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  1. Roblloydy86


    Hi, is anyone able to give abit of advice on which boots you all normally buy? I have asked recruitment but they haven't give me much information, only that they need to be able to be polished. thanks Rob
  2. Real rise in officers experiencing problems, driven by cuts to numbers since 2010'. No time-outs: Modern policing lacks the capacity for officers to recover from stress, says DCC Rachel Kearton Date - 26th July 2019 By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle 6 Comments Draconian cuts to officer numbers in the last decade have “driven” a dramatic two-thirds rise in the number of sick days taken by police officers because of mental health issues, a deputy chief claims. Days missed by officers due to psychological issues rose 69.4 per cent between
  3. But deputy chief argues 'both officers were responding to challenging situation involving rail staff safety fears'. British Transport Police: Investigation conducted by the IOPC Date - 25th April 2019 By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle 3 Comments Officers confronting “difficult judgments” over how much force to use when responding to people fearing for their safety is a continuing challenge to policing, a deputy chief believes. The argument comes in the wake of a split decision by a court that convicted one police constable of assaulting
  4. Officers from British Transport Police were called to the station just before 9pm as a man wielding a knife stabbed members of the public. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/manchester-victoria-knife-attack-station-15615253 Not a great start to the new year celebrations, I hope those injured are not serious and recover quickly.
  5. Staff association says there are 'less risky, less complex and less costly' ways of devolving accountability. Date - 21st August 2018 By - Ian Weinfass - Police Oracle 4 Comments Opposition figures have called on the Scottish Government to revise its plans on merging British Transport Police into Police Scotland north of the border. Reports over the weekend, first appearing in The Scotsman, suggest ministers are re-thinking their plans to fully integrate the railways force into the national one. Scottish Labour, the Conser
  6. Hi I would be grateful for some guidance in relation to the assessment day. Am told I will receive a pack by 16th Sept but I would like to start preparing. The ability tests are my main concern, particularly numeracy. Does anyone know how many questions there are and the time limit for this. I guess the other tests are verbal reasoning and written. Any help will be grateful
  7. Agency's ability to provide authoritative picture of threats undermined by other law enforcement bodies not sharing info, say HMIs. Opportunities to increase the law enforcement response against county lines drug dealers and other serious criminality may have been missed, according to the inspectorate. An HMICFRS report into the National Crime Agency found gaps in the organisation’s understanding of threats, partly because of a lack of information shared with it. A particular concern identified was with British Transport Police, which HMIs found did not provi
  8. Investigating officers showed 'disturbing lack' of knowledge of law, says tribunal. A retired chief superintendent has been awarded more than £40,000 after he was spied on by another police force. Gary Davies was subject to surveillance by British Transport Police (BTP) in 2016 which led to him being charged with five offences of sexual assault - charges he was later cleared of by a jury, a tribunal ruling said. The investigatory powers tribunal found that Mr Davies was subject to unlawful surveillance in the absence of any authorisation, contrary to the Regulation of Inve
  9. Hi Guys, just joined this forum after surfing it for a few months as a free member. I have just had a conditional offer come through today for a start date of Monday the 2nd of July 2018 for B division. Has anyone else been given this start date? Does anyone have any idea how long vetting will take as i am conscious of my 4 week notice period at my current job. I initially applied October 2017 had my assessment day march 5th 2018, medical April 16th and received a conditional offer 1st May so overall has been a very quick and seamless process in my opinion.
  10. Can anyone tell me how travel works whilst in training? I will be travelling to spring house using on the trains each day, am i expected to pay for this or will this be covered? Thank you
  11. Hi all, was wondering if anybody knew how long it would be after you’ve had your medical that you’d be offered a formal offer. I assume that I’ve had my medical because they want me to start soon and surely I wouldn’t have had my medical and then be made to wait for months and months. I was wondering what others experiences are with this situation and how long everybody else waited after completion of medical. Also wanted to know whether there are people who are still waiting for a start date who have been waiting a long time for C division.
  12. Welshguy

    BTP interviews

    Hello I am new to this forum and am looking for help and advice on an interview coming with with BTP and looking for any pointers also are there in BTP soco on hear. Sorry if I'm positing in the wrong place Thanks Welshyguy
  13. pete c

    Assessment Day

    Hi Just had my date through for the assessment day and not got long to prepare, can anyone give any advice on the numerical testing? Regards Pete
  14. Target date for merger has been shelved. The merger of British Transport Police into Police Scotland north of the border will not go ahead in April next year. The merger was due to take place in 2019 despite a recent admission that terms and conditions, third party contracts and ICT would not be ready to transfer from the railways constabulary by the target date. But a statement from the Scottish Government says a revision of the timetable with “allow for enhanced engagement with officers, staff and their representatives on key issues, including pay and conditions”. No
  15. Good day all, Just thought I’d see if there is anybody else attending the AC next weekend and to see how your preparation is going? What is you biggest worry about the AC and which Div have you applied for. I am applying for C Div, I’ve managed to arrange half an hour with an PC at my local station today which will hopefully help with the presentation to get a better understanding daily life. Beat regards and good luck DSMGP
  16. Officer well-being must not be overlooked, says Fed. DCC Adrian Hanstock Retention and rest day cancellations are still undermining British Transport Police workforce morale almost a year after HMIC raised the issue, the federation has claimed. In February 2017 HMIC inspectors found BTP was regularly cancelling officers’ rest days for “regular events”, resulting in an estimated £4-5 million annual overtime bill to cover “predictable demands.” The report, which was only published last month, said a BTP deployment programme, introduced to analyse how BTP’s front
  17. Labour peer suggests Westminster should refuse to give assets to Police Scotland in bid to halt amalgamation. Lord Ian Duncan Security issues and police morale must be taken into account during the process of bringing British Transport Police into Police Scotland, the UK government says. Lord Ian Duncan, a Conservative minister in the Scottish Office, addressed a debate on the break-up of the railways force. He told peers that a joint board working to bridge the positions the two governments will try to resolve issues around the integration. He said: “We ne
  18. Poor management of legislation which lacked proper consultation with the people actually doing the work. We have had a few issues with mental health recently that has left us fudging arrests for offences just to justify getting them to a safe place. To be fair I complete many Home Office/CoP courses and I could easily drop in to a DC role if a force would accept me. There is a massive Service Justice review beginning, I wouldn’t be surprised if much of the service system isn’t disbanded and some elements amalgamated. The review is well overdue defence wastes so much money on polici
  19. BTP's shift pattern do not match peak demand, HMICFRS found. British Transport Police has been criticised for having a “limited knowledge” of crimes such as modern slavery and child sexual exploitation in an HMICFRS report. BTP was slammed for “incomplete” and “weak” understanding of current demand in a report into its efficiency, legitimacy and leadership released on Friday. “The force’s limited understanding of less obvious demand, including hidden crimes such as child sexual exploitation and human trafficking, also limits its ability to assess the full range of potential
  20. MSPs have passed legislation aimed at merging railway policing north of the border into Police Scotland. The Railway Policing (Scotland) Bill is the first step towards the national force taking on the role of British Transport Police (BTP). There had been a lengthy debate over the plan, with police bosses warning it could be "massively complicated" and "a real challenge". The bill passed by 68 votes to 53, with the Greens backing the SNP. Labour and the Conservatives have opposed the merger and the bill throughout, and the Lib Dems - who had supported the legislation in the
  21. A foul-mouthed yob verbally abused police for 14 minutes in a sickening tirade after a meltdown on a train. Full Story - Daily Mail What a foul mouthed idiot, 56 year old man with such a foul mouth.
  22. I wasn't sure about starting a new topic to be honest but thought this touched on general issues within Policing rather than the specific debates from today re arming etc. Although he is not a current officer I felt that it's quite refreshing to see such frank honesty about the state of Policing and resource levels. Interesting tone in the interview where Peter Kirkham actually says the government are ''lying'' Not sure if other people had seen this earlier ?
  23. Update from BTP Fed http://www.railtechnologymagazine.com/Rail-News/btp-rail-industry-nervous-about-policing-integration?dorewrite=false
  24. sparkydale

    Rail Cops -

  25. Obviously be aware of opsec in relation to this question, but do the BTP have any firearms capacity in the north of the country? Manchester for example. Or is all BTP firearms based down in London?

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