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  1. Version 1.2


    Downloadable version
  2. PSCBen Brooker

    Advanced Driving

    Hi Everyone, I am a police officer coming through the specials process at the moment (I have been accepted and start training in November) 1) I currently only hold a Full Manual Licence. Am I going to be more attractive to the police regulars if i undertake special driving courses or broaden the vehicles i'm able to drive for example maybe getting my Motorbike licence or undertaking a ROSPA advance driving course? 2) As someone with medical knowledge I could carry extra items and responded to medical emergencies as well. Would this knowledge put me 'ahead in the queue when it
  3. Following on from this topic, I have collated all the data and put it into a graph as show below. I appreciate some of the data may not be accurate because of changes in policy. If you find that something is inaccurate please leave a comment below, private message me or fill out the survey in the topic linked above and I will update the table when I can. I would ask that you only feed me information that you know to be true to keep it as accurate as possible. If you do this then please leave a reply in the comments box saying how you know this to be true. You will notice that ther
  4. peeceeplod

    Kings Heath Station

    Hi All, Does anyone know what facilities Kings Heath nick has? Is it a response base, or just custody etc...! Any information much appreciated. I'm a serving special, and don't live too far from there, but currently serving in West Mercia. cheers
  5. The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) has said a violent incident in Glasgow raised questions about whether officers can protect the public. SPF chairwoman Andrea MacDonald said it was "deeply worrying" that no armed officers were dispatched. The attacker in Thursday's incident injured two people before inflicting fatal injuries on himself. Police Scotland has insisted that the incident did not require the presence of armed officers. One of the victims of the attack was reported to be in a stable condition in hospital with injuries to his shoulder and arm. The other vic
  6. The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) has said a violent incident in Glasgow raised questions about whether officers can protect the public. SPF chairwoman Andrea MacDonald said it was "deeply worrying" that no armed officers were dispatched. The attacker in Thursday's incident injured two people before inflicting fatal injuries on himself. Police Scotland has insisted that the incident did not require the presence of armed officers. One of the victims of the attack was reported to be in a stable condition in hospital with injuries to his shoulder and arm. The other vic
  7. Hi All, Can anyone currently on a response team please send me their shift pattern through so I can take a look at it if I PM you my aware details? I am looking at possibly a return to borough in the near future on promotion and I am thinking of requesting team for a variety of reasons but would like to know what the shift pattern situation is like. I'm quite out of date as I was last on a response team in 2011 and I've been off borough for well over a year. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have finally got round to making a updated version of the Driving Permissions.
  9. Two of our lads passed their Standard Response Motorcycle course today, a first for us in Kent, and wondering if across the UK? I'm aware there have been SC Solo's who had previously been regulars. In any case, massive congrats to the guys who worked really hard!
  10. Things you'll never hear a Response Officer say....................
  11. NPspecial


    Just a quick though I just had. Do BTP have lots of marked vans and few marked cars or, like HO forces, have mostly marked cars with a few marked vans?
  12. Hi everyone I'd be very interested to see the feedback on this poll, which I have kept very basic and to 6 questions so as to keep it concise . This surrounds the activities undertaken by SC's and what they most and least enjoy. The lists are non-exhaustive and would really benefit from "Others" answers being expanded upon. Ideally we'd split this by regional service, and work out what they get their SC's to do compared to others - but that can come later. PS. This is in "General Discussion" rather than "Polls" - so feel free to move this
  13. So I've more recent rumours that the CSO is pushing to get Specials onto standard courses, at least in a limited numbers. I know that driver training are over the hump of the huge backlog they had so although they're still very busy, capacity may be possible soon. From what I hear the CSO is resonably confident he can get something through, so we'll see. With that said, I've heard rumours in several incarnations pretty much my entire service and I'm yet to see anything actually happen.
  14. MajorDisaster

    Saturday nights

    Rank: SC Service 8 Months Duty: 1900-0400 ; Response All timings appropriate. 1830. Arrive and grab my gear. The duty inspectors are handing over and are very pleased to see me as they are strapped. I start self briefing. 1840. The sarge asks me to go from Big Town BT (where I am) to Small Town ST about ten miles away as there is exactly one officer there for the next couple of hours, then only two more. I don't mind so I grab 'duty clapped out fiesta' (every nick has one!!) and head off. 1930. I've arrived at ST and have the nick to myself - fortunately I recall the combination to the d
  15. Can anyone confirm the requirements for specials in North yorkshire to be response driver trained? I was speaking to one of the traffic cops (who was on tv ) from north yorkshire the other day and he said the specials get response trained, obviously after a certain amount of commitment, hours, PAC ect, can anyone confirm what exactly is needed, and if two specials can work together on response? Having long hard thinks on weather to transfer (as im probably soon to be communities) And the likely-hood of being put on response instead of communities
  16. MajorDisaster

    Saturday Night Time Economy

    Saturday Night, Response, 2000-0400. All timings approx 2000: Get in in a bit of a rush but looking forward to it as Code B are on and they are very Special Friendly - also one particular officer (Joe) is on and there's never a dull moment when I'm paired with him-at this point however he is out with RPU and some of the others are on another task so... 2015: Another officer and I head off with a Sgt from the south of the county to look for a specific habitual drink driver. On the way a car pulls out suddenly on us so we pull him over. My colleague breath tests him while I do the check. A
  17. MajorDisaster

    County Day Shift

    Rank SC Length of service 6 months Shift: 0900-1600 Response 0830: get in and the sarge asks me to go to another station ten miles away as his officers are all over the place. He has two students with tutors who are with assessors, four in custody on prisoner observation (including two on "poo watch" - some people get all the best jobs), so I team up with a chap I've worked with before and we head down to his location for a brew. The sarge there breaks the good news to us that the Chief Constable is visiting the nick later so it would be a good thing if we are out doing stuff and not making
  18. TheFlomeister

    Blog: The best job in the world

    PC Heather Hutchinson thinks she’s got the best job in the world. She spent four years working in the force control room before becoming a response officer in 2008. I love my job. Absolutely love it. I’ve done so many different jobs in my time, I’ve travelled the world and experienced all types of working environments, nothing compares to the challenges you face every day as a police officer. You never know what you may be turning up to and that is what drives me on a day-to-day basis. During your career you can specialise in so many different areas, I can’t imagine ever being bored while work
  19. Two Metropolitan Police officers have been interviewed under caution over suggestions they failed to properly respond to an incident in which a man was killed. The two sergeants from Croydon, south London, are on restricted duties pending the outcome of the inquiry. Andrew Else, 52, was stabbed more than 200 times during an incident in Selsdon Park Road, Croydon, in April 2014. The claims came to light during an ongoing misconduct probe, the Met said. 'Held to account' The Met said officers were at the scene of the attack within seven minutes. Paranoid schizophrenic Ephraim Nor
  20. Pilot scheme being launched in Brecon South Powys, we're looking to recruit a specialist team of SC, to be fully trained to work with partner agencies in rural locations. Please follow us on Twitter @SpecialsSPowys or check out the recruitment section www.dyfed-Powys.police.uk
  21. These are the poorly remembered chronicles of policing with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in South London. I'm a special (MSC) who flits between Response and SNTs, and at the time of writing - currently in the process to become a PC. Some aspects (names, locations etc) will be changed to protect the privacy of all parties involved. I might sometimes expand on what certain things mean for the benefit of those who don't know - so apologies to those that do know! Health, Mental Health and Robbery! Rank: MSC Shift: Response 0700 - 1500 0700 - Briefing and admin. I'm posted
  22. Seems like quite a good idea in more rural areas, perhaps not as relevant in urban areas but hopefully something can be worked out.
  23. Is anyone watching the documentary about Sheffield,it's a 3-part series. This episode seems to concentrate on Anti Social Behaviour in 2 parts of the city, the difficulty of policing both problems area's with limited resources and legislation and an uprising from residents against the police. It's all very interesting and I hope it shows the people the difficulties we face.
  24. R5!

    New Fire Key Type

    I attended a critical incident earlier this week where there was a a fire barrier at the RVP, usually the fire barriers have a padlock on which will take one of the standard FB keys which I already have. The one I attended had a new key type I had not seen before. the diagram on the lock mechanism showed it as being a long cylindrical key with a rounded knobbly bit about 1/5 of the way from the end of the key. I've never seen this before and I'm looking to add it to my emergency key selection. Anyone know where I can get one?

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