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Found 1,035 results

  1. The first prosecution for spitting at a police officer under new laws has collapsed after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) ruled it was not in the public interest. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/08/21/first-prosecution-spitting-police-officer-new-assault-laws-collapses/
  2. crossing  guard

    Police cruiser

    A police car also called a police cruiser, patrol car, cop car, prowler, squad car, radio car, or radio motor patrol RMP is a ground vehicle used by police for transportation during patrols and to enable them to respond to incidents and chases.
  3. crossing  guard


    Hi there I did random patrols in Wawa Ontario Canada here 15 minutes ago and there’s nothing to report on anyone there was just a few speeding drivers that’s about it the speed limit in the city of wawa is only 50km a hour I made serveral reports to Wawa OPP and they are doing a great job in pulling over the speeding drivers in town here giving the general public a warning
  4. crossing  guard


    Hi there did my random patrols in Wawa Ontario Canada there’s nothing to report here in Wawa Ontario Canada keep up the good attitude general public
  5. A police officer has suffered "severe facial injuries" while trying to detain a suspect in the Staple Hill area of Bristol. https://news.sky.com/story/police-officer-suffers-severe-injuries-while-detaining-suspect-in-bristol-11790519
  6. UPDATED 11:25 PC Andrew Harper: Police officer killed while investigating burglary https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49368649 Image copyright Google Image caption The incident happened at the crossroads of Ufton Lane and Lambdens Hill, near to Sulhamstead A police officer has been killed while attending a reported burglary. PC Andrew Harper, of Thames Valley Police, died at about 23:30 BST on Thursday near the A4 Bath Road between Reading and Newbury in Berkshire. Ten men aged between 13 and 30 have been arrested on suspicion of murder and are currently in custody at various police stations across the area. A murder investigation has been launched and a cordon is in place at the crossroads near to Sulhamstead. Deputy Chief Constable Jason Hogg said: "As a force we are devastated at the loss of our colleague and will all be supporting each other at this difficult time." Andy Fiddler, from Thames Valley Police Federation, said: "This is totally devastating news. "All our thoughts - and the thoughts of the entire police family across the UK - are with the family, friends and close colleagues of PC Andrew Harper who died last night. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49368649
  7. Hundreds of blobby bobbies are not fit enough for the job, a Sunday Mirror investigation can reveal. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/hundreds-police-not-fit-enough-17483097
  8. All your questions regarding torches can be found and answered here.
  9. SergeantAngel

    Transfer Overseas

    Has anyone here made the decision to transfer as a UK Police Officer to AUS, New Zealand or Canada? I'm aware of previous recruitment drives although currently I can not find any recent processes (In last few years). All appear to require permanent residency status, although if sponsored like the previous drives, the process is a lot simpler and you have a guaranteed offer of employment. Is there somewhere that you can see all Overseas Transfer opportunities? Instead of going onto each forces website. I'm not absolutely committed at the moment but if an opportunity came up, I'd definitely take it.
  10. Police have come under attack in the New Lodge area of north Belfast, after being sent to support contractors ordered to remove a bonfire. https://www.itv.com/news/utv/2019-08-08/psni-attend-new-lodge-bonfire-as-contractors-tasked-with-removal/
  11. A lip-syncing policeman has put smiles on revellers' faces during a pride event with his flawless rendition of a Steps dance routine. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7323093/Dancing-policeman-delights-crowd-Brighton-Pride-performs-Steps-hit-Scared-Dark.html
  12. This is the moment a snarling thug bit half an ear off a police officer in a sickening attack that landed him eight years in jail for 'using his teeth as a weapon'. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7331539/Thug-37-caught-CCTV-biting-half-police-officers-ear-jailed-eight-years.html
  13. Three men and a woman have been arrested for attacking a police officer at the Tommy Robinson protests in central London https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/tommy-robinson-protest-london-arrests-assault-police-medic-oxford-circus-a9038641.html%3famp
  14. PCALEX

    Week 1

    Week 1 of being an operational police officer certainly saw me out of my depth and struggling to come to terms with the position I was now in, however, it was also the most exhilarating and interesting week. It was an uphill battle from the very beginning, trying to remember the training we had been given but also trying to bring the human being element into it as well. Week 1 involved my first arrest, a warrant on a shipping container, first domestic, a hate crime, a sudden death and a high risk missing person enquiry. My first arrest was a terrifying experience however it was something that will stay with me forever. I feel that it went well and I was able to remember all my training and the correct processes whilst dealing with the arrested male. When I was called to attend a sudden death I was terrified about how I was going to deal with it as I had never seen someone dead before. Looking back on it I will admit that I was verging on being in shock when we arrived and although the family dealt with it well I did not really know what to say to them. It was a massive learning curve and feel ready to lead on the next. The main struggle for me this week has been getting to grips with the computer systems. Having had our training on this before Christmas and completely forgetting how to use it, it has been extremely difficult and almost embarrassing having to keep asking people how to work it. I do feel a little more comfortable on it however still have a long way to go to figuring it all out. It is a massive emotional and physical drain dealing with so many different people day in day out, most of whom are at rock bottom, however what I have certainly learnt from this week is that the main skill in becoming a good police officer is your ability to talk and engage with people.
  15. PCALEX

    Week 4

    Week 4 was certainly an interesting one. It saw my first arrest for drink driving, once again looking for a missing person who was allowed to walk out of where she was being cared and also saw me attend a nasty domestic between a mother and son. I am now confident is how to deal with missing people and compact, I feel confident in dealing with drink drivers but I am still a little unsure on domestics. I have been to a few now but there is something about them that I just cannot seem to grasp. Perhaps it is the pure desperation that these people are experiencing and I am the only person that they can turn to to sort out their lives when they are at rock bottom. Hopefully I will be able to get the hang of them and deliver the service that those victims expect of me. The excitement and thrill of being a police officer was not wearing thin as it is a job like no other however I was becoming mentally and physically exhausted and the demand on the body and brain was one I had never imagined. Despite this it is such an exciting job that you just forget about how drained you are and get on with it, leaving work knowing that you might have made a difference to someone’s life is enough for me. You most certainly get dunked in the deep end on your 10 weeks but the excitement of it all leaves me itching for the next shift.
  16. PCALEX

    Week 3

    Week 3 saw me grow in confidence at jobs and experience my first bit of confrontation although not physical just a heated exchange of words. I have never really been a very confrontational person and coming into the job I was a little worried about how I would react in those situations however I felt that I managed the situation well and with a little help from Alan all was resolved and the suspect taken to custody. This week saw me experience Berrywood for the very first time and I am sure it will not be the last. The woman we were looking for just walked straight out of the hospital even though she was sectioned, I cannot understand how this was allowed to happen however that is not for me to worry about it is for me to find them, make sure they are safe and well and return them to the hospital. Week 3 saw my first foot chase although running 50 meters after a very drunk 14 year old who had sprung out of the police car, I am not sure it really counts. Dealing with her was a challenging job. There was absolutely no reasoning with her which was tough and trying to make her see sense was just falling on deaf ears. Eventually Alan and I left her with her mother and advised that if she had any more problems to call us. I visited my first prison which was an exciting job and one that I will certainly not forget. What I have realised this week is that being a police officer entails so much more than fighting and solving crime; I feel like I am a counsellor, a metal health nurse, an ear for those who have no one else among other things but the thing that I am enjoying most about this job is how varied it is from day to day. I've been worried about the massive pressure to get everything right but I've had so much advice and support from everyone in my team already that even after 3 weeks I feel part of the furniture.
  17. PCALEX

    Week 2

    This week saw me work my first ever night shifts, something that I was certainly not looking forward to when I became operational and was not sure how I would cope with them. It is safe to say that although they are a shock to the system it is the early shifts that are the worst! I was still at the stage where I was more comfortable watching and learning from Alan as this is how I have always best learnt however towards the end of the week I was a lot more confident on being the first one into the incident. Two weeks in and already two sudden deaths down. I knew that this was part of the job but certainly didn’t think they would come around like this! Having taken the lead on my second I now feel confident in what to do at sudden deaths. This week also saw my first domestic assault which proved very difficult to handle as not only was it at 0600 and I was extremely tired but also the IP being hysterical I found it hard to cope. Nonetheless I coped well and onto the next. I nicked my second drug driver which was very satisfying and again confident in the drug drive procedure. All round a pretty good week and looking forward to the next.
  18. AHussain

    Joining the MDP Police

    Hello, I am back lol, I have had time to think and reflect on my failed attempt to join Police Scotland. I am now attempting to join the MOD Police. I had applied but I made a silly error in the application, I was supposed to send a photocopy of my driving licence and DVLA. I bad forgotten to do so. I am now needing to wait 3 months before I can reapply. It is not all bad, this means I have more time to prepare. I am running outside more and improving my fitness, I am aiming to get 3 miles in 30 minutes. After this my target will be 1.5 miles in 12 minutes. Once my fitness levels is good enough then the bleep test should be achievable. It is a 7.6. The highest level I have reaches was 7.2. I will hire a tutor as well to prepare myself for the written tests. I am also focusing on the presentation and competency based intevrview. I am hungry and driven. I can only try but if it not meant to be then I can say I tried.
  19. A teenager has been locked up after assaulting two police officers who found him with a hunting knife during a stop and search operation at a London Tube station. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7119081/Teenager-assaulted-two-police-officers-caught-hunting-knife-stop-search.html
  20. Minnie1545926337


    I was diagnosed with ptsd last year. The trauma is not work related. I am currently off work and heading towards no pay.Both medication and counselling has not worked for me. I am pinning my hope on some therapy that is due to start soon. my question is what happens if this doesn’t work? I would have then exhausted every treatment option. My gp has indicated I’m not fit for policing anymore and I’m scared I will be off work on no pay and forgotten about because I’m costing nothing. Can work keep me on no pay forever? I had never anticipated to be on long term sick. thanks in advance
  21. Rick29


    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum i just have a quick question, i have recently passed day 2 with the met but need to send proof of my qualifications which i have only recently passed, and will take 8 weeks to receive the certificate do you think a proof of pass email will be sufficient in the meantime? Thanks
  22. Raw Blues - 1999 Training at Hendon. PC recruits starting out in Hendon! Major observational documentary series following new recruits from police training at Hendon Police college to the gritty reality of policing the streets of London. The programme follows the progress of a group of new recruits from their arrival at the Met's Training School at Hendon in October 1999, until they start work on the streets just 18 weeks later. Twenty-Four year-old Clare Keating was treated so well by police when she was arrested as a youngster that she's decided she wants to join up herself. "I know I cant change everybody's image of the police on my own", says Clare, "but if I can change one person's perception I will be happy." Clare's fellow classmates include Mike Walsh, who has a degree from one of Britain's top Universities; 23-year-old Mancunian Craig Jones; and Harrinder Bubbra, from Leeds, who doesn't believe what he reads in the papers about the Met, although his parents aren't so sure. "Anybody from an Asian background will know that all your parents ever want you to be is a doctor, a lawyer or a solicitor," says Harrinder. "The last thing they want you to be is a police officer." It's a tough course and the recruits face an overwhelming workload and strict discipline at the training school. "We're not training people to work in a supermarket," says Commander Cullen who's in charge of training at Hendon. "They have a huge responsibility which no other person in society has... and that is a heavy weight on any young person's shoulders." Series Playlist - (Videos; 3-1 / 3-2 are missing) http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/xomt4_MrJizzel_raw-blues/1#video=x2aor4 Clare Keating (Clare Keating is now Network Planning Manager in Martin and Co private company) Mike Walsh (Mike is Chief Inspector Patrol at Islington) CAMDEN POLICE MONTHLY - November 2010, Issue 11 http://www.bamestate.co.uk/page6/Camden%20Police%20Monthly%20Issue%2011.pdf Craig Jones - (Far as I know and what's been said, he's still in) Harrinder Bubbra (Harrinder transferred back home to Manchester where he is still serving) A great little insight to see what it was like training as a Police Constable at Hendon Police College!
  23. Stephen Maize

    My viewpoints

    Well it realistically would depend on the circumstances, simply saying its illegal could be incorrect in certain circumstances, however such an occurrence would be exceptionally rare.  Whats the obsession with this topic? Dear Funkywingnut, What is the obsession? first I’m an American, I’m surrounded by American gun culture. You said, Well it realistically would depend on the circumstances, simply saying its illegal could be incorrect in certain circumstances, however such an occurrence would be exceptionally rare. You said: Well it realistically would depend on the circumstances, simply saying its illegal could be incorrect in certain circumstances, however such an occurrence would be exceptionally rare. which is true. You do have the right to defend yourself in your home and on the street.  luckily, riots are very rare. Riots are a break down in law and order. can people carry a weapon during riots to protect oneself? Yes, but I must admit it can be difficult to see who the bad guy is or the good guy is if one is carrying. What is reasonable excuse? Police would have a difficult time knowing a rioter from a law abiding person. I understand you can’t chase a person down the street for threatening you even in a riot as a bbc website says. That is correct. I’m glad that Britain (England and Wales) does not allow people to carry weapons for self defence. I wish America was more like Britain. If such a law was proposed in the United States, I would support it wholeheartedly. If I had a choice I would move to Britain, there I wouldn’t have to worry or wonder if someone is carrying a gun. Which, to me is waste of time. It’s stupid to carry a weapon for self defence. You are more likely to get killed. I must say, outside of riots. In times of peace, If someone was arrested for carrying a weapon for fear of being attacked or just carrying a weapon, I wouldn’t feel sympathetic in the slightest. Remember, I don’t support people carrying weapons for self defence. i hope I have made this clear. im sorry if I caused you any trouble. All I wanted was to explain my beliefs. We all make mistakes, we are all human. Can we shake hands? And forgive each Other? No hard feelings?  Sincerely, Stephen Maize his response was Stephen, Having worked with Americans quite a bit, I am well aware of the differences in approach, sarcasm, humour and interpretation. For example the use of sarcasm in the UK along with expletives is extremely common, as are rhetorical comments. The US approach is a very literal one, which is quite different to that of the UK. Now I’m not criticising either it’s just an observation. This is a UK based forum, therefore the approach and language used is consistent with that. If I have given the impression that this is somehow personal, please accept my apologies, I am a Police Officer, I never take anything personal. We haven’t had a falling out, we just have different opinions, and that’s fine, it sparks debate after all. Self defence in the UK is worlds apart than that of the US, the UK has far more in common with other European countries than the US in the respect of law and order. I am content to discuss this with anyone, but my experience tells me that reading case law alone will not give you the full answer. Again, please do not consider us as enemies, we are simply debating.  Hope your are well so so there is no hard feelings between us and understanding that the us view uk view are worlds apart I understand that all the police are trying to do is help me in my understanding
  24. Stephen Maize

    Police Recorded Crime

    The National Crime Recording Standard artificially increase crime when it was introduced in 2002. Violence against the person increased from 502,000 in 1998/99 to 845,000 in 2004. was it an artificial increase? Americans tend to say that the Firearms Act 1997 increased crime and that banned pistols increased it. Police targeting gang activity might have increased crime. Do you think the increased crime rate is police targeting gangs during this time? Without the introduction of the National Crime Recording Standard, the crime rate would probably have shown falls rather than increases. this is my interpretation. I had to take out harassment and religious/racial harassment which didn’t become a crime until 1998. The NCRS artificially increased violence against the person by 23%. The Home Office estimated the first year of NCRS, the total would have been 545,731 without it. The NCRS increases against what it would have been for 2003/04 and beyond is beset with difficulties. If it wasn’t for the NCRS, police recorded crime probably would have been closer to my estimates. violence against the person 2002 without NCRS -23% 545731-33,002 512729 population 52602143 974.7 0.9% 2003/04 615420-40522 574898 2004/05 651168-52117 599051 2005/06 594093-57192 536901 2006/07 521659-58120 463509 2007/08 425918-54531 371387 2008/09 351661-50758 300903 2009/10 296660-55329 241331 2010/11 229756-53144 176612 2011/12 166324-49766 116558 2012/13 111800-56032 55768 98.5 0.09% 2013/14 58874 2014/15 72190 2015/16 95896 2016/17 114036 194.1 0.1%-0.2%
  25. Cathedral Bobby

    Personal Safety Training

    Looking at the number concerns raised around the quality/quantity of PST I start to wonder what is actually being delivered by different forces. Within the cathedral constabularies we receive two full days annually of PST, which generally covers unarmed techniques, rigid handcuffs and tactical baton training. Although these are repeated on every occasion they occasionally include cell/vehicle extraction (not that we have any), leg restraints etc. We do not have PAVA so don't cover this. We also have a written knowledge check test which must be passed along with competency assessment. We receive separate first aid training so this does not form part of PST. From some Home Office force colleagues I have spoken to it appears some officers only get one day annual refresher and in one force this includes first aid. Now the quality of instruction we receive is excellent, however, I think two days annually is insufficient, never mind one. I just wondered what the picture was nationally, and if officers are receiving only one day training annually isn't it any wonder injuries to officers are sky high. I know some posters are PST instructors so I would particularly welcome hearing from them.

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