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Found 18 results


    Hi guys, Have my medical later on this month for PC! Very nervous about it! I have previously suffered from depression and have been clear of medication for 12 months now (WAS ONLY ON THEM FOR 3 MONTHS)! Anyone else been in the same/similar situation? Did you pass your medical without any glitches?
  2. Hi Everyone, Wondering if you can help me, its quite a specific question to be honest. I applied for both a Regular and Specials role for Lancs Constabulary at the tale end of last year, and I have a specials assessment this week at Lancs HQ Hutton. My problem is that, despite being pretty healthy & 24 Years of age, I managed to somehow pick up guillain-barré syndrome early December, and didn't realise till the tail end of December where I had almost full paralysis of both of my arms. I didn't click onto it as a major problem at first as I thought it was a gym injury. Anyway, Long story short, I received 5 days of intensive treatment (Over new year) and have made a rapid recovery, one of the quickest the hospital neurologists have seen and may be signed off back to work as soon as 3 weeks, and that's only because i'm a driver, If I was an office worker, I would've been signed off fit to work on discharge. Has anyone heard of or know anyone who has been in a similar situation? Do I still have a chance with the current intakes or will I have to write them off? Could it affect future recruitment chances for me even though its a non-recurring illness? I'll be phoning the Recruitment team for there take on it asap, but just wondering if anyone else has came across the same situation. Kind Regards ~ ScottishFox PS. Unsure if this is the correct sub-forum, sorry if its not!
  3. I'm on my internal specials > regs recruitment and have my medical tomorrow. I pulled a muscle in my back today at work and although much better now I was in excruciating pain earlier. I can now walk around and do most things but standing up from sitting is still painful and I still have constant pain. At my specials medical the doctor wasn't really bothered by anything but I'm worried this doctor might think I have a chronic problem and fail me. Should I cancel or just be honest and explain the circumstances.
  4. Depression

    Hello I have been on the forums (t'other place included) for just over a year now. I am 17 and am aiming to become an SC then hopefully a Police Constable. In September this year I was diagnosed with depression and prescribed antidepressants until January/February. I have asked my GP about it stopping me from joining and he said it wouldn't be an issue if I was not on them when I applied. I do have a question though; Would it prevent me from becoming an AFO or SFO (it isn't the only area of policing I would be interested in). I suspect it would be another hurdle to jump over in terms of interviews etc, that is totally justified and I am not moaning about it.
  5. PCSO Blog

    I shall post my experiences as I go along, so others can compare or have an idea what's going to happen or what was different for them. If I bore anyone just scroll past it's going to be a sort of Blog. For you exciting OSU or firearms officers with your really cool uniforms ( or so says my daughter ) please feel free to scroll on by ok, so after passing all the requirements back in 2014, I sadly got the email telling me that due to Buget cuts, the whole of the 80 odd PCSO's would be shelved. I always wanted to be a police officer and now being in my middle years and after having 4 children ( forgot to say I'm of the female variety ) I pretty much thought " that's that then " but, seeing as 90% of my family are either was an officer, is an officer or are on the route to learn how to be an officer, I didn't give in and applied for a staff job at WYP. Then I got the email in February asking if was still interested and, of course, I replied yes, very much yes, yes yes. I wouldn't need to go through all the tests and role play again, just the medical. But, with WYP employing PC's as well at the same time it's not until now that I have finally been made an offer and a start date for training on the 24th October. The medical was a story on its own and I wouldn't tell it to my colleagues till they were all present. It wasn't bad or hard, but did include a back fastening disposable gown and some unwanted bed hygiene paper stuck somewhere undesirable whilst doing the movement tests. It made the staff laugh, I will just say to make a tale short, make sure you wear nice matching underwear and certainly nothing thong like. This is when big knickers has no shame. I passed the medical, which of course is the most important thing, to be a PCSO. The doctor told me if I wanted to be a PC he would stop it there as my BMI was basically through the roof. I was thinking it's basically reaching the heights of Emley Moor Mast, but hey ho, I'm sure I'll walk it off. Then next contact was with the lovely gent in charge of PCSO recruitment, who on the phone offered me the post and told me I had been posted to Calderdale. He doesn't know where in Calderdale, I would find that out later in training. So, laptop out and find all the stations in Calderdale, routes there in summer and of course in winter when we have two foot of snow to battle... Todmordon? Gosh. Fingers crossed on that one then. Later In the day I got an email telling me my collar number and a link to the new starters website at WYP. ( this is seriously out of date, I must remember to tell HR that they are knocking the building down that all the extension numbers relate to) and an instruction to buy good quality leather boots that can be buffed. So I've looked on here and seen the favourites. £150+?!? I'll visit Go Outdoors and see what Magnums they have on offer Collegues have started to ask questions at work. They're mean ( in a nice way) and talk about the cold, the sleet and unruly teenagers. Outwardly, it's not working, I live on the moors and have four grown up kids. Inside I'm thinking " oh hell, what have I done?" So here I am. At this moment, wanting a friend to face it with. My next post will be about the boots. See you then
  6. Medical done today

    So I had my medical today and the lovely occupational therapist explained every test result and said if everything was OK once checked by someone else there, I wouldn't hear anything, any problems they will ring and then it would be passed on to recruitment and I probably won't hear anything until drugs test results and vetting are done at which point I will be invited to attend training, so just a waiting game now, yay fingers crossed
  7. After the medical

    So i had my medical this morning for WYP... whats the time frame for a response... the woman who dealt with me today said that WYP dont do a fitness test anymore? Im not bothered either way just curious. Also what happens after the medical?
  8. Deferred At Medical

    I attended the medical today and was absolutely gutted to be told I'd been deferred due to a pre existing medical condition. It was especially hard to take considering I'd passed the fitness test and have previously passed two medical tests (for specials and for pcso). The specials was even with the same force so to be told I'm not up to the standard to be a full police officer left me pretty stunned, and those were pretty much her words. Ive now got either 3 or 6 months to receive treatment and be re examined by a doctor but if it's 6 I'll miss the last intake. It's hard to deal with after coming this far. Has anyone else ever been in a similar situation? Is it just a case of getting a doctor to sign you off as fit or does it vary from force to force?
  9. New Applicant

    Hi All, So I have recently applied to join as a special and have been blown away at the speed that it has progressed, I submitted the application on the 30th June and had an email saying I was successful in the first stage sift on the 3rd July and invited to an assessment centre on the 15th July. The first question I have is this speed usual? I am slightly concerned about the medical, I am physically very healthy and did complete a half marathon in October last year and did it in 2 hours 30 mins without having to stop running so I am hoping that I will be able to get through the bleep test. The second and bigger question is I have put down CW as my first choice for posting. I have seen on a few posts people saying it isn't the best place to go for, could anybody give me a bit more info as to why? Is there anybody from CW that could let me know what life is like on borough. Steve
  10. Medical Meeting In Regards To Pension

    I am currently going through he recruitment process and have completed all aspects, including uniform fitting etc. I have had my medical and there was a concern raised over some old medications which have previously resulted in me being refused a start date (about 3 years ago). I have now been informed that I have another meeting to attend "in regards to my Police Pension" with a medical practitioner. I am thinking that this has 2 possible meanings: 1. They are looking for a 2nd opinion in regards to my eligibility to start 2. They are happy for me to start but are trying to ascertain if they will entitle me to the pension Has anybody had any experience of this at all? Thanks in advance.
  11. Medical

    Just a quick one, how soon did everyone have their medical assessment after their conditional offer? What does the medical involve? It is pretty much the same as HO forces?
  12. High Blood Pressure

    Morning all So, I've been getting nosebleeds now, on average, once a week. These last between 2-4 minutes and they are thick, heavy bleeds. The last time I had these was when I was in the army at 17 and that was due to high blood pressure. Friday, I had a nosebleed at around 1800hrs. Then I was out on duty from 2000 x 0400 and the paramedic who I work with took my blood pressure. It was alarmingly high at 167/102 (I'm told for someone my age it should be at 120/80) So I was told to go see my GP asap.. Saturday morning in the bath- nosebleed. Starts gushing out. Ruins my bath. Great. So I gave 111 a call and they advised me to go to A&E within the hour - I told them I didn't and it was a bit of a fuss. Anyway.. About 10 minutes before my mother was taking me to A&E and probably 30-40 minutes after the phone call, another nosebleed. This time it was only a very small, light one. Seen by the doctor in the hospital and I was in and out within an hour. He reckons is secondary hypertension, so I said secondary to what? Doctor doesn't know so said to make an appointment with my GP to arrange blood tests and all other things to see what's going on, exactly. Saturday evening - around 1750hrs, stood in the queue for some food. Got to the front of the queue, nosebleed. Wasn't happy! Has anyone had any experiences like this? I have my medical for a police force in about 2 months time - will high BP affect me passing? Any advice. Someone. Please. Cheers
  13. Health background check

    Hello Everyone I would just like to ask, does one's Health background penalize their 'specials application' I mean I get bad hayfever, in summer and I take antihistamines, but recently I been having headaches and my GP sent me to have a MRI brain Scan I was just wondering will that show up on health check and if so will my 'specials' application get cancelled? PS Does anyone know any officers that got with an early stage 1 cancer/tumour? can you be a police officer with cancer? Thanks Tru
  14. When I started the specials recruitment process I tried to look up a rough timescale, but could not find one anywhere. This is obviously due to individual force's, the individuals that are applying and their personal circumstances. Below is my timeline, it seems to have gone smoothly so hopefully this is an average timeline. Application form completed – mid/End of May First correspondence back to offer dates for assessment day (taken as a woohoo!) - end of June. Assessment day (Interview, Situational Judgement and Written) – mid July. Vetting Personal - End of July. Vetting Financial - End of July. Doctor’s report and eye test – end of July. Substance Misuse – Mid August. Biometric testing – Mid August. Police Medical – Mid October. Offer as a special – Start of Nov. Training starts – End of Nov. Attestation planned for – March 2015! Hope this helps anyone going through the process Woody
  15. Asthma

    Anyone got any experience of applying with asthma?
  16. hey guys I have my fitness and medical on the 13th of December, I have the fitness part at worle school, then if I pass have to travel to portishead for the medical straight away, Of which they give us the forms already for the docters to fill so we can take with us on the day. At the interview they said they was trying to get us through it as they was a little short on the January training corse, any idea of when the next one after that starts? As I don't think I'll be passing the vetting within a couple weeks! ??
  17. Allergies

    I've got a buddy looking at joining the specials. He has a peanut allergy and has to carry those epipens. I've told him I think he will be fine, but I have advised him to contact occupational health to check. So long as he made the shift sergeant aware, carried his pens, and did his usual stuff of checking the ingredients on food etc, I can't see what issue there would be. What are your opinions? Do you know of officers who have allergies and have had to carry epipens whilst on duty?
  18. Hi, for those interested in joining Wiltshire Police as a Special, the following is the process that you need to follow: Initial Contact Consult the Wiltshire Police Website for Special Constable Recruitment, http://www.wiltshire...cial-constable. Application Pack Request an application pack, fill it in and submit (note that the majority of applicants are rejected at this stage, so it is worthwhile spending a significant effort at this stage to get it right). You are highly recommended to make a photocopy of what you submit for your own future reference! PIRT If you pass this paper-sift stage, you will be invited to sit the PIRT. This is the standard national test, with a section or two omitted. This is usually scheduled for a weekend. Interview If you pass PIRT, you will then be invited for an interview, a face-to-face meeting with you and usually two or three officers/HR staff, usually held the same day as the PIRT. Medical The medical is where you present your medical history to force Occupational Health, and you will be subject to a hearing and vision test. Please note that there is a fitness test for Wiltshire Specials. Security Clearance (Vetting) This is where you are checked on the details supplied on the application form, to see if you pass security clearance. And that should be it! Unlike other some forces, Wiltshire is normally quite quick at progressing from one stage to another, it is not unknown for the whole process to as little as three months from application to start of training. Note that, at the time of writing, Wiltshire Police continues to be actively recruiting. Edited by rosco, 03 July 2013 - 04:42 PM. Updates for 2013 Edit

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