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Found 23 results

  1. Trying to work out the clarification here. Had to do a search with a couple of Regs this week, and I've got write it up for PDP as Property Search is one thing I'm missing. I'm trying to work out what powers we used to do the search. I can't find the guidelines, or specific powers. I don't think it's a S17 search as the person wasn't on the premises, it certainly wasn't a S18 as we weren't looking to arrest. I was considering MHA S135, but that doesn't work either. I was informed they had permission for a search, but other than that I'm kind of stumped (I should know this better with the amount of MISPER stuff we have to deal with). I'd have asked the Reg who requested help for the search, but I'm not in for a few days, and the question is nagging me. Edit :: To be clear, what powers should we be searching under?
  2. The last 4 working days have felt like 4 working years, filled with endless refreshing of emails and irrational Google hunts as to how long for SEARCH results... This morning I got the call that I had been waiting eagerly for/dreading, I've passed the assessment centre! Ecstatic is not the word! Whilst I'm under no illusions that the final interview is far from a formality, I'm confident after my past experience was that it was a much less robotic and unfriendly assessment environment than the AC. I'm booked in for the interview next Friday morning, so it feels like the journey is slowly but shortly coming towards its end - hopefully not too abruptly. Congratulations to all those who got good news today, and commiserations to those who didn't, I know how it feels to be dumped out of this process but, to use a cliche, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on that horse in 6 months time. Cue garbled panicking post on Friday around 1pm, it's time for a beer...
  3. So today was the day I've been counting down for over a month. After meticulous preparation, I was still apprehensive that I would get caught out by something! Things started to go awry at about 0230 this morning when my darling son decided to scream the house down - and then continue to wake up shouting every hour until I got up at 0600. It's the first time he's done it in months and it's almost like he knew I needed my sleep! As for the Assessment Centre itself, obviously I can't go into too much detail about the content but I'm cautiously happy with how I performed. I can remember a few points where I waffled or lost my trail of thought which will mark me down, but I didn't freeze and I'm hoping that will carry me through! To anyone reading this a week or more before your Assessment Centre, I would 100% recommend Brendan from Blue Light Consultancy's courses. I was added to his support group for free 4 days before my Centre and so didn't have enough time for his course to be fully useful, however he was fantastic and I would say that for the extra resources available, £120 is definitely value for money - especially as it will be 1/15th of your first pay packet if you get through! He won't give you all the answers, but he'll teach you to understand the centre and what they're asking of you so that you can work them out yourself. I guess now all I can do is twiddle my thumbs and check my emails for the anxious wait - I've already naively checked them twice hoping to see good news - even though I'm fully aware that the reports don't get sent to the CoP til tomorrow! Hopefully I'll have the news I want next week, but until I've seen that email and read it 5 times to make sure it's not a cruel joke, I'm not counting my chickens!
  4. So yesterday was the first stage of the process which involved travelling to the training school. Definitely a trip I hope I'll be making much more before 2017 is out! The Assessment Centre briefing was essentially what it said on the tin. If you're about to go for yours, the gist is that you hand in your relevant ID/qualification/eligibility documents to the Recruitment team, and then sit with your potential future coursemates in the canteen, making small talk until you are called through to book an assessment centre date and then directed to a lecture theatre where you are given a presentation on the rest of the recruitment process and essentially just a bit more information about the job that you're applying for. I was given a date for the assessment centre (18/05/2017 at 0800) and told that the rest of the process should pass much quicker than I expected!! All in all, the briefing took around 2 hours, despite the possible 4 hours mentioned on the invitation email but it was good to meet a few other people in the process and to have at least some more idea of timescales but now time to book holiday from work and prepare for SEARCH!!
  5. With the risk of other posts ending up off topic. I thought it maybe best to start a new one here about the controversial issue of stop and search. Now after reading I realise that to stop and search someone you need to have reasonable suspicion, I think we all could agree about that bit. Where were falling over ourselves is what amounts to reasonable suspicion. I posted two videos in one post where I believed just what was contained in the videos was an abuse of this power. We can only determine on what we see in the video's and what's being said. Not to determine with what we might think could of happened but only on the facts we can see. Here's one of the video's again and I would like to start with the first part of GOWISELY which is grounds for search. I don't want to assume anything but to just go by what can be seen. So what would be the grounds for search in this first video. I've also read that if grounds for search isn't established properly then that leaves the officer open to an assault charge. How true would that be or have I read it wrong.
  6. Post Assessment Centre

    Hi All, I was very recently told that i had passed my assessment centre for hants and now the pre-employment checks start. The intake id like is in March and i was just wondering from other peoples experiences, how long can the medical, vetting and fitness take? Bearing in mind i have to give a months notice at work....for the same constabulary aha.
  7. Hello guys, I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on a query I have. I recently attended an assessment centre with Lancs Constab. I started the assessment with the new 'incident report form' written assessment. I managed to complete the front of the incident report form however I unfortunately ran out of time when it came to writing a description of the incident. I feel a large reason for not completing the form in the allocated time was due to nerves. After this I moved onto the second written assessment which I found very simple and was able to finish in the allotted time frame. My question is, how are these assessments marked? Are the two assessment scores averaged out or is it a case of passing both of the exercises? For example if I failed one written assessment and passed the other would the marks be averaged out or will it be an automatic fail? If anyone could shed some light onto this I would be extremely thankful.
  8. Finding TVP Training Centre

    Hi All, Im in the process of finally going through the recruitment process to join Hampshire Constabulary after 6 years of being a special. The final parts of of my SEARCH recruitment centre is being done at the TVP Training Centre in Sulhamstead, Ive been given a map but it doesnt help in the slightest and I've been told if you follow your satnav you get sent in to random parts of the establishment. Can anyone help me and advise me which is the best way to go in to get to the 'white house' reception. Thank you in advance
  9. Competencies Of A Police Constable

    Hi All, Im due to have part of my SEARCH assessment this week and I'm just working my way through the six core competencies; Public Service Openness To Change Service Delivery Professionalism Decision Making Working With Others At the moment I'm struggling to come up with examples around service delivery. I did have some examples but having looked at a few websites, and finding an example question, it sort of 'poo poo's' them. Can anyone help me understand what sort of examples to give around service delivery? Thanks in advance guys/girls.
  10. Post August 2015 SEARCH centre

    Hi All, I recently received notification that I have passed the paper stage with Surrey and now just have the SEARCH centre left to go. I was given a link to the COP guidance documents for centres after August 2015. The way I always understood it was that you were asked 4 questions about situations you have dealt with in the past however from the college of policing website (http://recruit.college.police.uk/Officer/after-I-apply/Documents/SEARCH_Information_for_candidates_012v1_0.pdf) it now seems as though two of those have been dropped in favour of motivational/value questions which is radically different to when I went through as a special 4 years ago. The example given on the website is: What values do you think police officers should have? Why are these important? Im really struggling to see how you are supposed to answer/prepare for that? Does anyone have any other example questions or any experience of what the questions are like? As always only general guidance please. Cheers , Matt
  11. Talking Blues

    Afternoon one and all, I received my dates for SEARCH assessment yesterday, and I confirmed my attendance today. I wasn't hugely worried before, but now it all seems very real and I'm starting to flap, just a little bit! On the back of that, I've seen a few people recommend a company called "Talking Blues", that runs pre-assessment centre prep courses. Do any of my fellow PolCommers have any experience of them, and if so are they worth doing?
  12. Warrants op

    0800. Meet up in local station with Sgt, the area drug DC, a uniformed PC, dog handler and three other specials. Get a briefing on the two search warrants we will be executing - there were supposed to be three but one has been postponed. 0900. Door answered and in we go. Mum and toddler are fine, laddo is spark out on the sofa. We wake him up. He is not really with it. The drug dog goes through without any particular indication so we begin searching. I find a wrap of cannabis between the DVD cases, which the mum claims. She is taken down to the station to receive a cannabis warning. We also find a used grinder and a large stash of 'herbal resin' pouches. Laddo claims they are his supply for the week - if they were then he is a miracle of science. They are seized-the DC explains that if they test as legal and there is no corroboration that he is supplying then they will be returned. Various phones are also seized. 1130. We are back at the nick for a break and then head out to our second address. A drive-by suggested that there was no-one home so the ARU are called and happily attend with the 'Big Red Key'. The drug dog indicates in the living room (I use the term living loosely - this place is beyond description). We find a grinder, a cannabis plant and various other bits that make it worthwhile. Eventually a woman with two young children comes back - I assume she is the gran, but the DC knows her and tells me she is not yet 40 - I am seldom lost for words but this is one of those times - This woman is ten years younger than me and looks twenty years older. She goes mental at us and her kids end up calming her down. Her partner turns up and is mellow - he takes ownership of the plant and agrees to come in tomorrow to give a statement. We depart. Back at the nick various markers are updated for child welfare etc. 1400. We depart. One of my Special colleagues, who is Temp S/Sgt and I go back to our home station where we have secured that most precious of commodities...NEW LOCKERS!!!! Four big lockers - eventually we will double up but for the moment we can have one each (Luuuuuxurrrrry) and a set of Pava/Tetra lockers. The only problem is they are over by the Traffic office - across the courtyard, down the stairs and round several sharp bends - (the lift is U/S as well). Our colleagues assist in true spirit of policing...They hold the doors and make "To me...To you" comments! We get them in position, Label them up and I shift my gear over. 1530. Knock off. A very successful day where the Special Constabulary did what it does best. We provided bodies on the ground.
  13. On Hold following Assessment Centre

    Hi all. I recently attended an assessment centre, scoring between 50-60% - not enough to secure a final interview above the other candidates. I am beyond gutted, but now I have to be ready in case of an interview slot becoming available. I'm finding it really, really difficult to apply myself and prepare for this, in a motivational capacity. For those who know a bit more than me about this kind of situation - how often do you see candidates who are on hold get a call up for interview? For context, this was my first assessment centre, and no existing officers helped me. I did read some books, so I had an idea of what to expect.
  14. A woman is taking the Met to court over her treatment during a search A charity worker wrongly identified as one of the London rioters today won £10,000 damages from the police after being made to reveal her “deformed” toes during a search. Janine David, 29, had been mistakenly named by an anonymous caller as having taken part in the looting of a sports shop in Tottenham in August 2011. She was arrested the following year and held for two hours, during which time she said she was traumatised by being made to take off her shoes. Miss David, of Hackney, has “not fully formed” toes and told Central London county court that only two or three people had ever seen them before. She sued the Met for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment and the jury found in her favour. The force also faces a legal bill of up to an estimated £50,000. The police said that the only reason Miss David was arrested was that she refused to give her address — but the jury found she had not even been asked for it. After the verdict Miss David said outside court: “No matter what happens, I hope that this case will bring about a change in policing in cases like mine. “Arrest is a huge thing for some people. I have had panic attacks since, I am always in hospital because of these, I have a heart condition. It’s hard for me to trust anyone any more. I really just needed closure. Nobody ever asked me for my address.” The jury heard that the first Miss David knew about the police wanting to speak to her was when they visited her mother’s home in May 2012. The psychology graduate then called 101 and arranged to go to Bethnal Green Police Station to meet a detective but was arrested when she arrived. In an emotional voice, she told the court how she had been strip-searched, drug-tested and made to take off her shoes, which was particularly difficult because of her foot condition. Put in a cell, she broke down and, amid fears over her heart condition, was seen by a nurse. Miss David also said she worried that the arrest would ruin her chances of getting a job working with vulnerable young people. The jury found that no inquiry as to her home address was made before she was read her rights. Judge Alan Saggerson said the officer had “reasonable grounds” to suspect Miss David, but the arrest was not necessary. “Had she been asked for her address, she would have undoubtedly given it,” which would have avoided “all the unpleasantness” of custody. “There has never been any shadow of a doubt that she was entirely innocent,” he concluded. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/wrongly-arrested-woman-awarded-10000-after-police-forced-her-to-reveal-deformed-toes-10377611.html
  15. SEARCH Assessment Centre Guide

    SEARCH Assessment Centre Guide Having recently attended the assessment centre, I thought I share a little advice for those who want to find out more detail about the different stages. I've tried to collect as much information as I can from other peoples topics that relate to the assessment centre, so credits go out to all those people. Any information that I have included in this guide is readily available from the College of Policing website. I have not disclosed any restricted material. I got myself massively worked up prior to the assessment and there was really no need. Everybody is going to be nervous and the assessors appreciate that. Don’t be scared of speaking to the staff. Talking to other candidates helped calm my nerves massively. You should receive the following documents two or more weeks before you are due to take the assessment: SEARCH information for candidates This details all the main information about how the day is structured and what tests you will be subject to. You should read this and familiarise yourself with the different stages. It also contains some practice questions. Westshire Centre welcome pack During the assessment centre you will play the role of a newly appointed customer services officer. This pack contains all the relevant information that you will need to know about your job role. You should familiarise yourself with this the best you can as you may need to refer to it. You will be assessed on the core competencies that are relevant to the role of a police officer. Read these over and over again. It will last approximately 5 hours and the area is dependant on the force that you have applied to. I took mine in Ryton near Coventry. There are four stages. Two psychometric tests Two written exercises Four Role play exercises A 20 minute competency-based interview The psychometric tests will probably make you question your own sanity. These consist of one verbal and one numerical reasoning test. Read the questions carefully. I struggled massively with maths so I found that preparation was vital. As I said earlier, you will be provided with an example in the packs that you receive but there aren’t many. How2Become have plenty of examples that you can revise from and I’ll pop a link in at the bottom of the page. For the verbal, you will be given some text to which you need to establish whether the statements are true/false/impossible to say. The numerical reasoning is all about maths. I found this surprisingly difficult, but maths is probably my worst subject. Example verbal: John woke up at 9 o'clock as a car crashed into his neighbours house. His neighbour was on holiday. Statement: A green car crashed into John's neighbours house. True, false or impossible to say? Example numerical: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/KbiACStWP6c/maxresdefault.jpg For the written exercises, you should make sure your English and grammar are good. You’ll be expected to write a couple of report addressing issues and incidents that have occurred at the Westshire Centre. Each one will last 20 minutes each. An example of the template will be given to you in the pack. For preparing I practiced how to write and structure reports in a logical way. Make sure you come up with a sensible result as this will show that you’re good at problem solving. Try to be neat and try to leave yourself with as much time as possible for writing the report. NOTE THE INFORMATION ON THE INTERVIEW IS OUT OF DATE. If anyone else has information please let me know and I'll update. The competency-based interview will ask you about times that you have dealt with specific situations. Your answers should relate back to the core competencies. You may be given a sheet of paper with the question on too. One person interviewed me, but you may be interviewed by up to three people I believe. For this I prepared by thinking of two examples for each competency. How you prepare for this will depend on how you learn the best, but I found that writing them out in a word document helped me memorise what to say. A bottle of water to sip from is extremely helpful for when your mind goes blank and your mouth goes try. Example: Please provide an example of when you have acted in an ethical manner / Please provide an example when you have demonstrated good team work. The role plays were what I worried about the most. You’ll have four role play exercises to complete, each one lasting ten minutes. You will have a five-minute preparation period followed by your five-minute role-play exercise. The equality statement that forms part of the Westshire Centre pack will be relevant here, as will the rest of the information that you are provided. Think about how you should act as a customer services officer and always come up with a result. My knees were shaking like mad when I was waiting for the first one and then after that it just flowed. My advice is to be yourself and act professionally. The actors will have a script to follow. Top tips: Don’t panic and chill out, everybody’s in the same boat Take a bottle of water You’re being assessed from the minute you walk in. Behave appropriately As we all know, respect for race and diversity is paramount. You can earn yourself an instant fail if you slip up on this. Remember – the assessment centre is developed to see how you will work under pressure and to see whether you possess the skills required being a police officer. All you need to do is prove that you do. How2Become – extremely useful and its just over a tenner. This helped me massively. If you order it off the website you also get a number of freebies including a DVD, interview for skills pack and access to a number of practice questions. Without this guide I would have found it extremely difficult. Prepare well in advance Learn the competencies Useful links/readings: How2Become College of Policing SEARCH information for candidates Westshire Centre welcome pack If anybody else has any recommendations or advice please feel free to share. Good luck
  16. Assessment Centre Resources

    I came across a load of resources for the SEARCH Assessment Centre on the CoP website earlier today: http://recruit.college.police.uk/Officer/after-I-apply/Pages/Constables-Assessment-Centre.aspx There's pre-read material (which I understand you get sent anyway), and some familiarisation exercises. Hopefully it'll be helpful if you're preparing to go to your assessment centre soon.
  17. The Westshire Centre

    Oh the lovely Westshire centre I'm reading over the pack now and some of the information about it is quite detailed. Should it all be memorised? My memory span is limited and I think id find it difficult to remember all the little details like where the train station is based and how often busses run etc.
  18. Assesment Centre times

    Apologies if this has already been covered in a previous thread. I am just curious as to what times peoples previous assesment centres were? Given that the day is quite long i presumed it would start quite early, but my upcoming assesment is 12.40pm on a Sunday afternoon which when i read it just seemed quite late to me. Has anyone else previously taken part in the AC with a similar time?
  19. Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32036443
  20. Help in passing SEARCH 50%

    Can anyone give me advice in preparing for a SEARCH assessment where the minimum is 50% (Met). I have always been quite good in interview's (Had them for Met/LAS/BTP) in the past and have always had positive feedback. Advice on the interview process would be appreciated. Also with Mathematics, I did not do well and got an E for it in School when I was slightly younger. Greatly concerned about the maths test along with the Verbal reasoning and the 10 minute scenarios and the written assessments. A colleague told me that you did one after the other without a break (5 minutes gap and then the final interview). They told me it was full on and terribly hard. I will revise as hard as I can, whenever I can. Thank you.
  21. Searching School Premises

    The Criminal Justice Act 1988, provides powers for a constable to enter and search school premises. Which of the following statements are correct? A constable may enter any school premises and search any person if there is reasonable grounds to believe they have possession of an article which has a blade or is sharply pointed. A constable may enter any school premises and search any person if there is reasonable grounds to suspect that they have possession of an article and search any premises for any offensive weapons. This power exists if the constable reasonably suspects one of the offences is being committed. The constable must believe that the article or weapon discovered is a blade or sharply pointed instrument before he/she can seize it.

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