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Found 29 results

  1. Hi, I've just received my assessment centre date for 4 weeks time! I was just wondering, those that have passed their BTP AC already, do we get a calculator for the numerical tests? I know that for Northumbria you do. any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks :-)
  2. I wasn't sure about starting a new topic to be honest but thought this touched on general issues within Policing rather than the specific debates from today re arming etc. Although he is not a current officer I felt that it's quite refreshing to see such frank honesty about the state of Policing and resource levels. Interesting tone in the interview where Peter Kirkham actually says the government are ''lying'' Not sure if other people had seen this earlier ?
  3. Update from BTP Fed
  4. Anti- terrorism posters distributed by British Transport Police (BTP) in London have been taken down over rows the design resembled Nazi propaganda. Full Story -GetWestLondon
  5. Terror review suggests London police forces should merge By Nick Beake Home Affairs Correspondent, BBC News 28 October 2016 London Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) officers during a Marauding Terrorist Firearms Attack Training exercise Image caption The review makes a total of 127 recommendations A major review of London's ability to deal with a terror attack has suggested the three police forces serving the capital could be merged. Lord Harris of Haringey said the Home Office should consider combining the Met Police, the City of London Police and the British Transport Police (BTP). The review was ordered by mayor Sadiq Khan to assess London's security. Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said there was "good argument" for a merger, but others had concerns. Saying the current set-up was "confusing" and the move would save money, Sir Bernard added: "We should get improved operational effectiveness and that's what this report is talking about: how to respond to a terrorist incident - would we respond better together? And I think we would." But the City of London Police said the paper itself had noted that merging forces would cause "significant disruption". In his review Lord Harris, a security adviser who chaired the Metropolitan Police Authority, concluded that any response to a terror attack would now be "substantially faster and more effective" than five years ago. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Lord Harris during a routine operation with British Transport Police officers Image caption The mayor announced the review with Lord Harris at Liverpool Street station in May But, he said, even though the intelligence agencies and the counter-terrorist police operating in London were among the best in the world, the city should be prepared for an attack with multiple fatalities. The review also found that, once the Met had completed its recruitment of 600 extra firearms officers, there would be no need for a further increase. To do so "would be at the cost of transforming the look and feel of our capital city", it said. A total of 127 recommendations were made in the paper. line Recommendations included in the review Armed police outside Downing Street A London-wide pilot of technology where all phones are sent a message alerting of a major attack Increasing the number of firearms instructors so marksmen can be trained quicker A comprehensive review of safety and security on the River Thames, commissioned by the mayor, to report by May 2017 A review of perimeter security at London City Airport - flights were disrupted last month after protesters gained access to the runway The capacity of London's major trauma centres should be reviewed Bolster mental health services to support those at risk of radicalisation. Security guards and bouncers should be trained to help prepare against an attack There should be four dedicated 24/7 Hazardous Area Response Teams and a similar number of Mass Casualty Vehicles strategically located around London All London schools to have a plan for how to prepare for a terrorist attack line Lord Harris also said live CCTV streaming should be extended across London. Earlier this year Mr Khan intervened after Westminster Council announced it would turn off its fixed CCTV cameras to save money. City of London Police said it welcomed the review but warned against merging it with the Met. "As the report clearly states, policing in London needs stability and certainty, not upheaval and disruption," they said. The BTP's Paul Crowther welcomed the report but said: "Over the past eight years, there have been a number of studies that have examined the rationale and effectiveness of a dedicated transport police force. "Each study has unequivocally concluded that there is a need for a specialist national force, which can provide 'end to end' policing and an understanding of this complex environment. "Terror review suggests London police forces should merge
  6. Pretty horrible to watch, though the footage was released with consent from the IP and the driver/crew on board the train.
  7. This is being discussed in the 'other place' as it appears to have reared it's head again after the original 2008 proposals: Home Office briefing on Infrastructure Policing Project In November of last year, the Government published the Strategic Defence and Security Review which included a commitment to “integrate infrastructure policing further and to review the options to do this”. The functions of British Transport Police, the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP), the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC), the Highways England Traffic Officer Service (HETOS) and the Home Office police forces’ strategic road network and airports policing capabilities are all within scope of the Review. Subsequently, Phase 1 of the Review, which took place during last autumn, recommended that the following two options be explored: (i) a National Infrastructure Constabulary which would combine the functions of Civil Nuclear Constabulary, the Ministry of Defence Police, the British Transport Police, the Highways England Traffic Officer Service, the Home Office police forces' strategic road network and airports policing capabilities and (ii) a Transport Infrastructure Constabulary and an Armed Infrastructure Constabulary. The Transport Infrastructure Constabulary would bring together the functions carried out by the British Transport Police, the Highways England Traffic Officer Service and the roads and airport policing elements of Home Office forces. The Armed Infrastructure Constabulary would involve the incorporation of functions currently carried out by the MDP and the CNC. The Home Secretary agreed with the two option recommendation. Each of the options is to be pursued equally and developed into a full business case.The circulation of this communication to our members coincides with the beginning of Phase 2 of the Review. The infrastructure Policing Project "has the potential to significantly change the current landscape of policing: increasing the effectiveness of our infrastructure policing while driving out efficiencies." The Review is being led by the Home Office and the intention is to report back to Ministers this summer. The Review team includes secondees from each of the forces in the scope and will work closely with senior police representatives. The Civil Nuclear Police Federation, along with the Defence Police Federation and British Transport Police Federation are being briefed by a Stakeholder Group consisting of senior policing partners and senior officials from the relevant government departments who provide expert input to the project. The three Federations are encouraged by the work of the project and will work constructively with all participants to deliver its objectives. Our statutory remit as Federations is 'welfare and efficiency' and we will be looking at all times to act in the best interests of our members. We will keep you informed on developments. Should Ministers decide to proceed to implementation of one of the options or a variation of them there will also be a formal consultation stage which would directly involve the Federation.
  8. Just came across this video and thought the forum would love a new video to discuss.. EDIT: Video under investigation by IPCC for alleged racial discrimination - probably best not to discuss in a public forum for now!
  9. 02

    Recorded about 2002/3. Classic!
  10. Hello all. I'm returning since the forums have moved from the 'old' sites. Serving SPC with BTP on C-Div, hoping to go full time in the next 12 months. Posted quite rural so hopefully I can bring a different outlook on policing to the majority of BTP officers. Looking forward to getting involved.
  11. January 17, 2016 4:40 pm Police use new tactic to fight terror threat in City of London Conor Sullivan Waiting to meet City of London police officials on Blackfriars Bridge to hear about a new crime-fighting technique, the FT stops to jot down a few notes. Soon enough a police officer, sporting an assault rifle, appears to ask why exactly this reporter is taking notes. This, it turns out, was an unwitting example of Project Servator at work — a new tactic to make life difficult for terrorists doing their homework, or “hostile reconnaissance” as the police describe it. It involves using undercover officers trained in behavioural analysis to spot people who might be scoping out sites for a potential terrorist attack. Their expertise is in noticing the subtle, sometimes unconscious ways in which people behave differently when they are stressed or anxious. They are stationed in a certain area just before the appearance of other officers in hi-vis uniforms and sometimes those on horses, with dogs or heavily armed. or (if you're not an FT subscriber, try googling the title and clicking the link that google gives you...)
  12. So BTP are piloting police cadets soon. Sadly only in two areas of the UK for the time being; London and Birmingham It launches in the summer, the London branch will meet at the L&D HQ in Islington and the Birmingham branch will meet at the M Sub division HQ, in central Birmingham. Not too much is known at this stage but cadets leaders are being drawn from volunteers internally, PCs, PCSOs, SCs and Police Staff - particular interest is needed from those with a background in youth engagement schemes. Uniform is not yet decided, however they will be receiving a PDA vest, to fit in with the rest of us! The locations have been picked based on BTP community presence, and that one of the force areas does not offer a Police Cadet scheme. Will update as I learn more!
  13. Hello All, I joined up a few days ago and rudely forgot to introduce myself. I'm 27, bored of my current desk job, I have applied three times over that last few years and finally got a shot. I'm currently through the paper sift, assessment day, medical and vetting for the BTP in B-Division. Waiting for an intake; Fingers crossed! J
  14. 01

    Recorded in 2002/3 I think. Deffo a fav of mine!
  15. I just wondered what powers BTP have on the 'Emirates Airline' Cable Car in London? This article got me thinking about it: It seems to be classed as railway property, but I am not sure of the nuances of that. Does anyone know?
  16. You've found yourself on Sandford Station.... Perhaps you're a BTP Officer based there who's accidentally wandered out of the office away from the kettle or perhaps you were simply sent out to get more milk by the Sergeant... If you're a Home Office bobby perhaps you are dropping off paperwork for a job BTP didn't turn up to because we were too far away to deal with it - doesn't really matter, you're here on Sandford Station, a medium sized train station in a busy market town on a sleepy Sunday morning. Whilst on the Main Concourse you spot an individual dressed casually in a tshirt and jeans, this individual proceeds to walk over towards a railway door marked "No Unauthorised Access, Staff Only" he opens the door and goes through... Feeling that something isn't right you resist the urge to return to the BTP Office for a fresh cup of tea and follow the man through the door, inside you find yourself in a service area which is stacked with various miscellaneous supplies of sand, grit, cleaning products etc the man now has a smart phone in his hand and appears to be recording the service area. You ask him what he's doing and he replies "I'm a Freelance Journalist, it isn't illegal to record!" What do you do?
  17. Weird timings if you ask me. I know this exercise has been months in the planning for an active shooter scenario but the fact that it comes just a couple of days after a shooting (albeit in a foreign country) that left many Brits dead means that its especially relevant. I feel for the guys in all that kit though. some of the best pics
  18. Although it's from last year, I have seen a few jokes about BTP responding on trains on UK Cop Humour lately, so I thought some might appreciate this (or find it semi-interesting if you're a train enthusiast).
  19. I hate to be "that guy" who asks all of the stupid questions, but can constables from any force, enforce railway byelaws? Or is it exclusively BTP that are the only ones that can do this? Thanks
  20. BTP (RAILWAY) Byelaw PNB Reference Sheet View File This reference is designed for use by ALL officers who may find themselves in the vicinity of railway property, as they may find byelaw offences useful to them. Simply download it, and resize it to fit your PNB. You may distribute this amongst your team if you wish, just please leave the credits up the top right so that people can come back here to get updated versions as necessary. These byelaws are the standard Railway Byelaws and are not enforceable on the Tube, they have their own set. Similarly, if anyone notices any issues with the reference, or if there are byelaw changes, please let me know and I will update the reference sheet. Submitter Soap Submitted 02/06/15 Category Police Officer/Special
  21. This video is quite interesting and it is police related because BTP appear in parts of it,
  22. Okay - What is the offence probed? (if it is still railway which I doubt or if it was current railway, trespass is the bylaw offence).... Slightly lost as to what could be done about it? (BoP maybe?) if it is over a road, again, yes you could be endangering traffic so that could be it, but what if it is on a cycle path / footpath like this? I'm interested as there has been a few 'person climbs something - police investigate' incidents of late... Edit: just to add this is not an current live 'railway' bridge anymore. but a part of the 'Keelman Way' shared foot and cycle route. The last train ran across in around 1968 if I recall correctly. Just to clarify disregard the use of the drone and any relevant laws on those, i refer to the climbing of bridges, monuments, large walls, etc etc Story Below: (source)