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  1. I know this will probably vary depending on what kind of team you're on/role etc. When I was on response I used to carry a kit bag that could fit my hat/coat etc., along with various bits of paperwork. Being cheap, I just used a £15 holdhall from JJB, which kind of worked. Unfortunately, as it was just a holdall, paperwork and things did get tatty and now the whole bag has pretty much fallen apart after 2 years of being thrown around, so I'm looking for a replacement. What do people use as a kit bag? I know people use things of niton999 and patrol store, but from looking at some colleague's they seem to be quite huge, and looking at those websites, a bit pricey. In my current role I only spend about half my time in a vehicle, so I'm looking for something cheap and that I can just quickly grab. I was looking at something along the lines of http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004LSBYV6 Anyone with any ideas?
  2. All your questions regarding torches can be found and answered here.
  3. sparkydale

    Winter/Cold weather kit

    It's a bit chilly out there tonight (-1 at the moment...), so what do you have to keep away the cold? What recommendations do you have? Base layers? Currently have Primark's finest thermal base layer long johns and various base layer tops (merino and others) Gloves? Issued leather gloves with a wool lining (Met gloves). Scarf/Gaiter? Buff thingy-ma-gig and have just bought a cheapy fleece equivalent off of eBay for the grand total of £1. Any bargains out there?
  4. SierraEcho

    Arktis Vests?

    Looking into "Tac-Vests". Arktis seems to be a favorite... Anyone here have any experience with Arktis? Are their products decent? What other companies are worth while?
  5. ForceHQ

    Knife/ multi tool

    If you carry one (or more) what is it? Also would you recomend it? what are it's pros and cons? Hopefully this will give people who want one some advice and in also curious as to what people have. For the more visual of us post a link or picture I carry the Leatherman skeletool, I would recomend it as it's light and compact enough and has the main tools I require; knife, pliers, screwdrivers, bottle opener, and clips Pros, for it it's the lack of clutter and its ease of access for the blade (no need to open the tool up). I also think it looks cool! Cons, has a nylon holder, could be cheaper for me, possibly- locking blade (see other topics!). See here: http://www.leatherman-store.co.uk/multi-tools-c27/leatherman-skeletool-multi-tool-p129/s219?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=leatherman-skeletool-multi-tool-lt85&utm_campaign=product%2Blisting%2Bads&gclid=CNfM86jclsMCFYjKtAodX1wAbg
  6. mike88

    Uniform and Eczema?

    For the past couple of months (ever since I've started wearing my fleece/coat over winter) I've been having problems with eczema on my torso and back. The combination of sweating and the stab vest being tight to my body have caused red patches to flare up and it's really irritating. Unfortunately it's a choice of being too hot or too cold, I can't go on foot patrol in just a wicking shirt and vest. Our force usually wear fleeces under stab vests, I was thinking of starting to wear my fleece over my stab vest and seeing if that helps my skin breath a little better, although I will look the odd one out as no one wears it like this! I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems with eczema or knows of any solutions?
  7. PW90

    Kit Belt vs Tac Vest

    So I have just converted to using my force-issued Tac Vest after 5 years of wearing a kit belt - and I'm a convert! I find it much, much easier to wear, much more comfortable, and everything is easily accessible and not in the way when I am trying to get in the car at high speed! What do you all think?
  8. Chief Cheetah

    Extra stuff

    What do you carry that may not be issued but you feel should be? What gear/equipment can you recommend others get their hands on and carry and why do you recommend it?
  9. Ears

    Vest Recommendations..

    Really not getting on with my belt kit. Very comfortable for me personally as I'm quite skinny so everything digs in... Looking at purchasing a vest! Any recommendations? Many thanks y'all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ForceHQ

    Post your kit belt

    On the old forum there was a topic on how you laid out your belt kit, and what you had where. Stepping it up a notch I thought I'd start one where you'd upload a picture of it instead. All kit belts welcome from UK police officers and PCSO to you guys abroad and in other jobs How do you feel about this? If not I'd be interested to know what you put where and of its personal issue kit/holders or from stores. Il post mine when I can figure out how (Tav vests welcome) Edit: I did it!:
  11. SimonT

    trauma kit

    Wish the current heightened threat situation combined with high stress on our ambulance service is have been considering our first aid kits. Most of our cars have them, and they are useless and empty and my personal kit is an off the shelf one which would be next to pointless when dealing with life threatening stuff. I have decided to get a kit, suitable for immediate trauma, like stabbing or gun shots. Nothing fancy. Just to hold the fort until the pros arrive. I was thinking a couple of good field dressings, like Israele bandage, a pair of scissors tape and foil blanket. Was wondering if anyone else has one. Recommended one or knows who would know a good one. Etc
  12. miffy

    Stab vest - Uniform fitting

    So I had my uniform fitting which was a lot of fun (although I looked like a complete child in everything). When I tried the armour, it stopped just above my belly button, and the guy said its fine, however I am concerned about the inch that is not protected. (forgot to mention this, too distracted in the whole kit!) Where does your vest stop to, and should I consider asking for a different size?
  13. Razzman48

    Hi-viz Body Armour

    Just a quick one to see what everyone's thoughts are..! Do you prefer black body armour or hi-viz and why? Also, do you feel there is a need to have your name on the front, either full name or surname along with "constable" or "special constable"? The reason I ask is because my force have currently got black body armour, but there is pictures floating round from the CC of Hi-viz vests. Now, these vests don't look the best quality and don't look the part. Also, they are looking at putting our name on the front, which I don't see the point in because we have our collar number as identity so why should we display our name too? Okay, maybe surname might be acceptable, but I'd rather not have that displayed either. Maybe I'm just being too picky, I don't know?! They go on about cuts and saving money, yet surely dishing out hi-viz vests will cost more in the long run as they will get dirty/stained easier and quicker than black, so therefore they will need to be replaced sooner? Also, they are getting brought in to be seen at night time in crowded situations but that's were a hi-viz coat plays its part doesn't it?? Maybe I'm being stupid to the whole situation but hey ho! As I say, I just want people's opinions as to what they think is best/what they prefer.
  14. thurdles

    QuikLite X v Peli Versabrite

    So i'm wondering which of these 2 to get. Too many times have I attempted to fill out a stop form whilst holding a torch or in complete darkness and it doesn't go down well. You guys have any preference? I am tempted into the QuiqLite X as it is USB rechargeable and has both white and red LED so I can use the red to preserve night vision. I am also unsure about its waterproofing... However the Peli Versabrite is the most popular around and has a life time guarantee, oh and it is cheaper! Here are the links to both the torches with the Klick Fast attachment: QuiqLite: http://www.niton999.co.uk/shop/product_view_QuiqLite-X-Rechargeable-Personal-Light-And-QuiqFlare-Attachment_code_QLITEX.html Peli: http://www.niton999.co.uk/shop/product_view_Peli-VB3-Light-Bundle---With-Free-Niton-LiteDock_code_PL2220OFF.html Thanks!
  15. This is a topic that has come up in the past, and I've heard both Yes and No as an answer, but never a proper debate on the matter. Does a PC on normal duties, have reasonable excuse to carry a locking knife (such as a Leatherman Multi-Tool with lockable blade) at work? Most importantly though, why?
  16. Sir Penguin


    To anyone who uses an earpiece similar to the one below. http://www.patrolstore.com/G-Shape-PTT-and-Mic-Motorola-CP040.html I've only tried using it once but the wires seem to end up everywhere so I just end up sacking it off. Is there a specific way it should be worn and where do you clip the mic?
  17. RomeoAlpha

    First Aid Kits

    Following on from the discussion on Trauma Kits, what do the different forces issue in the way of FAKs? Vehicle or Personal Issue? Kitted properly (in the area I live in, I was told some officers do and don't have one, but cars do).
  18. CountyCop

    26 inch baton holder

    Can anyone comment on what the asp scabbard holders are like for the 26inch ASP?
  19. jamieMET

    Bullshire Police Pin Badges

    In case some were still on the look out, there are currently a few avaliable. (Though too many versions for my liking now) Follow the link below http://www.bullshirepolice.com
  20. Eddzz!!

    How do you wear your kit?

    Recently started as a Special in NWP - five shifts in and I can't find a comfortable way to wear all of my gear... I'm using a combination of utility belt and tac vest - both seem to have their perks. I have cuffs and baton on the belt and everything else on the vest. My only reservations with the vest are that it's rather tight and restricting/uncomfortable and that my spray is out of reach when I'm wearing high-vis (though I can always stick this on my belt I suppose). Has anyone found a good balance between the two? I'd be keen to know!
  21. AlphaFoxtrotBravo

    List of issued kit for Specials?

    On the other forum there was a good comprehensive list of all the bits of uniform Specials from different forces are issued with. As I'm not sure how up to date that is now, could we possibly start a stickied thread down here to show people what kit is issued for each force?
  22. SergeantAngel

    Retractable key holder and cuff key

    Goodmorning, I lost my long cuff key unfortunately and I am looking for something which I can attach the long key too. Retractable would be ideal. If any of you could reccomend and name a product or post a link, that would be appreciated. Tired of messing about with those tiny keys. Thank you,
  23. SimonT

    New notebook cover

    I have been using the std notebook cover for years, but im soon to be gifted a huge job phone/tablet and im running out of space. I am considering downsizing my notebook cover, maybe to a side opening one. Anyone have any ideas at all?
  24. Collar

    Need A Patrol Fleece!

    Hiya folks, With the weather getting colder, stores informing me I could be waiting up to around Christmas time for a replacement, and nothing lying around on those random kit coat hangers every nick seems to have, I need to get hold of a fleece for patrol. It will be worn underneath my body armour and as such badges and epaulette bars/sliders are not essential. It must however be navy blue. Typical that there must be in excess of ten black PC fleeces just lying around but no PCSO ones at all :/ Suggestions please? :)
  25. Lukeoaks

    Sepura earpiece

    Hi guys. Has anyone got any suggestions for a comfortable G shape earpiece for the sepura, the issued one I have is so uncomfortable in my ear, I need one with a smaller bud piece on it ideally I think. Thanks Luke
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