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  1. Great as a Special Constable to finally receive an invitation to join the Fed. In addition the whole cost is being picked up directly by the force, although I understand this is subject to review and not necessarily the same with every force. We’ll wait and see what real benefits it brings but is another step to achieving parity with the support regular officers receive.
  2. Version 1.2


    Downloadable version
  3. Hi, I have read couple of article saying Special constable and new police officers could be issues with tasers i have read few articles not sure if its true or not. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7439455/Special-constables-Tasers-time.html _____________________________________________________________________________________________ https://asco.police.uk/our-work/taser/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________--
  4. Hi, I have applied for special Constable with West Midlands, I have the Video interview which I think I messed up but I am waiting for results for the interview which I hope I pass... always had dream of becoming a regular police officer then eventually going into firearms... but that’s far yet.
  5. Cathedral Bobby

    Personal Safety Training

    Looking at the number concerns raised around the quality/quantity of PST I start to wonder what is actually being delivered by different forces. Within the cathedral constabularies we receive two full days annually of PST, which generally covers unarmed techniques, rigid handcuffs and tactical baton training. Although these are repeated on every occasion they occasionally include cell/vehicle extraction (not that we have any), leg restraints etc. We do not have PAVA so don't cover this. We also have a written knowledge check test which must be passed along with competency assessment. We receive separate first aid training so this does not form part of PST. From some Home Office force colleagues I have spoken to it appears some officers only get one day annual refresher and in one force this includes first aid. Now the quality of instruction we receive is excellent, however, I think two days annually is insufficient, never mind one. I just wondered what the picture was nationally, and if officers are receiving only one day training annually isn't it any wonder injuries to officers are sky high. I know some posters are PST instructors so I would particularly welcome hearing from them.
  6. Hi folks I am on my first few hours tomorrow evening as a special constable. Full of nerves and excitment. ANY first tips would be welcomed please asap. Thankyou
  7. Apparently there was a National Conference about Citizens in Policing, and someone has basically been live-tweeting it under #CiPconf2018. Which, if anyone else is a fan of the Police Academy movies, reminds me of #4, Citizens On Patrol (or, 'COP'). The new National Special Constabulary Strategy for the next few years was presented, and there's a copy online if anyone's interested in it. https://www.north-wales.police.uk/media/655467/national-special-constabulary-strategy-en.pdf AND, a random fact I found out along the way - the City of London Police are the reigning Olympic champions... ...at Tug-of-War.
  8. Being of limited experience, I thought it would be good to get opinions on the question above, that I've been thinking about recently. How are Specials used in your force? And how do you think better use could be got out of Specials?
  9. Becca-El

    Force switching

    Afternoon all, A question about the possibility of switching forces. I'm in sixth form college and doing A levels atm but I'd like to join the specials force at the end of March after turning 18 but my question is, I'm planning on going to uni, so how easy is it to switch forces after about 5/6 months (bear in mind much of it will be training and processing the application, that's if I even get in) to whichever force is in the area that my uni is (probably either Manchester or possibly Oxford/somewhere in Scotland). Or is there a way to train in the area I'm at at the moment and then start working as a Special wherever I ended up at uni (how long does training take??) ?? Also I'm confident that I'll have the time at uni as I don't drink (I'm on medication that means I can't) and I thoroughly dislike nights out. I know I'm only gonna be 18 and still a student but I'm fit and healthy (I've run half marathons, cycled 200km, etc.) and feel pretty up to it so yep! Thanks a bunch! Becca-El
  10. PSCBen Brooker

    Advanced Driving

    Hi Everyone, I am a police officer coming through the specials process at the moment (I have been accepted and start training in November) 1) I currently only hold a Full Manual Licence. Am I going to be more attractive to the police regulars if i undertake special driving courses or broaden the vehicles i'm able to drive for example maybe getting my Motorbike licence or undertaking a ROSPA advance driving course? 2) As someone with medical knowledge I could carry extra items and responded to medical emergencies as well. Would this knowledge put me 'ahead in the queue when it comes to driving with the police as you are more useful, if you get what i'm saying? 3) If i undertake driving courses and they cross with what you have to completed in the police later down the line for example a traffic cop, would you have to re-do them, i don't want to waste money....... 4) How long until you start driving solo patrol in the specials, is it part of training/ force specific? Thank you for your answers everyone!
  11. Following on from this topic, I have collated all the data and put it into a graph as show below. I appreciate some of the data may not be accurate because of changes in policy. If you find that something is inaccurate please leave a comment below, private message me or fill out the survey in the topic linked above and I will update the table when I can. I would ask that you only feed me information that you know to be true to keep it as accurate as possible. If you do this then please leave a reply in the comments box saying how you know this to be true. You will notice that there are some blank area's and this is because I haven't been given the information yet so the above paragraph applies. Hope you all find it useful Downloadable version available here: Updated 05/07/17
  12. Hello all. Apologies if a similar discussion is already somewhere on this forum, I've a lot of digging to do! I'm currently as serving SC, but had been requested to have another hearing test done, since I've taken on new hearing aids. Prior to joining the job, I was tested the standard way and an extended field test was done also. I passed the extended field test with no concerns. I would like to hear from anyone in the job, Regulars or Specials, that have any hearing disability please. I'm more than happy to private message. I'd just like to ascertain your experiences, etc please, because, as it stands, there is no union or federation that we, as Specials, are able to turn to and I really need some advice. Many thanks in advance.
  13. PCC ordered force to have 900 volunteer officers – but nearly 300 have been removed since he left office. A celebratory picture issued in August 2015 featuring former PCC Adam Simmonds and Chief Constable Simon Edens, marking the force having 500 specials. In January 2017 it has 438 Specials numbers have dropped by nearly 40 per cent at a force which spent £250,000 in an effort to have 900 of the officers on its books. Former Northamptonshire PCC Adam Simmonds imposed the target number for specials recruitment while he was in office. In a bid to achieve this he outsourced work to recruitment firm Manpower, having them chase the target right up until he stood down as PCC in May. Specials numbers peaked at 722 in March 2016 as a result of this, but have now dropped to 438. Stephen Mold, his successor in the PCC post, abolished the arbitrary target last May. Supt Chris Hillery, head of local policing at the force, said in a statement: “A number of specials resigned in 2016 and we were very pleased to welcome some who joined the force as full-time officers. However, for others, their personal circumstances had changed and they were no longer able to commit to regular duties.” He added the force has been contacting those who had not been active in the last six months to see if they wanted to stay on, which led to a number being taken off the books. “Our special constables remain an important part of our workforce and we now have 438 volunteer officers who complete regular tours of duty and make a highly valued contribution to our operational activities,” Supt Hillery added. The PCC-driven policy was the subject of disquiet among some in the force, and HMIC criticised it for bringing in too many specials too quickly. But Mr Simmonds, speaking to PoliceOracle.com last year, claimed: "The amount of money […] [£250,000] isn't a lot for what we were getting out of it and what we have got out of it: which is hundreds of thousands of more hours and more people engaged in policing and more opportunities for people to reduce crime.” Former officer Justin Brown, who toyed with standing for the PCC job himself described the spending as “utterly incredible, utterly wasteful” and labelled the 900-target as being politically driven “as opposed to an operational need”. Essex PCC Roger Hirst and Gloucestershire PCC Martin Surl have both recently made similar pledges, telling their respective forces to double the number of specials. View On Police Oracle
  14. I was having a browse over the law in relation to incapacitant sprays (PAVA/CS etc) and am a bit confused with the legistlation: So if specials are not members of the police force in E&W and they aren't employees either are they technically breaking the law or have I missed something here?
  15. molls72002

    ESP Policing

    Afternoon, Just wanted to get an idea on how people view ESP (Employer Supported) Policing within the Special Constabulary? and also what people feel are the pros and cons. I can see the benefits for employers such as BTP who encourage their police staff to take part and offer them the opportunity to work 8 hours per month of their full time role out on the streets as a Special as well as any training required. It allows staff to see both sides of the coin but also gives BTP a larger number of officers to use when needed. Opinions please.............
  16. PLANS to put a special constable in every parish in Essex have been branded a “publicity stunt” by the county’s police union boss. Echo full story: http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/14641306.Bobbies_on_the_beat_plan_labelled_a____stunt___/?utm_content=buffer39c3e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#comments-anchor Arghh, this makes me so angry. Doesn't this PCC know that the idea of Parish Special Constables doesn't work as Northants have already scrapped their trial of it?
  17. Just wanted to get an update as to what individual forces allow with regard to driving in the special constabulary. The old table is a a few years out of date - I know a few forces have new policies now. Here's a survey for you to complete if you like. I'll collate the responses into a snazzy table. Mods: Wasn't sure whether to put this in the specials recruitment forum or not. Please move if you think necessary.
  18. Just out of interest (and to use the 'official hashtag' of #SpecialsWeekend) what did most forces do - 'Fatal 4' road traffic stuff seemed to be the common theme after a quick twitter scout. It was in Northumbria's central command.
  19. MajorDisaster

    S/ Insp wins Local Hero award

    Volunteer of the Year with Pembrokeshire Frame Winner: Chris Evans Rosemary Davies made the nomination... ‘Chris is a Special Constable, giving up hours of his own time each month to assist regular officers to keep Pembrokeshire safe. There are actually over 20 Special Constables in Pembrokeshire - each giving over 20 hours a month of their time. Chris is the Special Inspector for Pembs and last month he clocked over 40 hours of time. Chris coordinates training and ensures Special Constables are safe and prepared. He is cheerful, welcoming, skilled and generous. He has a young family of his own and also manages to juggle a full time job in the refinery. In this age of austerity the blue line is so very thin - Special Constables on duty make all the difference.’ http://radiopembrokeshire.com/?do=wpage&page=Local_Hero_Awards_2016
  20. stewie_griffin

    Overseas Specials

    Interesting take on the idea of a Special Constable. The RCMP are no longer allowing auxiliaries (special constables) to ride-along with regular RCMP officers. This is mainly because the auxiliaries are unarmed. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/auxiliary-rcmp-officers-no-longer-allowed-in-police-cars-1.3422538
  21. So I am about to start training for Specials, any tips or advice? Do's and Don'ts? Trying to read the pre-joining reading is awfully painful with over 200 pages to read
  22. Great to see so many joining up. A record number of people will be joining the ranks of the GMP Special constabulary at an attestation ceremony tomorrow. http://manchestergazette.co.uk/record-breaking-number-of-gmp-specials-226/
  23. So I’ve been thinking about the role of Specials a lot lately. Hampshire, like most forces at the moment, are going through a very acute period of change and I think the role of Special Constable needs to radically change to stay relevant. In previous years having Specials who would rock up on a Saturday and just walk around in a uniform was the done thing. Whilst some still do this to some extent, there has been a big push towards professionalising the SC, integrating with regular teams and enhancing their skills. There are some specials who are regarded by their regular peers and their regular supervision as just as competent as any PC. Whilst they are a minority they do exist and I think this is the future of the SC. The vast disparity between Specials competence needs to be addressed and we need to move away from the perceptions of old that are increasingly becoming very outdated. There has been discussions previously about abolition of the SC and replacing it with a “reserve force” akin to the army reserves or retained firefighters. In my view, integration is really the key to making sure officers are competent and deployable. I think having only specials manning a public order bus is probably a relic of the past now. Attitudes and culture have progressed by a huge amount in merely the last 5 years. The SC of the 2000s isn't the same as it is now and won't be the same as it is in 2020. The College of Policing have suggested some very progressive ideas in their leadership review, including the idea that Specials could hold PACE ranks of sergeant and inspector. This has been very controversial with some Chief Constables coming out in favour and some more notably like the Met Commissioner very much against. Many of the Fed chairs have also given their views such as John Apter from Hampshire’s Fed saying “Within Hampshire Constabulary what we have seen is a massive reduction in the sergeant rank, and then to have special constables, unpaid willing volunteers, to come in and start plugging that gap, I think would be morally wrong and questionable at every level.” Which brings me to the crux of this matter. Most people would say that the Special Constabulary’s remit is to support and not replace the regular force. I think this rather misses the point. I think we need to be pragmatic here. The government are slashing our budgets certainly up until 2020 and nothing is going to stop that course of action – it’s a deep ideological stance. Even after 2020, there is likely to be only very modest increases in funding at the very best. So what can the SC be used for in this new world? IMO, Specials are there to give a level of operational flexibility that we otherwise can’t afford. This should be throughout the whole of the constabulary from response officers to management. This IS supporting the regular force. As for replacing, I think this is misnomer; officers will be cut and if we can use SCs to continue to give the level of service the public deserve then should we purposefully degrade the service out of principle? I would say that is not why anyone joined the service. I think we need to leave this old way of thinking behind and look what specials can do now and what they could do if supported and integrated properly. Most officers and staff in many forces are working to absolute capacity and I think it would be wrong for the SC to stay as underutilised as it currently is.
  24. So unlike regulars we don't have a paycheck each month to keep us coming in. For most officers there is intrinsic pleasure in doing a worthwhile job, but do you feel valued? Perhaps more specifically do you feel valued by you regular and/or special line management and your force in general? Do you feel that you are thanked enough for the time and efforts you put in? I've been a Police Cadet leader since April 2014 and it's really interesting to be in a team where regs, staff and specials all volunteer time and because everyone is equal there has been a very good response from the force lead etc in making everyone feel thanked and valued. To be honest, I feel that in my force the management take much of the time Specials dedicate for granted and I only realised that when I realised that it could be different. It doesn't need to be much, just genuine thanks from senior officers. My response team had a bit of a shake up and we had a new reg sgt who talked to me one on one and said that he really appreciated my work, that I have a positive impact to the team and that I'm well respected in the team. That one 15 minute conversation gave a huge boost to my morale - it didn't require a lot of effort, nor did it require any expense but it did make a difference. I just feel it's a shame that it's taken 5 years to really have that level of recognition and I did feel undervalued during this time. So do your peers and supervision show they value you and your work?
  25. Eebs

    Roads policing specials

    I was wondering what specific training roads policing specials get if they're specifically attached to traffic in your force (if any), and if they have any requirements, ie certain hours. ive tried looking it up but there isn't much, and I cannot find the 'checklist' if you want to call it that, that they get when they join (like re-doing your safe and lawful checklist) apolgoises if if this made no sense, thanks
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