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  1. Chief Cheetah

    What would you like to see on here?

    What would you like to see on this forum? What can we do to make this place better for everyone or just for you? We are looking for your ideas. It could be something you've always longed for in a forum, or maybe it's something you've seen on another forum that you think would be good on here. Let us know your ideas. All ideas will be considered although if it is very outlandish it probably won't be considered for long. It can be anything at all no matter whether you think it can or can't be done, leave that bit up to us. Please put your suggestions below or if you woul
  2. ScotLass

    Brexit Discussion

    We had a big topic running for the general election , so I thought I'd create one for our next big vote as a nation. So the question is... Brexit or Bremain? Sent from my iPhone using Police Community
  3. Chief Cheetah

    Tears for Tiers

    So with the country now in different tiers with different restrictions how's it going for you? No need to say which tier you are in if you don't want to but how is it affecting you and what you do? I'm wondering mainly how the different restrictions around the country are affecting every day life. I am personally in a tier 3 area but I must say it hasn't changed much for me over the last 9 months. I don't go out much at all as I can work from home and I have my shopping delivered. It worries me a bit about what is going to happen at Christmas but that is weeks away yets so thin
  4. playUS election: The big issue that could hurt Trump View the full article
  5. Chief Cheetah

    Ring Doorbell

    Anyone had any experience with a Ring Doorbell? I was thinking about getting one but aside from an awful lot of websites saying how wonderful they are I'm not sure I have seen much impartial feedback. It would need to be recharged as I don't have a powered doorbell at present to wire it into. There doesn't appear to be a lot of people out there saying how often this would need to happen. I'm aware that this would depend somewhat on how often it is triggered etc but what is the battery lifelike? I'm not sure if it is worthwhile getting the monthly subscription so any insight on
  6. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/drifting-investigations-lost-safeguarding-cases-17128542 GMP are holding an urgent investigation into Computer failures creating a massive backlog of Crime reports and outstanding tasks. It is reported that there is a backlog of 42,000 Crime and other reports. They are holding the enquiry because of an HMIC's visit due in early November.
  7. I'm not sure what to make of this... Who would have locked him up? had any laws been broken? Who would just ask him to walk away?
  8. Zulu 22

    Christmas Wishes

    Sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree but, we are all one family. None of that matters so to everyone on here a Very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.🎅 For those working keep safe, for those not working savour your families and loved ones.😘
  9. Ian Naude: Cheshire PC convicted of raping 13-year-old girl 15 November 2018 Image copyright Cheshire Police Image caption
  10. Man killed after Wood Green 'intelligence-led' police operation 12 minutes ago From the section London Image copyrightPA Image caption The shooting happened in Bracknell Close A man shot during a police operation in north London has died, Scotland Yard has said. Armed officers were in Bracknell Close, Wood Green, at about 09:00 GMT when a man received gunshot wounds, police said. The Met said the operation was "intelligence-led" but not related to terrorism. It added the Directorate of Professio
  11. Chief Cheetah

    Who stole my dinner?

    I honestly have no answer for this and I am opening it for discussion and opinion. This stems from a conversation with a friend after a couple of beers last night. You enter a restaurant and after spending a few minutes reading the menu you make your choice. The Waiter takes your order and in good time your meal arrives looking splendid. A nice fillet steak with all the trimmings cooked exactly how you like it. You cut a piece off and eat it. At this point the door to the restaurant opens and a local rough sleeper runs in, grabs the steak off your plate and runs out wi
  12. 1 December 2017 From the section US & Canada President Donald Trump's ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn has been charged with making a false statement to the FBI in January. Mr Flynn was forced to resign the following month after misleading the White House about meeting the Russian ambassador before Mr Trump took office. This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version. You can receive Br
  13. Five killed after stolen car crashes in Meanwood, Leeds 26 November 2017 From the section England Five people, including three children, have been killed after a stolen car crashed into a tree in Leeds. The accident happened on Saturday evening on Stonegate Road in the Meanwood area of the city. Two boys are in custody. View the full article
  14. Chief Cheetah

    I want to make a movie

    For some odd reason I find myself in possession of an action camera, a bit like a GoPro only it's an Eken. If you knew me you'd laugh at this notion. Anyway It has the facility to take pictures on a timed mode for as long as it has battery power. Today I set it to take a picture every 10 seconds whilst looking out of my home office window. It was attached to an external battery power pack so it worked for a number of hours. I now have a couple of thousand pictures 10 seconds apart. I want some software to make this into a movie but being a skinflint I want some free soft
  15. Neil McCover Superintendent Strathclyde Police Died 8 October 2010, aged 55 Died when his bicycle was in a collision with a car near Eaglesham whilst cycling with colleagues during a lunch break at the force training centre. Neil was based at the Strathclyde Police Training and Recruitment Centre at Jackton. He is survived by his wife and adult daughter.
  16. Kevin Derek SparksPolice ConstableDevon & Cornwall Constabulary Died 7 October 2008, aged 45 Died in a road traffic accident while going on duty in the early morning, when the unmarked police vehicle he was driving left the road and plunged down an embankment on the A38, at Menheniot near Liskeard. Kevin joined the Constabulary in 2002, after serving with Thames Valley Police since 1986, and was working as a Diversity Officer based at St. Austell. He was born in Scotland and is survived by his parents and older brother.
  17. Nicola HughesPolice ConstableGreater Manchester PoliceDied 18th September 2012, aged 23 She was working with PC Fiona Bone when they were sent to reports of a burglary. Upon arrival a male emerged from an address and ambushed them. Using a firearm and grenade the male attacked both of the officers; fatally injuring them. Nicola had completed three years service with Greater Manchester Police. She is survived by her parents and younger brother.
  18. Fiona BonePolice ConstableGreater Manchester PoliceDied 18th September 2012, aged 32 She was working with PC Nicola Hughes when they were sent to reports of a burglary. Upon arrival a male emerged from an address and ambushed them. Using a firearm and grenades the male attacked both of the officers; fatally injuring them. Fiona had completed five years service with Greater Manchester Police. She is survived by her partner, daughter, parents and sister.
  19. Chief Cheetah

    Is is dinner time yet?

    Here's a conversation we've had before, more than once. So what time is dinner time? In my house we have : Breakfast - In the morning when you get up Lunch or Lunchtime - Middle of the day. A smaller meal to keep you going until the main meal of the day Dinner - Usually around 5pm to 6pm and the main meal of the day. Usually the largest amount of food in one sitting Supper - Later in the evening, usually a very light snack before retiring to bed Now I know some people say that dinner time is mid day but this is just wrong although that is my opinion. So w
  20. Stephen George CullyPolice ConstableLothian & Borders PoliceDied 9 September 2011, aged 41 Collapsed and died of heart failure whilst in his room at the Scottish Police College at Tulliallan Fife, where he was attending a residential training course. Stephen joined the Force in October 1994 after attending Edinburgh University; he had served on the Firearms Support Unit since 2005 and as a Firearms Instructor since 2009. He is survived by his wife, their daughter aged 6 and son aged 4 years, parents and family.
  21. Gary John Leslie GrievesConstablePolice Service of Northern IrelandDied 14 August 2010, aged 46 Died in a road traffic collision between a car and his motorcycle at Portglenone while travelling home after completing duty at a major public order event. Gary was appointed in 1997 after 13 years service in the Royal Navy, he served in Strabane and Belfast before joining the Tactical Support Group at Portglenone in 2010. He is survived by his partner, his son aged 13, two daughters aged 3 years and 6 months, his parents and two b
  22. John Mantle Gilbert Detective Sergeant Metropolitan Police Died 9 August 2009, aged 58 Whilst he was diving with the Metropolitan Police Sub-Aqua Club off the Sussex coast, a colleague got into difficulties; Sergeant Gilbert, an experienced diver, remained with him, sharing his air and assisting him to the surface but as a result John himself suffered decompression sickness and died the following day. John joined in 1980, and worked with the Edgeware Child Abuse Investigation Team. He was survived by his wife and his adult son and daug
  23. Ian Dibell GMPolice ConstableEssex PoliceDied 9th July 2012, aged 41 Whilst off duty in Clacton-on-Sea he had cause to intervene in an incident close to his home. Protecting the public from an armed male he sustained fatal gunshot wounds. Posthumously awarded the George Medal for Gallantry.
  24. Ian James TerryPolice ConstableGreater Manchester Police Died 9 June 2008, aged 32 Fatally wounded when he was struck in the chest by a single shot, discharged from a shotgun carried by a colleague, during a firearms training exercise in a disused factory in Newton Heath, North Manchester. Ian was from Burnley, he joined Greater Manchester Police in 1997 and served on Rochdale Division before joining the Firearms Unit in 2002 where he was an extremely experienced and highly qualified firearms officer. He is survived by his wife, their daughter aged 4 and son aged 3 years, his p
  25. Gareth Gallagher Constable Police Service of Northern Ireland Died 17 May 2010, aged 22 Died after his car was involved in a road traffic accident late on the previous evening near Ballymagorry whilst travelling to report for duty at Strabane. Gareth was appointed in November 2007 and served at Strabane in Co. Tyrone. He is survived by his parents, sister and girlfriend.

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