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Found 12 results

  1. Scenario: You stop someone in London for a minor offence, say fare evasion or cycling through a red light on a Boris bike. The person is an American tourist, and produces a US Police/Federal Agent Badge and asks for some "professional courtesy", let's say to avoid getting dragged down that route you were planning on giving him a verbal warning regardless before he produced the badge once you verified his details and ran them through the box. He doesn't look or act like a stereotypical US police officer, his body language is off and is hesitant when you ask simple questions out
  2. Sometime in the not so distant future the call for independence rocks Britain again... This time the cries for freedom aren't from the Scottish or even the Welsh... but the Cornish. The population have rallied in huge numbers and the Cornish independence movement has gained massive public backing within the county with many residents wanting to 'make a go of things' without the meddling London Elites interfering in Cornish affairs. Confidence grew in the viability of independence after the great clotted cream shortage of 2019 which ensured demand for the food stuff for decades to come, th
  3. Sir Penguin

    Theft or Abstract electricity?

    Bob lives in a block of flats. He pays for his electricity on a top up meter system and has to put money on an electricity key which slots in to the meter. His meter is by the front door and there four more meters which belong to the other flats in the building. Jim (bob's neighbour) walks through the front door and notices that Bob has a balance of £60 on his meter. Jim decides to swap their electricity keys so that he now has a balance of £60 and doesn't have to pay for his own electricity for a while. What offences have been committed? Theft of the electricity key or abstrac
  4. miffy

    "Reportedly failed to stop"

    This is a real incident, but has there really been any offences committed?
  5. miffy

    Selling illegal cigarettes

    Whilst on beat, on your route, you observe two females sitting at the same place loitering. You decide to hang around the corner to observe them, whilst they cant see you. You observe: People walking up to them, an exchange of goods happen. Naturally think of drug dealing You go to interupt and search them under S23 Misuse of Drugs Act, but find they are selling duty free cigarettes. What do you do?
  6. danswans

    Need your support!! Specials exam 2

    Hi guys, I fully understand you can only give general support in this. I have exam 2/3 coming up on Saturday and its based around TWOC, Theft, Robbery, Breach of the peace, Assaults, Public Order Acts and a couple more topics. It's the next exam before we get our uniforms on 22nd august so really need to pass!! It's scenario based questions with multiple choice answers. I don't suppose anyone could post some scenarios below with 3 answers to chose from and I can have a go at testing myself? I don't mind which topic but on our E-Learning package they don't give us any test scenarios to have a
  7. Tempo

    Today got me thinking...

    So in my day job I am a teacher, I work with students who mainly have behaviour issues. Being around them 5 days a week you tend to hear alot of things that they have got up to through the weekend and some of what I tend to hear tends to be unlawful. Today I got into a conversation with two of the students who were quite open to speak to me about a incident they got themselves into at the weekend where one of them took their mothers car from home and drove it around public roads late at night with their mates in the car. They also claimed that in the process they have managed to cause damage t
  8. Are there any rules or tips when it comes to dealing with family, relatives or even people you know? A couple scenarios: 1. You stop a vehicle for speeding and mobile. Once stopped, you move to talk to driver and its your friend or someone you know. Do you deal with it yourself, or ask your colleague to deal with it 2. You are off duty, with the family having a meal in restaurant. Things get heated, arguing, and Aunt slaps cousin. Do you warn them to calm down and leave, OR call it in OR turn a blind eye?
  9. You work in recruitment/HR as a day job. You're out working NTE in your local town centre and you nick a lad for drunk and incapable or breach of the peace or another relatively minor offence. He's not violent or offensive towards you and comes along quietly so to speak. You then come into work on a Monday morning and lo and behold, the first person you interview is the lad you nicked from Saturday night. He doesn't recognise you. What do you do? Do you use your policing knowledge to reject this candidate from the position or do you remain impartial?
  10. miffy

    Public Order arrests

    You are working at a Public Order event - Protesters rally You arrest one person for XYZ offence, but notice you need to arrest more. What do you do with the detainee? I assume you wouldn't be going back to custody to process Do you hand over to other officers to deal with it? What about your cuffs?
  11. DodgeRam

    Self Harm

    Is it an offence to deliberately cause harm to oneself? IE cut your own wrists. Scenario is your called to a suicide risk - Guy has called 999 saying he isn't feeling good. Ambulance attends and Guy tells them he wants to be admitted into a mental health hospital. As per the ambulance crew procedure they tell Guy that they can take him to A&E where a Dr can assess him and then refer to the mental health facility if appropriate. Guy doesn't like this and becomes verbally aggressive to the ambulance crew so they withdraw and call for police assistance. You turn up, go in with Ambo crew a
  12. Police Station A (PSA) is where your kit is kept including radio and CS locker. You've been asked to parade at Police Station B (PSB). So you travel from home in your Kia Cee'd to PSA and pick up all your kit including CS and radio then travel to PSB to parade for duty. Firstly can anyone identify what you have done wrong? Answer

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