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Found 15 results

  1. There are many different police forces, officers, police staff, Council Officers, wardens, marshals, hospital security, prison officers, highway officers, inspectors, court officers, security officers, animal control etc. Is it time for the UK to adapt more to the needs of 21st Century public safety and have more police forces/‘police officers’ ... as in swear in court officers to be able to arrest escaping prisoners and violent persons, swear in hospital officers - to become a regional or national hospital Force to better safeguard people. Or a Mental Health police service, dealing with just those cases (and security at MH hospitals) It could be (dare I say it) similar to the US forces, where there are much more varied and clearly defined agencies, who may not exclusively deal with problem X, but is trained, geared and ready to do so (e.g. NYC has a Sanitation Police Force!) Same with local wardens, marshals etc, who deal with ASB, littering etc, who would benefit much more in being something akin to European ‘urban/local police’. There are now many uniformed persons, with varying degrees of power, that although there could be many arguments against it ... at least a bit more standardisation for the public’s sake and support for the people who deal with crime and public safety, could be achieved. Examples USA - Highway Patrol Italy - polizia local / urban - traffic control, ASB crimes, litter Nigeria - Federal Road Safety Corps (sort of slightly corrupt DVSA Officers with arrest powers) US - Hospital, school and Mental Health police. Faults they have, but they seem to all have police/Constable powers and better understood role than say e.g. bylaw enforcement officers. Thoughts?
  2. IrishCop

    Political Stunts

    This in my view was wrong, I don't blame the PM but I believe the Police Commander should have removed the Officers from the background during what was essentially a politically speech by the PM. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leeds-49599379 This is what happened in Australia when a politician tried to pull a similar stunt, https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-28/defence-chiefs-desert-christopher-pyne-in-press-conference/10949250
  3. I am a newbie cop and still within my first two year probation period. A general query here in relation to complaints. I have had a couple of silly complaints now, they are total rubbish and based on complete rubbish. The first one I heard nothing about and the second one has been allocated locally. I was wondering at what point do you completely switch off from them? As I am new they cause slight anxiety.
  4. newconstable12

    Start date 2017

    Anyone on London Met start date April 2017? I am starting my internal CKP in March.
  5. Sir Penguin

    Buying a new car

    I know there are a few petrol heads on PolCom so wondered if any of you can help me! Hopefully, I'll be starting a new job soon and will need to commute about 50 miles/an hour to and from work. I'll be needing a car and this will be my first. I've been a named driver on a car before but never had my own, and I'm sure the insurance premiums will be a big shock to me, especially with being only 19 and having 0 no claims I was originally looking at buying a brand new car, but am gradually going off the idea as theY depreciate in value very quickly. I'm looking to spend around £6-7,000 and ideally want something that is reliable and comfy as i'll be driving for a couple of hours a day. Does anybody have any suggestions? I do quite like VW polo's but I'm useless when it comes to cars so any input is appreciated.
  6. Chief Bakes

    Two New Awards

    With the introduction of our awards system here at Police Community we intend to introduce a series of awards that are automated and granted based upon your activity across the forum. With this in mind we have started our first two automated awards which are for a contribution to the blog section or a contribution to our downloads section. Some people will have already made contributions to these areas and for that we are grateful however in order to qualify for the new awards you need to post a new blog entry or upload a new file for the benefit of the community. Only when you do this will the award be added to your profile. None of the staff have the ability to manually add this so contributing again in these areas is the only way to add these awards to your profile. So - to write a blog article of what you did on duty etc then please visit http://www.police.community/blogs To upload a new file for the benefit of the members then please visit http://www.police.community/files All our awards can be seen here http://police.community/awards/ Enjoy
  7. Anyone been to the grand opening? Had a look today, it looks fantastic! Much better compared to the old depressing dump that was there before. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/new-street-station-wow-say-10095067 Pictures and info.
  8. Chief Bakes

    New Moderator - R5!

    Folks I would like to welcome to the Moderation Team @R5! who has been a great supporter of the forum and stood out to the team as being an excellent candidate for the position of Moderator. I'm sure you will give R5! a very warm welcome and ensure that the same level of respect etc is shown towards R5! as you do the rest of the team. Best Wishes Chief Bakes
  9. Chief Bakes

    New Moderator - Uppy

    Folks I would like to welcome to the Moderation Team @Uppy who has been a great supporter of the forum and stood out to the team as being an excellent candidate for the position of Moderator. I'm sure you will give Uppy a very warm welcome and ensure that the same level of respect etc is shown towards Uppy as you do the rest of the team. Best Wishes Chief Bakes
  10. Eddzz!!

    NWP new recruitment process

    North Wales Police have today opened their new recruitment process and revised application form. They have slimmed down the content and removed the competency questions from the application form (there were previously five of these to be answered). Link to recruitment can be found here: http://www.north-wales.police.uk/recruitment/special-constabulary/application-process.aspx As a recently attested Special Constable (November 2014) I am actually rather put off this new recruitment process, especially the application form... I spent a lot of time on my application form answering the competency questions - now it's just a few tick-boxes! Good for anyone that wants to join, but I can't help but feel this is a little bit of a cop-out! Anyways, recruitment for Special Constables in North Wales is now open indefinitely so get your applications in.
  11. grumeister

    May intake

    Hi all Is anyone on the may intake? Had it confirmed verbally last week that my file had been signed off and ill be on the may intake. Anyone know how long before your start date that you receive your job offer in writing? Also, when do you find out where you will be based? Thanks
  12. grumeister


    Is it true the Chief Officer runs PT sessions for the new recruits?
  13. According to Insp Michael Brown, the MH co-ordinator for mental health (and star of the Mental Health NCALT/avid tweeter), there are some new codes of practice for the Mental Health Act 1983, due to come into force on the 1st of april. According to his twitter, operational police officers should take note of chapters 16, 17, 27 & 28. You may also wish to read 14 & 15. I thought I'd post this here, as we all know we'll probably not get told this has changed, then get penalised for it later down the line! Bottom covering in overdrive! Insp Brown has also written up a summary: https://mentalhealthcop.wordpress.com/2015/01/15/new-code-of-practice/ Codes of practice are at: http://t.co/QXuKbY8dsS (direct PDF download) The new Code of Practice to the Mental Health Act 1983 - http://t.co/QXuKbY8dsS #newcopmha — Insp Michael Brown (@MentalHealthCop) March 19, 2015 Enjoy, Soap
  14. Hey guys, Just need a little advice. I'll be starting on borough in around 1 month and wanted some guidance on what kind of kit to buy. I've received all of my uniform, but is there anything additional I'll need? I heard a torch is a good one, but I'm at a bit of a loss of what would be viable? If there is anything that would be helpful while on borough, would it be possible for you to provide links for anything you'd recommend? Thanks in advance
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