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Found 20 results

  1. As of 2020, for most constables for UK police forces (from what I understand) the following apply: - no accommodation provided (less serving officers from pre-late 90s) i.e. commuting officers - academic degree required, or certain points to allow a degree study, for two or three years (whilst serving) - pension age getting higher (MDP?) - police canteens largely gone, police leisure facilities largely non-existent? This is not intended to be a "modern police" bashing thread, or and "old and bold" reminiscing (though I've no objection to stories!), but more to try and
  2. Imran-Ali96

    Policing student

    Hi, I am student who is studying policing degree at Coventry university, I will be on my 2nd year bear year, I want to find out the process for policing as placement year who would be best to contact
  3. I've seen few companies popping up providing 'blue light' training in my area. I'm not sure if this is because forces have had their instructors cut. What legal exemption do they have to go through red lights and break speed limits? I know private companies can register as 'ambulances', but they have to be used for that purpose.
  4. Quick question for those knowledgeable lot, Vehicles with 2 policies or claimed 2 policies, I can't see anything in law that says you can't, I'm guessing it comes down to what the insurance company's wish to do? Do two policies cancel each other, is only one valid? Call MiB and pray they can find the answer?
  5. POLICE officers and staff "failed in their duties and responsibilities" after a vulnerable woman was found dead almost 17 hours after her social worker raised concerns about her. https://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/16960773.police-found-woman-dead-17-hours-after-999-call/ Is A&E the best place for someone who has had a major depressive disorder? Is it right to expect someone to make their own way - should an ambulance have been called or at least a friend or family member? Who investigates social services?
  6. Ironic

    A night on the town

    Tour of duty - Saturday 18th August 2018 I have served with my force for approaching 2 and a bit years. My last blog documented a ride-along in February 2016 before I joined. It is interesting reading a blog pre and post joining. It is 9 pm I begin work with a trudge to my night shift. I had been on the rota to be doing a late shift but was moved to cover a lack of resourcing. I am very tired. Early shifts straight into night shifts without a shift to transition body clock is always unpleasant and difficult. I sat down at the briefing. Comically we were not able to br
  7. A matter close to me given my better half works in the NHS and has been the victim of assault/abuse a fair few times in her service - we've discussed this topic before but every year there seems to be no end to this story, another rise in assaults against NHS workers with little end or joined up working in sight to combat this very complex problem and with the closure of NHS Protect body I cannot see this improving either. Most on here know my feelings on this but I firmly believe enforcement should be boosted with a professional organised effort to either further empower security protect
  8. My town had 18 officers on the beat 10 years ago. Now there are four. The service we provide is woefully inadequate - but not for the want of trying... https://www.theguardian.com/public-leaders-network/2017/may/20/police-cuts-fewer-officers-unrelenting-pressure
  9. My town had 18 officers on the beat 10 years ago. Now there are four. The service we provide is woefully inadequate - but not for the want of trying... https://www.theguardian.com/public-leaders-network/2017/may/20/police-cuts-fewer-officers-unrelenting-pressure
  10. I have thought long and hard about posting this , and mods if you're not happy feel free to edit or even delete it There has been debate on here recently about how policing and the polices attitudes have changed and not for the best. It occurred to me that a lot of my service ( albeit as a ' hobby bobby ', but one who was valued, took notice and was one of the team) was over the period being discussed,and I got to wondering were things really that much better in the not so distant past Certanly in the glory days before savage cutbacks the officer numbers were much better,but I w
  11. Sir Penguin

    CKP Requirement

    It's becoming more and more common for police forces to require you to have the CKP (Certificate in knowledge of policing) before joining. So out of curiosity, I'm wondering whether it's aim is to shorten down the training days due to having done some self study in the different areas of policing, or if it's just so that you have a bit of general knowledge? Has anyone recently joined a force with the CKP?
  12. I'm sure you're all very familiar with the last weeks news of Daily shootings, Mass shootings and such incidents. I'll try and set the scene for what follows, Me and my colleague are both walking through the busy town centre, 10;45am on the lovely sunny Monday morning Begining our shift. Nothing out of the ordinary yet, we'd done a loop of the town and began to walk through the centre past, just past the local food places. A Member of the public leaned in as if to say something, while pointing they whisper, "There's a black bag down there.." I look behind this bin next
  13. On the 29th of March 2016, it will be one year to the day since I started training to become a Special Constable. I was on a training course recently and my colleagues, who are far longer in service than me, were asking me if the job was what I expected it to be. I replied that it was, but it got me thinking about the changes I've seen in the last year and the lessons I've learned. I thought this might be handy advice for those of you looking to join, or a throwback for those of you "old sweats"! 1. "Regular customers" are often the most polite and compliant custodies you will have.
  14. Mazza

    Met Police - "The Job"

    Just a video I came across the other day on Bullshire, thought it was really well made and a realistic depiction of what it's like to be "Job".
  15. Police Hour: Full story An absolutely stonking photo with so much going on in it that really sums up what the police have to deal with as a result of not only NYE 'celebrations' but also pretty much every weekend with our 'night time economy'.
  16. during day 2 we just seized some vehicles and did some TORs , Bit boring to describe that for a few hours ( but i enjoyed it ) Day 3: Rank:SC Length of Service:3 months Planned Hours:0700x1500 Type of Shift:Traffic 0700; Gear up at breifing, get out callsign and my colleague/prep the car **** head out for an operation ****car known for someone wanted and recent fail to stops is spotted and we begin responding along with other units. **** arrive at a location to await dispatch from helicopter **** dispatched to go stop car, car fails to stop and we and another unit b
  17. TheFlomeister

    Blog: The best job in the world

    PC Heather Hutchinson thinks she’s got the best job in the world. She spent four years working in the force control room before becoming a response officer in 2008. I love my job. Absolutely love it. I’ve done so many different jobs in my time, I’ve travelled the world and experienced all types of working environments, nothing compares to the challenges you face every day as a police officer. You never know what you may be turning up to and that is what drives me on a day-to-day basis. During your career you can specialise in so many different areas, I can’t imagine ever being bored while work
  18. Are there any rules or tips when it comes to dealing with family, relatives or even people you know? A couple scenarios: 1. You stop a vehicle for speeding and mobile. Once stopped, you move to talk to driver and its your friend or someone you know. Do you deal with it yourself, or ask your colleague to deal with it 2. You are off duty, with the family having a meal in restaurant. Things get heated, arguing, and Aunt slaps cousin. Do you warn them to calm down and leave, OR call it in OR turn a blind eye?
  19. Sir Penguin

    Policing Studies (FDA)

    Source: https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/study/courses/undergraduates/2015/policing-studies
  20. Mastiff

    WPC 56

    On BBC 1 there is a new drama 'WPC 56'. It's set in 1956 and follows the first WPC in a West Midlands town. I personally find it very interesting and wondered if anyone else had seen it and their thoughts on it? If it was anything like how it is portrayed in the drama, policing has had a variety of positive changes!