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Found 20 results

  1. All footwear questions and advice welcome.
  2. Murtaugh

    Parade Boots/Shoes

    Hi everybody, Operational boots have been covered quite a bit, however, I'm looking to purchase a second pair of boots/shoes solely for the purpose of parades and court, not for operational day to day stuff. Does anyone have any recommendations for a parade boot/shoe? Thank you, M
  3. XA84

    Boot Restoration

    Evening all, So I have some Altberg P1 Aqua boots that are around a year or two old which have fallen into bad shape and could do with some work on them. I'm considering sending them back to Altberg for work to be done on them but I'm also just curious as to whether they will just buff out with some constant bulling for a week or two? Any advice is appreciated. XA84
  4. H-H

    Boots boots boots

    Evening ladies and gents, Just curious, how are boots issued in Kent to PC's? Are there standard issue now (applied a few years ago and at the fitting they told me to keep my altbergs from my old Special constab - which have since gone awol ) If not is there some kind of boot allowance given or is it just use your first pay? Cheers, A
  5. Mark_C

    Waterproof Boots

    I'm due to start with a force imminently and we've been told to purchase our own boots. I've previously worn the Altberg Peacekeeper, which as good a boot as it is, was simply not waterproof. Can anyone recommend a waterproof policing boot, ideally from the Altberg range as I'm already aware of my sizing. Thanks in advance, Mark
  6. HappyValleyNewbie

    PCSO Blog and boots

    So I'm convalescing. I had a BCC tumour on my snozzle, sounds gross and a little wow but really it was nothing, other than making me look like a cast member of The Wizzard of Oz. OH of course had a melt down during my recruitment process but after lots of letters and phone calls my surgeon reassured them that it was nothing and I wasn't going to keel over on guard duty because of it, they were fine. Well, it's been whipped off by a very nice surgeon from Oxford and the skin graft has taken well. So I'm walking around work scaring all the staff at WYP with the big plaster I have over my nose whilst trying to blend in. At this point, when what they said came to pass, that I won't have a gaping hole in my face to scare the locals but something that looks like I've gone through the front door on my horse ( mounted police will know what I mean) I decided it was time to go get my boots. Go Outdoors have a huge selection of walking, climbing, and hicking boots. I'm very glad that I don't do this hobby as I think there was rather a lot of kudos in what boots you are trying on and carrying around looking for an assistant. Really, I watched the customers for a while and there's lots of ' mistake there mate' and ' ha! He's going to know about that mistake at one and half thousand feet' looks. Couples were actually sniggering amongst themselves at other people's choices and looking smug at their own£300 purchases. I looked for the options I had, which basically was a very small stand with 4 different boot styles by Magnum for the conciencious plod. I know there's loads on the internet but I don't have the legs and feet of a model so I need to try them on. My husband will verify that shopping on the Internet just results in lots of unused footwear taking up the bottom of the wardrobe. I'm not good at returning them. Anyway, I took my daughter, a BTP officer to give me some advice. I picked up the Magnum 8.0 Panthas. The rise is quite high and I was hoping they had a selection with a lower ankle support. I could always get the others when I walk off some of that BMI the police doctor was so worried about. They didn't have any and I really wanted to walk around with the other twonks looking smug at my very own boots so I tried them on. Well, they were ace! Comfy, light, they had that area that training school teachers like you to spend hours bulling and the heel was slightly risen so I would get that 'plantar fasciitis' I got from walking for miles just to watch the Tour De Yorkshire scream past at Mach 5. The laces are plenty long enough for me to loosen and still have enough to do a decent bow tie and a handy zip at the side you can use when you have them tied just right with the laces, making it easier and quicker to put them on or take off. The high rise was comfortable, and I actually found that they supported the back of my lower leg. Daughter says she has the same boots and she does actually slightly lean back into the rise when doing standing around operations as it eases her feet a little and keeps the blood flowing. Downside. I thought they made me look a bit butch. But, a little make up can counter that and anyway, I still wanted to be smug and walk around with my 'real' boots, so I picked them. I enjoyed every moment, even took photos like it was a puppy I had purchased. I didn't even let that customer at the till that was obviously an old timer PC dampen my mood when he saw what I was buying and do that little shake of the head whilst looking at something on the ceiling. It was real now! I had boots and my daughter is right, you don't feel that it's real until you buy and put on your first police boots . I have been advised of course to start wearing them, break them in, and I will, but for now they are taking pride of place in the living room where I can keep proudly opening the box and looking at those shiny new police boots and tell myself I am, really, I am, doing the right thing
  7. HappyValleyNewbie

    PCSO Blog

    I shall post my experiences as I go along, so others can compare or have an idea what's going to happen or what was different for them. If I bore anyone just scroll past it's going to be a sort of Blog. For you exciting OSU or firearms officers with your really cool uniforms ( or so says my daughter ) please feel free to scroll on by ok, so after passing all the requirements back in 2014, I sadly got the email telling me that due to Buget cuts, the whole of the 80 odd PCSO's would be shelved. I always wanted to be a police officer and now being in my middle years and after having 4 children ( forgot to say I'm of the female variety ) I pretty much thought " that's that then " but, seeing as 90% of my family are either was an officer, is an officer or are on the route to learn how to be an officer, I didn't give in and applied for a staff job at WYP. Then I got the email in February asking if was still interested and, of course, I replied yes, very much yes, yes yes. I wouldn't need to go through all the tests and role play again, just the medical. But, with WYP employing PC's as well at the same time it's not until now that I have finally been made an offer and a start date for training on the 24th October. The medical was a story on its own and I wouldn't tell it to my colleagues till they were all present. It wasn't bad or hard, but did include a back fastening disposable gown and some unwanted bed hygiene paper stuck somewhere undesirable whilst doing the movement tests. It made the staff laugh, I will just say to make a tale short, make sure you wear nice matching underwear and certainly nothing thong like. This is when big knickers has no shame. I passed the medical, which of course is the most important thing, to be a PCSO. The doctor told me if I wanted to be a PC he would stop it there as my BMI was basically through the roof. I was thinking it's basically reaching the heights of Emley Moor Mast, but hey ho, I'm sure I'll walk it off. Then next contact was with the lovely gent in charge of PCSO recruitment, who on the phone offered me the post and told me I had been posted to Calderdale. He doesn't know where in Calderdale, I would find that out later in training. So, laptop out and find all the stations in Calderdale, routes there in summer and of course in winter when we have two foot of snow to battle... Todmordon? Gosh. Fingers crossed on that one then. Later In the day I got an email telling me my collar number and a link to the new starters website at WYP. ( this is seriously out of date, I must remember to tell HR that they are knocking the building down that all the extension numbers relate to) and an instruction to buy good quality leather boots that can be buffed. So I've looked on here and seen the favourites. £150+?!? I'll visit Go Outdoors and see what Magnums they have on offer Collegues have started to ask questions at work. They're mean ( in a nice way) and talk about the cold, the sleet and unruly teenagers. Outwardly, it's not working, I live on the moors and have four grown up kids. Inside I'm thinking " oh hell, what have I done?" So here I am. At this moment, wanting a friend to face it with. My next post will be about the boots. See you then
  8. Waddy1546080774

    Boots, Boots, Boots

    For about the last 5 years I have been wearing my old British Army issue boots, they served me well and indeed the boots would still last longer but I was going through laces faster than I could buy them in the last few months so I bit the bullet and decided to replace them. I spent hours trying boots on of all different types and makes. I tried heavy weight and light weight LOWA's, Danner boots, 5.11 tactical boots, heavy and light weight Jolly boots and one or two others I cant remember besides. I decided to steer clear of the magnums as I personally feel they are a bit of a false economy, they may only be £40 - 50 but with the level of wear and tear I am accumulating would only last a year or two whilst for about twice that I can get a pair that last more like 5 years or so. I opted in the end for the Jolly Safety Footware Light weight boots, a make I had never encountered before but seemed to offer best all round for comfort, waterproofing and flexibility whilst maintaining support of the ankle. The general consesus at the store (which is a warehouse located locally for an online retailer and whom I found to be exceptionally customer orientated, friendly and easy to work with (pm me if you want to know who, don't want to be accused of advertising a competitor for free!)) was that they are indeed probably the best boot on the market and at £80 less than a pair of Danner's (a lot of what you pay for with them is undoubtedly the name) a bargain to boot. So the point of the thread, to see if anyone else has come across them yet, owns a pair, what people think of them and general feedback / discussion.
  9. Gladstoneboots LTD

    SWAT Boots on special

    Clearing out lots of older stock - lots of great discounts including FREE shipping & Free socks with certain boots www.Gladstoneboots.com
  10. Hi All, I know there is already a topic of kit and equipment in the general discussion however I would like to know specific details in relation to Devon and Cornwall so would appreciate if this could be kept in this header for all new starters, like myself, know when to receive kit and if there is anything we need to add to our Christmas lists as it's not included. Please could someone who has recently attested i.e in the last 6 months or so advise what kit is given to you, when it is given to you, how much is given to you and anything you have required to get to ensure you have everything you personally require. i.e. a torch, boots etc Please use the following format for each time kit was issued so I can paint a rough timeline of events and don't have to read an essay for the required response! If it was on a training weekend, please state which training weekend. EXAMPLE: Period in training: Induction Items issued (Quantity and item): 2x Wicking t-shirts 1 pair of boots 1x High vis..... etc. Period in training: Attesting Items issued (Quantity and item): 1x Warrant Card 1x Leather warrant card holder 1x Custodian helmet 2x Cargo Trousers...... etc It would be appreciated if you could stick to the format above and be as accurate as possible. Thanks in advance!
  11. Gladstoneboots LTD

    FREE Shipping

    Orders over £50 are FREE next day delivery starting today
  12. ForceHQ

    Smelly Boots

    I've recently replaced my magnum classics (which lasted four years, so I'll not have a bad word said against them ) with some lowa boots. The trouble is they are all leather. It's great as they are fully waterproof. But they don't breath as well. Consequently I have stinky boots. Any advice on how to de stink them?
  13. SW_matt


    hi guys, I'm attending an IAC next month in Huntingdon. I know I'm getting a bit ahead of myself hear but can anybody tell me what the policy is regarding boots? I'm a special in hants and have tried loads of different boots inc the issues magnum ones. I currently wear altberg non toe caps as they are the only ones that don't make my feet/ankles/hips ache after a full tour, should I be successful in the long process ahead would o be allowed to wear my own boots provided they are not capped. I have been to occy health down here and they found nothing medically wrong with me
  14. I am looking to purchase my first set of boots as a Special (in training). This boot is attractive as it ticks many of the boxes on my want list (Vibram sole, very light, no side-zip, good support), whilst still being available for under £80. However, it also has a rubber toecap to protect the leather there, which brings me to my question: - Has anyone come across any issues with the rubber toecap on this boot not being seen to be appropriate for wearing whilst in uniform? :new_thanks:
  15. So I've started looking into what boots to buy and stumbled across these on patrolstore. http://www.patrolstore.com/Dr-Martens-Marshall-Police-Boot.html?home_expose4_DM_Marshall They're pretty affordable compared to others on the website but what are your opinions on them? Some of you more experienced folk will have more of an idea what to look for than me. I did a quick search on here and only found one post which mentions them and there's only one review on the website. I'm also looking at getting these (http://www.patrolstore.com/Magnum-Active-Duty-Shoe-p-13815.html). I need some new dress shoes anyway as mine are a bit battered so I figured I may as well get some that will be usable for attestation and other tunic-order duties. Are they any good?
  16. Hey all. Thought I would try and get a topic going to find out who might be on my course for training. I have got my start date as the 28th January at Mount Pleasant Campus in Swansea. Anyone else on the same course travelling from Newport/Cardiff way? Also for anyone who may have already done their training at mount pleasant campus where is the best place to park? I had a look around there in the week but I couldn't see much nearby except the train station? Boots wise I was looking at these; http://www.patrolsto...om/command.html Some people have left really good reviews where others have not so have any serving PCSOs/Officers had experience of them? Looking forward to some replys soon! And regarding the boots any help would be appreciated
  17. Hi Guys, I've just bought a pair of mitre lightblue legion boots, loads of people have raved about them so I thought I'd get a pair. I'm having trouble breaking them in, so far I've lasted half a shift on two occasions before going back to my old boots. Any tips in how to break them in ? Cheers x
  18. H0TFUZZ

    Lightweight Boot Recommendation

    Hello Chaps, My boots are on their way out now and in need of some more. Can anyone recommend light-weight boots? I cant be bothered with big, clumpy ones I cant run in them. Ive got these trainers and wondered if anyone knows any boots similar to this size/build ... or recommend something better? Not too fussed about style just want some light ones!!
  19. I currently have the Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 WPI boots, but sadly the stitching on the inside has become ripped. I'm interested in some waterproof Altbergs - any recommendations? EDIT: Attached links as to where they can be bought from would be great.
  20. **************************Coming Soon************************ "A Copper is as prepared as the condition of his kit." We all know the amount of battering that our boots take everyday. Having been on the beat, I know that my boots are the most important part of my kit. We appreciate that a good pair of well looked after boots is our pride and joy. A nice polished pair of duty boots helps us look professional. Also, with the winter wet/ snowy weather fast approaching, this is the most crucial time to get your boots waterproofed. The salt content in the grit combined with water cuts through the top coating of leather and deteriorates its quality. I understand not everyone has the timetot the products to look after ther boots. I have therefore started up this service to help you take pride in your boots and to care for them. Services available: 1) Basic Boot polishing - Multi coats. 2) High gloss polishing - Mirror shine. 3) Water Proofing Only - Chemical multi coats. 4) Water Proofing Only - Natural beeswax, dubbin and natural oils. 5) Beeswaxing. 6) Mega Care Package - The ultra package includes cleaning, chemical water proofing (two layers), Natural waterproofing (beeswaxing, dubbin, natural oils), multi coat polishing, bulling and Gloss shining. Affordable reasonable pricing. Send a Private Message for any enquiries.
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