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Found 10 results

  1. I wonder what anyone would think of these ideas about possible changes to the UK's police/security apparatus. This is brief, but there can be detail added if wished. I've missed lots of things, but this is just a brief start. No, costing has not been considered yet. Three distinct type of forces, with big uniform differences to make it obvious and to satisfy my appetite for uniform(!) (see below). KEY POINTS: - More funding is needed now and will be - Entry standards need to be raised and shall be (mental & physical robustness & fitness, previous history, dress standards, general idiot-tests, etc) - RPUs move to national force - Re-invest in neighbourhood (through parish constables) and let Home Office force aggressively deal with more serious crime, no tolerance approach. - Each level of force has an obvious different uniform to differentiate. - Uniform to be for each occasion (e.g. daily patrol, drugs raids, formal events) - help promote espirit-de-corps and give officers more choice, depending upon what they are dealing with - Ensure clear guidelines on what is for each force - e.g. dog-fouling (parish), drink-driving (county if not on major road network), serious crime (national). - MOUs to be drawn-up so each area knows where the line is (mirror current CNC approaches or BTP styles for this). - Overlap should not be an off-putter. Better more input from police than less. Clear procedures should make that a non-issue. 1. Local Police Forces (LPFs) - Parish / Town / City(?) Constabulary Each parish/town/borough council should form their own LPF. Officers shall be attested Constables & have all powers & privileges of said office. They shall be known as Parish Constables and more formally as Local Police Constable (LPC). All Local Authority Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) (a.k.a. Parking Wardens), formerly known as Traffic Wardens, shall be transferred to LPF and become LPOs. All Home Office Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs/CSOs) shall be transferred to LPFs to become LPOs. To be unarmed, but equipped with stab-vest (where needed), baton, PAVA/CS, Taser & cuffs. Mayor/Head of Council to appoint Chief Officer. Ranks from Local Police Constable, to Senior Constable (2 stripes) to Sgt, to Inspector to Chief Officer (Chief Insp.) Could be as small as three officers (full-time), plus a few part-timeers. Volunteer Parish Constable (VPC) to be introduced. Unpaid, but warranted (like SCs) and should help keep costs down for councils. All local authority pseudo-police roles (see online) to be abolished and prohibited from use. Any uniformed LA person will be transferred to the Parish Constables' office. UDPATED: to be "Parish Constables". Should be warranted, but distinct from County Police. They can definitely have their own office, vehicles, uniforms, radios etc - Cathedral Constables and various Parks police currently do this. Arrests - deposit prisoners to local County Home Office suite - like BTP & CNC already do. I was also thinking that they could have volunteer parish constables (a bit like the speed-watch volunteers) who can do a day or week speed enforcement in town, or ASB patrols etc, traffic control, but with same powers - basically Specials at the parish level. Also more volunteers you have - fewer salaries and I am sure interest would be high (even just the busy-bodies who would like to direct traffic all day). They shall mostly deal with: Traffic Control Drug dealing , minor use Minor assaults RTCs Antisocial behaviour (ASB) Foot patrols Bicycle patrols Motorised patrols Public events Security of town/parish buildings and people Parking controls 2. County Police Forces (CPFs) - Stay with Home Office and be responsible for general policing within the County/Metropolitan area, excluding: parish issues & highways & railways & defence Current county forces shall remain the same and shall add County into their name. Home Office - yes, but PCCs to be abolished & report directly to HO. Local people have parish constabulary for their local issues. No need to vote in a PCC anymore. Should be armed to counter current danger threats and have fewer responsibilities than they do currently (no RPUs or neighbourhood work), so they can focus on response, investigations, patrols and being a presence more. RPU & crime teams moved to NPF (see later). Ensure uniform standards are high - by 1) issuing appropriate, every-day, practical & smart kit. 2) Draw up dress regs. 3 ) Enforce dress regs. 4) Reward compliance. 5) Admonish failure to comply. They shall primarily deal with: 999 response calls CID Policing of non-LPF areas country areas for instance Public Order Protection of LA & county facilities National Police Force (NPF) - Home Office/DfT? - National British Highways Police (BHP) Other possible names: UK Police Force (UKPF), British Police Force (BPF), National Police (NP), National British Constabulary (NBC). The NPF shall be responsible for supporting the CPFs & LPFs and deal with all serious crime, focusing mostly on motorways, major roads, road crime etc. Quite similar to current setups (some), but streamlined. Would report to either: - Home Office - Department for Transport - DVSA?! All shall be armed and called National Police Officers (NPOs). Pistol & G36C or C8 carbines in cars. They shall primarily be concerned with: Road Policing Duties Road Crime Firearms response Dogs RTCs Drink, drug, unsafe driving Organised crime using roads & Counter-terrorism 4. National specialised forces BTP - railways in GB. Also will take on ports that do not have their own force (see below). All to be armed (with pistols) as matter of course. MDP - MoD & associated areas. Increase DCPO posts. CNC - as usual. Other police forces, services & constabularies Ports Police - as are. All ports to have their own or to have BTP to have theres. Parks Police / Constabularies (London) - as are. To increase number. Each park / park area should form its own. Misc. e.g. Mersey Tunnels Police, Cathedrals - as are.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/feb/16/us-uk-russia-invasion-ingelligence-public-briefings The US and the UK have sought to fend off a feared Russian invasion of Ukraine in part by going public with an unusual amount of intelligence, hoping to rob Vladimir Putin of the element of surprise. What are your thoughts? For me there's a couple of things. These are the same governments who condemned Snowden and Assange for their actions. We were told that no matter how well intentioned, leaking classified information is wrong. Now it seems those same governments are actually quite happy to leak classified information when it's convenient. Rules for thee but not for me. The other thing is, are we happy for this to become an accepted norm in international relations? Russia has their own intelligence apparatus and if we're happy to publish information about their troops, will they decide that information about our forces is now "fair game"? For example, what if they published a list of names of UK intelligence officers, soldiers, and undercover police officers on RT?
  3. Pretty much the title. And an idea of just how much job knowledge I need to memorise would be great too as I think I might be going overboard for this stage and am struggling to take everything in.
  4. A police inspector responsible for destroying seized drugs was found with £700,000 of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and cannabis at his home, a court heard yesterday. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4133560/Police-inspector-11-kilos-cocaine-home.html#ixzz4WC52ShzM Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  5. Police body says revealing details of training delivered to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar would ' damage relations' , despite torture concerns. Full Story - Middle East Eye
  6. Source - BBC So should the UK be proving training to Saudi Police? Have Reprieve got a point? For me I suppose this boils down to money, if the Saudis are offering a massive sum of money, surely the UK Government will accept?
  7. The main measure of UK inflation turned negative in April for the first time on record, with the rate falling to -0.1%. It is the first time Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation has turned negative since 1960, based on comparable historic estimates, the Office for National Statistics said. The biggest contribution to the fall came from a drop in air and sea fares. Bank of England governor Mark Carney said he expected inflation to remain very low over the next few months. But Mr Carney added that "over the course of the year, as we get towards the end, inflation should start to pick up towards our 2% target". The latest inflation figures show that transport costs were 2.8% lower in April than the same time a year ago, while food was 3.0% cheaper. Chancellor George Osborne said the inflation figure should not be mistaken for "damaging deflation". He added that the lower cost of living - driven by last year's fall in oil prices - would be a welcome relief for family budgets, in an environment in which average wages were finally beginning to rise. "Of course, we have to remain vigilant to deflationary risks and our system is well equipped to deal with them, should they arise," Mr Osborne added. Shadow chancellor Chris Leslie said: "Any relief for households is welcome, but this month's figures reflect global trends and [that] doesn't change the reality that many are still struggling to pay the bills. "The government must clearly guard against the risk that business investment might be deferred. We need stronger action now to raise productivity to deliver sustainable growth and rising living standards." The latest inflation figure means that a basket of goods and services that cost £100 in April 2014 would have cost £99.90 in April this year. The last time CPI inflation was negative, according to estimates by the ONS, was March 1960, when prices were 0.6% lower. Analysis: Robert Peston, BBC economics editor The last time we saw a price fall in the UK was March 1960, before even I was born, when there was a drop (probably) of 0.6%. So my natural impulse is to say that deflation has arrived in Britain - because there is no other word in the English language than "deflation" to describe this phenomenon. However many of those who define themselves as "serious economists" (that's not me, by the way - I'm a hack) are desperately anxious that I and you don't use the "d" word - for two reasons. One is that they say proper deflation is a long term term trend of declining prices, and they believe - almost certainly correctly - that these current price falls won't endure much more than a month or two. The other is that proper deflation is pernicious: if we believed that prices were set to fall month after relentless month, we would spend less - in the hope of picking up bargains later - and our bosses would pay us less. "Falling prices raise consumer spending power and help keep interest rates low. This looks like the mild and benign variety of deflation, which is good news for consumers and for growth," he said. Andrew Sentance, senior economic adviser at PricewaterhouseCoopers and a former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, said he did not expect the fall in prices to be sustained. "Once the impact of the big drop in oil prices drops out of the annual inflation rate, it will move back up to 1-2% over the next year or so. With wage inflation picking up, we may soon be considering the prospect of above-target inflation," he said. "In the meantime, flat or slightly falling consumer prices are good for growth, boosting real consumer spending power. So a temporary period of slightly negative inflation can be good for the UK economy." www.bbc.co.uk Fill your boots, can't stop laughing.
  8. I don't think there has been anything like this covered here previously. What is the most obscure/bizarre law enforcement agency you are aware of? It can be from UK or anywhere abroad. I'll start with New York City Department Of Sanitation Police http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_Department_of_Sanitation_Police
  9. MissT235

    Buying a Knife from USA

    I'm looking at buying this batman folding knife as a birthday present for my fiance. I can only find it available to buy in the USA. Is it possible to have it posted over to the UK without it being taken by customs? http://www.amazon.co...r=8-6&keywords= I know that it is illegal to have imported a 'flick knife' or a 'gravity knife', does this folding pocket knife fall under either of these categories? I've done some research online but find it all a bit confusing. I'd also been looking at some batman throwing stars but after research have found out these are illegal to even own in the UK! Is this true? These knifes would be just for display purposes as a memorabilia collector not to be used in any way.
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