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Found 13 results

  1. Breaking now from the BBC... Police officer and woman killed in Sheffield crash A police officer and a 61-year-old woman have died in a crash on Christmas Day. The 46-year-old officer was responding to an incident when the marked vehicle he was driving was in collision with a car on the A57 in Sheffield. South Yorkshire Police said the officer died at the scene and the woman, who was a passenger in the second vehicle, died in hospital. The collision happened at about 20:15 GMT near to Coisley Hill. Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-42486033 There are number of other articles that given more information, including:- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5212917/Woman-police-officer-die-Sheffield-Christmas-crash.html http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/crash-killed-police-officer-woman-citroen-sheffield-a8128701.html
  2. TWO police officers were injured after crashing into a lamppost in Blackburn. Full story Speedy recovery to the officers, looks a decent impact. Is a strange incident but then we wont be getting the full story. The comments section is the usual cess pit.
  3. An interesting blog from WMP Traffic Unit about research they have completed on Killed or Serious Injury RTC involving cyclists and why they are now going to be prosecuting more drivers for 'due care and attention' offences https://trafficwmp.wordpress.com/2016/09/09/junction-malfunction-and-a-new-dawn/#comments
  4. DB11

    A Little Bit Of Traffic

    Your rank: PC Your planned duty hours: 1300-2200 This is just a duty report from a shift recently where I managed to get a little bit of traffic in, nothing special but just fancied writing it up. 1300 - Was working on my SOLAP as I am still a probationer however a grade one call comes in of a female self harming with a knife. All early shift crews are tied up so me and another officer jump in together and respond to it. A local officer was nearby and arrived before us as he had knowledge of the female. Upon arrival her friend had taken the blade from her and the female was just sat on the floor. A fair bit of blood but superficial cuts. Apparently it was all over her boyfriend and she had convinced herself that he was cheating on her. Bandaged her up and ambulance were unable to give an ETA so her friend took her down to the hospital as she was happy to go to the hospital and said that she didn't want to kill herself it was just a coping mechanism. Local officer says that he will complete the paperwork and so we resume. 1445 - RTC car vs. child. About a 20 minute response run but ambulance were already on scene as they took the initial call. Initial investigation suggested that the circumstances were beyond the driver's control as numerous witnesses (including the child's mother) stated that the child ran from behind a parked van right into the path of the car. Fortunately no serious injuries as the car was travelling at low speed anyway due to being in a built up area on a quiet estate. A number of people were complaining about the state of parking on the estate and that it was only a matter of time before something like this happened but they were advised about contacting the council if they felt parking was an issue. 1600 - A local pub have phoned up to say that two males inside, who are already barred, are being abusive, threatening and refusing to leave. Upon arrival a male in the car park says "Get those f###ing pair of c###s out of here, now" so straight away tensions are high. He's told to let us do our job and that his attitude isn't helping anyone. Inside the pub two males are at the bar, drinking, and are at the centre of arguments taking place. A few sarcastic comments are heard, directed towards us, along the lines of it's about time we showed up (our arrival time was less than five minutes from the job being put out!) but the barmaid asks the two to leave in our presence and they just keep saying why. Encourage them to drink up and leave but just as we are getting somewhere one of the other punters stands up and starts goading them, which goes down about as well as you'd imagine. Then we manage to usher the two males out, one of which turns to me and is saying I've assaulted him because I've got no right to push him and that the other bloke in the pub was only acting hard because we'd arrived and he wanted to knock him out. I told him that his presence was causing a breach of the peace and he gets his mobile phone out and starts recording me telling me that he is going to complain about me and what's my number. I said that's fine because everything's been recorded by me and I point to my bodyworn video. He just goes "oh" and his face drops and he puts his phone away Outside is a lot of encouragement because the punters are now coming out of the pub goading the two that we have managed to remove. The barmaid is not helping and everyone seems to want to come outside for a cigarette. We eventually get the two to leave and ask the town CCTV to monitor them. Speak to the barmaid and explain how we don't appreciate her making our job harder when she wanted us to help. A report was submitted to the council licensing team. 1630 - Only a few minutes after we had asked the other two to leave CCTV shouts up and states that they are involved in a fight on the high street. We whizz round the corner and one of them has ran off but the other is just stood there. Two people are getting into a car and CCTV says that they were involved in the fight so we block them in to ascertain what has happened. A lot of public interest at this point as it's the main road, part of the carriageway is blocked so vehicles are having to drive round, and there is a lot of foot traffic. The person in the car says that the other two caused it because they've just been kicked out of the pub round the corner... hang on, so how did they know that? I believe that someone in the pub has called the people in the car and got them to come round and "sort it out" so to speak. CCTV watches the cameras back and the vehicle did indeed pull up next to the two males, both driver and front seat passenger got out and grabbed/punched one of the males, before he threw some punches back in self defence and ran off. Considered bringing them in for an affray but on camera no member of public seems affected by what happened and no one made themselves known to us. After consultation with the sergeant it was recorded as an assault on the male that had left the pub but with no complaint or support of a prosecution from the suspect. 1945 - On routine patrol and coming towards a junction on a minor road into a main road and a white van zooms passed in a 30mph limit. Start to follow him and he seems blissfully unaware of our presence as he is going nearly 50mph; he also has a brake light out and so he is pulled over when it is safe to do so. He explains that he is a delivery driver and has come from another city about an hour away. A check with PNC shows that no insurance is held on the vehicle and when I ask the driver about his insurance he just says that he doesn't know anything about it as he just drives but that as far as he is aware the vehicle is insured. I asked him to call someone that could assist and so he rings who he tells me is his boss. Now, unbeknown to him, his speaker is quite loud on the phone... both me and my crew mate hear the voice on the other end say a number of things such as "what have you told them? have you told them it's insured? have you said that you've borrowed it or that it's a hire vehicle? don't tell them anything else" so alarm bells are ringing, especially when he denies that was said. He gives the phone to me and the person tells me that he is the owner and that the van is insured on the company policy, but he cannot tell me which company, what the policy number is, or even when the insurance was taken out. He then says to me "can't you just give him a 7 day producer and we'll get it sorted out". A check with MIB also shows insurance not held so I've come to the decision to seize the van under section 165 and to report the driver. The van has perishable goods on it and the delivery was only down the road so my crewmate drives the van down there and lets them offload the goods whilst waiting for the recovery vehicle. Vehicle recovered and driver left to find his way back home. 2100 - A report of a HGV in a dangerous position on a route just off of the motorway. Upon arrival the lorry has jack knifed just after a bend and so the road is closed from the motorway roundabout to the other side of the bend as traffic was coming very fast and having to brake suddenly so as to not smash into the side of the HGV. The driver tells me that he was trying to turn around to park up in the layby for the night. Whilst waiting for recovery to come and put the lorry back straight the driver comes up to me and says that he is really sorry about all this and I can smell alcohol. Oh man! So I get the breathbox and the driver blows over 100 at the roadside. I arrest the male for drink drive however there are no crews to either transport the prisoner or to relieve us from the road closure. This means that we have to wait with the guy until the HGV can be put into the layby for the night. 2245 - Arrive at custody... as you can see a very long wait so I am conscious in case the driver has dropped but he still blows over 90. 0100 - Cease duty
  5. Source Thoghts go out to the officer, not something you want hanging over you.
  6. MajorDisaster

    County Day Shift

    Rank SC Length of service 6 months Shift: 0900-1600 Response 0830: get in and the sarge asks me to go to another station ten miles away as his officers are all over the place. He has two students with tutors who are with assessors, four in custody on prisoner observation (including two on "poo watch" - some people get all the best jobs), so I team up with a chap I've worked with before and we head down to his location for a brew. The sarge there breaks the good news to us that the Chief Constable is visiting the nick later so it would be a good thing if we are out doing stuff and not making the station look untidy. 0930: As my buddy has sone admin to do the sarge ask me if I would like to do a school visit with one of the NPT PCSOs so off we go to the local infants' school 'nurture group'. 6 five year olds from problem families who seem like nice enough kids, especially as they come with tea and bikkies. We spend half an hour with them as t hey try on our hats and talk about...well it was hard to tell really but they had a good time. We left at break time so the whole playground came to wave us off so my partner who had come to pick us up gave it large with the lights and siren as we pulled off. 1015: We drop off the PCSO and head off to see if we can gather some int on a possible drug user, but are sidetracked by a call for an arrest op. We RV with ARU (there if forced entry needed), CID who are coords, dogs, the sarge and another couple of officers. The chap we are after is wanted in another part of the country for a particularly nasty attack and is rated as a 'badass'. We go round and position ourselves at various doors and windows but in fact he comes quietly. turns out he was someone I'd sat with in A&E last saturday when he was in for D&I but we didn't have the int on him then. Take him back and book him in. 1200: Call for a unit to an RTC in a village, just so happens we are closest so we go. No casualties but the road is blocked where a white van has come round a sharp bend on a narrow road and his a mum and three year old in their car. No injuries other than shakes but neither vehicle is going anywhere. It's the van driver's first day on the job and the boss hung up on him after the first phonecall. We measure up and draw diagrams while the insurance companies arrange recovery. The rod is finally opened just in time for the school run. My oppo runs me back to my station where I knock off at about 1530. Again nothing outrageously exciting but a good mix - nice to see the children and then a more serious side of things later on
  7. Source Speedy recovery to the officers, going to take a lot of cakes to sort this out.
  8. A motorist who smashed head-on into an elderly couple escaped prosecution despite damning video evidence - because an investigating officer went off sick By Emma Lazenby BT.com An angry pensioner has released footage of a dangerous driver crashing into him and his wife head-on after police failed to file paperwork due to sickness. Colin Kay and his wife Krysia, both 72, were involved in the crash in Great Eccleston, near Preston. The motorist pulled in front of Mr Kay as he travelled at 50mph, but has faced no charges. But the pensioner has now revealed damning evidence of her dodgy driving, in video footage from a camera fitted to the dashboard of his Citroen Picasso. Retired engineer Mr Kay said: "I contacted the police because I was keen to see a full prosecution to stop more careless driving. "But nothing has been done because the investigating officer went off sick and they could not prepare the paperwork in time. "I think it’s disgusting. If I was off sick somebody picked up my work. She has just got away with it and that's that." Damning video footage The video shows how the driver of a Toyota Aygo turns right in front of Mr Kay, giving him no time to react and avoid the collision. He and his wife Krysia were both left with bruises and Mrs Kay had a whiplash injury to her shoulder following the crash on the A586 at the end of August last year. The pensioner, from Bacup, Lancs, has contacted the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) with a copy of the footage. He said: "I have written to the IPCC and put my points across — it’s not only my case not acted upon, how many others have not been acted upon? "The only way our roads are going to become safer is when motorists driving carelessly like this are punished. Lucky to be alive "My wife and I were very lucky that we were not more seriously hurt and we are very disappointed that no police action has been taken in this case." The driver of the Toyota Aygo was cut out of her vehicle and was taken to the Royal Preston Hospital by air ambulance. It is understood she did not have serious injuries. The grandfather-of-seven added: "We were extremely lucky. I have a pacemaker and I thought my chest was going to explode.” A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: "Officers attended the scene and carried out a thorough investigation. "An accident report was submitted with a recommendation for the driver to attend a Drivers’ Alertness Course. "Unfortunately, the officer in the case was off sick and the report was not processed within the allocated time frame for prosecution." Link to original & video: http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/motoring/motoring-news/angry-pensioner-shows-video-of-dangerous-driver-crashing-into-him-after-police-fail-to-prosecute-11363976599013
  9. source There we have it, we can train GPDs to be standard drivers.
  10. Image at the link, looks quite serious.
  11. Administrative Account

    Don't poke me, I'm driving!

    I've just come across these PDF's produced by IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) showing the effects of mobile phone, and particularly smart phone, usage whilst driving. There are some interesting comparisons to drink/drug driving in the documents, too. The summary is here: http://www.iam.org.u...udy-booklet.pdf The full research is here: http://www.iam.org.u...R592_secure.pdf
  12. bluelampfoundation

    Support for Police Officers

    PC David Rathband's Blue Lamp Foundation is a registered charity (1138319) that raises money to support personnel of the Emergency Services, including Ambulance crews who have been criminally injured whilst carrying out their duties. Police Constable David Rathband had the idea of starting this Foundation while lying in a hospital bed recovering from horrific injuries after being shot by Raoul Moat in the early hours of July 4 in Newcastle whilst on patrol. PC Rathband tragically passed away on the evening of Wednesday, 29th Februray 2012 at his home in Northumberland. In the weeks after the incident David came to realise how some members of the emergency services and their families may experience significant financial hardship after being injured in the line of duty. He had the idea of starting a charity which would provide emergency financial aid to cover unexpected costs such as hospital car parking charges, childcare costs, travel costs and expenses for family members and also additional medical treatment. [centre][/centre] John Eames, a paramedic from Staffordshire was awarded the first award from the foundation after his ambulance was hit by a Polish lorry driver who was driving on the wrong side of the road. John spent 22 weeks in hospital when his right leg was severely shattered and his house in Burton-on-Trent was found to be unsuitable for wheelchair use. The Blue Lamp Foundation awarded John £2,500 to adapt his house so that he could move back in with his wife Sarah and recover in his own home. Mr Eames said: "It's a privilege to be the first recipient of the charity. It will finally let me go home and make my life so much easier." More recently, we have also helped various Metropolitan Police Officers that have been involved in some serious incidents. Unfortunately we are not yet able to release this information...but watch this space. Our goal is simple. We want to be there to offer support to any member of the emergency services who finds themselves injured in the line of duty by a criminal act. We believe in quality, which is why we offer financial support; with a guarantee that the grant will be made available within 14 days of a claim being declared successful. If you or one of your 999 colleagues have or do become criminally injured whilst on duty and have had to pay for things like childcare, hospital parking, travel expenses, additional medical treatment, minor home adjustments or anything else you have had to fund in relation to your injury then we may be able to provide you with financial support. You do not need to be contributing to the foundation in order to receive an award. Applications can be made via our website, all cases will be considered and will remain confidential. See our website for further information or to apply.
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