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Police drug test


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Hi thanks for reading, I had recently applied for the police and after researching more about  everything that can happen within the recruitment process I noticed that spontaneous drug misuse tests are issued. I’m an honest person looking for some advice on how I could go about addressing my problem;

I had smoked cannabis in small quantities before the start of the year during the festive season for the first time. I isolate myself from trouble and the move was pretty silly on my behalf, I don’t associate with anybody and know that from my use of the substance I will or may test positive when tested. I’m pretty young only being 18, the move was stupendous and I feel very embarrassed about even trying the substance to begin with, I have isolated myself from my old group of friends for 2 years now and had been asked to meet up during said season to celebrate. So simplifying my story I have smoked cannabis, I left school after barely coping with bullying with a group of friends like minded, mental health affected me for a duration of approximately 1 year which was noticeable due to constant effects of Irritable bowel syndrome. I’m of the belief that with self education on how to properly process your problematic thoughts that the effects of mental health can be addressed. That timeframe from then to now I have begun to feel more enthusiastic towards making a life for myself because most youths my age with my problem of being unemployed for so long actually face mental barriers stopping them finding employment. I spent 2 months writing my Application form more determined to prove that anything is possible for someone who may have lived and dealt with my current circumstances and had been stupidly caught up in a moment where maybe the only opportunity to actually achieve something great and to prove my worth could be declined due to this test. Back to the isolation part, I don’t look for any sympathy - I struggled with self confidence, due to my physical appearance, which has always led to bullying. I left school after my exams and have been absent from anything other than college which the same bullying happened again. until recently where I saw a recent police application. 

If I go through the process and I am unsuccessful, Is there anyone who I could speak to and to discuss my problem? I’m positive I can pass all my assessments just the excuse of using an excuse about my problem really makes me nervous and deeply disappointed in myself. There are no excuses towards drug misuse and I strongly wish that if whoever reads this looking for the same answers can be helped accordingly. Thank you for reading and I hope this can be of help to whoever reads, I’ll respect every answer I get in reply.

I feel so strong mentally and ambitious towards pursuing my dream career, happiness is key to everything in life. Happiness comes from motivation and motivation comes from helping others in need which I truely believe I will make the most of. 


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I'm sorry that nobody has responded to this matter sooner, having only just seen it myself I figured I best answer. 

To clarify are you still going through the police application at the moment or are you yet to apply?

I have done some reading regarding cannabis and how long it remains in the system, the below article is taken from 'Talk to Frank' website:

"If you’ve used cannabis as a one-off, it will show up in a urine test for around 2 to 3 days afterwards. However, this can go up to a month for regular users. How long a drug can be detected for depends on how much is taken and which testing kit is used. This is only a general guide."

You can view the page here: https://www.talktofrank.com/drug/cannabis#duration

If it was a one off smoke then I suspect that you will be absolutely fine however if it's the case that you regularly smoke it then you may need to delay your application for a little longer. 

Best of luck with your current/future application! 

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There is drug testing prior to joining the police and once you are in, you can’t be randomly selected for drug testing in your career. I’ve been selected a couple of times.

As the above posts states, cannabis stays in your body for a certain length of time but can stay in your hair follicles got longer. If, as you say, have stopped using it then by the time you come to the drug testing stage of your application I dare say it would have left your body. You must, however, declare that you have used it when you/have applied. Be open and honest from the start. It used to be on the initial application but I can’t confirm if that’s still the case.

The latter part of your posts refers to asking for help regarding your problem. Which problem? Drugs or mental health? Whilst we as cops deal with both on a daily basis we are not healthcare professionals so you should seek help through a GP, charities etc.

I would add that as you are still young, is there a rush to join the police? Would it be advisable to try and resolve or manage any mental health problems you have prior to joining? Only you can answer that but I may be advisable to wait a couple of years to ensure you are fully fit, physically and emotionally before joining. A role such as a police officer could exacerbate a pre existing or dormant mental illness.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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