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Found 42 results

  1. Kent Regulars January intake

    Hello This is my first post but I have been following the forum for a while and found a lot of the information extremely useful, so thank you to all those that contribute. I am currently waiting for vetting and security checks to come back (its probably 7-8 weeks now) and had my home visit last Tuesday. I was just wondering if anyone else is currently at the same stage of recruitment and if they have heard anything yet? I haven't officially been told of a provisional intake date although another applicant had said it was the first week of January. It would be good to hear from anyone that is hoping for the same intake date
  2. Vetting

    Good afternoon Ladies and Gents, Long time member first time poster here. I've recently applied and been success for all stages of recruitment at the first time of asking. There is one major worry I've got and that is the vetting, Mainly the financial part. I've got a default from a couple of years ago when I was in a debt management plan with stepchange. Despite paying all the payments on time the company neglected to advised that the amount I owed was on an account with 2 loans on and why one was being paid and more they put a default notice on the other part. The reason for the debt was a break down in a previous relationship and despite trying to juggle the payments at the time I end up not being able to manage and made the choice to seek help. My main concerns is I've been debt free for over a year now, and i'm slowly rebuilding my credit rating which was shot to pieces after my DMP. Would the default(which is now closed and showing a £0 Balance) mean the end of my application? I've phoned vetting and all they have advised is that if I do get rejected I could always appeal and see what happens. I just wondered if anyone had been through anything similar. Thanks Liam
  3. Failed Met Vetting

    Hi guys, I completed my day 2 assesment on the 6th of september and was successful. I reccieved and email today (20/10/2017) that unfortunatly I had not passed my pre-employment checks. There was no reason given to me, however I did reccieve a criminal record over 6 years ago when I was a juvinile, I assume this is the reason for rejection. I have been honest throughout my application and gave details of my past on both the original application and the vetting form. As you can imagine I am very dissapointed at this decision as I had got so far and if I have been rejected for something that they had known about since the start will be disheartening. I have appealed the deicision and explained that I am now of good charecter and even volunteer with two organsations, one of them within the Met. Just wondered if there is anyone who is in or has been in this situation that can give me some advice. Thanks in advance !
  4. Failed vetting

    I’ve recently passed all aspects of recruitment but failed vetting. I was told in a letter that it was because I failed to disclose an informal action I got when I was 14 (now 28). I have emailed to try to get the decision overturned as I didn’t know any action had been taken and also it’s not a caution or conviction. Vetting won’t even listen to me and all I keep getting told is the reason was outlined in my rejection letter and they can’t talk to me further due to data protection laws. If it was to do with a third party would they have said this in the letter also (obviously not telling me who or what) but just outlined that as a cause also? I’m so disappointed as it was a genuine mistake and I wouldn’t of lied about it if I had got asked about it but wasn’t even given a chance. No vetting interview or anything. Any help or guidance would be appreciated
  5. How Much Longer?!

    Hi all, hope everyone is well. Got an email this morning saying my Biometric Vetting appointment is in 3 weeks. It is literally the last thing I was waiting on so if successful the next stage I assume would be starting training. It's coming up on 2 years since I applied and a year and a half since Assessment Centre and Interview. I've passed my medical, fitness test and vetting. My question is, does anybody know how long after all stages are complete are you likely to be offered a start date? I know it's a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' question but was wondering if anyone else is in a similar position playing the old waiting game.
  6. Police Vetting

    Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to pass vetting with 3 points on your licence? Its so annoying because I got caught when driving through roadworks which weren't even there at the time and the speed limit had been changed. I saw the speed camera as well and didn't even think I was speeding. This was about 3 months ago. Other than that my record is completely clean, I have a good credit score and my family have no past convictions either. Will I definitely fail vetting as i'm convinced I will? thanks,
  7. Vetting Process

    Hi, I recently changed my email address and updated all of my social media to make them private and deleted many people I didn't know properly (those from school etc). Will the change of email address affect my vetting as I've only had my new email for about a month? Thanks in advance.
  8. Social Media Vetting

    Hi, If you're applying for the police should you have social media accounts? I have heard its best to close them down but unsure if this is true? Thanks
  9. CTC Vetting

    Hi there, Hopefully, I'm near the end of my recruitment process, but as wit most things th information available to me is generally conflicting. I am a serving Prison Officer, I have completed medical and physical. Today I got my CTC online vetting, which is now completed and sent off. i have also had a conditional start date of August.... things are close, however this seems to be a thing. if anyone has any experience with this sort of 11th hour stuff, could you please let me know how you've gotten on? Not sure what the next stages are, to sure when my CTC will come back, generally not sure in general! My only glimmer of hope is that recruitment feel it'll all be sorted for mid July, and you know, I've got a 4 week notice..!
  10. The Waiting Game

    Hi all Currently in the process of joining Cleveland Police as a new entry PC. I passed the force medical on Monday and sent references/vetting forms off back in February so as far as I know just waiting now! Been told there are various intakes throughout the year but nothing concrete yet. Anybody else in the same situation? And anyone else been through the whole process recently know how long it takes to hear back that everything is done and to be offered a start date? Many Thanks in advance
  11. Hello all, I applied for South Yorkshire last year. Passed everything but vetting. Failed for not declaring a fpn for a exhaust problem £50 which I complelty forgot about And I had a discliplnary ( management advice) which was a bit of a strange one... Had a complaint from a detainee, he was drifting around roundabouts at a busy time on a busy road, I stayed behind him and flashed my lights, from this I got a disciplinary for a traffic irregularity, which I had some advice from management, this advice was very wishy washy, the management who was a regular inspector from a neighbouring force emailed and just said me flashing my lights was below the standards they have... my special inspector and my special sergeant heard nothing about this and knew nothing at all, which they were not happy about because they should be the ones giving out The advice etc. Or at least be told about it. I did not realise that email that the inspector sent me Was The disciplinary, because I didn't declare that SYP said I wasn't honest so as a result I failed. I have now applied for another force, going really well and now at The stage of vetting again. I've declared it all but bricking it.. Any help or reassurance please??
  12. Vetting appeal

    Hello Just wondering if there's anyone else out there in a similar position to myself. I've recently been successful throughout the whole recruitment process until the final stages of my vetting. They said due to "3rd party associations". I am so disheartened and I am going to appeal. Just querying if there was anyone else with a similar situation or (hopefully!) some success stories with appealling? It's so frustrating to get to the end and be told this.
  13. Vetting

    Hello guys, I would like to ask if, in the vetting process, the police checks someone's details in another country. For example, I am greek. Would the police contact the greek police authorities to verify my details? Many thanks in advance, Spiros
  14. Vetting

    Hello guys, I would like to ask if, in the vetting process, the police checks someone's details in another country. For example, I am greek. Would the police contact the greek police authorities to verify my details? Many thanks in advance, Spiros
  15. Hey, I was hoping someone could share some light. I have done my day 2 8 weeks ago and I have heard nothing. My current specials force have told me the met have contacted them, so I'm guessing I'm going through vetting. How long does this take and what are peoples experiences in this stage? Thank you
  16. So for any Officer role you are re-vetted every X amount of years. In my Force it is every 5 years. Question is, what happens if you fail? Specifically, for the case where it isn't your fault e.g. family members. Surely it's unfair to be blamed for someone else's actions.
  17. Question about vetting - family members

    Hi all. On the vetting questionnaire do I also need to include my wife's family? She has two brothers, so do I include them? I know I need to include her mother and father, just not sure about brothers. Do I also need to include my sister's husband? Thanks.
  18. A curiosity thread... If a serving Special/PCSO applies for the regulars but fails the vetting process, will he/she also lose his/her role as a Special/PCSO considering it is the same class of security clearance? Then again, it would be insane to hear if anyone who has actually failed vetting after passing it as a Special/PCSO... Though I can think of instances for that happening
  19. Online vetting

    Hello. Just a quick question about the online vetting to see where everyone else is. I had my medical on the 20th of July and still haven't received the online vetting form. Anyone else in the same situation. Thanks
  20. Financial Situations & Recruitment

    Hi guys, Just wondering what peoples financial situations were like during the recruitment process to become a PC? I'm not in the process at the moment but I'm sorting things out for if I'm lucky enough to get through to the financial vetting stages. I have around £2000 in debt (a couple of old accounts and a historic tax bill) that I'm paying off each month which is costing me around £180 a month. I keep all records on a spreadsheet, but I do worry incase this sets me back. What was your financial position like when becoming a regular? Wondering about people in similar circumstances and how that affected things. Many thanks everyone
  21. Application status

    hey, I applied last year august/September time passed by day 2 back in march of this year haven't herd anything since, rang recruitment today and was told I should have received an email telling me that basically as I don't speak a second language my application is pretty much on hold and to not expect to be offered a place (if I get through vetting) until 2016!! just wondered if anyone else has received this information?
  22. Vetting question

    Hey guys and girls, I'm after some advice please. I am currently police staff with my local force and have applied both last year and this year for police officer. Having failed at final interview last year I've been accepted straight at final interview level again this year. Upon applying my PDR was 3 meaning I was meets expectations but now after receiving my latest PDR I've dropped to 2 meaning I need improvement. My question is will I be dropped by vetting for this, are PDR scores checked at the vetting level? As I had a level 3 when I applied will it just be regarded that I'm level 3. I'm terrified to go to HR as they could remove me from the application process but I'm in a bit of a pickle. Any advice you guys can give is appreciated.
  23. Stage 2 vetting query

    I am in the process of filling out my stage 2 vetting form and it asks me about any time abroad or travelling. It says I cannot be out of the country for longer than 12 months, which is fine. In February 2014 I completed my training to become a health care worker on a zero hour bank contract. I went away to work a summer season in Ibiza for 3.5 months after finishing my training from May-middle of September. Although I was working away, I was still employed by the NHS as it was a zero hour contract. This being said, on my initial application form I didn't put a gap in my employment because I was still technically employed, although working abroad and not working for the nhs job in the UK. (if this makes sense?) I put the end date as September 2014 when I did officially leave that job to take up a new job. Im now worried that if I give them my address from abroad they will question why I didn't put the gap in my application form? thanks, Dan.
  24. Hello, Does anyone have experience doing the FCO vetting forms online? None of my previous applications have requested this. I've been vetted as a Special and Police Staff but have no idea what 'level' this would have been (options like SC, CTC etc). Would anyone be able to advice or is this going to need calls to HR tomorrow? Thanks.
  25. Well, seeing as I'm now a mini mod here I suppose I had best do something sensible! Here is a timeline for my recruitment process to give some idea of how long (or short!) things take. I can't guarantee it will be the same for all applicants, but it will hopefully give some idea 16th August posted application form 20th August notified I passed initial paper sift, assessment centre date sent 12th September PIR test 16th September notified I passed PIRT 17th September interview date sent 26th September physical date sent (pending successful interview) 30th September interview 1st October told I passed interview 10th October physical - was told I passed on the day 11th October conditional offer sent 20th November medical 13th December final offer. Collar number, training dates and pre-read sent Throughout the process, the training staff and HR have all been excellent. Always professional, but friendly and approachable with it. From what I can gather from the forum, it's been a quick process compared to other forces, for which I am glad to be honest!

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