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Found 95 results

  1. Hi all, hope everyone is safe and well during this time. I had applied to GMP as a special constable and had passed all of the assessments. Interview, situational judgement test, written exercise, fitness and medical. I was given an offer and a start date. Unfortunately I had moved to London by the time my start date was given as I had waited such a long time for a start. When I moved to London I attended an open day for the Met to ask a few questions regarding applications and if I would need to do everything from the start, assessments etc. I was told that because the specials assessment is the same across all UK forces, I would only have to do the medical and fitness this time around. Should I clarify this with the college of policing? I have applied to the Met as a special and have been given dates to go for assessments. I asked them the same questions just to be clear and they have said that I would have to do everything all over as they do not know how GMP carries out the assessments as it could be different to the met. I'm a bit confused after being told other information. Any information/input anyone could offer? I would be very grateful. Kind regards, Brian.
  2. I'm considering transferring from one force to another. Met to Herts. Has anyone done this and what experiences have they had. Currently a frontline cop. Considering moving for better work life. Appreciation etc.. does that exist in the counties.. what's the deal with arrests. Does the arresting officer prisoner process or is there a unit to interview etc.. is there forced overtime per shift if lack of officers at handover... are intervention teams single crewed and I will transfer as a basic.. how will that work if frontline cops are response drivers and I'm not.. will there be a course or am I destined for SNT.. Regards C
  3. SD

    Met Vehicle Terminals

    Some comments on Twitter about officers in the Met being told not to use terminals due to s109 construction and use legislation. However, when I’ve looked it it it would be relevant in this day and age. Can anyone shed some light on what the issue is?
  4. Has anyone got any advice on how to contact a retired officer. I am looking to speak with Inspector Ron Rogers who retired in 2014 from the met after working in PT17 and finally as a community officer in Kingston
  5. CountyCop

    Transfer to the Met

    Hello all been off the forum for a while now, for one reason or another I am looking to transfer tot he Met are there any guys on here that can drop me a quick PM if they work in Barnet or any of the northern boroughs ?
  6. ICOL


    I’m due to transfer to PaDP in May, but haven’t yet been told where I’m going to be stationed or the shift pattern. I’m aware that PaDP operate from both Central London and Windsor. Can anyone please tell me where (not necessarily the station) where PaDP are based in central London and the shift pattern? I have attempted to get this out the Met for the last several months with no joy. Can anyone also confirm whether the AFO/conversion courses are run by the CNC? I’ve heard that the Met has out sourced these to the CNC. Many thanks Ian
  7. PilgrimTV

    BTP to Met?

    Hi all, I'm currently a PCSO at BTP in London. I have nearly finished my probation as a PCSO and have strong aspirations to move to PC. However, recently I have been thinking about trying to join the Met as a PC. And if that would be a better suit for me. I know each force has pros and cons, and I do enjoy working for BTP and as a PCSO in the force I am pretty much treated in the same way as a PC without their powers. In terms of going for PC I know staying with BTP would be easier and seems easier to progress to Sergeant etc. However Met will be more varied and possibly exciting. Also I don't have plans to stay in London for long term, so the Met may also be a better option if I did leave London and wish to pursue a career as a PC at a HO. Basically I guess I'm here to just get some advice from you guys. And if anyone here has moved from BTP to Met and if it was for the better or if they regret it in hindsight. Thanks all
  8. Seen a lot of bike PCSO working in Soho in the last couple days and I've noticed they're wearing white traffic caps. Are they actually traffic trained and passed the exam? If anyone could shed some light, be really interesting to find out more and their role.
  9. I have noticed that the MET are using Community Resolution as a disposal a lot for adult offenders for drugs offences, yet not many other forces are doing this. This is separate from the choice to issue a cannabis warning or issued a PND. How does this work? How do offenders make amends for a crime in which there isn't an identifiable victim other than Regina? Is this just a way to write such matters off?
  10. Police taking over an hour to response to 999 'priority' calls in London Met failed to meet its 60-minute target to answer “S” grade calls in 14 boroughs in June Police are taking more than an hour to respond to 999 “priority” calls in nearly half of London boroughs amid a shortage of officers and a surge in the number of emergency calls. Read the full story here: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/police-taking-over-an-hour-to-respond-to-999-priority-calls-in-london-a3949851.html
  11. Hello all! Welcome to the 31st October 2014, and the day that we are opening the doors on Police Community to you all, at some point in the next 12 hours! Please use this topic as the general MetChat thread within this area of the forum! Looking forward to seeing some new / old user names posting in here!
  12. Allegations of "serious corruption and malpractice" within the Met Police are being investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). Gross misconduct notices have been served on three officers, while "a number" of other officers are being assessed, according to the IOPC. IOPC director Jonathan Green said claims of racial discrimination within the Met were also being investigated. The Met said it was "fully co-operating" with the investigation. It is claimed there are officers in the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) who are said to have interfered with or curtailed investigations, according to Mr Green. He added: "The investigation includes alleged interference in, and curtailment of, investigations by potentially conflicted senior officers, failure to investigate allegations of wrongdoing, systemic removal of the restrictions of officers under investigation and racial discrimination. "As part of this investigation, three officers have been served with gross misconduct notices and one of those officers is also under criminal investigation. "Assessments on the status of a number of other officers remains ongoing." According to The Sunday Times, three whistleblowers from the Met approached the IOPC to allege members of the DPS were shielding officers from a range of allegations. A Met spokesman said: "The Metropolitan Police Service has referred allegations regarding the conduct of a number of MPS personnel to the IOPC which is conducting an independent investigation. "The MPS is fully co-operating with the IOPC investigation." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-44915885
  13. A policewoman is suing the Metropolitan Police for £200,000, in what is thought to be the first case of its kind, after having to watch 100 child abuse videos. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/06/female-police-officer-sues-met-200000-having-watch-100-child/
  14. Full story Thoughts are with the officer and their family, clearly a situation none of us want to find ourselves in. Hopefully the investigation is concluded swiftly and sensibly.
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5569145/Met-abandons-policy-automatically-believing-rape-complainants.html Scotland Yard is to abandon its policy of automatically believing victims as commissioner Cressida Dick said 'clumsy behaviour between somebody who fancies somebody else' was not a matter for police.
  16. Hello all, Ive got my intensive course starting next week. Any tips ? Also this PT kit does the trainers have to be all white ?
  17. Hi, I am starting my internal CKP course on 4th December. Is there anyone else?
  18. Hello there. I have noticed that the Met are using strange white shirts that seem to appear normal when the tac vest is worn but when the vest is removed it is clear that the middle section seems to be wicking. I have also noticed that they do not have radio loops which seems to be a bit weird to me why they don't have loops. I think these new designs are only for short sleeved. Are the original short sleeved shirts still worn or issued or have they been totally replaced by this new design. Are there any wicking style shirts for long sleeved as well? also been wondering what if someone wanted to clip their radio onto the shirt?? cheers guys
  19. A Metropolitan Police officer who has been crawling the London Marathon in a gorilla costume since the race began on Sunday morning has completed the 26-mile route. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/29/mr-gorilla-met-police-officer-finally-finishes-london-marathon/
  20. A Metropolitan Police officer who has been crawling the London Marathon in a gorilla costume since the race began on Sunday morning has completed the 26-mile route. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/29/mr-gorilla-met-police-officer-finally-finishes-london-marathon/
  21. A Metropolitan Police officer who has been crawling the London Marathon in a gorilla costume since the race began on Sunday morning has completed the 26-mile route. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/29/mr-gorilla-met-police-officer-finally-finishes-london-marathon/
  22. London gun owners are asking questions of the Metropolitan Police after the force seemingly handed the addresses of 30,000 firearm and shotgun owners to a direct mail marketing agency for a commercial firm's advertising campaign. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/04/19/met_police_30000_gun_owner_data_breach/
  23. Six officers were surrounded and attacked as violence erupted during an arrest in north London. Full Story - Evening Standard Sign of things to come? Hot weather, gangs of youths attacking police officers? The goodwill from the public after the Westminster attack has not lasted long, alot of comments on social media asking why the police needed to send so many resources to deal with officers being attacked.
  24. So I've been a Special since last June, and am still serving, however I had a Day 1 assessment this week (going down the CKP route, not IPS), overall I feel I did fairly well, must say that the maths questions were very difficult and were nothing like any example questions i've looked at. There were 9 of us in the group, none of us finished all the maths questions in time, I got to question 17 (21 q's, 23 mins) The verbal reasoning I feel I did very well in, as for the interview I feel that went very well, it flowed very well and the interviewer kept having to ask me to stop at the 5 minute mark per question, because I was giving detailed answers, possibly too detailed! The first roleplay I scored two marks at level 1 (1-5, 1 being top and 5 being worst), 2 marks at level 2, and 1 mark at level 5, the next three roleplays I feel went pretty well and I did my best to sympathise with the roleplay actor, and try to come to a solution with them whilst also pointing out the code of ethics. I've heard the Met is 55% overall, and 50% on race and diversity.... although I only recall being asked about race and diversity in the interview... and it was one single question. 2 people from the Borough i'm on have both had their assessments, 1 passed, the other failed, I'm pretty nervous but hoping to get my results within the next week, everyone I know (that I trained with as a special) has said their pass grade level is very low, so I should have nothing to worry about, and that they felt their roleplays and maths went terribly too, but they passed... I've still got this niggling feeling that I've not done well enough though, has anyone been through the D1 AC recently, and received their results and could give any helpful feedback? EDIT: I am pretty worried about the maths, however i've read online that the maths and verbal reasoning tests count for very little of the marks available, something like 3 each out of the total of 123 available during the day, (around 2.5%), would anyone be able to advise if this is fairly accurate? I'm kind of worried i've blown my chances on the math test alone.
  25. Hi all, So I'm through the paper sift and have my assessment on the 27th March and have a quick q for anyone who might have been through the MET Special Assessment recently. In the documentation I've been sent it says there is a written test and interview. Can anyone tell me if the written part entails a numeracy test? Numeracy has always been a weak point of mine and if it is included I'd like to try my best to remember all of that wonderful maths I hated at school 12 years ago... Thanks, sim
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