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Found 93 results

  1. Keith Evans

    Will it affect my application ?

    Hi all, I'm new here, so I apologise if this has been addressed before. I'm looking at applying to Cheshire Police Specials, but certain members of my family ( brother and cousin ) have both served time in prison for various things, including drugs possession and violence. I don't have any contact with either of them and haven't for over 4 years. I even went as far as changing my surname when I got married in 2014, so I'm not directly associated with the old family name. I will however declare this on the application form and again at interview if it's desired. Second thing is, I have a £1500 overdraft that I took out to pay for my HGV licence that I'm into for about £1200 and just recently, car finance Is it worth me filling out the application ? or should I just leave it ? Thanks for any advice Keith
  2. Trem

    Outstanding Medical Cases

    I am currently applying for a PC position within the Met, and have passed both my Day 1/2. During my Day 2, I was told by the nurse that I had to write descriptions for a couple of medical items on my questionnaire and send it to this email: dormailbox-ohrecruits@met.pnn.police.uk This was back in December (sent it on the 13th) and I assumed that it had all gone through, although I did not get an email saying they had got the information. Fast forward to last night (28th) where I got a 'Met Recruitment Team' email at 11pm saying: We are currently undergoing a review of our outstanding Medical Cases, if you have previously been requested to provide any missing information or any further information by our medical team and as yet have not responded to these requests please can you ensure that you send this information through to the team by the 5th February 2019. Failure to respond to request for this information could result in your application being wihdrawn. (<- Their misspelling, not mine) I misread it at first and got really scared, but looking at it again it looks like just an automatic reminder to send it if I hadn't yet (it being sent at 11pm supports that theory as well). I rang up SSCL today and the lady on the phone said not to worry and was going to mark my file to say I had sent it in December, and that if they haven't got it they'll contact me way before they withdraw the application. She couldn't, however, check whether the email had been received. It all seems ok, but I just want to cover all bases to make sure my application is going to fail because I haven't been given the right information, so I wanted to ask a couple questions: Is this email the correct one for OH? dormailbox-ohrecruits@met.pnn.police.uk Is there any way to contact OH to ask if it has been received? Is anyone else experiencing the same or similar situations? Cheers in advance!
  3. sierragolf95

    Police Staff Application Feedback

    Hi folks, anyone know if you are able to phone up recruitment to get feedback on an application rejection? Got mine at 16:59 and by the time I phoned up 5 minutes later nobody was answering the phone. Anyone know if they are able to give you specific feedback before I spend the rest of my weekend racking my brains and scrutinizing every word on the form? Second rejection for the same job role in 2 months, I meet their entrance criteria but I'm still not having any luck. Not holding out much hope for my other existing application either. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Lnax


    Hello all, I recently passed my final board interview for my local force and I’m getting slightly worried about the vetting process. When I originally expressed my interest in joining I was told I couldn’t apply because of a previous conviction. When I received the email advising me I couldn’t apply I was completely baffled, as I’m currently a serving SC and passed the exact same vetting process months earlier. I then advised recruitment that I am a serving SC and they said I could apply, but couldn’t guarantee I’d pass vetting due to my conviction. My question is, have you or anyone you know ever been an SC and failed vetting when applying to become a PC, for a conviction they declared prior to becoming a Special Constable.
  5. Dunkin Donut

    Summer 2017 Recruitment

    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone else has applied to the recent window, and do you know as to whether or not you receive an email confirmation when the application form is received their end?
  6. Dr2017

    Pre Applicat

    Hi there. Im due to submit my application in Aug when I'm 17 & 1/2 but there is one thing bothering me. Between the age of 14-15 I was sexually abused. At age 15 I reported to the police and the criminal is now 1 year into a 6 year prison sentence and on sex offenders for life Could my application be deterred on this basis ? Thanks
  7. H-H

    2 years on...

    Well well well... I haven't posted on here since the 30th April 2015. Fast forward nearly two years and we've lost the likes of David Bowie and George Michael, Donald Trump is now President of the United States and England's football team still haven't won anything (I guess some things never change). On the 31st March, I handed in my scrupulously drafted application for a PC role and this morning, 10 days on, I received an email telling me that I was successful in the paper sift. One half of me is filled with an excitement that I'm finally back on the road to doing the job that I've always wanted to do, after 24 months of twiddling my thumbs and the other half of me filled with a sense of apprehension that it's going to be another 6-12 months of constantly refreshing my emails, as well as having to go through the SEARCH assessment again. In January 2015, I had a regs application withdrawn due to an unsatisfactory reference, after going all the way through the process and it honestly felt like the day would never come when I'd be looking at getting back in the saddle. I guess if anyone is in the same position - or even looking at the 6 month wait after rejection - it's a sh*tty time, there's not a lot you can do about it, but dust yourself down, get back up and do your time and the opportunity will come around again. Next step is the briefing for said assessment - I thought I'd blog the process, not sure if anyone is remotely interested or whether anyone will read this, but hopefully this time next year, I will be writing about training and the year after be writing about punch ups, fast car chases and telling naughty children to go to bed. England still won't have won anything by then mind...
  8. Resh42

    Still waiting...

    After some advice, I am still waiting to hear back from Sussex Police with an employment offer. We were meant to hear at the end of Jan but they filled the places for this and the remaining people waiting were told they would hear by the end of March. I have still not heard. I sent an email on Monday but have had no reply as of yet. Any idea on what to do next? I did not want to ring too early as I am sure they are busy and aware the deadline has been missed, what would you do?
  9. Afternoon all Many of us are aware that applying to two police forces to be an officer is mostly a no-no - for the most part it appears that you can't apply to two forces that use the SEARCH assessment, but sometimes (depending on the force policy) you can apply for, say, BTP and a HO force simultaneously due to their differing assessments. To take this a step further, does anyone know if you're allowed to apply for Police Scotland and a HO force from England? I say this because Police Scotland don't use the SEARCH assessment. I will followup with an email to HR but just wondered if anyone knew off-hand. Thanks a lot
  10. Nick Wilde

    Competency based question queries

    With the application form, structured interview and final interview, there are at least two parts of the SC recruitment process that involve competency based questions. Does anyone have any experience of if it's possible a question or two say from the application form, will be repeated in either of the interviews? If so, would you be expected to provide a different answer to the one used on your application? And also, would you say it was acceptable to use an answer on your form to answer a different question in interview (assuming of course that answer was also relevant to the interview question)? Any advice or experiences appreciated, thanks
  11. I applied to Kent Police back in July 2016 for the role of a Police Constable. Everything has gone great and i'm through to the vetting stage. I had my security and reference checks about 2 months ago, and my home visit a month ago. The provisional start date i was given was for Jan 2017, which is cutting it a little close now. However i just received an email saying that my file is with senior management right now. I'm not sure if this is a good sign, or what that means? Could someone please explain the role of senior management regarding recruitment, and what they would be doing while looking at my file? Many thanks!
  12. Hello Chaps, I've just done my final interview stage. Am now doing the usual panic on vetting. The application form family section words it as family that live with you, along with a list of family members you should declare (stepmother etc). As such I've only declared my brother, mother, father and myself as we live together and they are my immediate family. I'm starting to read nightmare stories of people being rejected because they haven't declared a distant uncle they no longer see. I didn't declare my uncle, auntie or grandparents because the form did not stipulate a requirement to do so and there was no prompt to declare them on the form. However, I'm paranoid now that should I be successful in this stage not declaring all of my aunties, uncles, grandparents, cousins etc might count against me. Am i just being mad? Cheers!
  13. LosingGrip

    Dorset Police Officer Recruitment

    Fifth of January 2015 PC recruitment opens again for Dorset. More information here. Good luck to those that apply!
  14. I wrote this diary some time ago when the older forums were still active, hope you all enjoy. My life as a special started when I was at university, at the time I was studying Public Services. A friend who is now a serving officer was applying for the specials at the time and kept telling me to apply as he thought I'd be good for the job. So without giving it any thought I applied, once I'd hit send that was it, I felt a stone sink to my stomach. Around two months later I received some correspondence from a police email address, at first I wondered what I'd done but it turned out to be a recruitment officer telling me that I'd passed the paper sift. The email warned me that the real application would come through. A couple of days later I received a fully packed A4 envelope re-confirming everything that the email had said and also my paper application forms. I was being asked everything: Health, Financial, References etc. Honestly, 101 questions has nothing on these applications. I was quite concerned with the Health as I'd previously had a very serious health condition. However I completed the forms and hoped for the best. Again around a couple of months later I got a phone call from the same recruitment officer stating that the service were happy with my application and that they'd like to offer me to come to an assessment day. I'd heard that these days were notoriously difficult to pass, so was starting to worry. All this from someone who originally wasn't too bothered about joining. I was now starting to really get into it. I think Road Wars and Traffic cops were a lot to do with it though. The day came round, so I put on my best and only suit and went with high hopes. I arrived at the testing centre, gave my name at reception and was told to sit in the corner. As I looked around the room I saw 7 other faces all looking as worried as I was. All of a sudden the reception door opened and a tall figure in a police uniform called us all in. We were taken into a room and sat down on individual tables. Before us were some papers, a clock beeped and we began. After the test was done we were told to go wait in the reception again, to await our interview. Interview!? I wasn't told I'd be doing an interview, my heart raced and my brain froze trying to think of what to say. I was led into a dark, boxy room with two officers already sat there. I felt like I was on a murder charge or something, one officer greeted me and asked me the basic questions of name and such. As the interview got underway I was asked questions about all my life and also how I felt I could meet the force competencies. I made sure I followed the other officer's body language and thought about my answers before saying them. About 30-45 minutes passed and I was told thank you for coming and we'll be in touch. As you do, I left the building thinking my police career had come to an end. I wasn't prepared, there was no way I could have passed the tests. I later found out a couple of weeks after that I passed my assessment and interview. It seemed I was the only one out of the 7 other people. Quite some time passed before I got my date for the medical, however when it came I was very nervous due to having a previous medical complaint. Again I put on my lovely suit and arrived at the medical testing centre. At first I was asked about my health and such, then I had the lovely drugs test whereby they took some of my DNA and my lovely yellow urine. I was then asked to sit in a small box and place some headphones on, very low frequencies were played to me and I had to push a button when I could hear them. It was a very strange feeling; however one I managed to pass. During the end of the test, I was asked to go speak to the force doctor just to confirm whether he thought it would be ok for me to work, he wasn't sure so wrote to my consultant. That was it, I had passed everything they'd thrown at me and was now awaiting a training course date. I couldn't wait, nor could I believe that I'd got this far. A lot of time passed and at one point I had thought of applying to another force as they were taking applications for regulars however on the day I was going to phone them, I received a call from my recruitment officer telling me he had a date for me. I couldn't tell you how pleased I was when I heard that. Me, a special constable... it was really going to happen. Training was a lot of fun, it was based over six months worth of weekends, we learnt about the core basics of law and mainly things we'd be dealing with once we got out on those mean streets. The trainers were fantastic, always there to lend a hand whether you were at training or at home, they were nice enough to give you their personal mobile numbers for help. The group that I was in was quite a diverse group of some old and some young, but we all got along and are still friends to date. During the training we had a couple of tests to contend with, which you should make sure you revise for! I think the day to look most forward to is going for your uniform fitting, It really makes it feel like it's becoming a reality! A couple of the days to watch out for are your defensive tactics (yes it's true you do get sprayed with CS and yes it hurts) your pre-patrol day (such good fun, and informative too) and your attestation day (start polishing your boots as soon as you get them and learn how to march). So that's it. I'm now a fully fledged Special Constable, of course I'm still a probationer and I know the work starts here. Be prepared for about 35-40% of things you've learned to mean something. Since I've been patrolling I've realised that they don't teach you quite a lot of things, but I guess that's for you to learn. Now that I'm based at my station I'm mainly tasked with NPT duties. This can range from patrolling events, scene guarding, to going out with Response. The new teams I'm working with are lovely and all are very helpful. I don't think you seem to get the officers that don't respond well to Specials anymore, I haven't yet found anyone like that anyway. (Part 2) Hi Guys, So thought I'd add some more to my diary as I can see a lot of people seem to what to know what you do once you've completed training. Hope this helps. So once I'd completed training I was extremely excited but nervous too, no more playing anymore, what I do now actually means something. The day after my attestation I was straight on the phone to my senior section officer asking for shifts, he was quoting me 3 weeks before I could come in. Pfft I thought, I wanted to get out with my new uniform and use everything I'd learnt. About 2 minutes after I put the phone down I had a sergeant phoning me asking if I could come in on Friday night and he'll show me round and put me out on shift. Well I thought, of course I'll accept, you couldn't stop me. Friday came around, and I went to my station I nervously got my things out of my car and walked over to the help-desk asking for my sergeant. I was greeted by him and got told to put on my uniform including stabvest. I was then shown to our main hub and invited into a team briefing. The sergeant announced I was the new special, everyone said Hi and that was that. I was tasked with another special and we went out on active duty. This was it, I was a real police officer and I was doing real Police things. The officer 'Tom' told me we'd have to make a quick trip up to another station and I'd be given all my admin stuff like Fixed Penalty Notices, Stop & Search forms etc. I was also given my CS and Pocketbook. That was it for that night, I only did a couple of hours but already I could see that I was going to like this. Just driving past people in a police van gave me such a feeling of power and responsibility. In that these people were relying on us to go and help them in there hour of need. When I was a young boy I used to try and listen to the police radio's through our all tape machine, every so often you'd hear a crackle of police officers talking to the Comms, but now, I was listening to it through my earpiece. My second shift was fantastic was very different, My sergeant told me it would be very beneficial for me to come in as we did drugs raids on various pubs around our force area. (I was very lucky to be allowed this, but it was a great experience and real 'eye' opener.) I had to use my airwaves terminal and my pocket book which was great. My sergeant was pushing me into situations I wasn't used to, like searching people and doing 117 checks. After we did the raids, we then went out on proactive patrol. It was fantastic! I got my first blue light run, it really is as great as it sounds. We did lots more stop and searches and went to some real jobs. I saw my first domestic (it's quite tough to deal with), car chases, pub fights and nuisance youths. So I'm now around 2 months in and I can honestly the best thing I've ever done. If you're considering don't give it a second thought. I got my first arrest which was awesome, it was for a warrant. As hard as you try I'm sure you'll forget your caution. A lot of the teams are very helpful and they'll help you obtain your first arrest, after that your on your own and it can get quite competitive. It really is true what your trainers say, the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. If you get a chance to take part in things, don't hesitate, it'll probably be fantastic for your training and your competencies, which you've to meet within 2 years. (Part 3) Now, where do I begin! I decided to do 2 8 hour shifts to make up my hours, to think I wasn't bothered about the shifts I was wrong. My first night I was paired up with a new constable from another force, it was nice as it was somebody new to talk to (make sure you get to know everyone, they're going to be your new family) Our first call, we blue lighted it to the call, it was a dropped 999 call so we blued and two'd it to the destination, it still puts a huge grin on my face even though I'm only 3 months in service. As we got there in turned out to be a domestic where a woman had beaten her husband nearly to death. I don't care what anyone says short of going to a scene where somebody has died, domestics are probably the worst jobs you can go to. This is where your resilience will definitely come in handy. We arrested the female and took her to the station, she was laughing and joking about what she'd done. It later turned out that she'd split his skull open and broke 4 of his ribs. My colleague was finishing so I stayed on, until the finish. As there was no-one in the station I could go out with, it was organised for me to go on Response again but with a sister station to us. I love response, I've only done it twice but if you get the chance take it, you'll really learn stuff. We went to a few calls of fights and underage drinking, however it was an hour before we were both finishing and we got an emergency call to go to a burglary in progress, I'd been to places which had been broken into but not one in progress, my heart started pounding as I could feel the adrenaline starting to kick in. I replied over our radio and that was it, fast driving, blues and two's were on and we were gone. When we arrived we could hear glass breaking inside the house, I drew my baton and reached for my CS just in case we slowly entered the building. As both me and my colleague searched downstairs a floorboard twisted indicating that there was movement upstairs we both shouted POLICE at the tops of our voices, at that point I saw someone land on the grass in the garden, I was gone off the chase was on. My colleague called for the dogs and then was after the other person. I felt like my heart was going to explode, I was running faster than I'd ever run before through gardens and driveways. As a keen rugby player, I caught him and made one of the best tackles of my life. Before he could utter a word he was handcuffed and cautioned. His friend got away meaning we had both the dogs and a helicopter out. He was later found around 30 minutes after. I finished 2 hours after I should have, but I wasn't bothered I'd got another arrest and a damn good one at that. My second shift was spent with a traffic officer, this was just as fun as I have a keen interest in cars. If you get offered to do this, take it, you will learn more in a shift with traffic than in 5-10 shifts dealing with traffic. Our night was mainly spent checking cars and taking response calls when not busy. Hope this entertains you all, and if you have any questions regarding being a special or recruitment, I'll try and answer them as best I can. Adz
  15. ScottTheScotsman

    Appealing Things On An Application/CV

    Hello So I'm 17 and am pretty set on joining the police and making a career out of it but am looking for things to have on my application/CV which make it appealing to the police. I have done a lot of researching, reading via my force's website (several times over), try my best to stay up to date with police related topics/issues and my cousin's wife is an officer so that is a helpful link. Although I have been advised by multiple people that I'm unlikely to get in at 18 and straight out of school (although I am still considering applying at that age just to see where it takes me) I am looking to start building up things that I can put down on paper that will look good. At the moment the only sort of 'special' or specifically relatable subject I am doing in school is a 'Law in Scotland' module via the Open University. I'm hoping this will show that I am able to be an independent learner, self motivated and have an interest in law. I also currently have a part time job in a shop where I would have access to large amounts of money and also deal with the public often. However, other than this there is nothing I can think that I can put down that will be any different from anyone else or at least make me stand out from the 'general norm'. As for community based things there is currently nothing going on in my local area. I have attempted getting work experience at my local station via my school who then said they couldn't get any work experience for me and I also tried getting some experience myself by emailing however it has been 4 months and no reply... So I am just wanting to know what could look good on an application other than the mentioned above? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I'm very serious about joining and creating a strong application whether it be when I turn 18 or a bit further down the track. Thanks all! TL:DR - What can I put on my application that looks good other than work experience with the police and community based things?
  16. Hi guys, so I thought I'd move over the thread I created originally on PS.com and bring it over here, enjoy! CKP in general: Information taken from College of Policing website. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CKP regarding Metropolitan Police: Do I need CKP to join as a Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police? Yes, if you want to become a Police Constable with us then yes, you will need CKP with one of the approved providers that can be found through the College of Policing website. You will need to have COMPLETED the KFC course prior to starting training. Will the CKP guarantee me a job as a Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police? No. You will still need to pass Day 1, Day 2, Vetting/References AND Training. Remember CKP does not guarantee you a job, it just makes you eligible to start training. Do I need CKP to join as a Police Constable if I am a Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police? Nope, you don't need CKP if you are in the Metropolitan Special Constabulary to join as a Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police. I am a Special Constable with another force, do I need the CKP to join as a Police Constable in the Metropolitan Police? Yes. This is because if you are with another force you are deemed as an external candidate. There are no rumours or any news of this changing any time soon and I think this will probably stick. Will the Metropolitan Police be getting rid of the CKP? Not for the foreseeable future. If you have heard rumours, please for god sake ignore them. If anything official is released I'm sure it will be on the Metropolitan Police website and here. Will the Metropolitan Police providing funding for the CKP? I believe if you are a successful candidate in passing the SEARCH assessments then the funding comes in the form of an interest free loan, paid back from your wage once you're in service. However, confirm this with MetHR as there could be certain requirements and/or the information could have changed. I have already attained a SEARCH assessment pass in the last 2 years, do I still need the CKP? Oh yes. I have attained the PLC in the last 3-4 years, do I still need to do the CKP? As it stands, and as far as I'm aware you will not have to do the CKP - but like most things, I would confirm this with MetHR. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are all the questions I could think of. If you have any more questions, please ask below. If anyone thinks I am missing any information or any information is incorrect please add below and I will add or correct . As it stands, this is a thread for External Met PC applicants. Hope this helps! Useful links: College of Policing Metropolitan Police Careers Bluelight Other approved providers
  17. Fizzypopbang

    Transferring somewhere new

    Hello, I wanted to create a topic about a few countries that accept british transfers or foreign applicants that have over the past few years have had some british bobbies or regular UK citizens transfer and join up the police abroad. Now don't get me wrong I still love the police here but for those that would find this helpful for one reason or another, I am creating a topic which I and others ,if they wish, can add to. I am doing this because I have gathered some research and thought it would be helpful for this information to be shared, have a good day and hope this helps Country 1: USA ​Requirements: Most states require citizenship but a select few allow you to join with a green card or any other document that means you have the right to live and work Age: Varies from 18-25 Transfer opportunities: Very few if any transfers have been recorded that I can find from UK to USA have to join via regular external officer States and departments: The following are which allow you to join on just a 'Green card or other' Illinois Chicago Police Department (CPD): The department allows you to join if a citizen of another country. This was quoted from their website I am a citizen of a foreign country. Am I eligible to become a Chicago police officer? Yes, as long as you have an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Proof, such as an Alien Registration Card (Green Card) will be required if you are called for further processing. About the CPD: Chicago is the third largest city by population in America and has one of largest amount of municipal police officers in the US. Louisiana New Orleans Police Department (NOPD): The department has perhaps the best website out of all the departments I looked at, that had most of the answers. This was quoted from their website "People may apply from outside the US, however, all applicants must physically report to New Orleans, Louisiana, for testing and to initiate a background investigation. Applicants will be required to make two trips to New Orleans, minimum.All applicants must have the legal right to work in the United States prior to application, but do not have to be United States citizens to apply for a position with the New Orleans Police Department. Currently, applicants do not have to live within New Orleans to become an officer with the New Orleans Police Department." Helpful links: http://joinnopd.org Other states: Alaska Hawaii Ohio More countries to come soon hope this was useful, this is only the information I found, how accurate and up to date it is I don't know Fizzypopbang
  18. TallyHo

    Life after PCSO.

    Having just submitted my application to become a PCSO, I would like to know what career opportunities will be available to me once I have spent time patrolling the community as a PCSO. Were you once a PCSO and have gone on to do other things? Or are you a currently serving PCSO with aspirations to become a Police Constable? I'd just like to hear some thoughts. Anything welcome. Many thanks.
  19. Sir Penguin

    Withdrawing an application

    Evening all, Just wondering if anyone can answer my question to clarify or if anyone has been in a similar situation before I call HR. I currently have an application in for the regs, however I would like to withdraw my application as a force closer to me is expected to open in the very near future and this would be more suitable. If I withdraw my application will I be eligible to apply to another force? As I would not have applied 'unsuccessfully' then does this mean I would not have to wait a period of 6 months?
  20. Hi, As above, recruitment is now open for special constables across lancashire. I believe it's open until 12/12/15, but will confirm this later. http://www.lancashire.police.uk/join-us/special-constables/application.aspx contact details for each division in the link. Good luck to all who apply Edit 2, link won't embed for some reason, but it works
  21. WishfulThinking

    On Hold following Assessment Centre

    Hi all. I recently attended an assessment centre, scoring between 50-60% - not enough to secure a final interview above the other candidates. I am beyond gutted, but now I have to be ready in case of an interview slot becoming available. I'm finding it really, really difficult to apply myself and prepare for this, in a motivational capacity. For those who know a bit more than me about this kind of situation - how often do you see candidates who are on hold get a call up for interview? For context, this was my first assessment centre, and no existing officers helped me. I did read some books, so I had an idea of what to expect.
  22. Devil

    Transfer to Western Australia

    Recruitment is currently closed but the following link provides the information you need to transfer.    http://www.stepforward.wa.gov.au/how-to-join/international-transition/   The path to entering WA Police through International Transition To be eligible to apply you must have front line policing experience in a compatible policing jurisdiction to include: United Kingdom Republic of Ireland New Zealand     You must have Australian permanent residency status or be a New Zealand citizen. You will then be required to undergo our selection process in Perth WA. If your application is successful, you’ll undergo a 13-week transitional course at the WA Police Academy in Joondalup, Western Australia.
  23. miffy

    Application questionnaire

    So I'm rather stuck on the questionnaire part of the application. Do you have to write all 250 words or does it not matter how much you write (Currently my answers are about 150 words or less)? I also feel like my answers is like reading the roles and responsibility document of a Special Constable. Also the question on "What you hope to achieve in the role of a Special Constable", Im not sure what I would really achieve so I have no idea how to answer this question. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Steve01386

    New Applicant

    Hi All, So I have recently applied to join as a special and have been blown away at the speed that it has progressed, I submitted the application on the 30th June and had an email saying I was successful in the first stage sift on the 3rd July and invited to an assessment centre on the 15th July. The first question I have is this speed usual? I am slightly concerned about the medical, I am physically very healthy and did complete a half marathon in October last year and did it in 2 hours 30 mins without having to stop running so I am hoping that I will be able to get through the bleep test. The second and bigger question is I have put down CW as my first choice for posting. I have seen on a few posts people saying it isn't the best place to go for, could anybody give me a bit more info as to why? Is there anybody from CW that could let me know what life is like on borough. Steve
  25. Hades

    Current Recruitment

    Surrey is currently accepting Detective Constables and Police Constables as transferees. DCs must be PIP2 accredited. PCs must be Response trained drivers. Surrey officers are eligible for a £2000 South-East Regional Allowance on top of basic salary. Closing date is 7th November 2014. They're also accepting applications for Special Constables, intake dates yet to be confirmed. Apply online here: http://www.surrey.police.uk/careers/current-vacancies

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