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Found 10 results

  1. D54

    I need advise

    Hello Police family, I posted a while ago that I'm expecting a baby in August. But since then I've had grief and been sad a few times, not ashamed to admit. I need advise on what others would do in my situation, I feel like I'm doing everything I can to benefit my girlfriend and myself, and our child when it arrives. Here's why I need advise .. To cut a LONG story short, I believe my girlfriends mum is being a domineering control freak, and my girlfriend is listening to her absolute garbage ideas. Firstly, i found a house that we could move into and make into a home ready for baby. Mother in law however, wants me to move into her house to "save up money for a deposit". Yes, logically that would be a good idea to save money up for a deposit. I demanded that we should get our own family home and have our privacy, as it's all part of the experience of having your first child. And why would we really want to live with parents with our first child? We want our own house, because we are our own family. Mother in law has also told girlfriend that I am "welcome to come and visit the baby whenever I want" because she doesn't agree to us getting a place just yet. Therefore she's basically saying my girlfriend has to stay at home with the baby for a while. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I AM NOT BEING A VISITOR TO MY OWN CHILD!!! Mother in law has also told girlfriend to ask me if the child can have her surname in remembrance of her father who passed away many years ago. As much as I appreciate the sentimental value and it being heart warming for them, that along with the above problems and others, is making me feel like I'm being seriously pushed away and excluded. Originally my girlfriend was really excited for moving in with me, but after discussions with M-I-L she seems to have changed her mind.. they've even gone as far as completely redecorating her bedroom and clearing all the rubbish out - and I strongly suspect this is preparation for when the baby arrives. This is annoying me and my mum. I just feel rubbish. Everytime I try to voice how I feel she thinks I'm being a fool, but I should be heard! At the end of the day, me and my girlfriend have been good as good, absolutely perfect for eachother. But I anticipate this will turn sour and and that's something I really don't want
  2. Aimaxon12

    Staffordshire police

    Hi my name is Aimee, I have recently applied for staffordshire police, I handed my application form in on the 15th of September, the deadline is now 30th October, I was just wondering how long would it be until I hear anything, If I pass the application form and get into the assessment centre. I am so nervous as i have always wanted to become a police officer, could anybody possibly give me some tips?, or advice please i would very much appreciate it. Thank you .
  3. Full article: https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/14961/On-the-first-day-of-Christmas-the-police-gave-to-me
  4. Techie1

    citizens' academy - ten week course

  5. Hi Guys, On a recent shift I was crewed with another officer and we were sent to deliver an agony message. My crewmate had done this plenty of times before but I haven't done so yet. He regaled me with the stories of the previous death messages he had given and the variety of reactions they can trigger, from simply breaking down to throwing a television through a wall. In the end, we were diverted to a grade A and another unit ended up going. But it got me thinking. I'm aware that some officers (ie. FLOs) will probably receive some sort of training in this, but I haven't had that. Just wondering if anyone has any stories, advice, guidance to offer on how best to go about delivering a message. Cheers
  6. BravoWhiskey

    Competency based interview tips

    Forgive me if this is already a topic somewhere in the forum I have been invited to my special's assessment centre for Hampshire on the 12th of May and am trying to do everything I can to prepare, I'm learning the competencies and making sure I understand them and know some key phrases to try and get into my answers, yet I still don't feel I'm doing enough. Has anyone got any tips to share on how you prepared? Or any advice on how its going to be on the day? Starting to feel a little bit nervous now, although thats still not stopping me from being as excited as I am! Any help would be much appreciated
  7. miffy

    Hep A Jab for Holiday?

    So Im going to Marrakech, Morocco next month, and Ive been researching about Hep A jab. NHS and the CDC recommends getting the Hep A and Typhoid Jab, but I've also read some other travellers not bothering. Any advice?
  8. Hey guys, I start my regular training on 13th April at Lancs and I'm just wondering if anyone has any general advice or tips on things I should be looking to do before it begins; helpful items I might want to look into getting, or just general ways to approach and do all the work. I've been told I need to attend in business wear, bring a locker deposit, some headphones (what will these be used for?), as well as some general documents. I'm currently working my way through the two workbooks that need to be completed for the first day. I'm guessing they'll go through most of this stuff in the induction but there is no harm in being prepared. The only thing I've got on my own list so far is a bag haha. Also, apologies if this is in the wrong sub forum. It seemed to be to general to confine to the Lancs section. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated, cheers!
  9. Oldhand1000

    Use of other Federations

    Can I go to another forces Federation if unhappy with my own!?
  10. I've just come back (early) from a shift where I was not happy with the behaviour or the regular officer I was crewed with on response. Basically, the officer I was with completely ignored me for the whole time. I attempted to give an input, but was net with one word answers. Clearly he did not think highly of specials. I have a fairly thick skin so I'm not too bothered about this. You can't get on with everyone. What worried me is the officer's lack of action throughout the shift. There were 3 Grade A's which came in where no other units were available, and each time we were available and the other guy refused to shout up. One of them was only a couple of streets away and control had to pull a unit from a town 15 miles out. There was another instance where he shouted up for a Grade B as backup, but didn't even bother going to it - I assume in a effort to get the callsign on the CAD and not get called upon for any other jobs. I'm not happy with this behaviour and I feel that I should report it. My question is should I speak to my specials supervision, a regular sergeant or professional standards?
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