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Found 19 results

  1. newconstable12

    Start date 2017

    Anyone on London Met start date April 2017? I am starting my internal CKP in March.
  2. Ever considered becoming a Special Constable? Can you give up 16 hours a month (4 hours per week) to help safeguard your community? Dyfed Powys Police is looking for enthusiastic people who have a special quality and are willing to volunteer their time to join the force as Special Constables in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Powys. Working as a Special Constable can be done alongside studying, other employment or in retirement. You can use your experience from jobs and life to provide a different perspective and way of looking at some of our policing challenges. You will receive the necessary and appropriate training to allow you work alongside full-time police officers. You will have the same powers as a police officer whilst on duty, and help provide a link between the police and local communities. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn, gain new experiences, work with others and give something to the community. An application pack and further information about the role is available on our website:- https://www.dyfed-powys.police.uk/en/join-the-police/special-constables/ To apply, please complete and return the Special Constable Application form prior to the deadline date. Deadline Date: Friday 6 January 2017
  3. Chief Cheetah

    Keep Off The Grass

    Sick and tired of cutting the grass. It's uneven and patchy, doesn't grow under the trees, has lots of weeds and lots of moss, basiclly it looks nothing like Wimbledon. I'm considering an artificial lawn and I'm wondering if anybody has any experience of them and any advice they can offer.
  4. Any ideas or comments regarding the new community areas? It is pretty much setup as it was handed over to us, but we can make some changes and others can be suggested to the admins. Other forces have reduced the number of sub forums, removed departmental discussions and/or renamed their forums so they stand out in the main new content list. E.g. from News to West Mercia News. We have the option of automatically adding all news items from the official WM website or we can keep it manual and just add news items we find. I have also asked if we can have some form of find/show new content for a local area.
  5. miffy

    Selling illegal cigarettes

    Whilst on beat, on your route, you observe two females sitting at the same place loitering. You decide to hang around the corner to observe them, whilst they cant see you. You observe: People walking up to them, an exchange of goods happen. Naturally think of drug dealing You go to interupt and search them under S23 Misuse of Drugs Act, but find they are selling duty free cigarettes. What do you do?
  6. Do you use the chat room? Would you like to win a £30 voucher from our forum sponsors Police-Supplies.co.uk? If the answer is yes then as a VIP or Lifetime VIP you are already part way there. If you aren't a VIP member then you can find out how to sign up by Clicking Here after which you will have instant access to the chat room and will be in with a chance of winning. To be in with a chance of winning the voucher all you need to do is use the chat room some time between Thursday 1st October and Saturday 31st October. It really is as simple as just using the chat room. After closing the competition a date will be chosen at random and then a time in 24hr format will also be chosen at random. The person using the chat room at that time will be the person who wins the voucher. Easy Peasy. You can increase your chances by using the chat room more often. For every entry you make in there it is another entry into the competition. The more you use chat the more chances you have. Rules. Obviously there has to be some rules. Any VIP's who just makes nonsense posts or useless entries just to increase their chances will be disqualified from the competition completely so no spending 10 mins spelling out the alphabet or a poem line by line or a long chain of full stops. If there was nobody using the chat room at the randomly chosen winning date & time then the prize will go to the person who made the last entry before that date & time. All the normal rules regarding the chat still apply. If you have any questions then feel free to post them here and we shall answer them as soon as possible. Good Luck Team Police.Community
  7. Chief Cheetah

    Latest Forum Software

    As you should all have noticed the forum software has now been updated to the latest version. There have been one or two changes and these have caused a couple of issues for some of our members. With this in mind this blog post should hopefully help you out with a couple of things. Notifications As some of you will have noticed you may have started receiving more notifications (emails). This is in part to how the site was originally set up by the authors of the software and it was automatically set to receive notifications when you contributed to a thread, whilst you may have been subscribed it didn't send a message. This was amended some time ago so that you don't by default automatically follow threads you contribute to. Because you may have historically been following some and it has all been sorted with this latest release you may have found that you are now receiving a number of emails/notifications. If you want to stop this with just a couple of clicks then that is easy. Go into your profile and click on your notifications settings, once the screen opens you need to uncheck the two buttons as shown below Make sure you then check or uncheck as necessary the buttons for what you receive notifications on That's it, you should no longer receive the notifications. We apologise if this has caused you some problems. New Content New content has changed extensively and is now referred to as an Activity Stream. Just as before you can change what appears in your activity stream but unlike before once you leave the site and come back it will have gone back to the default. This is where you can now create your own activity stream and set that as your default. At the top of the screen click on Activity, then select the Activity Stream drop down and at the bottom of here select 'Create New Stream' From here you can give you stream a name and choose the settings you want Once you have made your choices and saved it you can go into your stream from the drop as shown above, whilst in there you will see a circle with a tick in it beside your streams name, click this and it becomes your default, it even gets added to the top of each page for ease So that is a stream for me to use, however, you can share a stream with anybody simply by letting them know the number in the url or by sharing the url (if you have some enhanced permissions then only you will see those, you can only see what you are entitled to see). So with that in mind if you want to know what my Activity Stream is like then here it is for you to save as your own http://police.community/discover/7/ If you have any comment or questions regarding this then please feel free to make comments below. Cheetah Team Police Community
  8. Chief Cheetah

    Bad Translations

    Ever read a bad translation? What if there was a website that would give a literal translation of something you type in that didn't turn out quite how you expected. Well here it is http://ackuna.com/badtranslator Advice would be to ask for a phrase or sentence to be translated as opposed to just one word. Original text: "Police Community is the best Police forum and website" ...10 translations later, Yandex gives us: "A COP, a good COP in forums and networks" So what humerous results can you find? Share them with us here. Original text: "So what humerous results can you find? Share them with us here" ...43 translations later, Yandex gives us: "Weird, I can't find? Our goal is the United States of America."
  9. Chief Cheetah

    Is he badly injured?

    They think he isn't badly injured.......... He is now..................
  10. Chief Cheetah

    Twitter Feeds

    Aside from the obvious sites such as @polcomforum that you are all clearly already following, who else do you follow? I'm asking for those funny or poignant or informative or just plain silly and pretty feeds. Not interested in celebrities or footie teams and I'm not looking for any police related ones. So who do you follow that you can recommend? Here's a few I follow: @RealPhotoBombs - just silly photos @TheWorldOfFunny - Mostly funny but they have on occasion crossed the border and I've almost stopped following once or twice @HistoricalPics @HistoryInPics @History_Pics -Those three are obviously run by the same person but they all post slightly different pics, some quite good @ExcuseThePun - Terrible jokes @CRAlerts - Because everybody should follow this I have many many more so if I get some good ones in exchange I'll let you have more.
  11. Chief Cheetah

    Free Chat Room Weekend

    Pleased to announce that for the duration of the Bank Holiday weekend our chat room will be open for all members of the site. Come along and say hello to other members in real time conversation. http://police.community/chat/
  12. Chief Cheetah

    IMPORTANT Info For Tapatalk Users

    Important information for all of our Tapatalk users. Following the update to our Web Address you will need to take the following actions Log Out of Police Community in the Tapatalk App Delete Police Community from your list in Tapatalk Search again for Police Community Sign back in This will resolve the issue some users are having regarding the missing posts and content. Thanks Cheetah Team Police.Community
  13. Equipment that could make the difference between life and death has been supplied to Bedfordshire Police - thanks to the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST). EEAST has distributed 1,000 lightweight and portable defibrillators across the East of England to make a difference in the vital first minutes when a patient goes into cardiac arrest. If defibrillation is delivered quickly, the survival rate is as high as 75 per cent. Three of the machines, provided free under a scheme called #1000AEDs, will be placed at Biggleswade, Leighton Buzzard and Dunstable Police Stations. Staff have been trained to use the equipment, but the easy-to-use defibrillators can be used in an emergency with no training by members of the public too. Nicola Khajavelidze, Lead First Aid Trainer at Bedfordshire Police, said: “It’s vital that people have fast access to life-saving equipment in an emergency. The chance of successful defibrillation declines by about 10per cent with each minute of delay, so someone in difficulty needs to be able to access treatment as soon as possible “This scheme is a fantastic example of how the emergency services are working together to protect people and we would like to thank EEAST for its support.” Anthony Marsh, EEAST Chief Executive, said: “Ambulance staff aim to arrive at the scene of a cardiac arrest within minutes of the initial 999 call. However, every second counts and having a defibrillator on scene can make the vital difference between life or death. “I’m proud that we delivered 1,000 defibrillators to key locations in communities across the East of England by April. This project will undoubtedly save lives over the coming months and years.” Source
  14. I have just sent my application and now I'm playing the waiting game! What I was wondering was how long it will take before knowing if I've been accepted to the next stage if things run smoothly? I am a complete newby but I am VERY exited to have finally sent off my application!
  15. Hello all, Has anyone else recently been given Restorative Justice in puts with a view to conduction Community Resolutions? Since we've been "Trained" I have issued 3 for offences that I would usually record but where the person would either be arrested/street bailed/+3'd or where the victim was unwilling to prosecute. I have been quite lucky and have found that all 3 of my incidents were dealt with by a payment for goods at the time or an apology & handshake. Both parties must be willing for a CR to take place, the offender must admit the offence & the victim and offender must be happy with the outcome and sign and agree to this. It has saved me at least 3 hours of police work overtime I've done one as paperwork & custody time is reduced, and also having a tablet means the CRIS can be done at scene there and then. Anyone else used this yet?
  16. All, as you may be aware there is a private forum in this community - access to this is controlled to BTP serving constables, PCSOs, SCs and staff (who can be verified as being such). If you would like the new password, please PM myself or Marty McFly who will talk you through our verification process. Those who previously had access to the private forum 'Rail Cops Only' - PM me and I will send you the new password. Regards MTG
  17. Chief Cheetah


    I am pleased to announce that AlphaDelta17 is mini mod for this area.   AlphaDelta17 has all the same powers as the full mods in this area so please show him the same level of respect.   Cheetah   Police Community Team
  18. I am pleased to announce that The Flomeister has agreed to join us as a mini mod for the Bedfordshire forum area.   TheFlomeister has the same powers in here as a full mod and as such should be shown the same level of respect.   Police Community Team  
  19. Chief Cheetah

    stoppedreality is mini mod for this area

    I am pleased to announce that stoppedreality has agreed to join us as a mini mod for the Kent forum area.   stoppedreality has the same powers in here as a full mod and as such should be shown the same level of respect.   Police Community Team  
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