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Found 4 results

  1. I was having a browse over the law in relation to incapacitant sprays (PAVA/CS etc) and am a bit confused with the legistlation: So if specials are not members of the police force in E&W and they aren't employees either are they technically breaking the law or have I missed something here?
  2. Police also agree to pay legal costs in region of £90,000 to John Naylor and Darren Corbridge following August 2010 incident Dorset police are to pay more than £100,000 in compensation and legal costs to two men Tasered and pepper-sprayed by officers at the end of a stag night in Weymouth. Brothers-in-law John Naylor and Darren Corbridge will receive five-figure sums each and the police have agreed to pay legal costs in the region of £90,000 following the incident in August 2010, a lawyer for the men said on Thursday. Naylor, 53, and Corbridge, 40, had been celebrating with groom-to-be Stewart Roberts, who was in fancy dress as a set of male genitalia. They were struggling to get him home at a taxi rank when Corbridge asked police to help. But a fracas broke out between a large group of revellers and several police officers who were on the scene. CCTV of the incident showed a police officer using a stun gun on Corbridge as he lay on the ground as two other police officers looked on. His body can be seen convulsing and flipping over. Naylor was also Tasered in the leg and both men were pepper-sprayed. “The use of Taser was inappropriate,” said Sophie Khan, the lawyer who brought a civil claim against the police on behalf of the two men. “There were officers already there. If they thought they had done something wrong they should have restrained them and taken them into custody. Tasers are supposed to be used in life-threatening situations.” Naylor and Corbridge sued the police for false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, assault and battery, personal injury, excessive use of force and reputation damage, Khan said. The case was due to reach trial in August, but the force settled out of court. A Dorset police spokesperson said: “Dorset police can confirm that an out of court settlement has been reached, with no admittance of liability. It is not our practice to comment on the settlement amount.” Naylor and Corbridge saw their convictions for attacking the police during the incident quashed in 2012. At the time, Corbridge, the owner of a kitchen company and a father of three, told the Dorset Echo: “Whilst I was being Tasered I thought I was going to die. It was the most frightening experience I have had in my life and I will never trust the police again.” Naylor, a mechanic, said: “I’ll never forget being Tasered. Imagine an electric shock and multiply it by 20. It was terrifying.” The settlement follows Theresa May’s decision earlier this month to launch an investigation into the safety of Tasers, which were used 10,062 times across England and Wales in 2014. The home secretary ordered the review of detailed medical evidence about the effect of the devices after the the case of Jordan Begley, 23, whose death was linked to the use of this “less-lethal weapon” by a coroner last month. Scotland Yard deputy assistant commissioner Neil Basu, who leads on less lethal weapons for the National Police Chiefs’ Council, has asked for the detailed medical evidence in the case to be referred to an independent body to “determine if it is necessary to amend their advice of the safety of this weapon”. Children as young as 14 and pensioners as old as 82 have been among those to feel the shock of the Metropolitan police’s X26 Tasers last year. Khan, partner in Sophie Khan & Co which specialises in Taser-related injuries, said the case of Naylor and Corbridge showed that “when you give officers Tasers there is a real risk this will happen to innocent people and there will be an uncontrollable use of force with serious consequences”. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jul/16/two-men-tasered-and-pepper-sprayed-by-dorset-police-to-get-100000-payout
  3. A COUPLE caught having sex in a Wetherspoons pub toilet appeared in court this morning, where they were fined by magistrates. Both had to be pepper sprayed by police during the incident. Lee Hopps, 30, and Hayley McClory, 23, were arrested at the Stanley Jefferson pub, in Bishop Auckland, on January 28. The pair, who are no longer a couple, appeared at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates Court this morning (July 10). Michael Rose, prosecuting, told the court the pair had been drinking in the pub since about 3pm and at about 8.30pm a member of staff was told that a man and woman were in the female toilets. "A member of staff went to the female toilets and naturally drew the obvious conclusion as to what was going on and asked those inside to turn out," he said. "They would not do so and words were addressed, I believe by Mr Hopps, from the toilet to 'f*** off' and threats were addressed to [the staff member]." Mr Rose said the police were then called and two special constables also tried to persuade them to leave. "In their turn they tried to persuade them to come out and leave but they would not so eventually one of the officers said he was going to enter and the toilets," he added. "He pushed the door open and Mr Hopps comes out in an aggressive manner, approaching the officer in a manner that he appears to fear for his safety so he has drawn his spray and directs it towards Mr Hopps who is then taken to the ground and arrested." Mr Rose said Hopps, of Farm Close, Bishop Auckland, continued to struggle and abuse with the officers while McClory, of Percy Street, Bishop Auckland, then also came out of the cubicle. He said: "Miss McClory comes out of the toilet in a somewhat distressed condition, she's half naked and her trousers are around her legs. "She moves towards one of the officers in a similar aggressive manner and she too is sprayed with incapacitant. "Despite that there's a struggle with the officers. "Other officers arrive and eventually both are removed - Miss McClory to be fair to her refused to get dressed, though invited to do so and has to be carried out partially naked by the officers." Mr Rose said McClory also destroyed a blanket, worth about £10, at the police station. Andrew Clinton, mitigating, said: "It's an unusual case, not one we deal with on a daily basis." He said his clients could not recall much of the incident and at the time were "in the middle of a break down in the relationship" which had lasted for eight years. Magistrate, Stephen Bowser, fined both Hopps and McClory. In the case of Hopps, who pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour and obstructing a constable in their duty, he was fined a total of £567 while McClory, who pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour and criminal damage, was fined a total of £205.46. Outisde court, when asked if he regretted the incident, Hopps said: "Do I f***. Why would I regret what I did?" http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/13382842.No_regrets_for_pepper_spray_pub_sex_pair_after_being_fined_by_magistrates/
  4. markdn

    Switch to PAVA

    So as many of you know we have switched from CS to PAVA (although I still carry CS - no need to switch until it expires) who here has had their PAVA exposure? In my opinion having had both I strongly feel PAVA is worse than CS, but it didn't last as long for me as CS, only about 15mins, where as CS was about 30mins.
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