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Found 6 results

  1. rachblanchard

    File builders

    I am aware some forces have dedicated file builders that do all the form filling, disclosure, etc. I'm trying to make contact with any forces that currently have dedicated file builders. We have a Criminal Justice team that send all the papers to CPS/Courts but it is down to the OIC to complete the full file. I've made a suggestion we look at having a dedicate team to build file and now need to speak to forces that have them! Please contact me if you think you can help. Thanks
  2. Things you'll never hear a CID Officer say...................
  3. One man has been arrested after two people wearing white 'crime scene investigator' suits stole cash from an Off Licence in High Wycombe last night. Two men entered Today’s Off Licence in Roberts Road at around 10.30pm last night and demanded money from a shop worker. It is believed that one of the men may have had a gun, but no one was injured. After grabbing cash from the till, they made off from the scene in a red Toyota sports car, which had the partial number plate of M33. Policed chased the car after it was spotted driving at high speeds in the area. After the car stopped, a man ran away and a 36-year-old man from High Wycombe was arrested shortly afterwards. He is currently in police custody. Police are appealing for any witnesses who may have seen anything, or anyone with information about the robbery to come forward. Det Insp Nick Bell from Local CID said: “Fortunately the two people in the shop at the time of this incident were not injured or even touched by the offenders. However, this was undoubtedly a frightening experience for them. I would urge anyone who has any information about the offence to come forward and speak to police." Officers are in the area making enquiries today and extra patrols will be in place to reassure residents. Article link
  4. The long awaited offcial review (well, the first bit) is out. It's on the Met website here ... http://www.met.police.uk/foi/pdfs/priorities_and_how_we_are_doing/corporate/neighbourhood_review_phase_v1%20.pdf ... as part of the publication scheme. They could have just read the Unofficial LPT Review thread, along with the thread on the other place . Would have been quicker and come to the same conclusions The immediate recommendations are; 3(a) All actual bodily harm (ABH) offences to be investigated by CID. This will reduce an additional area of demand on SN and will allow officers to be more visible in their neighbourhoods. 3(b)All offences to be allocated as per the LPM blueprint - local circumstances to be considered by Borough Commander in liaison with Area Commander. 6 No reintroduction of Beat Crimes Units 7 30% patrol time for ERPT to be utilised for increased functions. 8 ‘E’ calls to be a function a nd responsibility of the nearest available unit regardless of portfolio. 9 Appointment cars to be a responsibility of the ERPT. 10 Hospital guards, constant watches and crime scene preservation task primacy to be removed from Neighbourhoods and moved to ERPT (with discretional use of Neighbourhood officers when deemed operationally necessary by BOCU leadership) 12 DWOs to remain ring fenced except for NYE and Notting Hill Carnival operations. This should be subject of audit and performance reporting. 13 Patrol and operational functions within Neighbourhoods should be conducted in uniform, on foot, by cycle or public transport. A governance framework for this to be developed - local circumstances to be considered by Area Commander in liaison with Borough Commander. 16 Neighbourhood shift review to be revisited to consider a separate DWO roster to enhance visibility and deliver on engagement promises such as ward meetings 17 Neighbourhood shift review to reconsider the neighbourhood policing roster against the revised roles and responsibilities maximizing visibility. A new shift pattern to be consulted upon with the intention of implementation by summer 2015. 18 DWO numbers to be reviewed within the top 100 challenged wards. 21 For consistency neighbourhood teams are to be known as Safer Neighbourhood Teams across London. The slightly less immediate recommendations are; 1(a)HR to develop a corporate strategy for the placement of restricted officers through workforce planning based on deployability commencing with neighbourhood officers. 1(b) HR to review recuperative and restricted PCSOs as front line patrol is core to their employment. 2 Neighbourhood teams to have full establishment of detectives as per blueprint to ensure effective leadership of investigations in light of the student officer numbers. 4 Investigative workloads for neighbourhoods and local CID to be revisited and demand modeled. 5 Demand analysis to be undertaken to consider the 60% secondary investigation rate. 11 E graded incidents and appointment purpose, demand and use to be reviewed using systems analysis, to ensure service users have increased prospect of resolution to an enquiry at time of initial call. 14 Variations to the LPM in Neighbourhood Policing roles as illustrated in figure 26 to be reviewed by Area Commanders. 15 Resource hubs to backfill core posts using officers from across geographic and business group boundaries. 23 Review and reality check Neighbourhood Inspector role, including feasibility and options of ring fencing from Aid and other abstractions And for the specials; 19 Review of Metropolitan Special Constabulary (MSC) to ensure alignment of resources with neighbourhood policing delivery model to enhance police presence within communities. Personally, I've never quite followed why constants, crime scenes, and hospital guards are neighbourhood issues in the first place. It was pretty obvious that through the sheer number of these and the relatively small size of LPTs that it was going to be a big commitment. Interesting statistic from the report, there is the equivalent of 228 officers per year tasked with constants/crime scenes/hospital guards. At over £30k a head, that must be quite expensive... On the other hand, I'm really not sure how officers are going effectively patrol sectors on foot and public transport, unless we decide that LPTs go back to being ward based rather than sector based, but even then, since they've closed the SNT bases some will have to walk miles before they even reach the edge of their ward. It's a little bit like they've decided to go back to the SNT model but without admitting it.
  5. RomeoAlpha

    Special DCs

    Just out of interest, are there any Detective Special Constables out there anywhere, as I know some specials can specialise.
  6. In a murder investigation, if a suspect is brought in for questioning, does the investigating team always search their home at this time? Or do they need to obtain a warrent to search the suspects home? Do they need reason to believe there is evidence in the home to connect suspect with the murder?
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