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  2. IrateShrike

    Steering pulls to the left

    Getting the wheel alignment adjusted won't help if you have any wear in the suspension components. I would take it to somewhere that has a proper four wheel alignment system (Hunter machine or John Bean) and ask if they do a free check, most do. Get the print out and they will likely be able to tell you if you have suspension wear, wheel misalignment or worst case a twisted chassis from previous accident damage.
  3. Similar to RM here. My last car pulled to one side. Even after the rracking had been done, tyres done and all of it checked repeatedly it still did it. Even after I replaced the disks, pads and suspension struts it still had a bias to the left. Drove another of the exact same age and model before I found it seemed to be a peculiarity of the model.
  4. Exactly what @Reasonable Man said. Those would be the first two things I'd check! Tyres and tracking, failing those being fine I'd look at suspension, have you hit any potholes or anything recently?
  5. Reasonable Man

    Steering pulls to the left

    Simplest thing is tyre pressures - a flatter tyre on one side will pull a noticeable amount. Next is tracking, which you said you’ve had done. Trouble is you can’t always trust garages. I took a car in for a tracking check once to find the pull worse when I left. They found it to be 2 degrees out and then adjusted it to another 2 degrees out! They put it right at the second attempt. I also had an Octavia that had a pull, checked and rechecked everything but it pulled slightly to the left for the four years I had it. The tyres never wore unevenly, always passed its MOT and braked in a straight line.
  6. So I have a 13' Plate Mercedes E-Class. Recently I've had a few issues with it which was the power steering leaking which was repaired. But ever since that and even before, the steering wheel would naturally fall into position off towards the left, so it would constantly pull towards the left. I've had wheel alignment, but still the issue is there. Any advice?
  7. Hoofing

    University dissertation help

    Hi Ann-Marie, Have sent you a DM which hopefully you’ll find useful.
  8. Good morning everyone, I am conducting a psychology research project which forms part of my undergraduate psychology degree course, and I'm looking for police officers who would be willing to take part in a one to one telephone interview which will last no longer than one hour. The aim of the study is to explore stigma and negativity in the UK police force toward fellow officers with mental ill health, and how mental health awareness can be improved. The interview and subsequent data collected will be completely anonymous. Inclusion criteria: Participants are aged 18 and over Participants who are serving officers with mental ill health, who are or have been on sick leave due to mental ill health, or have left the police force Development of mental ill health condition during their time as a police officer Participants need not have made a disclosure of their mental health condition to their manager/supervisor Participants have English as their first language or have a good level of English language proficiency. If you meet the criteria above, and would like to take part or know someone that would be interested in being interviewed, please email me in confidence at a.edwards18@unimail.derby.ac.uk for further details of the research and to arrange an interview Kind regards Ann-Marie Edwards BSc (Hons) Psychology University of Derby
  9. oscar24

    Room to rent?

    Good afternoon all. Had a conditional for December for TX area. I am looking to see who needs the money if you got a spare room. Be great to share with those in the job. Only looking for a single room, double be great. Be going home on RD. This topic going across a few forums TYIA Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  10. I'm going to have a go at making an updated list of driving authorities for specials. Could everybody please complete the following survey then I can collate the results and pop the info in a table https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/9WLP3K2
  11. That is an interesting point. I'll have to ask our supervision to put something in writing. As with most things, it's all word of mouth and out-of-date leaflets.
  12. https://www.policespecials.com/forum/index.php/topic/127068-multiple-stations/ Rhis is the most recent thread I can find that mentions the subject
  13. Please do, it may need announcing to the higher-ups if that's the case.
  14. Let me see if I can dig out links, but it was IIRC to do with the carriage of CS in personal vehicles and it's presence voiding your insurance if involved in an RTC
  15. We are often, and routinely, told to bring Captor and the radio from our home station whenever we work at an alternate site. I will have to check official Constabulary guidelines but it is generally accepted by all (including supervision) that we should do it that way.
  16. Check insurance regarding CS carriage there's a couple of mentions on here about it being frowned upon
  17. I did my CBT a few years ago but due to a change in circumstances, I never made use of it. Now I'm reverting back to the old situation and am looking at going for my CBT again and getting a 125cc bike as my commuter. Ordinarily I cycle to the nick and back, but it has become a bit of a chore getting back at 3-7am and as we all know, winter is coming. It has also made it a bit of a pain getting to other stations as I use public transport and that's not available 24/7 like the emergency services are! Thus, a motorbike looks like a good, affordable, choice (I got rid of my car in the Summer). However, a downside is the lack of storage capacity compared to a car... How the heck am I going to get kit to a different station if I have an event or training on? Has anyone got any experience of using a motorbike as a transport machine? I could probably stick a custodian + belt in a top bag/tail-pack and then jackets in saddle-bags and then accessories in a backpack. The real issue seems to be moving body armour around! Without having to remove the panels at every changeover, the only option I can see is to wear it underneath the motorcycle jacket and hope nobody notices. I'm sure there is an easier way? I'd prefer not to have it in a backpack as I'm sure that's just going to be uncomfortable. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, MrJ
  18. SCKev

    Contacts And Daily Life.

    I wondering now if part of the reason is the air con? Every room at work has it and in out inspection areas it can be 11°c and then depending whether it's an ambient or reefer container.
  19. Mazza

    Contacts And Daily Life.

    I wear Specsavers own brand dailies when I'm on duty. I find that the more you wear them the more your eyes get used to them, I've had mine for about 2 years now and getting them in/out is a doddle. I don't like wearing my glasses in case of a roll around and it also serves as a bit of a disguise as most folks would know me as a glasses-wearer and don't recognise me when I've got my contacts in. Have you tried eye drops? It might just be that your eyes will need to get used to them.
  20. Mr Random

    Contacts And Daily Life.

    I've never touched a pothole in my life, if you'd said drank tea by the gallon and issued FPNs for hotdogs I'd have let you off
  21. SCKev

    Contacts And Daily Life.

    Haha I've just switched to vision express for my contacts. When I get in ill be going back to them.
  22. P.C.Goody

    Contacts And Daily Life.

    Probably cost you £50 a month for laser over 3 years or so. Like you say, depends on the strength (which annoys me) but there you go. Have a consultation. Usually get money off for being job. 10% at Vision Express I think but push for 20% as council workers seem to get that and they cut trees and fill in pot holes. Occasionally.
  23. SCKev

    Contacts And Daily Life.

    I'll have to go and have a chat about it. My contacts are 31 a month 372 a year and 3720 for 10 years where as surgery is around 5k I was told depending on how bad or good your prescription is. Like I said I thought the surgery only lasted 10 odd years but I'm probably wrong. Thanks Goody
  24. P.C.Goody

    Contacts And Daily Life.

    LASIK and LASEK is usually fine it's just the more complex keratotomy that usually poses a problem. Best off speaking to occ health about it but I've never known anyone to have any issues after a month's rest.
  25. SCKev

    Contacts And Daily Life.

    I thought about laser surgery but was told that the police may not take me on due to it, He said even though the eye heals fully after about 3 months it could be delicate for up to a year and for that reason the police may be reluctant to allow me to join. I've watched this and is a real eye opener (sorry the pun) https://youtu.be/l0kGMuTZXPI I also thought that it only last around 10 years?
  26. P.C.Goody

    Contacts And Daily Life.

    Acuvue TruEye. Or laser surgery. Cheaper in the long run.

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