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Found 13 results

  1. Murtaugh

    New GDPR Headache

    As you're aware GDPR has come in and it's already started to give me a headache due to how of people/businesses that I have come into contact with. Below are a couple of potential scenarios that will no doubt cause me a headache. Scenario 1: 1. Informant reports antisocial behaviour occurring at their place of work. 2. Officer attends and the informant refuse to show the officer the CCTV due to GDPR. 3. Informant advises officer that they require the officer to complete a request form and send it to their head office in order to view the CCTV. Scenario 2: 1. Officer attends Unit 1 of a row of three businesses due to a report of a Male propositioning young males. Male is currently under investigation for similar offence and courts have gave the Male conditions so that he can not use a computer connected to the internet without prior approval. 2. Officer believes that the Male may have been in Unit 2 which is a library which has computers for the public to use the internet for free. 3. Officer attends Unit 2 and requests confirmation whether the Male has used one of their computers without revealing too much information regarding the Male. 4. Unit 2 refuses to provide the information unless the officer completes a form which details the legislation that covers the request and the details of the suspected offence. What is the best way of putting it across so that police can access the data with as little red tape? Is a GDPR subject request required for both scenarios?
  2. xand_xand

    final interview

    Hi guys, I have my final interview coming up in a few days time and im in a dilemma as to what to wear.. The communication states ''business dress or uniform''. Im a currently serving Spc Sgt with same force so thought turning up in my uniform with epaulets would show my current position and my respect for the uniform and the force...i also feel id probably feel more at ease/relaxed on the day too...but im back and forth on this and wondered what you guys thought? thanks
  3. metallicazza

    Advice required..passed final interview

    Good Afternoon Guys, I hope someone on here can help, so I attended a final interview back in November of last year to be told I had passed the final interview but unfortunately couldn't guarantee me an intake as there wasn't enough vacancies. they have advised that should a place open up on the intakes planned for this year or any further intakes my application could be fast tracked to pre employment stages etc. They have advised on keeping my application on hold for a minimum of 12 months, what I want to know is it worth to do so or look to apply for another force if recruitment opens? has anyone had any success with this? and also what is required for my application to be considered? is it people dropping out from intakes or budgets being revealed? and what is the likely hood of something coming up? it's quite disheartening to go through a whole process, pass everything and not progress even the website states 'candidates who pass the final interview WILL be given a conditional offer of employment , sounds like a guarantee to me so to say I was surprised when I found this out is an understatement. Again I would really appreciate it if any advice can be given on this or offer any help. thanks guys.
  4. HELP!!! I am having a nightmare at the moment. I have my LONG awaited start date coming up in 2 weeks and 2 months ago developed plantar fasciitis It is a horrible horrible pain in my feet, which is all honestly is improving VERY slowly! For anyone who isn't sure what it is it is basically it is what is like a shock absorber on the bottom of your foot that connects your heel and top part of your foot and causing massive pain when walking. It happens in the morning and evening mostly. So during the day I feel pretty ok although I am not sure how running etc would go down. My issue is.... Do I tell my force about this and explain I will be fine during my first 3 months of classroom training? or do I such it up and hope for the best come January when I will be out on the streets!? So torn on what the right thing to do is. Just don't want anymore set backs to my start date!
  5. Rogue One

    PAYE Number

    Hi all. I'm still waiting on access to the BTP members area so I'll have to post here. Could anyone give me the PAYE number for BTP so I can complete a tax relief form? Thanks in advance. Tom
  6. DeltaJuliet

    Day 2 Assessment: "Group Activities"

    Hi All, I'm a relative newbie to the forum who has recently passed the Assessment Centre and has now been invited to a second assessment. This has been described as a "group activity" based on the Policing Professional Framework. I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with this type of assessment and if they might be able to outline what might occur? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks. DJ
  7. Hi all, If it's alright with the mods, I'd like to leave a link to my blog post here as it'll probably be more easily found by those who it'll be helpful to. I am an interviewer for SC assessment days in my force and have written a substantial blog post about a few common issues and some do's & dont's which lead to people failing their interviews. Anyone who is applying or thinking about it, please feel free to have a read, you may find it helpful. Please also read the top introductory section of the blog, I am an interviewer for SCs in one force and as such what I say may more, less or even not at all helpful as things differ around the country. Anyway, hopefully some of you will make use of it. Any general questions about interviews feel free to leave a comment on the blog or PM me. Thanks HPE
  8. Nice to see a paper reporting the police in a good light for a change http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/bride-groom-arrive-wedding-police-6151315
  9. Okay, I'll keep it brief. New strange bit of witchcraft in the house, apparently it does some kinda magic after pressing a few buttons... Though it is better than the old one as you don't need a degree in engineering and be proficient at flying an aircraft to get it to work and be on the right setting! only thing is... even at a low RPM it really does not like me and I have to make sure it doesn't make a bit for freedom... Floor is level as floors generally are and the little spinny legs on the front are even. Even at 600RPM it likes to play a game and try to run away or likes to knock seven shades out of the adjacent kitchen unit.... any ideas???
  10. CR8623

    High Blood Pressure

    Morning all So, I've been getting nosebleeds now, on average, once a week. These last between 2-4 minutes and they are thick, heavy bleeds. The last time I had these was when I was in the army at 17 and that was due to high blood pressure. Friday, I had a nosebleed at around 1800hrs. Then I was out on duty from 2000 x 0400 and the paramedic who I work with took my blood pressure. It was alarmingly high at 167/102 (I'm told for someone my age it should be at 120/80) So I was told to go see my GP asap.. Saturday morning in the bath- nosebleed. Starts gushing out. Ruins my bath. Great. So I gave 111 a call and they advised me to go to A&E within the hour - I told them I didn't and it was a bit of a fuss. Anyway.. About 10 minutes before my mother was taking me to A&E and probably 30-40 minutes after the phone call, another nosebleed. This time it was only a very small, light one. Seen by the doctor in the hospital and I was in and out within an hour. He reckons is secondary hypertension, so I said secondary to what? Doctor doesn't know so said to make an appointment with my GP to arrange blood tests and all other things to see what's going on, exactly. Saturday evening - around 1750hrs, stood in the queue for some food. Got to the front of the queue, nosebleed. Wasn't happy! Has anyone had any experiences like this? I have my medical for a police force in about 2 months time - will high BP affect me passing? Any advice. Someone. Please. Cheers
  11. adrian.middleton

    Emergency Button Use - Examples please

    Hi all. I'm curious about how and when the police Emergency Assistance buttons are used. What kind of situations may call for it? And I'm assuming that in terms of response teams / patrols, they are normally done in pairs, so I'm guessing use of the button would mean something pretty hairy right?
  12. Sir Penguin

    Filling out the application form

    I'm currently filling out an application form for the regs and I have downloaded the word document from the constabulary website. If you see below it says "you should make it clear what their relationship to you is, i.e. if you are referring to your full sister you should delete brother, half and step. My problem is that I can only edit the parts in grey as it is a protected form. I've tried following a tutorial online to unlock the form and it's also password protected. Then I'm led on to a page which tells me how to remove the password protection, but surely they can't have made it this hard! I was thinking about just writing "Full brother" and then my brothers name, however it clearly says to remove the text. I think this form is the one that most forces use so I'm sure some people may have run into this problem before. Any suggestions? If anybody wants to download the application form and have a go here's the link Application Form
  13. Chief Cheetah

    SkyHD TVLink

    Can't seem to get my TVLink devices to work.   I had standard Sky+ up to a few days agao.  This old grey box had the RF in and outs on the back.  This fed into a powered splitter that then fed two other TV's, one in the bedroom and one in the office.  The bedroom TV we shall call TV2 and the office TV3, TV1 is the downstairs TV directly connected to the box.  Both TV2 and TV3 had a TVLink device manufactured by Global Communications attached.  Everthing worked fine.   Now received a SKY+HD box.  This is the newest type with integrated WiFi.  There is no RF In and Out on the rear but it does have a I/O port.   I have connected a Triax RF I/O device ( http://cpc.farnell.com/triax/370419/io-link-triax/dp/AP02859?crosssellid=AP02859&crosssell=true&in_merch=true& ) with dual RF out.  I have also enabled the RF2 output in the settings on the box.  I have retuned the TV's 2 and 3.   I can receive pictures and Sound on TV2 and TV3 but I am having trouble changing the channels with the TVLinks.  When I first connected it TV2 TVLink worked, then I connected TV3 but the TVLink wouldn't work.  I unplugged the TVLink for TV2 and then TV3 worked.  Wow.  I assumed it was a lack of power in the Triax RF I/O so I connected the power supply to it (bear in mind both these TV's go through a splitter that is powered from the mains).  I then unplugged TV3 TVLink and tried TV2 TVLink again but it didn't work.  Now I can't get the TVLink on TV2 to work at all no matter what configuration I use.   Anyone any ideas?  I have read up on decoupled patch cables and shielding as well as moving it away from the main device and have yet to try these things but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience and what you did.   I hope all of the above makes sense.  It's massively frustrating.   P.S. Sky refuse to help as they don't want you attaching two TV's to the box as they want you to pay for multiroom, they don't even like you attaching a second if they are honest but they have begrudgingly added the RF I/O socket for this.   Thanks in advance.

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