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  1. firstdan

    Boots--Yes boots

    Hi all I apologise for the boots post....Im sure there are plenty but I cant find one that answers my particular question. I see that Altbergs are the best of the bunch with boots but has anyone got experience of the Adidad GSG9.7 or the under armour ones? I would love Altbergs but its a hell of a treck for me to get there...whereas I can buy the aforementioned under armour and adidas via Amazon. And then if I find they dont fit well or anything I can return them with zero hassle. In an ideal world I would just get the Altbergs but just wanted to check about the other 2 first. Cheers in advance
  2. New An Garda Síochána uniform introduced A new An Garda Síochána (Irish police) uniform has been introduced, swapping the shirt and tie for polo shirts and a two tone jacket. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-60293170 The new soft-shell looks rather snazzy, I must say although everything else seems just a bit underwhelming.
  3. Wikicop20

    Police uniform - design a new one?

    If you could re-design or design a new police uniform for use in the UK, what would you choose? What equipment and clothing would you have and why? Weapons, colour etc. (budget is unlimited!)
  4. JoeLewis84

    Hawk 65-11

    Morning All, I'm fairly new to the job, I've been issued my kit and noticed my stab vest has rips in the material covering the plate, it's not actually done damage it's just the cover that has been torn. Thought I'd reach out here as to how to get a replacement, or if a replacement is even necessary as it's just torn material? Don't want to cause issues early on in my career or lose my job or something. Thanks
  5. Appears to be an good fit for purpose operational uniform, https://www.irishpost.com/news/psni-uniform-replace-20-years-229004 They carry of lot of equipment these days in comparison to years gone by, thus the load bearing vest.
  6. plainclothescop

    Plain Clothes Operations

    Hi! I've recently started doing some plain clothes work out on response however we aren't issued covert body armour due it being an occasional thing. Any suggestions on what is the best clothing to wear to keep it as covert as possible? Stab vests aren't exactly slimming and look very obvious, especially for people of small and slim builds like myself. Thanks!
  7. sparkydale

    Winter/Cold weather kit

    It's a bit chilly out there tonight (-1 at the moment...), so what do you have to keep away the cold? What recommendations do you have? Base layers? Currently have Primark's finest thermal base layer long johns and various base layer tops (merino and others) Gloves? Issued leather gloves with a wool lining (Met gloves). Scarf/Gaiter? Buff thingy-ma-gig and have just bought a cheapy fleece equivalent off of eBay for the grand total of £1. Any bargains out there?
  8. Anonny


    Hi all Hope you can help with a little general interest project I'm doing in my spare time to keep me busy. Apart from road traffic and anti-terror laws, is there any legislation that expressly requires a constable to be in uniform to exercise his/her powers? Thanks for any pointers you can give, and keep up the good work! Happy Christmas.
  9. mike88

    Uniform and Eczema?

    For the past couple of months (ever since I've started wearing my fleece/coat over winter) I've been having problems with eczema on my torso and back. The combination of sweating and the stab vest being tight to my body have caused red patches to flare up and it's really irritating. Unfortunately it's a choice of being too hot or too cold, I can't go on foot patrol in just a wicking shirt and vest. Our force usually wear fleeces under stab vests, I was thinking of starting to wear my fleece over my stab vest and seeing if that helps my skin breath a little better, although I will look the odd one out as no one wears it like this! I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems with eczema or knows of any solutions?
  10. tbpolice

    Best Patrol Bag?

    Hello guys, About to start my PC training next month and just wondering what ideas people have for a patrol bag? Not too expensive, one to have that is durable but good value for money. I will be intending to use it during training to fit all my books, lunch etc generally day to day stuff, and then using it once training has finished and onto the real thing! Any suggestions, or previous experience with any would be great.
  11. Here's an interesting link that I came across the other day that compares the prices of all uniform issued to forces. https://www.police.uk/procurement/baton/ I must say that some of the new prices definitely reflect the quality. The £25 baton for example..
  12. Tatherton


    Haven't seen Merseyside Police wear these type of combat trousers. Does anyone know why they are wearing them and what type they are ?
  13. Force's in England and Wales are going to a 'national uniform' so I have heard, us in Lancs have received new caps, fleeces and tshirts, the fleece's are identical to those GMP are now issuing, anyone else know of any uniform that is changing? Anyone know which force's haven't agreed to sign up to this, if any? (probs the Met)
  14. Sloth


    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can recommend a decent pair or cargo style trousers in black which would be suitable for use on duty. The type that dog handlers/AFOs tend to wear. I'm doing a lot of rural work and finding that my regular uniform trousers are getting wrecked. The trouble is the one's i'm finding aren't properly black and are just dark grey colour. Any ideas?
  15. miffy

    Stab vest - Uniform fitting

    So I had my uniform fitting which was a lot of fun (although I looked like a complete child in everything). When I tried the armour, it stopped just above my belly button, and the guy said its fine, however I am concerned about the inch that is not protected. (forgot to mention this, too distracted in the whole kit!) Where does your vest stop to, and should I consider asking for a different size?
  16. SW_matt

    Washing leg restraints.

    Does anyone know whether fast wraps are machine washable? Used mine the other night and I'm told they are currently in an evidence bag covered in blood and spit. Is it worth just getting replacements or can the velcro go in the wash?
  17. This may seem like an odd query, but having moved from a wonderful easy care uniform which needed no ironing what so ever to one which comprises of wool trousers and horrible shirts, I have a question. How many forces still enforce shirt sleeve order? How many forces require that ties are worn with S/S order? For example, September to April long sleeves with tie, April to September short sleeves no tie. Its a somewhat antiquated concept to me.
  18. Fry

    Keeping your helmet clean

    I was just wondering whether this was a problem unique to me, which is something I've only fairly recently noticed as I've started doing more foot patrol over the last 18 months or so. The inside of my helmet is getting a bit sweaty and cheesy and occasionally itchy, as the material just retains sweat etc. I'm sure after a few years it'll be positively unhygienic. I had noticed that some people remove it so I was also thinking of just cutting that bit away, but then there'd be nothing to stop my head rubbing. In terms of washing it though, it's not really as simple as throwing the whole thing in the sink as it's a bit too big and unwieldy as I wouldn't want to get it all wet. You can fold out the flaps and give them a scrub individually, but seems a bit arduous. I've never seen anyone else washing their helmet, so I think if I were to leave it hanging out to dry and the nick I'd get some funny looks. Anyone got any better ideas?
  19. MajorDisaster

    Sexual Assault by Touching

    While talking to the bouncers outside a night club, in uniform, a woman touches you between the buttock/legs. You tell her that it is not appropriate to do so and could constitute an offence. two minutes later she does it again. Do you arrest or give her path barrels and send her scuttling off with her tail between her legs and the fear of God in her?
  20. Can any of the older-serving members here confirm something for me? Back in the late 1970's, early 1980's, when The Met, for example, issued new uniform to probationers, am I mistaken to believe that in those days, shoes were issued as part of the uniform? I'm not talking about boots because they were a matter for each individual officer to decide on and to buy if they wanted to wear them in preference to shoes, but each officer would be issued with a pair of what were basically DM shoes. Boots tended to be the exception rather than the norm, unless it was for public order-type events, and for normal duties most officers wore the shoes.
  21. Razzman48

    Hi-viz Body Armour

    Just a quick one to see what everyone's thoughts are..! Do you prefer black body armour or hi-viz and why? Also, do you feel there is a need to have your name on the front, either full name or surname along with "constable" or "special constable"? The reason I ask is because my force have currently got black body armour, but there is pictures floating round from the CC of Hi-viz vests. Now, these vests don't look the best quality and don't look the part. Also, they are looking at putting our name on the front, which I don't see the point in because we have our collar number as identity so why should we display our name too? Okay, maybe surname might be acceptable, but I'd rather not have that displayed either. Maybe I'm just being too picky, I don't know?! They go on about cuts and saving money, yet surely dishing out hi-viz vests will cost more in the long run as they will get dirty/stained easier and quicker than black, so therefore they will need to be replaced sooner? Also, they are getting brought in to be seen at night time in crowded situations but that's were a hi-viz coat plays its part doesn't it?? Maybe I'm being stupid to the whole situation but hey ho! As I say, I just want people's opinions as to what they think is best/what they prefer.
  22. Today marks the centenary of women walking the beat in the police service and the Federation wants to celebrate their achievements and encourage more diversity in the future. The centenary of women in policing, beginning in the Met and then the first force outside this area, in Grantham, appointed three female police officers on this day in November 1914. This is being commemorated by the Police Federation of England and Wales today. Jayne Willetts, secretary of the Police Federation's equality sub-committee, said: “We are proud of the achievements of women in the police service over the last 100 years and hope to encourage more women to join and to be federation representatives. “We want to ensure we represent the voice of female officers within the Federation and also show that we are an organisation that welcomes diversity and wants to reflect the breadth of officers we represent in the service.” Women officers’ main duties in 1914 were to deal with issues primarily related to women and children, such as rape, prostitution and homeless and lost children. Powers to arrest were not given to female police officers until shortly after. This month, the Police Federation published a commemorative edition of its official magazine for members, Police, with a comprehensive history of women in policing. The first ever female chief constable in the UK, Pauline Clare, is interviewed in the November edition of Police and speaks about how far women in policing have come and her own personal experience of being the first woman appointed to the top job back in 1995. Women now comprise 28 per cent of the police force across England and Wales, compared to only 7 per cent in the 1970s. When women were first appointed to the police force, it was compulsory for two female police officers to work together, followed by two male police officers to protect them if they were under physical threat. They would have needed it too, as women were restricted by their uniforms – women were compelled to wear skirts and carry a handbag with their mini truncheons. Obviously, this was impractical if a female police officer would be better served by a uniform that allowed freedom of movement. Compare this to 2014, where body armour is made to accommodate male and female body shapes after breast augmentation or cancer treatment and there are equal career advancement opportunities for men and women. The Police Federation is making a concerted effort to encourage people from all walks of life to consider a career in the police force, including women and people of diverse backgrounds. An Equality Sub-Committee is in the Police Federation governance structure to put equality issues front and centre as part of the implementation of a number of recommendations to reform the Federation. http://www.polfed.org/newsroom/2421.aspx Did all go smoothly at first? All welcomed like PCSO`s? I wonder
  23. Thought I'd tell the story of a fun little duty back in July. Rank: SC Length of Service: 3 months (at the time) Planned Hours: 1700-0300 Type of Shift: tpt (response) 1700 arrive, briefing usual stuff. Get called out to a sudden death before the end of briefing. 1730 arrive at the hospital talk with the doctor and nurses to establish what happened. The man had been found by his wife not breathing, she administered cpr and managed to get a pulse back but on arrival at hospital had stopped breathing again and had no pulse. A further 6 cpr cycles were sucessful but the 7th wasn't. Went into the room, his wife and daughter were present so explained what we had to do and why. They left the room while we checked the body over for suspicuos marks or anything else, nothing found. Completed the paperwork. 1800 sent to recent dwelling burglary, couple had returned home to find their window smashed and possesions scattered aroud the house. Arrived and entered the house with the couple, the back door had been broken into via the window. Was strange as the guy had 5 new iphones on the table, that had not been taken, he also had 3 new ipads that equally had not been taken. The only missing property was £2k cash which had been in an envelope in his wardrobe in a locked bedroom. Call csi and wait for them to arrive, take statement and leave to next call out. 1930 call from ambulance, a young female has been found by a mop barely conscious and has told the mop her boyfriend has beat her up, and given them his details. I take the mop's information. The female refuses to engadge with us and refuses hospital treatment despite pleading by the paramedic as she was showing signs of pretty bad internal injuries. As she walks away from the ambulance she again collapses to the floor, I help her up and she violently pulls away from me and carries on for about 5 steps before going down again. The mop agrees to walk her home and make sure she's ok. 2045 refreshment break, go back to the station and update the sgt on the last job. Sgt suggests we should get a statement from the mop and arrest the boyfriend even though the aggrieved doesn't want to engage. I ring the mop and we arrange to meet her and take her to her parents to get a statement (the mop was 15). 2115 meet with the mop at tescos and drive her to her parent's. Get parent's ok for her to give a statement and take a statement. This all takes a log time because the parents live well out of town. 2300 go arround to the boyfriend's to attempt an arrest, house is empty. 0000 grade 1 call, the aggrieved from earlier is chasing the boyfriend around the area with a knofe and threatening any mops around the area. We get there asap and start an area search with 3 other units. The area is very dark with lots of alley ways so the search takes a while. 0015 I walk up an alley way on my own and see the male followed quickly by the female. I shout up on the radio to give the location, direction of travel etc and set off in pursuit. About halfway up the very dark alley, running at full speed I kicked a step I did not know was there and went down. Due to using the radio at the time I didn't get my arm out intime and faceplanted on the path (unknown at the time but later found on the body worn video which was unfortunately recording I knocked myself out for all of 30 seconds, the bwv also revealed a lot of s5 poa). I did the whole "I'll be fine get up and carry on" but about halfway to my feet got a cruppling pain in my left elbow which caused me to go back to ground. About 30-40 seconds later my crew mate found me in a heap and helped me up and took me to hospital. 0120 Got to see the doctor in a&e, have an xray on my arm and wrist (taking off the body armour was the most painful experience of my life). Turns out to be a broken radial head (elbow). Arm placed into a sling and taken back to the station. Sgt and insp have a chat wih me to make sure I'm ok, fed rep helps me fill out the accident report because I couldn't type very well. 0230 get a lift home in my own car by one of the regs with their crew mate following in the panda so I get home and my car is parked up at home. I was signed off work for 4 weeks and policing for 8. Not my most sucessful shift, but an eventful one.
  24. AlphaFoxtrotBravo

    List of issued kit for Specials?

    On the other forum there was a good comprehensive list of all the bits of uniform Specials from different forces are issued with. As I'm not sure how up to date that is now, could we possibly start a stickied thread down here to show people what kit is issued for each force?
  25. Collar

    Need A Patrol Fleece!

    Hiya folks, With the weather getting colder, stores informing me I could be waiting up to around Christmas time for a replacement, and nothing lying around on those random kit coat hangers every nick seems to have, I need to get hold of a fleece for patrol. It will be worn underneath my body armour and as such badges and epaulette bars/sliders are not essential. It must however be navy blue. Typical that there must be in excess of ten black PC fleeces just lying around but no PCSO ones at all :/ Suggestions please? :)
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