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The posting of videos on the Police Community forum is permitted providing that the video is readily available in the public domain. We do not accept videos that show severe graphical content which includes deceased bodies, sexual scenes or acts of violence that directly result in death and show that death within the video itself.

Videos which may be under current investigation by the Police can be posted as long as they fit within the above criteria, however, any discussion around such videos must be based on information already in the public domain from official sources, posting information which is not in the public domain is strictly prohibited.

If requested by an investigating body a video and all discussion may be removed by the Administration or Moderation team without warning

Where possible we would prefer it if you could embed the video into your thread, for YouTube videos this is simply copying the URL across and the forum software will do the rest.

Facebook, Live leak etc only Admin or a Mod will be able to embed, so just paste the webpage link, and a member of staff will eventually embed the video for you.


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In order to continue using our site you will need to disable Adblock across our site. Alternatively you can purchase a membership package from our online store to remove adverts as part of the membership subscription. 


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