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Found 964 results

  1. Surrey Are recruiting!

    So I've just noticed that surrey are recruiting Police officers, I'm popping an Application in now as I move down there to start another job in September but would much prefer this one! Anyone else applying?
  2. Have noticed that parts of posts in restricted parts of the forum (like the writing room) are visible from the unread tab in the app as shown in the screenshot. I've not seen this before but can't pinpoint exactly when it started, maybe about a week or so ago. Version is 5.0.11 running on Android 7.0. It won't show the actual post when I tap on it but seems to be fairly consistent across these passworded sub-forums, not just the writing room.
  3. Police are investigating after an officer appeared ‘to flip the bird’ at an illegal biker who was laughing in the face of the law. Full Story - Birmingham Mail This story is absurd on so many levels i don't know where to start, however good to see the officer getting support from his CC, instead of a witchhunt being launched because of a video on social media.
  4. Scotland Yard officers have used force against a disproportionately large number of black people in recent months. Official figures released on Tuesday showed that the number of people of every other ethnic group against whom force was used was relatively low. Full Story - Guardian
  5. I have noticed a couple of news articles recently like this and this where police officers have received alot of criticism for their views on political/work issues. Recently there has also been issues where officers have been engaging with people like Lee Jasper, Twitter had banned Jasper for a while on Twitter, however he is now back and has retaliated by posting the name and station address of Sgt Harry Trevithick Tangye on his blog post. So generally speaking is Twitter worth the trouble? Should police officers be getting involved in political/social debates on Twitter? Is engaging with the likes of Jasper a good idea? My views are that Twitter is a fantastic tool, i do enjoy reading Tweets which are more than the bog standard cooperate views, and officers tweets their own thoughts gives an interesting insight. But where do you draw the line?
  6. This is the dramatic moment a gang RAMS a police car, injuring the officers in a desperately bid to escape. Birmingham Mail Birmingham seems to be turning into London, massive issues with knife crime, gangs running riot, more and more people aggressively challenging police officers. Or it could be that the media are picking up more of the negative stuff than before.
  7. Police Scotland Application

    Hi everyone, If anyone has been or is currently going through the Police Scotland recruitment process especially through West Command could they give me a bit of help. I sent my application back in April and got my confirmation of receipt on April 28th and it was a long wait until the 2nd of August when I was told I had passed the paper sift. They said it may take some time to provide me with a further update however I was wondering do you get invited to the initial fitness test within a few weeks from that email or do you still have to wait another few months? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Also I'm not sure what tags are or how they work so I just stuck Police Scotland in.
  8. Hello all, Thought it would be a good idea as a fellow applicant myself to create a discussion for the recent ongoing (and upcoming) recruitment drives which plan to put new police officers in place for 2017/18. Here we can discuss anything in regards to Derbyshire Constabulary. Has anybody else been successful so far in recruitment? You're welcome
  9. A large gang of masked protesters have clashed with riot police after blocking a busy east London road in an angry protest over the death of Rashan Charles. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/masked-gang-blockade-kingsland-road-and-intimidate-drivers-in-flash-protest-at-death-of-rashan-a3599091.html
  10. A former race and equalities adviser to Ken Livingston has provoked outrage after he tweeted an 'offensive' image of a husband and gun-toting wife, who he said is what 'you need when you get pulled over by racist cops Full Story - Daily Mail
  11. Fire brigade to attend calls alongside police to help treat victims, as services step up action on crimes involving corrosive liquids https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jul/24/london-acid-attacks-police-given-1000-emergency-response-kits
  12. A teenager was stabbed after violence erupted at an illegal street rave on a south London estate Full Story - Evening Standard Shocking bit from the article was; " “As soon as the police car turned up the crowd basically set on him. They trashed his police car, windows were smashed in on it and everything.”
  13. A 16-year-old boy is in a critical condition after a collision between a marked police car and a moped being ridden by three boys. Full Story - Guardian
  14. A foul-mouthed yob verbally abused police for 14 minutes in a sickening tirade after a meltdown on a train. Full Story - Daily Mail What a foul mouthed idiot, 56 year old man with such a foul mouth.
  15. Emergency SMS

    I see Metro have released an article regarding texting 999 http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/26/how-to-silently-alert-police-or-an-ambulance-in-an-emergency-6664488/ I thought this was intended for people with hearing or speech issues, maybe it is being opened to everyone? Although this website still seems to suggest it is for specific people http://www.emergencysms.org.uk/ Anyone know any more about this? What about the tap 55 option, is that widely used/supported across 999 call centres?
  16. THIS is the horrific moment a handcuffed woman attempted to wriggle out of a police car window and then spat in cops’ faces. Full Story - The Sun Disgusting lady, she sounds like a spoilt little brat. No self respect or respect for police. The crowd enjoying the action and chanting away, beggars belief.
  17. Is is dinner time yet?

    Here's a conversation we've had before, more than once. So what time is dinner time? In my house we have : Breakfast - In the morning when you get up Lunch or Lunchtime - Middle of the day. A smaller meal to keep you going until the main meal of the day Dinner - Usually around 5pm to 6pm and the main meal of the day. Usually the largest amount of food in one sitting Supper - Later in the evening, usually a very light snack before retiring to bed Now I know some people say that dinner time is mid day but this is just wrong although that is my opinion. So what time is your dinner and how are your meals spread out and titled?
  18. Dough! Texas cookie store SUSPENDS teenage employee who paid for cop's brownie after another customer called him RACIST for not receiving same treatment! A Texas teenager was suspended from his cookie store job after a customer became upset when he paid for a police officer's order. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4678772/Cookie-store-suspends-teen-paid-police-officer.html
  19. Home Visit

    It's been a while since I've posted on this blog, mainly because nothing's been happening. I attended my medical which went smoothly, but involved waiting for 4 hours with other candidates in the piping hot waiting room of a converted semi detached. Aside from that it's just been chasing up references and trying to extend my son's vocabulary past "dog", "mum", "dad" and "gone" (which is apparently now a noun used to refer to a bin) Late this morning I got a call from my local Neighbourhood Sergeant asking for a home visit. Nearly an hour later and the kettle was on and I was panic shaving the mess that I haven't bothered to touch since my interview at the start of the month. The home visit was the part of the process that really intrigued me, having not made it to this stage before it was a complete unknown although some of the saints on here gave me at least an inkling of what to expect. The first test was a fairly simple one - white tea none. I didn't get any feedback on that but there was no vomiting so I'm taking it as a pass The visit essentially consisted of an ID check, around 20 questions designed to find out my attitudes towards drugs, binge drinking and right wing political groups as well as making sure that there was nothing that I hadn't failed to declare on my vetting forms. The questions were fairly formal, but after they were out the way I had an opportunity to sit and have a cuppa with a serving supervisor who could answer any questions about the job in a formal setting. Just the vetting to wait back on now so hopefully this time next week I'll have a final offer of employment Hopefully...
  20. HuffPost UK shadowed on-call officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Richmond Borough Police to see how budget cuts have affected the force’s front lines while the national threat level was raised to critical. Full Story - Huffington Post Interesting article.
  21. A police officer was threatened with a shotgun in a south London alleyway while his colleague had a moped driven at him. Full Story - Evening Standard Wow Shame the youths got away!
  22. Image copyrightAFP Image captionMillions of travellers could be affected by the crisis The Brazilian authorities have suspended the issuing of new passports because of a budget crisis. The Federal Police, which usually issue passports within six working days, said it would not accept any new applications made after Tuesday. One of Brazil's prosecutors blamed President Michel Temer's budget cuts. Brazil is suffering its worst recession in decades. The government said emergency funds for passports would be debated this week. In a statement late on Tuesday, the federal police said the decision to stop issuing new passports "stems from a dearth of funds earmarked to the activities of migratory control and the issuance of travel documents". Passport application charges range from 260 reais ($79; £61) for a 10-year passport to 350 reais ($106; £83) for express processing. One of Brazil's top prosecutors, Carlos Lima, accused the government of trying to stifle the police by cutting their funding. Federal police are investigating the involvement of the country's business and political elite in a corruption scheme centred on the state oil company, Petrobras. "Who wins with this? The investigative team has been reduced," Mr Lima said. The announcement comes as President Temer's government tries to rein in spending as part of an effort to address a deep fiscal deficit. Brazil's budget ministry has proposed extra funds to help ease the strain on passport issuance and has urged the Congress, who have to approve the measure, to vote as early as next week. Brazil is currently approaching the winter holiday season - a peak travel period. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-40438147
  23. July/October Intakes

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know what the situation with the July regulars intake is? Will people who applied in February be on it or will they be put on the October intake? Cheers
  24. Hi all. Just wondering if there are any Dyfed powys people on here for the proposed April 2017 PC intake? I'm aware that new recruits started this week from discussions and posts on here. Has anyone heard any details on how many posts are available? A start date, etc....... Or any info really? Thanks
  25. Man killed after Wood Green 'intelligence-led' police operation 12 minutes ago From the section London Image copyrightPA Image caption The shooting happened in Bracknell Close A man shot during a police operation in north London has died, Scotland Yard has said. Armed officers were in Bracknell Close, Wood Green, at about 09:00 GMT when a man received gunshot wounds, police said. The Met said the operation was "intelligence-led" but not related to terrorism. It added the Directorate of Professional Standards - its internal investigator - had been informed. Image copyrightJosephine McDermott Image copyrightKepceKazan-Lndn Image caption A Twitter user reported seeing 'police everywhere' and a medical helicopter An air ambulance was called to the scene but the man was confirmed dead shortly before 10:30 GMT. BBC London Live for latest updates on this and today's other stories There were no reports of any other injuries. One Twitter user reported seeing "police everywhere" and a "medical helicopter". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-35070431

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