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Found 47 results

  1. SierraEcho

    Ear piece and PTT

    Who here uses an earpiece/ptt accessory on their radio ? For some strange reason response coppers in the met rip people for using them; i personally find them easier to work with, especially when in loud events. anyone else use?
  2. Dale Evans

    Kit Issue - New Recruit

    Hello All, I am waiting on my intake date from Gloucestershire Constabulary and had been looking at kit on types of websites like police-supplies advertised on here. I have seen that the police will issue you with kit. I understand that it'll be boots, clothing, bags etc but I didn't know what a full kit issue looked like for this constabulary ? Thank you in advance
  3. Popeye

    Post your Tac Vest

    This is an extension to the Post your belt kit. Just wondering how people have their Tac Vest layed out. Please keep this post focusing on Tac vests only and not utility belts.
  4. SierraEcho

    Arktis Vests?

    Looking into "Tac-Vests". Arktis seems to be a favorite... Anyone here have any experience with Arktis? Are their products decent? What other companies are worth while?
  5. Let’s start with some basic info before we get into it; I am new to the job. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel or be that Gucci wannabe, I just like to know where I stand when it comes to kit, and asking is the only way I’ll find out right? I’m a great believer thst good kit helps. It will never make you invincible , but if the equipment you’re carrying is decent, then I believe it’s one less issue to worry about when it hits the fan. So here is my question: I have been issued the “new” style Cooneen Body armour. I don’t like it. It’s bulky and uncomfortable. It sits weird around the waist and makes access to my kit belt awkward. It doesn’t even have a Covert cover in production, so plain clothes would be ridiculous. I am aware I could order the slightly older styled vest through NUMS but for 50 points I would rather buy my own vest and use those points on Uniform as and when it’s needed. So my question is this: I have a list of home office approved body armours, and the threat levels they must adhere to, to be CAST 17 compliant and eligible to be issued to Law enforcment in the UK. It also states, that these standsrds are policy guidelines, and whilst recommended, are not mandatory. Would I get away with purchasing my own body armour, which would be black, with correct threat protection (HO1, KR1, SR1) and wear it on patrol. Something lighter and less bulky? What do you lot think? And what experiences have you had with purchasing your own kit? Cheers
  6. PW90

    Kit Belt vs Tac Vest

    So I have just converted to using my force-issued Tac Vest after 5 years of wearing a kit belt - and I'm a convert! I find it much, much easier to wear, much more comfortable, and everything is easily accessible and not in the way when I am trying to get in the car at high speed! What do you all think?
  7. Chief Cheetah

    Extra stuff

    What do you carry that may not be issued but you feel should be? What gear/equipment can you recommend others get their hands on and carry and why do you recommend it?
  8. CallumRushton13


    Not sure if this is the right place so move if appropriate... Well Carlisle has flooded again, and I'm in tomorrow so will undoubtedly be on flood duty for the duration of my shift... anyone got any tips for kit that j can wear tomorrow?? Are wellies generally permitted or is it just a case of me getting wet feet in my boots?? thanks in advance!! Callum
  9. SW_matt

    Torch for open area searches

    Hi everyone, Having been an SC for a wee while i am going to be training to become a police officer in may. I have been gathering little bits of equipment as I go along so that everything is ready for when I start and I'm not forking out loads of money. At the moment for specialling I've got a normal cheapy torch, whilst this has done the job its even dimmer than I am and is absolutely rubbish for night time open area searches. I'll probably pick up a P7 as soon as they go on offer and are reasonably priced. Although I will likely be working in a city the city in question has a few large fields and just outside has a massive chalk pits with associated hill (all totally unlit) as well as a large sea front that is very sketchy to be clambering on of a night in the dark (that and the fact we are now a borderless force so end up in the sticks quite a bit). Will I be able to get away with the P7 as I understand it is pretty good or is it worth investing in a 2d maglite or similar? Ta matt
  10. SteveMcS

    New Kit for starters

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. Due to start initial training for PC in Norfolk Constabulary Jan 8th and just after a bit of advice. Firstly, my offer letter says to show up on first day in business attire. Does anyone know when you start wearing uniform? I only own 1 suit and don't want to go out and by a load of shirt if day 2 is in uniform. Also, the letter doesn't say anything else i need to take. I'm planning on the obvious, pen, paper, folder etc. But anything i should bare in mind? Secondly, is there any "essential" kit i should be purchasing now? I already have Altberg P1s, LED Lenser from previous job, and a good cheap watch. I don't want to buy everything now as i'm not 100% what is issued or what i'll need but is there anything that most people consider "you have to have this" like a good folder or anything? I see Resqmes mentioned quite a lot? Thanks in advance.
  11. Joeclmn1


    Hiya All, Just completing my intial training, looking to purchase a torch wondered what your views were, is it best to go for a newer option such as an LED Lenser or stick with a trusty marmite?
  12. H-H

    Boots boots boots

    Evening ladies and gents, Just curious, how are boots issued in Kent to PC's? Are there standard issue now (applied a few years ago and at the fitting they told me to keep my altbergs from my old Special constab - which have since gone awol ) If not is there some kind of boot allowance given or is it just use your first pay? Cheers, A
  13. stoppedreality

    Kent Police Issued Uniform

    As someone has already done in another forum, I suppose I should do some grown up stuff. Can someone post the issued kit and uniform lists for Regs and Specials for KPS?
  14. Rogue One

    Best sepura earpiece for clarity

    Hi I'm looking to see if there are better quality earpieces available which would give much better clarity of sound. Just like high-end headphones - the sound is more better and less tinny... I know it would be hard as it is such a small speaker component but seeing what's out there.
  15. Toms


    After my hands feeling like icicles this week as I was outside for hours in a field I was wondering if anyones got any recommendations for a decent set of gloves that are warm yet still easy to use kit with. I'm really not sure about these "tactical" gloves that are on the market as they seems a little waltish and the issue leather ones I don't find comfortable or warm so looking to buy a new pair.
  16. Please bear with me, this is my last updated version, it is a little out but it gives you a good idea until I get the current updated one online PCW
  17. Paulo16v


    Hi guys, Recent new joiner to the forum here, got majority of kit issued to me last week from my uniform and due to be starting in the West Mids next month. This is probably a really stupid question and will probably be explained to me during basic training but in regards to the trousers, do they have to be worn full length external to your boots or do can they be tucked into your boots? (SWAT style) Again, I realise this is probably seen as a really stupid question but as a newbie it's just one of many that are rolling round in my head at the mo When I had my fitting the chap advised me that they can't be seen to be rolled up at the ends but he didn't say anything about tucking them into the boots, I watch a lot of Police Interceptors and noticed that the majority of their officers in Derby wear them tucked in? Any info regarding this would be muchly appreciated.
  18. Evening folks, Hopefully going to be transferring over to trackside if I am successful with my interview etc. I was just wondering what kit are BTP SC issued with from the start? Thanks in advance.
  19. Waddy1546080774

    Boots, Boots, Boots

    For about the last 5 years I have been wearing my old British Army issue boots, they served me well and indeed the boots would still last longer but I was going through laces faster than I could buy them in the last few months so I bit the bullet and decided to replace them. I spent hours trying boots on of all different types and makes. I tried heavy weight and light weight LOWA's, Danner boots, 5.11 tactical boots, heavy and light weight Jolly boots and one or two others I cant remember besides. I decided to steer clear of the magnums as I personally feel they are a bit of a false economy, they may only be £40 - 50 but with the level of wear and tear I am accumulating would only last a year or two whilst for about twice that I can get a pair that last more like 5 years or so. I opted in the end for the Jolly Safety Footware Light weight boots, a make I had never encountered before but seemed to offer best all round for comfort, waterproofing and flexibility whilst maintaining support of the ankle. The general consesus at the store (which is a warehouse located locally for an online retailer and whom I found to be exceptionally customer orientated, friendly and easy to work with (pm me if you want to know who, don't want to be accused of advertising a competitor for free!)) was that they are indeed probably the best boot on the market and at £80 less than a pair of Danner's (a lot of what you pay for with them is undoubtedly the name) a bargain to boot. So the point of the thread, to see if anyone else has come across them yet, owns a pair, what people think of them and general feedback / discussion.
  20. Crown Servant

    Shirts and Epaulettes

    When you get your combination of 9 shirts, are there any of the double-cuffed variety which would require cufflinks or are they all buttons now? Also, how would you be able to acquire another pair of rank epaulettes?
  21. Hi All, I know there is already a topic of kit and equipment in the general discussion however I would like to know specific details in relation to Devon and Cornwall so would appreciate if this could be kept in this header for all new starters, like myself, know when to receive kit and if there is anything we need to add to our Christmas lists as it's not included. Please could someone who has recently attested i.e in the last 6 months or so advise what kit is given to you, when it is given to you, how much is given to you and anything you have required to get to ensure you have everything you personally require. i.e. a torch, boots etc Please use the following format for each time kit was issued so I can paint a rough timeline of events and don't have to read an essay for the required response! If it was on a training weekend, please state which training weekend. EXAMPLE: Period in training: Induction Items issued (Quantity and item): 2x Wicking t-shirts 1 pair of boots 1x High vis..... etc. Period in training: Attesting Items issued (Quantity and item): 1x Warrant Card 1x Leather warrant card holder 1x Custodian helmet 2x Cargo Trousers...... etc It would be appreciated if you could stick to the format above and be as accurate as possible. Thanks in advance!
  22. Shmook

    What's on your person?

    So, on the back of the other threads about folders and kit bags, natural progression leads me to post this! what do you carry on you when on duty? as I started it, I'd best throw a list down... Duty belt with issued kit - pava, cuffs, leatherman, FAK, limb restraints, fenix torch, baton. edit, fenix and leatherman aren't issued, already had them Vest pockets, various ticket books, evidence bag, PNB/aide memoires, nitrile gloves, pens, keys, pen sized map reading torch, a couple of AA batteries and my phone. Radio is on a clikfast. Combats, warrant card, money, usually some painkillers, handkerchief, Swiss army knife, hand sanitiser, issue gloves and a couple more evidence bags. Think that's it, go!
  23. As per title really, a list of kit I have been issued as a Special Constable in Lancashire. I believe it has changed a little now, and I will amend or add to this when I dig that info up This was February 2014. Custodian - male x1 Flat cap - male x1 Bowler - female x1 Heavyweight high vis jacket with removable liner x1 Lightweight high vis jacket x1 Police fleece x1 Epaulettes for above 1 pair for each Short sleeve black wicking shirt x2 Long sleeve black wicking shirt x1 Epaulettes for above, 1 pair Black cargo/combat trousers x2 Belt for above x1 Black goretex overtrousers x1 Altberg peacekeeper VS boots 1 pair Body armour, high vis x1 Epaulettes for above 1 pair Slash resistant leather gloves 1 pair Utility belt x1 Cuff holder (left or right handed) x1 Speedcuffs x1 Short cuff key (some got one, some got 2!) Long cuff key x1 PAVA holster x1 IFAK x1 Limb restraints 1 set Baton holster/ASP baton (new 'grippy' type) 1 each PNB cover x1 Warrant card holder x1 Mini maglite 2AA LED torch x1 I think that's it! The new baton holder is rubbish, loads of batons got knocked out/fell out when we were fighting in DT2, and the rubber grip turns your hand black, but hopefully that will wear off. Cuff holders aren't the best either, 2 broke this weekend, including mine... Any questions, I'll try and answer them!
  24. Hey guys, Just need a little advice. I'll be starting on borough in around 1 month and wanted some guidance on what kind of kit to buy. I've received all of my uniform, but is there anything additional I'll need? I heard a torch is a good one, but I'm at a bit of a loss of what would be viable? If there is anything that would be helpful while on borough, would it be possible for you to provide links for anything you'd recommend? Thanks in advance
  25. Sir Penguin


    To anyone who uses an earpiece similar to the one below. http://www.patrolstore.com/G-Shape-PTT-and-Mic-Motorola-CP040.html I've only tried using it once but the wires seem to end up everywhere so I just end up sacking it off. Is there a specific way it should be worn and where do you clip the mic?
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