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Found 270 results

  1. Kent Regulars January intake

    Hello This is my first post but I have been following the forum for a while and found a lot of the information extremely useful, so thank you to all those that contribute. I am currently waiting for vetting and security checks to come back (its probably 7-8 weeks now) and had my home visit last Tuesday. I was just wondering if anyone else is currently at the same stage of recruitment and if they have heard anything yet? I haven't officially been told of a provisional intake date although another applicant had said it was the first week of January. It would be good to hear from anyone that is hoping for the same intake date
  2. Has anyone got any experience with the Police Now Graduate Scheme? https://www.policenow.org.uk/the-programme/about-the-programme/ Looking at graduate schemes, and this one keeps popping up. What are people's opinion of the scheme, and whether it would be a worth while experience or is it a bad idea, and other graduate schemes would be a better option?
  3. Specials Training Start Date

    Hi, I recently received my special constable conditional offer and have sent off all my vetting, medical and reference forms. My medical is in a few days with the OHU and my fitness test was 2 weeks away but now its been postponed by 6 weeks. I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on whether I now have to wait for my fitness date in December before I can be given a date for training. The email didn't mention when gateway training would be starting and I thought maybe I'd get the dates for this before my fitness test is complete as I have heard of a few people who begin gateway training before they actually do their fitness test. I know no one can give me an exact answer but I'm just looking for any advice from anyone who has been through the process. Thanks! W
  4. Hi, I recently received my special constable conditional offer from Hampshire Constabulary and have sent off all my vetting, medical and reference forms. My medical is in a few days with the OHU and my fitness test was 2 weeks away but now its been postponed by 6 weeks. I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on whether I now have to wait for my fitness date in December before I can be given a date for training. The email didn't mention when gateway training would be starting and I thought maybe I'd get the dates for this before my fitness test is complete as I have heard of a few people who begin gateway training before they actually do their fitness test. I know no one can give me an exact answer but I'm just looking for any advice from anyone who has been through the process. Thanks! W
  5. Failed Met Vetting

    Hi guys, I completed my day 2 assesment on the 6th of september and was successful. I reccieved and email today (20/10/2017) that unfortunatly I had not passed my pre-employment checks. There was no reason given to me, however I did reccieve a criminal record over 6 years ago when I was a juvinile, I assume this is the reason for rejection. I have been honest throughout my application and gave details of my past on both the original application and the vetting form. As you can imagine I am very dissapointed at this decision as I had got so far and if I have been rejected for something that they had known about since the start will be disheartening. I have appealed the deicision and explained that I am now of good charecter and even volunteer with two organsations, one of them within the Met. Just wondered if there is anyone who is in or has been in this situation that can give me some advice. Thanks in advance !
  6. Failed vetting

    I’ve recently passed all aspects of recruitment but failed vetting. I was told in a letter that it was because I failed to disclose an informal action I got when I was 14 (now 28). I have emailed to try to get the decision overturned as I didn’t know any action had been taken and also it’s not a caution or conviction. Vetting won’t even listen to me and all I keep getting told is the reason was outlined in my rejection letter and they can’t talk to me further due to data protection laws. If it was to do with a third party would they have said this in the letter also (obviously not telling me who or what) but just outlined that as a cause also? I’m so disappointed as it was a genuine mistake and I wouldn’t of lied about it if I had got asked about it but wasn’t even given a chance. No vetting interview or anything. Any help or guidance would be appreciated
  7. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum so apologies I am still find my feet. I am looking to see If anyone is at the same stage as me and see what information people have? I have passed interview and assessment centre (back at end of August 2017) and I am about to head back to Aberdeen for my final fitness/medical etc an the end of this month with a possible start date during the December intake (however this has not been 100% confirmed yet). Anyone who is at roughly the same stage as me, would be good to chat and compare information. Thanks Lisa
  8. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has applied for the current Police Officer openings ( September/ October 2017) in Northumbria? I have completed the first stage which was some basic details and recieved an email back inviting me to go to an engagement event within the next two weeks. Has anyone had experience of these events within this force that could shed some light on it for me? Also this is probably a daft question but can anyone set out the way the recruitment process works from that initial registration all the way through till a solid job offer providing your successful at all stages? I've been doing non stop research since I applied and although I've got a fair idea what lies in store I'm still not certain on what is required when etc? Thanks in advance guys
  9. Police Vetting

    Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to pass vetting with 3 points on your licence? Its so annoying because I got caught when driving through roadworks which weren't even there at the time and the speed limit had been changed. I saw the speed camera as well and didn't even think I was speeding. This was about 3 months ago. Other than that my record is completely clean, I have a good credit score and my family have no past convictions either. Will I definitely fail vetting as i'm convinced I will? thanks,
  10. Briefing event

    Hi, I've just had my application shortlisted & been invited to attend a briefing event prior to assessment day. Does anyone know what attire I should wear to this? It's explains it's about 2 hours and I'm gathering it is just a briefing and checking of ID and receiving the assessment date & time. Thanks in advance

    Hi guys, Have my medical later on this month for PC! Very nervous about it! I have previously suffered from depression and have been clear of medication for 12 months now (WAS ONLY ON THEM FOR 3 MONTHS)! Anyone else been in the same/similar situation? Did you pass your medical without any glitches?
  12. Hey all, So West Yorkshire Police have announced that they will be hosting their new recruitment for Police Officers from 11th September to the 23rd September, is anyone thinking of applying?
  13. Recruitment window 2017

    Does anyone have any information on the recruitment window opening date? It was during August last year so I expect it to be the same this year. It closed quite quickly as well. I contacted force HR and they said recruitment will be opening but there's no set date. I've noticed quite a few forces open up in August already so I'd assume it's a popular time to schedule intake before April next year.
  14. Job Title: Student Constables Post: Various Based At: Forcewide Open From 31/07/2017 12:00:00 to 07/08/2017 12:00:00 Starting Salary: £22,896 Recruitment campaign for Police Officers for applicants who are currently in possession of a valid Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP). SWP will have a number of vacancies for police constables during 2017/2018. Applications are invited from those who currently possess a valid Certificate in the Knowledge of Policing, obtained in the last 3 years (as at 7th August 2017). Details of the CKP qualification must be submitted with any applications for verification and will not be progressed without it. Re-joiners and existing police officers are not eligible to apply for this process. They must wait for a transferee or re-joiner process (please note we do not have a transferee or re-joiner process scheduled for the foreseeable future.) For those candidates not in possession of a valid South Wales Police Multiple Choice Questionnaire (SWP MCQ) on application, they will be required to pass this prior to appointment as a Police Officer. N.B Internal staff in possession of a CKP will also need to visit the external website to apply, the application form will be available in the “join us” section. Internal applicants not in possession of a CKP are not permitted to apply on this occasion. Any applicants who do not meet the above criterion will not be considered. When submitting the application form please scan the CKP certificate and email to the HR-RECRUITMENT INBOX. Candidates still awaiting their CKP certificate should instead email confirmation that they have achieved the CKP qualification (in the form of a confirmation letter or email from their CKP provider including the date the qualification was achieved and the expected arrival date of the certificate). Upon receipt, the CKP certificate should be emailed to the HR Recruitment inbox for validation. (HR-Recruitment@south-wales.pnn.police.uk). If you wish to apply you need to request a hard copy of a candidate registration form please email your request to HR-RECRUITMENT@south-wales.pnn.police.uk or phone 01656 869225 immediately. Candidates must ensure that they complete and return the form by post as a matter of urgency. Please note that we will not be able to process any application without receipt of this form signed by each candidate. The assessment centre is scheduled to run September 2017. There are no alternative dates available. We will confirm the exact date closer to the time. Please note that the assessment centre is part of the national recruitment standards set by the Collegeof Policing. Information in relation to the assessment process and frequently asked questions can be found on the South Wales Police website http://www.south-wales.police.uk/en/join-us/police-constable-recruitment/ Applicants who request reasonable adjustment for dyslexia related issues need to ensure that they have a full report, written by a psychologist, that has been completed since they were 16, as the College of Policing will not grant extra time at Assessment Centre without this. (Further information can be found using the following link- specifically section 8.) http://www.college.police.uk/What-we-do/Development/Promotion/Documents/SSTRAPolicy14v1.0.pdf If you would like to become a police officer and consider that you have the required skills and abilities, you should complete the application form which is available from the HR Recruitment vacancy page https://eservices.south-wales.police.uk/Jobs/Jobs/Default.aspx from Monday 31st July 2017 (after 12.00 noon). This should be submitted by 12 noon on Monday 7th August 2017. Late applications will not be considered. Along with the application and your CKP certificate please return a copy of the document entitled “pre-application notice to candidates”. Any incomplete applications will be deleted after a 30 day period. There are guidance notes containing detailed information in relation to the completion of the form linked to the application form which applicants are required to read thoroughly before submitting their form. For any individual who declares that they have the ability to communicate in an additional language to English at B1 level or above of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (against the SWP prescribed list of languages) may be invited to attend a further assessment of the additional language, if successful at assessment centre. If successful at this further assessment, their assessment centre score will be uplifted to incorporate the additional language ability. Every prospective police officer is required to have their fingerprints and a DNA sample taken in accordance with Police Regulations. The purpose of obtaining fingerprints and DNA samples is to allow for a speculative search to be made against the local and national databases prior to appointment to the police force. Please note that if you have made an application to become a police officer in the last 6 months, either to this Force or another, then under Home Office guidelines, if you were unsuccessful you will not be eligible to apply on this occasion. If, unfortunately, you do not pass the initial application stage, we will notify you by post. Remember, if you are unsuccessful you will not be able to re-apply for a period of 6 months. The 6 month rule is to facilitate development of the candidate and will include: · Failure at shortlist (Competency Based Questionnaire) or CBQ · Failure at the psychometric tests (Pre-assessment Tool) · Failure at the Assessment Centre South Wales Police pay particular attention to areas that require development such as the competency section (CBQ) of the application form and the assessment centre. Please note the CBQ element does not apply to applicants’ holding a valid CKP. Any enquiries in relation to this recruitment campaign should be directed in the first instance to the HR Recruitment inbox HR-RECRUITMENT@south-wales.pnn.police.uk or contact 01656 305870. Our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 09:00 - 17:00 and Friday 09:00 – 16:30. Unfortunately there is no support available over the weekend, so please ensure you contact us during the above working hours.
  15. September Intake

    Hi All Just wanted to see if there was anyone with a start date for September 2017 within WYP?
  16. Negative aspects of the job

    As recruits, either rookie or potential ones – and even just general members of the public - we get so caught up in the excitement and possibilities of the job of a Police Officer we often overlook or don’t think about the bad sides of being in the job. I appreciate some of you won’t want to put negative thoughts on your profession or your experiences, or maybe people don’t always ask this question, but as someone who wants to get a wider picture of the job – what kinds of things do you consider a “bad” side? Endless paperwork, long hours, mental strain, physical abuse, work/life balance issues, relationship struggles, pay isn’t enough for what you do, funding cuts, pension issues, constantly increasing workload & responsibilities, etc, etc, etc. Feel free to share your experiences, thoughts and any advice. This is just to shed some light on the other side of the job. Like mentioned, a lot of those interested in the job will watch TV shows or only read the good bits – I’d like to hear some of the bad. You can also balance the bad with the good, and obviously if the job wasn’t satisfying you wouldn’t be in it, so I hope this thread – although asking for negatives – can in some way go full circle and give some good discussion. Please share, if you wish to. "Knowledge is power. The more one knows, the more one will be able to control events." Cheers.
  17. Hello Everyone, I have not posted to these forums for a number of years as I was thinking of applying to join the police back in 2007 however I have just plodded along in life working in banking for the last 11 years and I feel I am in desperate need of a change. Its not all bad as if I hadn't of started working in a bank then I wouldn't of met my wife and we have now been together for 10 years and married for 7 so some good has come out of a job that I don't really like! Now as Essex are recruiting again I am thinking of applying as I am now 32 and have a lot more life experience behind me than I probably did when I was 22. I went to a career evening Essex Police held on Tuesday and spoke to a few different areas including the specials, regulars, roads policing and CID and it was really interesting. The thing I am wondering is whether to apply for the Specials or for the Regulars. There were also student officers there and they said its a long process to get in but like with anything if its something you really want you will get there eventually. They also reckoned I would be better off just going straight in and applying for the regulars as after this recruitment campaign you never know how long it will be until the next one. The only slight thing that is worrying me is the fact I have to wear glasses all the time and my left eye is weaker where some of the cells died when I was younger and wasn't picked up until I was around 8 years old. Now with glasses I am able to drive but can't without spectacles. Without my glasses I can still see things close up its just things that are in the distance that I struggle with. I get my eyes tested every 2 years and when I went to my most recent appointment last month I was diagnosed with a condition called keratoconus. The optician said it was not something to be too concerned about as its quite common, but did say he wants me to carry on having eye tests at least every 2 years. When I spoke to recruitment they seemed to think it would not be a problem if I can drive already. I just wouldn't want to apply and potentially get all the way through and fail the eye sight test. Below is further information about the condition: http://www.moorfields.nhs.uk/condition/keratoconus Do you think this is something that would stop me joining? Sorry for the long post, but any help or advice from anyone on the forums would be greatly appreciated Thanks everyone Andrew
  18. At Long Last

    So having arrived in Glasgow last night for a festival, I went out on the hunt to find suitable parking spaces in the city. I left looking for a parking space, and came back with a final offer of employment as a Police Officer! At the moment it hasn't really sunk in, and I doubt it will seem real until I've passed out, but after starting a degree in Policing in September 2013, to applying and being rejected in 2014, it feels like a long long process has finally come to an abrupt end! Thanks to the many of you on this forum who have offered support and advice throughout the process - I wouldn't recognise any of you walking down the street but your help throughout has got me the job I always wanted and I'm truly grateful to those who are too many to name individually! Have a good weekend everyone, time to celebrate with Thom Yorke and a pint of warm, watered down lager!!
  19. Home Visit

    It's been a while since I've posted on this blog, mainly because nothing's been happening. I attended my medical which went smoothly, but involved waiting for 4 hours with other candidates in the piping hot waiting room of a converted semi detached. Aside from that it's just been chasing up references and trying to extend my son's vocabulary past "dog", "mum", "dad" and "gone" (which is apparently now a noun used to refer to a bin) Late this morning I got a call from my local Neighbourhood Sergeant asking for a home visit. Nearly an hour later and the kettle was on and I was panic shaving the mess that I haven't bothered to touch since my interview at the start of the month. The home visit was the part of the process that really intrigued me, having not made it to this stage before it was a complete unknown although some of the saints on here gave me at least an inkling of what to expect. The first test was a fairly simple one - white tea none. I didn't get any feedback on that but there was no vomiting so I'm taking it as a pass The visit essentially consisted of an ID check, around 20 questions designed to find out my attitudes towards drugs, binge drinking and right wing political groups as well as making sure that there was nothing that I hadn't failed to declare on my vetting forms. The questions were fairly formal, but after they were out the way I had an opportunity to sit and have a cuppa with a serving supervisor who could answer any questions about the job in a formal setting. Just the vetting to wait back on now so hopefully this time next week I'll have a final offer of employment Hopefully...
  20. CTC Vetting

    Hi there, Hopefully, I'm near the end of my recruitment process, but as wit most things th information available to me is generally conflicting. I am a serving Prison Officer, I have completed medical and physical. Today I got my CTC online vetting, which is now completed and sent off. i have also had a conditional start date of August.... things are close, however this seems to be a thing. if anyone has any experience with this sort of 11th hour stuff, could you please let me know how you've gotten on? Not sure what the next stages are, to sure when my CTC will come back, generally not sure in general! My only glimmer of hope is that recruitment feel it'll all be sorted for mid July, and you know, I've got a 4 week notice..!
  21. Well well well... I made it through to the finals without any of Gazza's tears or Psycho's missed penalties and it looks like all those years of hurt might be coming to an end at last. I haven't heard the result yet - at least not formally - but one of the officers who interviewed me gave me some positive feedback once the interview had ended. I'm not going to count my chickens until I've had that email with a big thumbs up, but hopefully we're getting there! The interview itself was really friendly and supportive - to anyone who is preparing for theirs, I would look at the priorities, values and PCC's plan for Kent. It's also worth thinking about community engagement etc as you did for the Assessment Centre and what you can do to contribute, as well as the local and national issues confronting the police. I really felt the interview seemed harder to fail than to pass! Hopefully I won't have egg on my face this time next week! Have a good weekend all!!
  22. The last 4 working days have felt like 4 working years, filled with endless refreshing of emails and irrational Google hunts as to how long for SEARCH results... This morning I got the call that I had been waiting eagerly for/dreading, I've passed the assessment centre! Ecstatic is not the word! Whilst I'm under no illusions that the final interview is far from a formality, I'm confident after my past experience was that it was a much less robotic and unfriendly assessment environment than the AC. I'm booked in for the interview next Friday morning, so it feels like the journey is slowly but shortly coming towards its end - hopefully not too abruptly. Congratulations to all those who got good news today, and commiserations to those who didn't, I know how it feels to be dumped out of this process but, to use a cliche, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on that horse in 6 months time. Cue garbled panicking post on Friday around 1pm, it's time for a beer...
  23. Surrey Are recruiting!

    So I've just noticed that surrey are recruiting Police officers, I'm popping an Application in now as I move down there to start another job in September but would much prefer this one! Anyone else applying?
  24. So yesterday was the first stage of the process which involved travelling to the training school. Definitely a trip I hope I'll be making much more before 2017 is out! The Assessment Centre briefing was essentially what it said on the tin. If you're about to go for yours, the gist is that you hand in your relevant ID/qualification/eligibility documents to the Recruitment team, and then sit with your potential future coursemates in the canteen, making small talk until you are called through to book an assessment centre date and then directed to a lecture theatre where you are given a presentation on the rest of the recruitment process and essentially just a bit more information about the job that you're applying for. I was given a date for the assessment centre (18/05/2017 at 0800) and told that the rest of the process should pass much quicker than I expected!! All in all, the briefing took around 2 hours, despite the possible 4 hours mentioned on the invitation email but it was good to meet a few other people in the process and to have at least some more idea of timescales but now time to book holiday from work and prepare for SEARCH!!
  25. 2 years on...

    Well well well... I haven't posted on here since the 30th April 2015. Fast forward nearly two years and we've lost the likes of David Bowie and George Michael, Donald Trump is now President of the United States and England's football team still haven't won anything (I guess some things never change). On the 31st March, I handed in my scrupulously drafted application for a PC role and this morning, 10 days on, I received an email telling me that I was successful in the paper sift. One half of me is filled with an excitement that I'm finally back on the road to doing the job that I've always wanted to do, after 24 months of twiddling my thumbs and the other half of me filled with a sense of apprehension that it's going to be another 6-12 months of constantly refreshing my emails, as well as having to go through the SEARCH assessment again. In January 2015, I had a regs application withdrawn due to an unsatisfactory reference, after going all the way through the process and it honestly felt like the day would never come when I'd be looking at getting back in the saddle. I guess if anyone is in the same position - or even looking at the 6 month wait after rejection - it's a sh*tty time, there's not a lot you can do about it, but dust yourself down, get back up and do your time and the opportunity will come around again. Next step is the briefing for said assessment - I thought I'd blog the process, not sure if anyone is remotely interested or whether anyone will read this, but hopefully this time next year, I will be writing about training and the year after be writing about punch ups, fast car chases and telling naughty children to go to bed. England still won't have won anything by then mind...

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