appropriate candidates to both test the agreement and give recognition to the skills and value offered by the Special Constabulary. There is currently considerable national variation in the way that Special Constables are trained and deployed. Some forces put Special Constables into Neighbourhood Policing and don’t allow them to do response work. Others utilize Special Constabulary primarily on response. Some train to Public Order Level II standards and deploy in that role while others deploy without training to this standard. An increasing number of forces are now being more imaginative and using the skills of Special Constables in investigation, cyber-crime and economic crime or in other specialist roles like Mounted policing or marine units. We believe that the police service would be enriched by greater access by Special Constables to the variety of roles in which they have been shown to have a positive impact. We have written formally to the College of Policing CEO to ask that the College set standards and training requirements across Special Constabulary ranks. The power for the College to do this was written in to the Policing and Crime Act 2017 because of our lobbying with the Home Office and Policing Minister. Our policy position: we want the College of Policing to set standards and training requirements across Special Constabulary ranks as they for regular police ranks to ensure Special Constables have the opportunity to demonstrate they can achieve the same standards as regular officers and have access to training to support them to do so. Taser We have challenged the decision of the Professional Committee not to give Special Constables Tasers and have encouraged the NPCC to review their approach. Chief Constables will vote in July on whether Special Constables should be trained and equipped with Taser if they want that and it’s appropriate to their role. Our policy position: Special Constables deployed to roles in which regular officers would be equipped with Taser should have access to appropriate training and equipment to be similarly equipped and protected to regular colleagues Rank Structure National surveys of attrition of the Special Constabulary demonstrate that a Special Constabulary rank structure is critical to maintaining the supervision and support that enables and encourages Special Constables to give their free time to policing. However, forces regularly question the need for these structures. We work to emphasise the importance of a Special Constabulary rank structure in national standards development. We also work with individual forces to spread our experience of what works to retain and support volunteers. For example, we recently met with a DCC in a force that did not have a rank structure which resulted in a change in approach and a new rank structure being implemented. We were also asked to support the Met Special Constabulary when a publicly available report recommended that ranks be removed. We assisted the Chief Officer to prepare a rebuttal to the findings of that report, which was then reported by Police Oracle. We then drafted the recommended roles for each rank and that was used to get agreement to retain the rank structure. Our policy position: we want all forces to adopt and support a Special Constabulary rank structure that provides effective leadership to the Special Constabulary and helps Special Constables to feel valued and supported Well-being We signed up to the Mind Blue Light mental health campaign. Equality and diversity In the first national benchmarking exercise 14% of SCs left the service because they felt discriminated against. We want to maximise the contribution that people of all backgrounds and communities can bring to the police service to create a wider service that is genuinely representative, accountable and legitimate. Our priorities Increase diversity of our membership to ensure we are representing all Special Constables to contribute to the service and maximising the potential to increase wider diversity within the service. · We will increase our understanding of the experience of Special Constables who are minorities within the service (in particular we lack information about the experience of disabled SCs - research, exit interview process) · We will seek the views of diverse groups in our contribution to national strategy and policy (develop diversity network / forum) · We will work to reduce differential attrition rates of minority groups within the Special Constabulary · We will work to increase representation of Special Constables from diverse backgrounds in leadership positions · We will work with others to develop welfare support arrangements for Special Constables experiencing discrimination Enabling factors – rank structure, standardized promotions processes, We are supporting the ‘He for She’ campaign for gender equality
  15. A police officer was allegedly sexually assaulted by a man she was trying to arrest on suspicion of attempted rape, South Yorkshire Police said. The officer and a colleague were also hit with a wooden sign after they were called to investigate an incident in Scotland Street, Sheffield, on Friday. A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted rape, assault, sexual assault, and criminal damage. He remains in police custody, a force spokesperson said. Ch Insp Lydia Lynskey said the officers, one of whom was left severely bruised, had shown "immense bravery" in dealing with "a dangerous and violent situation". Both officers are recovering at home, she added. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-43933664
  16. A bouncer at a private party in London's exclusive Mayfair district was knifed to death as 2019 got off to a bloody start in the capital. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6544109/Woman-shot-gunman-opens-fire-inside-nightclub.html
  17. Leonalia

    West Midlands Special Recruitment 208

    Hi all! Hoping someone may be able to advise! I have been looking for details of the stages involved in Specials Selection at West Midlands in 2018. So far I have completed: • Online application • Specials Online assessment (Video interview & online values based assessment Have also been offered a combined appointment for fitness testing, biometric testing and photo in the new year. I would really appreciate any advice as to where I currently am in the process (what’s left!)? Are there further assessments or is this now at pre-offer checks? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  18. SnowBall

    MOD Police transfers 2019

    Has anyone heard anything about whether MOD police will open up transfers again in the near future? Understand this is a bit of a crystal ball question but I know on a sister forum you have a member MDPREC whom may peruse this forum under a different username. JD
  19. Police have released footage of officers being surrounded by up to 100 teenagers in a town centre and 'appalling' scenes as a number of them launched an attack. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6444527/Shocking-moment-police-attacked-bricks-fireworks-100-CHILDREN.html
  20. I'm looking at getting myself a warm layer for the winter period as I froze last year (and the year before). The fleeces we are issued with in work aren't much good. I've been looking at Keela, Snugpak, Montane and Buffalo. Some of the options are a little pricey. Does anyone know of any brands that offer a discount to Police/Emergency Services in the UK? Thanks
  21. The chairman called his behaviour 'disgraceful'. Date - 2nd October 2018 By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle 3 Comments A Met police officer persuaded a young man he did not need a solicitor for a criminal interview and then phoned his father about “rumours” he had been falsely accused in a bid to rectify the damage, a misconduct panel have ruled. PC Clifford Fox, based at Hackney, was responsible for transferring Joey Doherty, now 26, from Wood Green police station to Stoke Newington after he was arrested on February 23, 2014. Mr Doherty asked for a lawyer when he was first taken into custody but later changed his mind. Legally qualified chairman Christopher McKay ruled PC Fox, who has served 14 years in the police, did advise Mr Doherty not to ask for a lawyer as this would slow the process down and mistakenly told him accepting a simple caution would not impact his plans to travel to America. He then called Joey’s father, Trevor, out of the blue and told him about rumours Joey was falsely accused and said the officer Joey received a caution for punching “was always lying and making up evidence”. Joey’s caution was later cancelled and the officer PC Fox referred to went through a lengthy investigation. The officer was cleared of all wrongdoing - but not before he left the police service. According to Mr McKay, Mr Doherty’s struggle with the officer ensued after he told him the police could not give him a lift home. Mr McKay found allegations of gross misconduct proven against the police officer and dismissed him without notice. “The fact that PC Fox discouraged Joey Doherty from receiving legal advice was in itself a serious departure from the standards of professional behaviour required of a police officer,” he said. “This was then compounded by PC Fox attempting to undermine the validity of the caution by questioning the veracity of a fellow officer. “The MPS relies on cooperation and respect amongst its officers. “The criminal justice system depends on the integrity of police officers. “PC Fox undermined both these fundamental principls by his actions.” Neither was the panel impressed by the argument PC Fox should be credited for getting Joey’s caution cancelled - the panel believed there was evidence against Joey. Mr McKay added: “The panel gives PC Fox credit for his good character and makes allowances for his obvious nervousness. “However the panel was of the opinion that PC Fox sought to minimise his culpability and repeatedly claimed to have acted with the best of intentions but in the wrong way. “The panel finds that PC Fox was trying to rectify a serious error of judgement which he had made and did this in a wholly unprofessional and malicious way. “ PC Fox was criticised for displaying a “want of integrity” and Mr McKay said the public would be “shocked” to learn how he ignore official guifance about dealing with an arrested person. Mr McKay called his actions “disgraceful” and said the language he used to describe his colleague to Trevor Doherty was “insulting and demeaning and highly unprofessional”. PC Fox produced 17 character references from colleagues, local residents’ representatives, community leaders, friends and members of the public but the panel concluded personal mitigation has limited impact in police misconduct cases. His lawyer declined to comment. The panel took two working days in which to reach its verdict and the hearing was plagued with technical issues which threatened Police Oracle’s ability to report on proceedings. Press and public are required to watch misconduct proceedings in a separate building to the Empress State Building, where hearings are hosted, via video link which frequently breaks down and cuts out. Police Oracle has made MPS aware on several occasions the poor quality of the equipment is compromising the principle of open justice and the government’s mandate to host the hearings in public. After a two day wait for the outcome of the hearing, the video link broke down completely and no audio or image was transmitted to the viewing room. By the time the MPS arranged for our reporter to enter the Empress State Building, the panel had withdrawn to consider what sanctions should be imposed. Mr McKay eventually announced now-former PC Fox was to be dismissed but said he could not give reasons because of “IT problems”. Initially Mr Mckay would not consent to allowing Police Oracle to see a copy of the document from which he read during the public hearing and insisted the document be redacted. Police Oracle has contacted the MPS for a comment about the way the videolink service is compromising public access to the hearings. View On Police Oracle
  22. A life-size cut-out of a police officer used to deter drivers from speeding has been stolen from an Edinburgh street. The cardboard effigy, dubbed Pop-up Bob, has been used by communities for four years to try to cut offending. It was stolen from Lower Granton Road between 14:15 and 16:00 on Sunday. Police Scotland are appealing for witnesses. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-46262509 ok, who stole the police officer? 🤣
  23. Ian Naude: Cheshire PC convicted of raping 13-year-old girl 15 November 2018 Image copyright Cheshire Police Image caption Ian Naude admitted having sex with the teenager, but said it was consensual A policeman described as a "committed paedophile" has been convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl. PC Ian Naude, 30, joined Cheshire Constabulary "to gain the keys to a sweetshop" through access to potential victims, Liverpool Crown Court heard. The rape, which took place in his car, was filmed on his mobile phone. Footage of the attack was played to the jury. It has emerged Naude was already being investigated for sex offences when he became a student officer in April 2017. How a predatory paedophile become a PC Naude, of Market Drayton in Shropshire, was also found guilty of four charges of attempting to arrange the commission of a child sex offence and one charge of arranging a child sex offence, relating to five complainants aged between 12 and 15. The father of one, originally from South Africa, previously admitted 31 offences relating to grooming underage girls via a fake Facebook and Snapchat profile. Image copyright Cheshire Police Image caption Naude raped the girl after being called to her home to attend a domestic incident Cheshire Constabulary said Naude had passed the vetting process in October 2016 but that allegations of sex offences being investigated by two neighbouring forces in early 2017 did not get picked up. Latest news from the West Midlands During his two-week trial, Naude denied rape and sexual assault as he claimed the sex with the 13-year-old girl was consensual and that she "seemed to be enjoying it". The court was told he met the girl after he was called to her house over a domestic incident in October 2017. After looking her up on Facebook and exchanging sexual messages and photos, he returned to her home three days later. He picked her up while her mother was out and drove her to a country lane where he attacked her. Image copyright Cheshire Police Image caption Naude used names including "Bruce Wayne" and "King of the North" on fake profiles Naude deleted more than 750 photos from his phone after an "administrative error" meant he had been copied into emails relating to the police investigation into his conduct. He also concealed other devices including a second phone and a laptop in a field in Market Drayton. Cheshire Constabulary said this had "frustrated" and "set back" the investigation. Texts sent by Naude revealed a pattern, always starting conversations with "Hi, you look pretty and interesting", before quickly demanding nude images and threatening to expose girls to their friends if they refused. Image copyright Cheshire Police Image caption Naude threatened to expose his victims if they did not comply with his demands Cheshire Police's Det Ch Supt Aaron Duggan said Naude "joined police intentionally to commit this type of offending. "We know from our investigation that he's a sexual predator, a groomer and he's also a chancer." Acting Chief Constable Janette McCormick said she believed Naude had been working alone but it would be "naive" to think there were not other offenders within Cheshire Police. She has also said the force is now investigating other potential offences by Naude. Rape accused PC said girl 'enjoyed it' 'Paedophile' PC 'demanded nude pictures' 'Paedophile' PC 'raped teenage girl' Judge Clement Goldstone warned Naude he faced a "very significant sentence" and that even his defence conceded he had been "fairly depicted... as a cold, uncaring, selfish and cruel paedophile". An NSPCC spokesperson said it was "evil" of Naude to "shamelessly label it [the rape] consensual". Naude will be sentenced on 13 December. View the full article
  24. grumeister

    Freemasonry in the job

    Hello all Saw a similar thread on the other site and found it quite interesting. Just wondering if there were any masons on here who are serving regular officers? How do you juggle your lodge meetings with the different shift patterns? Thanks
  25. This is the shocking moment an armed robber dragged a policeofficer out of her patrol car and threw her to the ground in a 'ferocious' attack while ransacking a Tesco Express. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/cctv-shows-shocking-moment-armed-robber-drags-police-officer-from-patrol-car-as-he-is-jailed-for-14-a3976376.html

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