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  1. Several police officers have been taken to hospital after being sprayed with an unknown liquid in what is being described as a “deplorable” attack in Derby city centre. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/apr/22/police-officers-attacked-derby-city-centre
  2. Stephen Maize

    Police help

    People on here have been trying to help me with my problems. Do you think they will always strive to do so?
  3. Stephen Maize

    Donate to uk police forces

    How can I donate and help the uk police forces?
  4. Do you get reminded that carrying weapons in self defence is not acceptable off duty as part of your police training? The reason why I ask because when we are fearful or scared of an attack we often break the law. Are police reminded not to break the law off duty during courses offered at the police college? Especially in police training in police colleges, Such as the police college at bramhill. arming yourself off duty is unacceptable.
  5. Stephen Maize

    My viewpoints

    Well it realistically would depend on the circumstances, simply saying its illegal could be incorrect in certain circumstances, however such an occurrence would be exceptionally rare.  Whats the obsession with this topic? Dear Funkywingnut, What is the obsession? first I’m an American, I’m surrounded by American gun culture. You said, Well it realistically would depend on the circumstances, simply saying its illegal could be incorrect in certain circumstances, however such an occurrence would be exceptionally rare. You said: Well it realistically would depend on the circumstances, simply saying its illegal could be incorrect in certain circumstances, however such an occurrence would be exceptionally rare. which is true. You do have the right to defend yourself in your home and on the street.  luckily, riots are very rare. Riots are a break down in law and order. can people carry a weapon during riots to protect oneself? Yes, but I must admit it can be difficult to see who the bad guy is or the good guy is if one is carrying. What is reasonable excuse? Police would have a difficult time knowing a rioter from a law abiding person. I understand you can’t chase a person down the street for threatening you even in a riot as a bbc website says. That is correct. I’m glad that Britain (England and Wales) does not allow people to carry weapons for self defence. I wish America was more like Britain. If such a law was proposed in the United States, I would support it wholeheartedly. If I had a choice I would move to Britain, there I wouldn’t have to worry or wonder if someone is carrying a gun. Which, to me is waste of time. It’s stupid to carry a weapon for self defence. You are more likely to get killed. I must say, outside of riots. In times of peace, If someone was arrested for carrying a weapon for fear of being attacked or just carrying a weapon, I wouldn’t feel sympathetic in the slightest. Remember, I don’t support people carrying weapons for self defence. i hope I have made this clear. im sorry if I caused you any trouble. All I wanted was to explain my beliefs. We all make mistakes, we are all human. Can we shake hands? And forgive each Other? No hard feelings?  Sincerely, Stephen Maize his response was Stephen, Having worked with Americans quite a bit, I am well aware of the differences in approach, sarcasm, humour and interpretation. For example the use of sarcasm in the UK along with expletives is extremely common, as are rhetorical comments. The US approach is a very literal one, which is quite different to that of the UK. Now I’m not criticising either it’s just an observation. This is a UK based forum, therefore the approach and language used is consistent with that. If I have given the impression that this is somehow personal, please accept my apologies, I am a Police Officer, I never take anything personal. We haven’t had a falling out, we just have different opinions, and that’s fine, it sparks debate after all. Self defence in the UK is worlds apart than that of the US, the UK has far more in common with other European countries than the US in the respect of law and order. I am content to discuss this with anyone, but my experience tells me that reading case law alone will not give you the full answer. Again, please do not consider us as enemies, we are simply debating.  Hope your are well so so there is no hard feelings between us and understanding that the us view uk view are worlds apart I understand that all the police are trying to do is help me in my understanding
  6. fellanomore

    Leaving the Police

    Evening all, Looking for advice. I am just wondering what people's experiences were after leaving the Police and their chosen career paths? Before people advice me on the benifits of the pension and job security...I am already well aware, however I think life is far to short to be un-happy. For some, its a dream job but for myself I find myself waking up at 11am after a nightshift asking myself why I am doing this? In fact, everyshift whilst commuting a fair old way to duplicate paperwork. I unfortunately don't get the same satisfaction out of this job as others. Any advice welcome. Cheers T
  7. A McDonald’s doorman was arrested for allegedly posing as a police officer, complete with stab vest, handcuffs and body camera. https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/15/mcdonalds-security-guard-arrested-impersonating-police-officer-9215459/
  8. Stephen Maize

    Viewpoints shared with police

    If at a meeting the chief constables said “This is what we believe and is our viewpoint on the matter”. This was agreed on at the meeting. Does this mean the viewpoint is shared with people of other police ranks lower than chief constables prior to the meeting ? Sorry, for being vague.
  9. Minnie1545926337


    I was diagnosed with ptsd last year. The trauma is not work related. I am currently off work and heading towards no pay.Both medication and counselling has not worked for me. I am pinning my hope on some therapy that is due to start soon. my question is what happens if this doesn’t work? I would have then exhausted every treatment option. My gp has indicated I’m not fit for policing anymore and I’m scared I will be off work on no pay and forgotten about because I’m costing nothing. Can work keep me on no pay forever? I had never anticipated to be on long term sick. thanks in advance
  10. JPTR1

    Foreign partner and vetting

    Hi I am currently undergoing the vetting procedure, and have out of the blue received an email asking to disclose information about my relationship status. I have a girlfriend who lives in another country. Any idea if this might be a conflict/issue? I have disclosed all information honestly about my relationship in reply, just wondering? Thanks
  11. AHussain

    Police ride along

    Hello, I was watching a video about the interview procedure for the CNC, a good point was made about actually going to the police and going for a ride along. I have heard this is not always allowed due to insurance. Has anyone ever gone for a ride along? I was thinking or trying and if I dont get in then I can just speak to a constable or who is in charge some questions. What types of questions would you say are good to ask. I am not experienced and dont want to ask silly questions. Thanks in advanced
  12. Stephen Maize

    Reforms under police act 1964

    Was it necessary to bring smaller police forces into larger forces? Did it make police forces more efficient? People write books about these things but sometimes they leave parts out because they have an agenda. Some people do this deliberately. Does it make you angry that people only tell part of a story? If people would tell the whole story, not just rubbish, people like you would not have to correct them and clean up the mess.
  13. Hello, I am back on this website and this time more determined. I failed my attempt in joining police Scotland but wont let this get me down. I decided to try and apply for the CNC Police. Has anyone here worked or work there. What would be the process? I have set tests which were for a police officer, would the same tests be applied joining the CNC ? If someone can explain the process that would be really helpful? The fitness test is slightly harder but I will work harder to achieve it. Thank you om advanced
  14. Stephen Maize

    Police Recorded Crime

    The National Crime Recording Standard artificially increase crime when it was introduced in 2002. Violence against the person increased from 502,000 in 1998/99 to 845,000 in 2004. was it an artificial increase? Americans tend to say that the Firearms Act 1997 increased crime and that banned pistols increased it. Police targeting gang activity might have increased crime. Do you think the increased crime rate is police targeting gangs during this time? Without the introduction of the National Crime Recording Standard, the crime rate would probably have shown falls rather than increases. this is my interpretation. I had to take out harassment and religious/racial harassment which didn’t become a crime until 1998. The NCRS artificially increased violence against the person by 23%. The Home Office estimated the first year of NCRS, the total would have been 545,731 without it. The NCRS increases against what it would have been for 2003/04 and beyond is beset with difficulties. If it wasn’t for the NCRS, police recorded crime probably would have been closer to my estimates. violence against the person 2002 without NCRS -23% 545731-33,002 512729 population 52602143 974.7 0.9% 2003/04 615420-40522 574898 2004/05 651168-52117 599051 2005/06 594093-57192 536901 2006/07 521659-58120 463509 2007/08 425918-54531 371387 2008/09 351661-50758 300903 2009/10 296660-55329 241331 2010/11 229756-53144 176612 2011/12 166324-49766 116558 2012/13 111800-56032 55768 98.5 0.09% 2013/14 58874 2014/15 72190 2015/16 95896 2016/17 114036 194.1 0.1%-0.2%
  15. Stephen Maize

    Police recorded crime under 10

    If criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10 years of age. What do we do with children under 10, who have committed a crime? What about the cruelty to children category?
  16. Hello, The dream has come a crushing end. I had hoped to pass this time and join the police. I had dreams and aspirations but it was not meant to be. I have been in shock these 2 days. I had made 2 attempts on the SET before and failed badly. This time, I was better but it was not enough, funnily enough I had passed my maths during my last attempt, so I only had to resit 2 papers. I was in the process of moving home and had to juggle moving and also studying. It is no excuse however. I have been keeping myself with the house moving, so I have not had time to sit and cry basically lol. I am honestly in such disbelief, I left the test centre with high hopes and was really happy. Now every time I see a police patrol car, it makes me really sad that it could have been me. I think I was too nervous and panicked. I dont like that you only get 3 attempts at the SET. Here was my scores on the test papers. Please I hope that no one laughs, I suffer with learning disabilities also. SECTION MARKS PASS MARK YOUR SCORE MARKS PASS MARK YOUR SCORE MARKS PASS MARK YOUR SCORE Marks available Pass Mark Your Score Language 40 24 19 Information Handing 24 24 16 12
  17. A colleague has approached me who isn't on the forum, they're doing their first ever L2 course and want to know some do's and do not's and any helpful tips you fine lot may have for them? FYI: I will be sending screenshots of your posts to them but I will remove everything other than the raw text which you write. (No usernames, forum URLs, etc) Cheers
  18. Cathedral Bobby

    Personal Safety Training

    Looking at the number concerns raised around the quality/quantity of PST I start to wonder what is actually being delivered by different forces. Within the cathedral constabularies we receive two full days annually of PST, which generally covers unarmed techniques, rigid handcuffs and tactical baton training. Although these are repeated on every occasion they occasionally include cell/vehicle extraction (not that we have any), leg restraints etc. We do not have PAVA so don't cover this. We also have a written knowledge check test which must be passed along with competency assessment. We receive separate first aid training so this does not form part of PST. From some Home Office force colleagues I have spoken to it appears some officers only get one day annual refresher and in one force this includes first aid. Now the quality of instruction we receive is excellent, however, I think two days annually is insufficient, never mind one. I just wondered what the picture was nationally, and if officers are receiving only one day training annually isn't it any wonder injuries to officers are sky high. I know some posters are PST instructors so I would particularly welcome hearing from them.
  19. Hi everyone, i recently completed my senior interview with Essex Police and was succesful. They are currently trying to get me onto an intake on the 7th of May, providing my personal and business references all check out. I am moving to a different county for work (from Cornwall, all the way to Essex). I am wondering whether any help is provided to trainee's in that regard? I have heard that some forces provide accomodation to training PC's, and perhaps other staff, but am not sure if this is still a thing. If not, I am confused as to how the system works, since Essex is a large county, if i locate and rent accomodation in Chelmsford (where the college is located), i might be in a tough position when allocated a locality for working day-to-day. Any help greatly appreciated!
  20. I had an argument with a shop keeper today becusdr they refused to refund a product that was clearly right for a refund. The shop staff said to me when I was walking out they are calling police to issue Pins harrasment notice. Can arguing about a refund really be harrasment to someone.
  21. Viral video footage showing a man "being restrained" in a room by officers is being investigated by a police force https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/west-midlands-police-release-statement-15952336 This video has gone viral over the weekend however some comments online that it may have been staged or is a fake despite West Midlands police saying it involves their officers. Interesting to see what outcome their is.
  22. Famous & Fighting Crime will give well-known rookies the chance to see what it’s really like on the beay, including football matches and busy Saturday nights https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/new-channel-4-show-features-11857556 I can't believe it. Who on earth authorised this?
  23. I'm not sure what to make of this... Who would have locked him up? had any laws been broken? Who would just ask him to walk away?
  24. Cathedral Bobby

    Working alone left me with PTSD

    A Cleveland officer has reported how staff shortages and working alone has left him with PTSD after tackling a person armed with a knife. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-47212662 I think he is only the tip of the iceberg.

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