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Found 289 results

  1. Application Withdrawal

    Afternoon all, Apologies if this has already been asked before but I'm just curious, if somebody withdraws their ongoing police officer application do they still have to wait the required six months before they can reapply or can you reapply when they next recruit? Any advice would be appreciated. XA84
  2. Police Scotland March Intake

    Hi everyone, I’ve just received my final offer and will be heading to Tulliallan on 26th March 2018. Just wondering if there is anyone else on here doing so and if there are any specific forum groups on the go already that I can be directed to? Thanks, Laura
  3. Hi all, I'm currently going through my police officer application and have reached my medical stage and I'm just awaiting a date to go speak with the force medical team. My question regards pre-reading prior to starting training school have any of you done this and if so did you find it beneficial? I've been considering getting a copy of the latest Blackstones Policing Manual to have a read through so I can better equip myself for when I do finally start training. My current role which is also within the police allows me to have knowledge of law and crime but not to the scale of a police officer? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  4. So it will be a good 6 months before I start training! Since finding out my start date I have seriously become demotivated in my current role 🙄! And every hour now seems like a life time! For those of you that have had to wait a few months before starting etc, how have you kept yourself motivated without your current role taking a serious hit in terms of motivation? To say I can't wait to get out and start as a PC is an understatement of the year! But over the moon to have been given my start date!
  5. For anyone considering joining West Yorkshire Police as a police officer they will be reopening their recruitment for 2018 starting on Monday 26th February through until Sunday 11th March.
  6. Pre Employment Checks

    Hi all, So, after about 3 and a half years in the system, I received an email for April 2018 intake. As it has been a while since I passed my vetting etc, they mentioned I have to go through some Pre Employment Checks. My question is put to anybody who has been through this, just after the usual.... How long does it usually take, what is the difference between a pre employment check and vetting itself, etc? Thanks in advance
  7. Job For Life?

    Hi All I’m due to start Police Officer Training in March after a two year wait and couldn’t be more excited to begin. Can anyone tell me what the feel is at the moment in terms of job security and long term investment in Police Officers? I hope to be with the Police till I retire but with the current government cutbacks is this still a realistic goal? Can this still be a job for life? Regards
  8. Good day all, Just thought I’d see if there is anybody else attending the AC next weekend and to see how your preparation is going? What is you biggest worry about the AC and which Div have you applied for. I am applying for C Div, I’ve managed to arrange half an hour with an PC at my local station today which will hopefully help with the presentation to get a better understanding daily life. Beat regards and good luck DSMGP
  9. Student Officer 2018

    Hi all is there anyone on here starting there training on Monday for student officer?
  10. I'm on the 15th intake mate move in on the Sunday. My commute was less than two hours and they have provided me with accommodation so i would keep on their backs about sorting you one out.
  11. 2018 Intakes

    Is there anybody that went through the recruitment process in 2017 and have been told that the next intakes will be throughout 2018? I did the assessment centre in June and the final interview in August so I'm hoping to speak with anyone that is at the same stage that i'm at. I'm basically waiting to hear back about my vetting but its been 4-5 month now since i sent that off so if anyone has any info or is in the same boat then id love to chat. Cheers
  12. Good day I am currently a Captain in the South African Police Force. I work in a specialized unit dealing with forensic, photographic and fingerprint investigations of crime scenes. I have a degree in Policing as well as various courses that was done through the South African Police service for the specific field I am employed in. I would like to fine out what the requirements for a police member from outside the UK are to apply to join one of the police forces in the UK. I would appreciate any feedback from someone that has knowledge of this process Kind Regards Adele Germishuizen
  13. 2018 recruitment;

    Greetings, it's been a while since any posts and I've posted; To start it simply, has or is anyone applying or thinking of applying for the 2018 year? I'm aware the last application stage began November 2017, is anyone in for the January assessment centres? Any other news, many new recruits or specials around?
  14. "Positive Action"

    What would your personal view on the following be? https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/may_2016_recruitment Long story short, I along with 30 others had our applications withdrawn from the recruitment process in March as there were 'no vacancies' which obviously after completing the entire recruitment process is totally gutting as in my eyes, I was becoming a police officer whenever the vacancies arose. I have never read anywhere online or from any serving officers of a police force dropping Applicants as to my knowledge, they usually just keep them until a position become available. Anyway, to add insult to injury, Cheshire Police reopened recruitment, much to my annoyance and others and so I made the FOI request as I was curious as I had a gut feeling that there was either no women or no black or people of an ethnic minority group and as you can see from the information provided, there were not and now I'm left thinking that Cheshire Police has blatantly discriminated against white males. I just wanted to get some other people's opinions as I am left wondering if I have ground to make a formal complaint or if I should leave it be and move on as I may also be thinking to much on this situation. I know that I am not going to get into Cheshire Police and to be honest, I'm pretty fed up of them after being left waiting for such long periods of time not knowing what's going on, but I feel that I along with the other 29 applicants, we may possibly have been discriminated against. I am just left feeling deflated and my confidence in the police recruitment process is pretty much destroyed. I'm currently on hold with an application to the BTP now but I'll be honest, I'm not getting my hopes up after being let down. Policing is something I'd love to get into but I'm just worried I'm going to be jumping through hoops again to have my hopes and dreams shattered at their latest convenience. Thank you for your time.
  15. SC - Appeal Process/Rights On Vetting?

    Hi All, Firstly a huge thank you to all who are currently serving this Country, under any role that is currently within a police force, I truly admire what you represent. My joining this site is very recent, and a last port of call if I am completely honest. I have had to many knockbacks now over the years, but most recent is vetting. I am told as an external applicant that I have no right of appeal, & that section 6 of some type of act 1996 there is no reason to disclose the decision to myself. Added to this, I am informed that under no circumstances, in any capacity or post am I able to apply to this force again, I am stunned!. I have sought local assistance via my local MP, which at first looked promising etc, with the avenue of data protection, right of appeal, subject to access form etc.............. Sadly this concluded my MP informed me with the Chief Constable himself explaining via telephone, that the decision was final, that I am not of suitability in the role of constable and there was no right of appeal? Is there anyone out there, that can look at this ethically and explain to me where I go now. I am confused, as I currently work as a volunteer in an organisation that works from the same office as police. So I can pass a CRB but not vetting? Confused.......................? Appreciate any advice
  16. As per title. Did anyone do their assessment centre at College of Policing HQ on the 14th of November this year? If so have you had your results back yet. I was told by HR that if I phone towards the end of November they'll have my results. I was told on the day that I would have the results two weeks on the Friday (01/12/17). I'm still yet to have them. I phoned on the 01/12 and was told they haven't got them back yet but would soon. I sent a email on the 06/12 and got a reply on Monday saying they will chase the results up and they can confirm I will have the results by the end of the week. You can properly guess that as I'm making this thread that I've still no heard yet. I have put an appeal in due to not getting the paperwork until just over a week before (it should have been three weeks before), but getting a little annoyed. Going to phone them up again Monday and see what they say but wondering if anyone else was waiting for them.
  17. Start in a couple of months

    Hi, I'm due to start police training in a couple of months and I have a couple of questions, What are the first few weeks of training like, will there be assessments straight away? Are you supplied with all the information you need to study for assessments or will I need to purchase extra material? If you fail an assessment, do you get any option to re-take it? I received my welcome pack through the post with basic information I need to know, I've already booked an appointment to have my uniform fitted and I am planning on ordering a pair of Altberg boots, but is there anymore preparation I need to do before starting training? Sorry for all the questions I know they will probably differ from force to force. Thanks. I should also add that I am completely new to policing and haven't done anything like this before.
  18. Hi there, guys. I’ve somehow managed to pass my Day 1. It wasn’t an easy day to be honest, it’s a very nerve-racking day. But yeah, I’ve managed to get through it. I’m now at the stage where I have to choose boroughs. Any suggestions or advise will be vastly appreciated. This is what I have in mind: 1. KF - Newham 2. GD - Hackney 3. SX - Barnet 4. QK - Brent 5. EK - Camden 6. HT - Tower Hamlets Anyone at any of the above boroughs?
  19. Hi guys. I've been short listed for this intake. Was wondering how long it takes for them to send out the AC date? I'm eager to get started and want to start swotting up. Also want to start prepping and making sure I'm not working for the AC date.
  20. Kent Regulars January intake

    Hello This is my first post but I have been following the forum for a while and found a lot of the information extremely useful, so thank you to all those that contribute. I am currently waiting for vetting and security checks to come back (its probably 7-8 weeks now) and had my home visit last Tuesday. I was just wondering if anyone else is currently at the same stage of recruitment and if they have heard anything yet? I haven't officially been told of a provisional intake date although another applicant had said it was the first week of January. It would be good to hear from anyone that is hoping for the same intake date
  21. Has anyone got any experience with the Police Now Graduate Scheme? https://www.policenow.org.uk/the-programme/about-the-programme/ Looking at graduate schemes, and this one keeps popping up. What are people's opinion of the scheme, and whether it would be a worth while experience or is it a bad idea, and other graduate schemes would be a better option?
  22. Specials Training Start Date

    Hi, I recently received my special constable conditional offer and have sent off all my vetting, medical and reference forms. My medical is in a few days with the OHU and my fitness test was 2 weeks away but now its been postponed by 6 weeks. I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on whether I now have to wait for my fitness date in December before I can be given a date for training. The email didn't mention when gateway training would be starting and I thought maybe I'd get the dates for this before my fitness test is complete as I have heard of a few people who begin gateway training before they actually do their fitness test. I know no one can give me an exact answer but I'm just looking for any advice from anyone who has been through the process. Thanks! W
  23. Hi, I recently received my special constable conditional offer from Hampshire Constabulary and have sent off all my vetting, medical and reference forms. My medical is in a few days with the OHU and my fitness test was 2 weeks away but now its been postponed by 6 weeks. I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on whether I now have to wait for my fitness date in December before I can be given a date for training. The email didn't mention when gateway training would be starting and I thought maybe I'd get the dates for this before my fitness test is complete as I have heard of a few people who begin gateway training before they actually do their fitness test. I know no one can give me an exact answer but I'm just looking for any advice from anyone who has been through the process. Thanks! W
  24. Failed Met Vetting

    Hi guys, I completed my day 2 assesment on the 6th of september and was successful. I reccieved and email today (20/10/2017) that unfortunatly I had not passed my pre-employment checks. There was no reason given to me, however I did reccieve a criminal record over 6 years ago when I was a juvinile, I assume this is the reason for rejection. I have been honest throughout my application and gave details of my past on both the original application and the vetting form. As you can imagine I am very dissapointed at this decision as I had got so far and if I have been rejected for something that they had known about since the start will be disheartening. I have appealed the deicision and explained that I am now of good charecter and even volunteer with two organsations, one of them within the Met. Just wondered if there is anyone who is in or has been in this situation that can give me some advice. Thanks in advance !
  25. Failed vetting

    I’ve recently passed all aspects of recruitment but failed vetting. I was told in a letter that it was because I failed to disclose an informal action I got when I was 14 (now 28). I have emailed to try to get the decision overturned as I didn’t know any action had been taken and also it’s not a caution or conviction. Vetting won’t even listen to me and all I keep getting told is the reason was outlined in my rejection letter and they can’t talk to me further due to data protection laws. If it was to do with a third party would they have said this in the letter also (obviously not telling me who or what) but just outlined that as a cause also? I’m so disappointed as it was a genuine mistake and I wouldn’t of lied about it if I had got asked about it but wasn’t even given a chance. No vetting interview or anything. Any help or guidance would be appreciated

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