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  1. ‘Officer numbers are going to have to come down'. The capital's deputy mayor for policing has warned the Metropolitan Police has almost no other option but to cut officer numbers to the lowest level since 2002. Yesterday Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, told the London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee further savings will almost certainly impact frontline officers. She said if rumours the Mayor will be allowed to double the council tax precept this year are true and the force is given a slightly increased central government grant it will “not be enough to fill that gap”. “If we are going to have meet that gap 70 per cent of police budget is on police staff and pay. Officer numbers are going to have to come down. “If it were all to come from officer numbers we would reach 26,800. That is a clear trajectory. If we have to find that saving largely, if not all of that will have to come from police officer numbers.” Changes to police pensions, estimated to cost police forces hundreds of millions of pounds in the coming years, “came suddenly out of the clear blue sky” she said and “frankly have been shockingly handled by the government”. When asked whether cutting officer numbers is the “only game in town” she responded: “Given a huge proportion of the police budget is on pay, if we’re going to have to meet that gap and if there is no extra money in the police grant settlement, if that comes from police officer numbers -which it is very likely to - we will fall to 26,800. “And that is incredibly worrying. The Met is already stretched.” Although she never expected the police funding settlement to be delivered last week, she said, given that the government is “in paralysis”, the delays have created further uncertainty for the force. MPS Assistant Commissioner Sir Stephen House told the committee the MPS would have to think about “turning off the recruitment tap relatively soon” if it decides to cut officer numbers to 26,800. “The first thing I’d say to get to that number - the only way we can reduce police officers is by stopping recruiting and therefore not replacing people who leave the organisation,” he said. “Any new rumours about government treatment on pensions means lots more people will seek to leave as soon as that rumour starts floating around but in general to stand still we need about 1,400 officers recruited each year. “So that’s the only amount we can reduce by. We would have to take a decision pretty early on to stop recruiting.” He pointed out reversals in government policy creates HR nightmares for police forces with “jagged peaks of recruiting up and down.” “Of course the problem with that is if we say in about a years’ time we might have to make a decision to stop recruiting then all of a sudden we get a fresh injection of money for some reason and the numbers go back up again. “And we’re in this time lag of 'we’ve slowed down' and all of a sudden we have to accelerate again. “It’s actually quite destabilising for the organisation.” Sir Stephen said a drop to 26,800 officers would force a “radical change in policing”. “Those numbers would be felt most in the frontline on the streets because that’s where our probationers go to. “Our longer serving officers have often gone to specialist roles. Reducing those is very difficult because they’re smaller in number. “Taking x number from a specialist unit, it could almost destroy the unit. “It [drop to 26,800 officers] would also impact our ability to respond to calls and it would certainly impact proactivity. “The violent crime taskforce which has been a huge positive example of what proactivity can do. It would be the first to go. We would see a seesaw effect on violence. “So to go to that number policing would look different in London, yes.” Until 2010, officer numbers were broadly holding at around the 30,000 mark or just above. In that year it had 33,367 officers for a population of 8,054,000, meaning it had 4.1 police officers per thousand people. Now it has 29,654 officers for a population of nine million, or 3.3 officers per thousand people, and the number of officers is forecast to fall, despite London’s population growing since the start of this century – and forecast to hit 10 million by 2030. Historically, London has had more officers per hundred thousand population than other big urban forces because the capital is seen as having more complex needs. View on Police Oracle
  2. https://dashcamnetwork.blogspot.com/2018/11/drunk-driver-waved-fake-police-warrant.html?fbclid=IwAR0nOOOdc1E3ZdyvowVn5uUJAFdX4C9MEjH5FKtiPu_f-ww7sMe_KKFzgiI Pics are interesting - the crud you can buy on ebay if you type 'warrant card' in …...
  3. Junior officers endured daily sexual bullying, misconduct panel told. Date - 19th November 2018 By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle 1 Comment A Met PC made probationers’ lives a misery with his aggressive, sexual harassment after being kicked off a firearms team, a misconduct hearing was told today. PC Lee Harrison sent lewd videos of himself, groped and simulated sex on young probationer officers while on duty between 2014 and 2017, a misconduct hearing at the Empress State Building in West London heard. Two female witnesses, named only as Officer A and Officer B, testified they did not report his behaviour because they did not want to “rock the boat” and simply thought it was how junior officers were treated by their seniors in the Met. The 31 allegations against PC Harrison, who did not attend the hearing, include he masturbated on duty, made insulting comments about his female colleagues’ personal appearance, touched their legs and breasts and put his tongue in their ears whilst on duty and “bantered” about sexual violence. His sergeant, Stuart Murray, who did attend today, is accused of failing to challenge PC Harrison’s behaviour, allowing an overly sexualised atmosphere to develop and making comments of a sexual nature on a WhatsApp group with colleagues. He attempted to resign, the hearing was told, but was refused permission. He is accused of failing to turn up for work, despite an official letter ordering him to do so, between February 2017 and July 2018. It is believed he took up a temporary offer of work during this time. He denies all the allegations against him. Sgt Murray is accused of talking about paying a prostitute on duty, allowing a PC to sleep on duty and doing nothing when PC Harrison twisted the arm of Officer B so she was bent over an office table while telling her “Don’t touch one of those or I’ll kick you in the uterus”, referring to a box of doughnuts a male colleague brought in. In a WhatsApp group named “Merry f*cking Christmas” Sgt Murray is alleged to have written “I will come as long as there is a strip joint hand…do you get touching in the cave…no fun we need a foreign trip to somewhere civilised where they do”. PC Harrison is accused of repeatedly sending insulting and explicit texts to Officers A and B, saying he didn’t know why women were allowed in the MPS, simulating sex on Officer A in the back of a police van, and intimately touching his female colleagues on numerous occasions. The unwanted sexual advances towards the junior probationers include telling Officer A he wanted to “bruise her labia”. PC Harrison had been sent to the Safer Neighbourhood team at Newham after being disciplined for a misdemeanour during his time on the “gun team”, the hearing was told. Officer A told the hearing PC Harrison was the most experienced member of the team but often refused to take her or officer B out on duty because he “didn’t want to take out girls” and didn’t know why “women were allowed in the Met if they didn’t put out”. Every day he would tell her she was a “f*cking disgrace” and a “failure” when she walked into the office, she said. When she was sitting in the front of the patrol vehicle he would squeeze her thigh and if she was sitting in the back he would reach under her trouser leg to “check the lengths of the socks I was wearing,” she said. “I was in the very back [of a police minibus], PC Harrison was in the middle row and climbed over seats to get in the back, pushed me onto the seat, got on top of me and simulated having sex with me. “On another occasion I was putting something into the boot of a marked police car. “He bent me over the boot and simulated having sex with me on the bonnet. “At the Christmas party it was a pub where the toilets were upstairs. He followed me, he was behind me and said you actually look like you’ve got a bum in those jeans and slapped my bum.” “When I joined the police, I was told there would be banter,” she said. “I assumed this was normal police banter which was I think one of the reasons I didn’t challenge it. I just thought this was what the police were like.” She was reluctant to incriminate Sgt Murray, saying PC Harrison was a very controlling personality. Officer B on the other said, although Sgt Murray is a “really nice guy” she was 100 per cent sure he knew what was going on. She stood by her comments even when counsel for Sgt Murray, Richard Atchley pointed out by her own admission, 95 per cent of the inappropriate behaviour happened inside a police vehicle and that he was frequently away on mutual aid or other duties. Officer B described the atmosphere at work as “awful”. “I felt that Lee was the boss. If Sgt Murray called and asked him to do something he would say ‘okay serg’ then put the phone down and say ‘we’re not fucking doing that.’ “I didn’t report it because I didn’t feel anything would be done about it. “I dreaded going to work.” Mr Atchley told the hearing Sgt Murray had in fact disciplined PC Harrison when Officer ‘D’ complained he made inappropriate comments about her pole dancing hobby and had sent an email to the team complaining his orders were not being followed. View On Police Oracle
  4. I have noticed that the MET are using Community Resolution as a disposal a lot for adult offenders for drugs offences, yet not many other forces are doing this. This is separate from the choice to issue a cannabis warning or issued a PND. How does this work? How do offenders make amends for a crime in which there isn't an identifiable victim other than Regina? Is this just a way to write such matters off?
  5. Police taking over an hour to response to 999 'priority' calls in London Met failed to meet its 60-minute target to answer “S” grade calls in 14 boroughs in June Police are taking more than an hour to respond to 999 “priority” calls in nearly half of London boroughs amid a shortage of officers and a surge in the number of emergency calls. Read the full story here: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/police-taking-over-an-hour-to-respond-to-999-priority-calls-in-london-a3949851.html
  6. Hello all!   Welcome to the 31st October 2014, and the day that we are opening the doors on Police Community to you all, at some point in the next 12 hours!   Please use this topic as the general MetChat thread within this area of the forum!   Looking forward to seeing some new / old user names posting in here!
  7. Met will work to make event 'safe and spectacular for all'. Increased presence: Deployment of officers to rise by 450 to 13,000 this year Date - 24th August 2018 By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle 3 Comments Policing is resorting to “tried and tested” methods to neutralise the threat of violence at Europe's largest street festival as new figures show a seven-year high in knife crime across the UK. Notting Hill Carnival will have knife arches placed around the event for the first time as the highest number of officers in six years will police the bank holiday parade. It is hoped that its “continued major effort” against the surge in murders and stabbings in the capital in 2018 will put off those planning to attend the event armed with weapons. A force spokesman did not disclose where the arches would be located, but said not everybody will be expected to pass through them. The concerted moves by the Met, with an increased presence of 13,000 officers including almost 7,000 from the newly-formed Violent Crime Task Force, follows alarming statistics associated with Britain’s soaring serious crime epidemic. Fresh Met figures show that knife crime in the capital has gone up by 16 per cent with a 12 per cent rise in murders in the UK – the highest numbers in a decade, on a par with deaths in New York in February and March. The total number of offences involving a knife or bladed instrument that have been recorded by forces in England and Wales in the year to March 2018 rose to 40,147, a seven-year-high. At least 51 people have been fatally stabbed in London since the beginning of the year with Met figures revealing 1,299 stabbings up the end of April alone. The west London street party – expected to attract more than one million people to its floats, food stalls and music – will see a combination of overt and covert policing tactics deployed with specialist assets from the Force Firearms Unit, Dog Unit and officers from the Mounted Branch. The force has indicated the “use of knife arches is a tried-and-tested method of deterring people from carrying knives, as well as detecting those who choose to do so”. Carnival gold commander Dave Musker said: “The Met seeks to support Notting Hill Carnival Ltd, carnivalists and local communities to deliver a safe and spectacular event over the bank holiday weekend. “Our continued major effort directed against violence across the capital will continue.” He added: “Let no one be in any doubt that if you have the intention to come to carnival and be involved in crime or violence, my officers will robustly and proactively target you to keep Londoners safe.” Superintendent Elisabeth Chapple, Met spokeswoman for the carnival, urged those who know of anyone planning to cause trouble to contact police. “Whilst there’s no specific threat to this event, we are keeping the situation under constant review” she said. “The sheer number of people coming to carnival and the relatively small geographical area, means that it is a challenging environment to police.” View On  Police Oracle
  8. Allegations of "serious corruption and malpractice" within the Met Police are being investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). Gross misconduct notices have been served on three officers, while "a number" of other officers are being assessed, according to the IOPC. IOPC director Jonathan Green said claims of racial discrimination within the Met were also being investigated. The Met said it was "fully co-operating" with the investigation. It is claimed there are officers in the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) who are said to have interfered with or curtailed investigations, according to Mr Green. He added: "The investigation includes alleged interference in, and curtailment of, investigations by potentially conflicted senior officers, failure to investigate allegations of wrongdoing, systemic removal of the restrictions of officers under investigation and racial discrimination. "As part of this investigation, three officers have been served with gross misconduct notices and one of those officers is also under criminal investigation. "Assessments on the status of a number of other officers remains ongoing." According to The Sunday Times, three whistleblowers from the Met approached the IOPC to allege members of the DPS were shielding officers from a range of allegations. A Met spokesman said: "The Metropolitan Police Service has referred allegations regarding the conduct of a number of MPS personnel to the IOPC which is conducting an independent investigation. "The MPS is fully co-operating with the IOPC investigation." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-44915885
  9. A policewoman is suing the Metropolitan Police for £200,000, in what is thought to be the first case of its kind, after having to watch 100 child abuse videos. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/06/female-police-officer-sues-met-200000-having-watch-100-child/
  10. Full story Thoughts are with the officer and their family, clearly a situation none of us want to find ourselves in. Hopefully the investigation is concluded swiftly and sensibly.
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5569145/Met-abandons-policy-automatically-believing-rape-complainants.html Scotland Yard is to abandon its policy of automatically believing victims as commissioner Cressida Dick said 'clumsy behaviour between somebody who fancies somebody else' was not a matter for police.
  12. Hello all been off the forum for a while now, for one reason or another I am looking to transfer tot he Met are there any guys on here that can drop me a quick PM if they work in Barnet or any of the northern boroughs ?
  13. Hello all, Ive got my intensive course starting next week. Any tips ? Also this PT kit does the trainers have to be all white ?
  14. Hi, I am starting my internal CKP course on 4th December. Is there anyone else?
  15. Force is pressing ahead with scheme which some officers say is turning them away from the job. The mergers have already pushed control room staff to threaten strike action. A Metropolitan Police pilot scheme to merge London boroughs into single command units will continue despite it causing some officers to “hate” going to work. Towards the end of last year Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge and Havering all merged into one with Camden and Islington also combining. These Basic Command Units (BCUs) are overseen by a chief superintendent, with four superintendents each working under them. Vehicles, technology, personnel and buildings are shared between the boroughs within the units in an attempt to save the Met money. Back in November last year before the scheme was launched Deputy Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons, who is in charge of the pilot, said: “Change is important for the Met to remain operationally effective in the changing policing landscape.” The chairman of the London Assembly police and crime committee expressed concerns about the mergers and insisted the measure should not be “driven by cost cutting”. Now a number of officers working under the new arrangements appear to be unhappy about their new working conditions, voicing their concerns via social media. At the beginning of July a leaked paper appeared to imply the full programme of the controversial mergers will go ahead despite the pilots not yet being fully assessed. Later the same month control room staff threatened to go on strike during the Notting Hill Carnival over the stresses Pathfinder was putting them under and dangers it posed to the public. The PCS union said at the time: “We have been pushing for months for improvements to new ways of working that we feared would compromise the safety of staff and members of the public. “Members had been telling us about the increased stress of working the new ‘Pathfinder’ system and the risks they posed to the public.” The strike was eventually avoided after the Met provided “assurances” to increase the amount of staff by 135 and invest in new computer systems. Despite the issues and controversy caused by the pilot the force is determined to press ahead and denied rumours they were rolling back any of the units. A spokesman said: “The Basic Command Unit pathfinders, or test sites, in Camden and Islington (North Central Area Command Unit) and Barking & Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge (East Area Command Unit) are ongoing, after going fully live at the end of April 2017. “The pathfinders are a genuine test and the Met continues to learn from the way they are operating. “Each of the pathfinders have thrown up different challenges, and the Met are adapting the model to overcome these challenges. “Neither pathfinder site is being rolled back but we are making changes to make the model more efficient. “The purpose of the pathfinder sites is to test the model and make changes as necessary before we roll it out more widely. “The Mayor and the Commissioner will together, towards the end of 2017, consider the evidence from the Pathfinders and the views of stakeholders, before determining the manner of any further roll-out across London.” View on Police Oracle
  16. Recruitment drive is aimed at individuals inside and outside policing. There are 32 different roles available as part of the initiative The Metropolitan Police Service is set to recruit 100 “change professionals” to help “transform” delivery of service. It says the force is “ever evolving” and needs “talented” people to help it adapt against a “backdrop of ever changing crime patterns and a challenging budget.” As such the force is advertising 100 vacancies across 32 different roles and is looking for people from inside and outside policing. Director of people and change in the Met’s human resources department, Robin Wilkinson, says the type of work being undertaken is unrivalled. He said: “The breadth of work our new Transformation Directorate will undertake is unrivalled in any industry. The work impacts on how the Met safeguards the most vulnerable people in society, how the Met tackles and disrupts crime, through to ensuring we have the right people available to respond quickly and professionally in times of need. "We are looking for change professionals from a variety of disciplines working in Portfolio and Programme Delivery, Integrated Design and Delivery and Business Change roles. Professionals with experience in communications and engagement, risk management, operating model design and project management are just a few of those we need to ensure our team is complete. "In joining the Met you will be part of our Transformation Directorate. You will work in a professional change role which will face the challenge of delivering complex change right across the Met without risking operational delivery." Sam Upton, a blueprint and insight manager at the transformation directorate described the work the department does as ‘hugely rewarding’. He said: “I have always been a passionate problem solver and was initially attracted to the Met by the prospect of tackling some of London's most challenging issues. "That passion has taken me on a hugely varied and rewarding journey over the last 12 years to include supporting operating model design work covering virtually all the Met's local policing services in London. "I can't think of many organisations where you can take that professional journey whilst at the same time having so much fun, making so many lifelong friends and being so regularly humbled by the dedication and professionalism of others." View on Police Oracle
  17. Lord Ian Blair warns the Met will be a quarter less in size than when he left the force. Lord Ian Blair A former Metropolitan Police commissioner says it would be "an absurdity" to further cut the force's funding after recent events in London. Lord Ian Blair called for a rethink over plans to cut hundreds of millions of pounds from the force's budget, saying this would leave the Met a quarter of the size it was when he left office in 2008. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned the city has lost "thousands of police staff" since 2010, while the current Met Commissioner Cressida Dick said she would "obviously" be seeking extra resources. "I think the crucial point now is to understand the cuts being considered, certainly for the Met, need reconsideration," Lord Blair told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "As far as I understand it they're supposed to lose a further £400 million by 2021, on top of £600 million in the last few years. "That means the Met must be a quarter less in size than when I left." Lord Blair, now a crossbench peer, went on to call for "no cuts", adding: "Looking at what is happening, the idea of continuously cutting the police service's budget seems an absurdity at this stage." Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackay has said the Westminster and London Bridge attacks had put a "lot of stretch" on the Metropolitan Police. The Metropolitan Police Federation has also warned that officers are fatigued and "stretched beyond belief" after a string of major incidents. Lord Blair said these incidents would put extra pressure on specialist officers such as counter terrorism, adding: "It just seems a very strange time to be reducing the capabilities of a service which is holding the line against some terrible events." The former commissioner said neighbourhood policing is crucial to building trust with communities, but is very difficult to maintain when major incidents happen and officers are needed elsewhere. Lord Blair said it was "no surprise" Monday's attack at Finsbury Park Mosque had happened. "There is this kind of new landscape of terrorism, which the new commissioner Cressida Dick described, where the weapons are knives from kitchens or just hiring a van," he said. "It does create a very difficult problem for the police." View on Police Oracle
  18. Hello there. I have noticed that the Met are using strange white shirts that seem to appear normal when the tac vest is worn but when the vest is removed it is clear that the middle section seems to be wicking. I have also noticed that they do not have radio loops which seems to be a bit weird to me why they don't have loops. I think these new designs are only for short sleeved. Are the original short sleeved shirts still worn or issued or have they been totally replaced by this new design. Are there any wicking style shirts for long sleeved as well? also been wondering what if someone wanted to clip their radio onto the shirt?? cheers guys
  19. A Metropolitan Police officer who has been crawling the London Marathon in a gorilla costume since the race began on Sunday morning has completed the 26-mile route. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/29/mr-gorilla-met-police-officer-finally-finishes-london-marathon/
  20. Six officers were surrounded and attacked as violence erupted during an arrest in north London. Full Story - Evening Standard Sign of things to come? Hot weather, gangs of youths attacking police officers? The goodwill from the public after the Westminster attack has not lasted long, alot of comments on social media asking why the police needed to send so many resources to deal with officers being attacked.
  21. Idea is not being ruled out at present. Following the appointment of Cressida Dick as the new Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police speculation has turned to which issues take priority in her burgeoning in-tray. One which the government has hinted previously could be removed from the force is national responsibility for coordinating counter-terrorism. The Home Affairs Select Committee has previously called for this change to happen, and although the government said in 2015 it would not imminently change anything, the Home Office is currently not ruling out such a change. Terrorism analyst Dr Dave Sloggett was formerly opposed to the idea of transferring responsibility, but he now thinks there is a “good case” for it. He said: “I was against the idea some time ago when the National Crime Agency was struggling. Since that time it has improved. “When you consider the overlap which exists between terrorism and organised crime, you can see an emerging argument for the idea and that it should be given to ‘Britain’s FBI’. “While Cressida Dick has expertise on terrorism, she actually has a very good understanding of the many challenges the Met faces other than terrorism, which is a national issue dealt with across the entire country, and which it could be better for a Commissioner to do without.” But retired head of the National Counter Terrorism and Security Office Chris Phillips disagrees. He told PoliceOracle.com: “We’ve got an arrangement under which things have worked for many years as they are, I can understand why they might want to change it, it’s a cross-border role, but the system we’ve got is tried and tested, we’ve had it in place for many years and we’ve not had a major terrorist attack for years.” Former Thames Valley deputy chief constable Brian Langston said community relationships must be preserved, whatever the model. He said: “Whilst shifting the responsibility for counter-terrorism to the National Crime Agency is worthy of serious consideration, it must be remembered that the seeds of terrorism often lie within disaffected communities. “Misguided and vulnerable young people are often targeted for radicalisation and groomed to carry out acts of violent extremism. “There would need to remain a strong bond between any national agency charged with this responsibility, and local neighbourhood teams to ensure that community intelligence is not lost. Terrorism is both a local and global issue." When asked if changing the national responsibility for counter-terrorism to the National Crime Agency was on the agenda, a Home Office spokesman simply replied: “This government is committed to do doing everything we can to keep our families, communities and country safe, so will always look to ensure that collaboration between police and the agencies working on counter-terrorism and organised crime is as effective as possible." Last week the NCA announced five new appointments to its leadership team including the hiring of Essex Deputy Chief Constable Matthew Horne as a deputy director and Merseyside Assistant Chief Nikki Holland as director of investigations. Current deputy David Armond has announced his retirement from the organisation. Read on Police Oracle
  22. Hi all, So I'm through the paper sift and have my assessment on the 27th March and have a quick q for anyone who might have been through the MET Special Assessment recently. In the documentation I've been sent it says there is a written test and interview. Can anyone tell me if the written part entails a numeracy test? Numeracy has always been a weak point of mine and if it is included I'd like to try my best to remember all of that wonderful maths I hated at school 12 years ago... Thanks, sim
  23. newconstable12

    Start date 2017

    Anyone on London Met start date April 2017? I am starting my internal CKP in March.
  24. I'm joining on 30 Jan. Any one?
  25. sam9497

    Start Date

    Any tips on what to study before starting?

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