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  1. As the topic title suggests….. What is your RPU operating model and what shift pattern do you work? For example we operate as a standalone “division” so to speak that has number of bases across the county that are aligned to the 5 response teams and work a 6 on 4 off pattern.
  2. Pakistani Traffic cop arrests truck driver after a hit and run incident - YouTube
  3. Gursx

    Drink driving

    Hi, I’m still in my probation (Met), I had a notepad on my phone with the correct wording for requiring a specimen of breath for drink driving however i’ve somehow lost this. Can anyone please give me the wording required for requiring a specimen and for the arrest? I would appreciate it very much. I haven’t had to conduct a roadside test yet but i’m sure I will soon with everything going back to normal! Thanks very much.
  4. Not a situation that I've come across, but seen this on the Ask the Police website. I have always thought that you would have to hold a UK Driving Licence in order to supervise a learner driver 😯 Does anyone know where this is stated in legislation?
  5. Hi, if someone has a licence but is driving without third party insurance, would you also report them for driving otherwise than in accordance as well as no insurance or just for no insurance? I've heard differing stories. Much appreciated !
  6. cookyy2k

    New MOT rules

    For those who're unaware on Monday the MOT rules changed so that instead of just a fail the defects are now split into two categories major and dangerous. Does this have any change on the enforcement? For example a car presented early under the new rules fails on a dangerous defect, clearly it cannot be driven away from the station as it has been judged in a dangerous condition even if it has MOT remaining. However, the fact we now catagorise it dangerous doesn't mean it wasn't on the old rules and so should not really have been driven away. It is just a case that now it is far easier to put forward that they knew or should have known it is in a dangerous condition and does that mean dangerous driving will be considered in some occasions where a ticket for the defect would have previously been considered? Adding to this the new category of "dangerous" includes dangerous to the environment not just in the mechanical sense, will this negate the usefulness of this category for showing a careful and competent driver would know the vehicle is in a dangerous state?
  7. maccalen999

    Vehicles With No Tax

    As it's so simple to check if a vehicle has tax nowadays, I'm wondering if there is a 'best' way of dealing with perpetrators? Is there a TOR for it?
  8. maccalen999

    Vehicles Registered as SORN

    If a vehicle has a valid MOT and insurance, and the driver has a full licence, is there any offences for driving a motor vehicle on the public highway when it's registered as SORN and how should it be dealt with?
  9. jviney

    GMP X Cars

    I've been thoroughly enjoying watching episodes of X cars from around 1997 on youtube, such as this: Quite incredible how different car crime is now, who remembers ringing? I haven't heard that term for years! The numbers of cars being stolen in Manchester at that time are utterly staggering. I guess modern immobilisers have slowly killed off kids nicking cars for a laugh. Love the patrol cars, Cavalier SRIs, Escort and Sierra Cosworths. Does any force drive anything remotely like that now?
  10. We've recently had a circulation going around reminding us of our responsibility to use our power to inspect vehicles that we seize for no insurance / otherwise in accordance / s59. Having emailed a few people I can't seem to get a straight answer from anybody. Usually when seizing a car I usually get the driver to show me all the compartments so I can note down what is being left. Does anyone know if there is an actual power that could be used in this instance and what do your forces have as standard practice for this?
  11. Two of our lads passed their Standard Response Motorcycle course today, a first for us in Kent, and wondering if across the UK? I'm aware there have been SC Solo's who had previously been regulars. In any case, massive congrats to the guys who worked really hard!
  12. DB11

    A Little Bit Of Traffic

    Your rank: PC Your planned duty hours: 1300-2200 This is just a duty report from a shift recently where I managed to get a little bit of traffic in, nothing special but just fancied writing it up. 1300 - Was working on my SOLAP as I am still a probationer however a grade one call comes in of a female self harming with a knife. All early shift crews are tied up so me and another officer jump in together and respond to it. A local officer was nearby and arrived before us as he had knowledge of the female. Upon arrival her friend had taken the blade from her and the female was just sat on the floor. A fair bit of blood but superficial cuts. Apparently it was all over her boyfriend and she had convinced herself that he was cheating on her. Bandaged her up and ambulance were unable to give an ETA so her friend took her down to the hospital as she was happy to go to the hospital and said that she didn't want to kill herself it was just a coping mechanism. Local officer says that he will complete the paperwork and so we resume. 1445 - RTC car vs. child. About a 20 minute response run but ambulance were already on scene as they took the initial call. Initial investigation suggested that the circumstances were beyond the driver's control as numerous witnesses (including the child's mother) stated that the child ran from behind a parked van right into the path of the car. Fortunately no serious injuries as the car was travelling at low speed anyway due to being in a built up area on a quiet estate. A number of people were complaining about the state of parking on the estate and that it was only a matter of time before something like this happened but they were advised about contacting the council if they felt parking was an issue. 1600 - A local pub have phoned up to say that two males inside, who are already barred, are being abusive, threatening and refusing to leave. Upon arrival a male in the car park says "Get those f###ing pair of c###s out of here, now" so straight away tensions are high. He's told to let us do our job and that his attitude isn't helping anyone. Inside the pub two males are at the bar, drinking, and are at the centre of arguments taking place. A few sarcastic comments are heard, directed towards us, along the lines of it's about time we showed up (our arrival time was less than five minutes from the job being put out!) but the barmaid asks the two to leave in our presence and they just keep saying why. Encourage them to drink up and leave but just as we are getting somewhere one of the other punters stands up and starts goading them, which goes down about as well as you'd imagine. Then we manage to usher the two males out, one of which turns to me and is saying I've assaulted him because I've got no right to push him and that the other bloke in the pub was only acting hard because we'd arrived and he wanted to knock him out. I told him that his presence was causing a breach of the peace and he gets his mobile phone out and starts recording me telling me that he is going to complain about me and what's my number. I said that's fine because everything's been recorded by me and I point to my bodyworn video. He just goes "oh" and his face drops and he puts his phone away Outside is a lot of encouragement because the punters are now coming out of the pub goading the two that we have managed to remove. The barmaid is not helping and everyone seems to want to come outside for a cigarette. We eventually get the two to leave and ask the town CCTV to monitor them. Speak to the barmaid and explain how we don't appreciate her making our job harder when she wanted us to help. A report was submitted to the council licensing team. 1630 - Only a few minutes after we had asked the other two to leave CCTV shouts up and states that they are involved in a fight on the high street. We whizz round the corner and one of them has ran off but the other is just stood there. Two people are getting into a car and CCTV says that they were involved in the fight so we block them in to ascertain what has happened. A lot of public interest at this point as it's the main road, part of the carriageway is blocked so vehicles are having to drive round, and there is a lot of foot traffic. The person in the car says that the other two caused it because they've just been kicked out of the pub round the corner... hang on, so how did they know that? I believe that someone in the pub has called the people in the car and got them to come round and "sort it out" so to speak. CCTV watches the cameras back and the vehicle did indeed pull up next to the two males, both driver and front seat passenger got out and grabbed/punched one of the males, before he threw some punches back in self defence and ran off. Considered bringing them in for an affray but on camera no member of public seems affected by what happened and no one made themselves known to us. After consultation with the sergeant it was recorded as an assault on the male that had left the pub but with no complaint or support of a prosecution from the suspect. 1945 - On routine patrol and coming towards a junction on a minor road into a main road and a white van zooms passed in a 30mph limit. Start to follow him and he seems blissfully unaware of our presence as he is going nearly 50mph; he also has a brake light out and so he is pulled over when it is safe to do so. He explains that he is a delivery driver and has come from another city about an hour away. A check with PNC shows that no insurance is held on the vehicle and when I ask the driver about his insurance he just says that he doesn't know anything about it as he just drives but that as far as he is aware the vehicle is insured. I asked him to call someone that could assist and so he rings who he tells me is his boss. Now, unbeknown to him, his speaker is quite loud on the phone... both me and my crew mate hear the voice on the other end say a number of things such as "what have you told them? have you told them it's insured? have you said that you've borrowed it or that it's a hire vehicle? don't tell them anything else" so alarm bells are ringing, especially when he denies that was said. He gives the phone to me and the person tells me that he is the owner and that the van is insured on the company policy, but he cannot tell me which company, what the policy number is, or even when the insurance was taken out. He then says to me "can't you just give him a 7 day producer and we'll get it sorted out". A check with MIB also shows insurance not held so I've come to the decision to seize the van under section 165 and to report the driver. The van has perishable goods on it and the delivery was only down the road so my crewmate drives the van down there and lets them offload the goods whilst waiting for the recovery vehicle. Vehicle recovered and driver left to find his way back home. 2100 - A report of a HGV in a dangerous position on a route just off of the motorway. Upon arrival the lorry has jack knifed just after a bend and so the road is closed from the motorway roundabout to the other side of the bend as traffic was coming very fast and having to brake suddenly so as to not smash into the side of the HGV. The driver tells me that he was trying to turn around to park up in the layby for the night. Whilst waiting for recovery to come and put the lorry back straight the driver comes up to me and says that he is really sorry about all this and I can smell alcohol. Oh man! So I get the breathbox and the driver blows over 100 at the roadside. I arrest the male for drink drive however there are no crews to either transport the prisoner or to relieve us from the road closure. This means that we have to wait with the guy until the HGV can be put into the layby for the night. 2245 - Arrive at custody... as you can see a very long wait so I am conscious in case the driver has dropped but he still blows over 90. 0100 - Cease duty
  13. DB11

    Single Crewed Night Shift

    I've been operational as a full time PC for about five months, after having four months of training, and two years as a SC prior to joining up. I still love every day, I still look forward to going in and pulling on my stab vest, and it feels exactly like it did as a SC, except that I get a wage each month and I get a lot more point to point radio calls (either social or supervisory lol). Some people will say there's a lot more paperwork, there's a lot more to it etc. but I exposed myself to a lot as a special, so I guess I really did get a lot out of it which made the transition to regular very smooth. I've been to a lot of incidents, the most high profile being this one, but none really seem interesting or unique enough to write about. I fancied writing one though so here is one of my first night shifts after becoming independent. Your rank: PC Your planned duty hours: 2200-0700 2200 - Briefing. Single crewed but I manage to get the ANPR vehicle to take out. Lots of driving, vehicle checks, nothing of note. 0200 - Parked up in a lay by so as to read the number plates of passing vehicles. Even though it's early in the morning this is quite a well used road. 0210 - Just as I am thinking my luck is out I am about to pull out to go back to the station to grab a bite to eat when I see headlights in my rear view mirror. They are bearing down on me pretty fast, bearing in mind I am in a 40 mph speed limit. I wait for it to pass and then pull out behind it, just to see how (if at all) the driving changes now I'm behind it. The vehicle doesn't slow down and, if anything, continues to accelerate. The vehicle is moving side to side and crossing the centre white lines. As the 40mph limit drops to a 30mph we are now travelling at 60mph, coming into a slight right hand bend. The vehicle is carrying straight on and I'm thinking is he going to take the bend or not, when he suddenly swerves right to stay on the road. The speed comes down somewhat as a result and at this point I activate the blue lights to stop the vehicle however it continues without illuminating any brake lights. There are no other vehicles around, nor are there any pedestrians. Round the bend we are approaching a roundabout and I am thinking "why has this guy not stopped, can he not see the police car? Is that why he was driving like an idiot?" As we approach the traffic light controlled roundabout (red lights showing) the vehicle stops in lane one and so I pull up next to it, telling him to stop the car round the corner in a safe position. Just as I am pulling up level with the driver the lights go green, the vehicle suddenly accelerates away and turns left at the roundabout, however takes the corner so wide he has crossed over into lane two. At this point I realise to myself that the vehicle is failing to stop - I managed to get the VRM of the vehicle and inform the control room that the vehicle is failing to stop and turn off the blue lights due to my driving authority.... however almost immediately the vehicles turns off to the left into a cul-de-sac. I know that this is a dead end and so I pull in behind him and see the vehicle left abandoned in the middle of the road. I pull up behind the vehicle and go to the driver side however there is no person in the driving seat. There is a front seat passenger and I suspected that he had been the driver and had changed seats - unfortunately I had not seen the driver as he had pulled off before I could get level back at the lights. I arrest the passenger and walk him to vehicle... the passenger's reply to caution is "I wasn't driving. The driver is hiding in the boot". At some point during this I had updated control and other units were making their way to me. With the passenger in the back of my car I went to the other vehicle and opened the boot and, low and behold, there is a male laying in the boot. There was no parcel shelf and so it was quite plausible for the driver to have climbed over the back seats in the time that I had lost sight of the vehicle. The male is playing dumb and is 'asleep' so I am rousing him, just as one other unit pulls up behind my car. Foolishly (learning point!) I turn around to see who it is and at this point the male in the boot bolts up and runs off, so I give chase.... after firstly slipping over on the grass I am chasing this male; it's dark, no street lighting, he's intent on escaping and he's bigger (stocky) than me. I am shouting "police stop" at him however he is continuing to run away until he turns down a dead end with a large metal fence at the bottom. I am gaining on him and the male turns around. I draw my baton and warn him however he comes towards me. I strike him once to the upper leg, which has the desired effect and I can take the male to the floor. A few seconds later an officer from the other crew joins me and we handcuff him. Back at custody both males gave positive breath tests. The passenger gave a witness statement and the guy hiding in the boot coughed to being the driver. He was charged with failing to stop and drink driving. Due to previous convictions he was sentenced to an immediate custodial sentence of 22 weeks and given a 52 month driving ban. 0300 - Arrive custody Clerical 0745 - Cease duty
  14. Hi folks, I think I already know the answer to this one but wanted to put it out there for some advice. Just recently, I've noticed on a couple of occasions whilst off duty adults carrying a baby on their lap in the rear of a moving car. My thought was that the child should be restrained in a car seat, but as it's not something I've dealt with before I wasn't entirely sure whether this was the case. Would it be the driver that is reported for the offence, and if so what offence would it be?
  15. Things you'll never hear a Traffic Officer say......................
  16. Morning all, As a motorcyclist I do witness incredible amount of cases, when people are on their phones - talking, texting, updating facebook etc. I have seen people eating behind the wheel or checking emails on iPad while driving 60 mph. Nothing new, I know that but sometimes because they do not pay attention very dangerous situations happen. I do wear helmet camera and have good evidence there. My question is: is there any point of reporting things like that? I'm not saying that I encourage ignoring things, but does police follow up on reports supported by video? If there is minor offence I can imagine priority would be rather low.
  17. I'm aware of the disclaimer, but was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge of some of the offences that might be committed by sellers of the new Segway-type vehicles such as the Monorover R2. I'm happy with the offences that are committed by those using them on the road/footpath, but was looking at legitimate ways to stem the flow of the sale of these expensive but practically useless vehicles. I think there are offences under the Vehicle Registration and Excise Act 1994, most probably to do with the registration of vehicles and provision of the V5, but don't have much experience of that arena and hoped others might be able to guide me before I publicly put my foot in it. Also if anyone has any experience of dealing with major retailers such as Amazon etc then please PM me with any contact details you have for them and comments about your experience. Thanks
  18. Morning all, Had a look around and couldn't find anywhere suitable to really post this to ask the question... The below image has been floating around the net recently (primarily Facebook) and i am wonder what the legal stance is on it - is it correct or not?
  19. during day 2 we just seized some vehicles and did some TORs , Bit boring to describe that for a few hours ( but i enjoyed it ) Day 3: Rank:SC Length of Service:3 months Planned Hours:0700x1500 Type of Shift:Traffic 0700; Gear up at breifing, get out callsign and my colleague/prep the car **** head out for an operation ****car known for someone wanted and recent fail to stops is spotted and we begin responding along with other units. **** arrive at a location to await dispatch from helicopter **** dispatched to go stop car, car fails to stop and we and another unit begin pursuit went a long time following directions from helicopter (would of not been possible without the heli), eventually car the person was caught and arrested. As much as I'd love to go into more detail of how AWESOME the pursuit was, also i've removed times/details lost track of time between now and approximately 1300 when we were booking him into custody...there was a long wait. 1430 back to the office to compelte paperwork 1550 paperwork complete home time Traffic cops got nothing on me after this, the drivers of the vehicle(s) showed some incredible skill and resiliance, traffic do actually do something Most exhilerating shift ive ever had... by far. How i refer to being a special ; "it's like watching traffic cops, except then someone asks you what to do". Well this was literally my traffic cops day
  20. Rank:SC Length of Service:3 months Planned Hours:0700x1500 Type of Shift:Traffic the Bobby I was with said this was a slow shift even with us trying to be proactive. 0650: arrive to kit up and sign on before briefing 0700 grab our vehicle and kit it out, check everything's working 0715 joint special ops briefing 0730 briefing ends 07:45 quick catch up and were off 0815 arrive on the south bank of the force where we are today and drop some stuff off at the local Nick, and head up to park on some popular roads to monitor. 09:20 been around a few spots and a bit of a drive when we find a chap without a seatbelt, pull him over and issue a ticket (TOR). 10:25 head off to see if we can catch some speeders, get the speed gun out when.. 10:30 call of debris lane 2 on the motorway so we head off for that, the torque on the bmws is immense. In the time you overtake a few cars you're almost topping triple figures. 10:40 empty motorway and we hit 155, first time I've done this so I had a nice grin on my face.. 10:45 rolling road block on and road checked, debris has cleared itself to off the carriage way, resume with patrol back to our speed gun spot 12:00 nothing found so refs 12:45 resume patrol with another patrol in convey, heading to a popular road to try some get MOT/Tax/Insureance hits, drive around then head back to the nick 1500 arrive at the Nick and go home pretty boring shift but was a lot different and I really enjoyed it 12:00 refs 12:45 head back out
  21. DodgeRam

    "Police Entrapment"

    When I find myself at a loose end on a particularly "Q" shift one thing I like to do is park up my shiny stickered up police car and look for motorists that are doing things they shouldn't be. Such as using their phone, not wearing a seatbelt, going too quick etc etc. I have a few favoured spots that I like to park my bright police car in as there always seems to only be a short wait in these places till someone doing something naughty passes me. My favourite place at the moment is at the side of an A road between two major towns in a 40mph limit. Its essentially a short driveway at the side of the road which leads to an unused gate into a farm. The hedgerows either side of this driveway mean it is not possible to see my shiny police car until you are passing it meaning that drivers are in my full view before they realise I am there. I guess that is why I catch so many mobile phone offences. Now, having had a good think about it I can't come up with any problems with this way of working. However, I'm aware there are rules you have to abide to when it comes to speed cameras and their visibility. So I just wanted to check I'm not leaving myself open to critism or cries of "entrapment" by carrying out my own little road safety campaigns in my sneaky hidden police car way. Just to clarify I don't stick people on for speeding as I don't have the required calibrated equipment for evidencing the offence.
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