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About this blog

The random mumblings of a Special Constable

Entries in this blog


Saturday Shenanigans

Rank  - SC

Experience – 14 Months

Duty – Saturday 1900-0400


I hadn’t done a Saturday night for a few weeks so I joined the same shift I’d been with in the week for a couple of duties.  I include it in the blog because of one particular incident which show what factors affect the decision making process.


All timings approximate.


1900 – Get in and catch up with the shift.  We are fairly flush for officers and they are catching up on paperwork as there isn’t much coming in.


2030 – My S/Insp (We’ll call him Dave) comes in and he fills me in on his Divisional meeting earlier in the week  and the new intake of Specials going through training.


2100 – The Sarge asks Dave and I to go down and assist in a search so we take the big van as the rest of the shift can’t drive it anyway.  Dave has IPS so we can patrol together though Specials don’t get response training.  By the time we arrive there isn’t much to do, though I know one of the lads from my day job – he’s been arrested for possession of cannabis and later receives a caution.


2230 – MISPER, a teenager hasn’t met up with his foster carer as planned.  She has a vague idea where he is and after 30 minutes another patrol locate him at a party.  Again the Sarge askes me and Dave to go and assist.


2300 – We arrive and the lad is in the back of a patrol car, there is a gaggle of teenagers including one very drunk and vocal individual.  We get him calmed down with the surprising assistance of his girlfriend who is known to us and can be a bit of a handful.


All of a sudden the lad in the car kicks off and starts trying to kick out the windows.  Dave opens the door and pulls him out but he starts going for him.  As I come in Dave takes him to ground but he is really going for it.  Dave is underneath and I get an elbow in the face.  At this point I get my spray out but I decide not to spray for two reasons.  Firstly I can’t get a clear shot without giving Dave a mugful as well (and I don’t want to do that, at least not to him) and I have this sudden thought of the follow up of spraying a 14 year-old.  As it happens I manage to get  a cuff on and we control him – getting him cuffed and into the van.  I ended up with a few bruises and I ached the next morning.


When we get to custody he has calmed down – apart from not wanting to see Dave.  We calm him down further  and he becomes reasonable.  Another officer and I eventually run him back to his foster home.


0200-0400   Various knobbery and general stupidity in town.  One arrest for assault before I got there and another for D&D as I arrived.  There seemed to be an inordinate number of total idiots out and we were very busy indeed keeping a lid on things.  There was one unconsciously drunk woman at the end of the night and we hang around  ambulance arrive.


0400 Knock off.


I spoke to the Sarge later on and he agreed I’d have been fully justified in spraying the lad, but also agreed with my reasons for not doing so.  In training we were told ‘assume everything you do is being videoed’ so I could imagine the POLICE SPRAY INNOCENT 14 YEAR OLD headlines, ignoring the fact that he was almost as tall as me (and I’m 6 foot +) and had a serious attitude problem fuelled by drink.  I’m sure some people will criticise me for hesitation, I prefer to think of it as a very dynamic risk assessment, which led me to decide not to spray which I think now was the correct decision given later events.

Thanks for reading and all comments welcome


A busy night

Rank SC

Service 12 months (to the day - today is the anniversary of Attestation)

Shift: 2100-0700 Saturday Night

Duty: Response

2045:  Arrive and see who is about.  It is a 'Super Saturday' where accumulated hours owed are called in.  They happen every 5 weeks and mean extra bodies.  The problem is two cars are tied up on a warrant so with 2 Specials swelling the ranks further we head out Six-Up in the van (crazy numbers for our town).

2120:  Arrive at an address to carry out a Fail To Attend warrant, but the individual is not there, her location is given to us and passed over to the relevant division.  Have a bit of a cruise around.

2200:  Call to a domestic.  Woman in a house next door to another family member being looked after by good neighbours.  Bit complicated but she lives over town and was heading for her relative after a fight with her partner, but only got as far a the neighbour.  We go to her flat, there is blood on the door but no partner.  We eventually get his mobile number and he agrees to meet us at her flat.  We go back and knock up the chap in the next flat.  The blood is explained as he has had a right pasting.  Turns out he got it defending the girl.  The partner is clearly giving us the run-around until 0100 when he is sighted at the hospital where she's being treated.  We pile up and he is eventually located and arrested.  I switch to a car with another officer.

0120:  Called to an address where another long running serial is reaching a climax.  A lad is being sought for all sorts of things and officers are in his home address.  There are eventually three crews, traffic and ARV en-route when lad is found hiding, mum assaults two officers and in the melee a PAVA canister valve gets snapped off and one of the traffic officers gets it all over himself (thankfully not in the eyes).  I was on back garden watch as he's been known to exit via the first floor windows.  Laddo and mum are brought out making a right fuss and we get two vans up for them.  Change cars.

0140:   Called to a confusing welfare issue - we knock on the door and the young lady answers...without any clothes on...She realises her 'mistake', closes the door, grabs a towel and we share a laugh about it.  The welfare issue (third party) is sorted and all are accounted for, safe and well.

0220: Called to criminal damage - diverted to a teenage welfare issue, dealt with as elder sister is present, over 18 and responsible.  The family are known and we know what solutions work.

0300:  Into town for chucking out - going reasonably well until a problem crops up.  I know the lad kicking off quite well and am surprised to see him in such a state.  I try and try to get him to leave but he finally pushes it too far and two colleagues take him in, as much for  his own safety as anything else.

0410:  Refs, taken very quickly.

0430:  Called back to the 0220 job.  Mum has turned up - known to be difficult.  In fact she is reasonable.  She knows my partner and tells us she's having treatment for he various issues and , tonight at least, seems to want to help (which is good as I've met her when she has been less cooperative and it wasn't pleasant).  The teenager is eventually dropped at Nan's and by about 0530 we are back in the nick where everyone is busy doing statements and preparing handover files.  I do what I can to be helpful, it seems that I've got all the necessary mobile numbers from the earlier jobs - the regulars have fancy data tablets but the specials' PNB is sometimes the easiest way to get info down quickly.

0700:  Finish and drop into MacD's where eldest daughter is working early shift for a hot choc. Home and bed.


So I've been a special for a year.  Well over 500 hours in 2015 and the crews I work with regularly tell me that they are happy to see me - I hope they aren't just being polite.  Here's to another year and the 'festive' season, especially Friday 18th, the real 'Black Friday'!!


A windy one!

Rank: SC

Experience; 11 Months

Duty: 2100-0700 Saturday Night

All timing from PNB.

2040: Arrive and say hello to the Sarge and the one officer in the report room.  I'd done a shift earlier in the week with this Code and I'd told them I'd be in.  There is still an issue with vehicles.  One car's coolant leak has come back and the small cage van hasn't been returned from repair as expected, so the Sarge is working out who will go where.

2050: Custody call down for an officer to charge someone and after a consult it is decided there is nothing to prevent me doing it.  I'd not charged anyone before so the Custody Sgt explains the process and shows me the layout of the forms.  Laddo comes out,abuses everyone, is charged, abuses everyone some more and is put away again still abusing everyone.

2100:  The rest of the code are in and two sips into a cuppa a call arrives and three of us pile into the big van and head for the town square.  A 14 yo girl is very intoxicated and her male friend is being aggressively protective.  We manage to peel him off her and monitor while ambulance are en-route.  Another unit arrives and the young lad kicks off - I'm not sure that he couldn't have been led away and calmed down, but one of the other crew decide to arrest for D&D so I assist as I have an arm at that point.

2110:  As the ambulance is parked in a narrow part of the street I'm directing traffic down a side road, telling people that hopefully we won't be long and their first action should be a spin round the town for 5 minutes.  The one way system means that the top of town is off limits until the road is open.  One motorist is less than happy!

Him: I need to get to the top of High Street

Me:  Sorry, you can't right now, go round and hopefully we'll be gone by the time you get back.

Him: But I need to get up there NOW!

Me:  Well, you can't, you've got to go down Bridge Street for now.

Him: Can't I squeeze past the ambulance?

Me: No, go down bridge Street.

Him: Why do I have to go down there?

Me: [with a smile] Because I'm telling you to


Me: [pointing at my slide on the arm of my fleece] 7***, have a nice evening.

That's another first for the evening, my first angry number demand.

2200:  Welfare check, but it turns out the lady is fine and the gentleman doesn't recognised when he's being ignored.

2220:  Another officer and I take a spare cage van out to the next City to pick up a prisoner and some evidence (not connected).  The prisoner is a choice specimen and the evidence is a lot of cannabis, which make the van smell wonderful.  The round trip is about 120 miles he drives there and I drive back!

0200: Food break.

0230:  Into town with the Sarge and the van.  Over the next hour we deal with various verbal disagreements, search a very cocky young chap (without result) drive a drunk driver's car to the nick (first time I've driven a GTi in 15 years - mine smelled better!).  One officer is tied up in custody on 136 watch while others deal with various losses of bodily functions among the 'guests'.  While we are doing this the wind and rain arrive in force and town disperses relatively quickly.

0400:  I drive the spare van down to it's daytime home ten miles away and one of the local officers drives me back. Complete some paperwork.

0545:  The Sarge and I go back into town to deal with a verbal spat - it takes a bit of sorting out but eventually between taxis and giving one girl a lift up the road we restore order.

0700: Knock off.

A very varied and interesting shift.


The County Show


Experience: 9 Months

Duty: Two days at the County Show.

The County Show is the premier annual event in our neck of the woods - it runs for three days but I only did the first two.  Summary of how it went.

Day 1:  0730 - Meet up at Station with NPT Sgt, Special Sgt and several other officers.  We go up to the show ground and locate the police tent.  We are sharing with the PCC rep, a drug outreach charity, a military charity and the council crime prevention dept.  There are things for the kids, dressing up stuff, two officers who are on light duties are making up thumbprint keyrings - a great idea and very popular.  Outside is a JCB with police markings and a blue light bar and, thanks BBC Wales, a full size TARDIS.  There is also some recruiting literature for the Specials.

My Special colleague and I spend most of the day on foot patrol.  It is very hot and we get through a lot of water.  The stands are very busy but we stop and talk here and there.  We and out hundreds of wristbands that parents can write their number on and attach to their offspring in case they get lost.  Two hand bags are reunited with their owners and a missing child is located.  One dog is found in a car and the owner responds to a PA broadcast which includes the information that if not released shortly we would be putting the window in - thankfully the dog is gone by the time we get back to the vehicle.

I left about 1600 though some of my colleagues stayed on until 1800.

Day 2:  Much the same but the weather is foul.  It is hoofing it down.  This is not good for the stallholders but it is better for us - we talk to them and have ore time to stop and chat to those punters who have braved the weather.  We get tea and biscuits from one stall then more from the Mothers' Union.  By lunchtime the weather is brightening up and it is a bit busier.  A lost teenager is located, then...

1600 - A call up, a stallholder has reported someone that he has seen lurking round the fairground performing 'an act of public indecency' on himself (guess).  We are nearby and as we arrive I spot a chap matching the description - the stall holder has a picture and points him out too.  I catch up with the lad, detain, arrest, caution and cuff.  It is clear he  has some learning difficulties but he understands what is going on.  The NPT van is brought round and a regular and I head for custody where he is booked in.  His parents address is in his wallet so they are contacted.  I go upstairs and do a short statement.  One of the others will get the informant's statement.

1700 - Knock off. The others were  coming back in as I left.

Two excellent days that hopefully reflect well on the Force in general and the Specials too.  We were able to help boost numbers and we got the arrest.


Me and one of the PCSOs with our latest mode of transport!tardis1.thumb.jpg.3b0d6f02854352d274fec7


Warrants op

0800.  Meet up in local station with Sgt, the area drug DC,  a uniformed PC, dog handler and three other specials.  Get a briefing on the two search warrants we will be executing - there were supposed to be three but one has been postponed.

0900.  Door answered and in we go.  Mum and toddler are fine, laddo is spark out on the sofa.  We wake him up.  He is not really with it.  The drug dog goes through without any particular indication so we begin searching.  I find a wrap of cannabis between the DVD cases, which the mum claims.  She is taken down to the station to receive a cannabis warning.  We also find a used grinder and a large stash of 'herbal resin' pouches.  Laddo claims they are his supply for the week - if they were then he is a miracle of science.  They are seized-the DC explains that if they test as legal and there is no corroboration that he is supplying then they will be returned.  Various phones are also seized.

1130.  We are back at the nick for a break and then head out to our second address.  A drive-by suggested that there was no-one home so the ARU are called and happily attend with the 'Big Red Key'.  The drug dog indicates in the living room (I use the term living loosely  - this place is beyond description).  We find a grinder, a cannabis plant and various other bits that make it worthwhile.  Eventually a woman with two young children comes back - I assume she is the gran, but the DC knows her and tells me she is not yet 40 - I am seldom lost for words but this is one of those times - This woman is ten years younger than me and looks twenty years older.  She goes mental at us and her kids end up calming her down.  Her partner turns up and is mellow - he takes ownership of the plant and agrees to come in tomorrow to give a statement. We depart.  Back at the nick various markers are updated for child welfare etc.

1400.  We depart.  One of my Special colleagues, who is Temp S/Sgt and I go back to our home station where we have secured that most precious of commodities...NEW LOCKERS!!!!  Four big lockers - eventually we will double up but for the moment we can have one each (Luuuuuxurrrrry) and a set of Pava/Tetra lockers.  The only problem is they are over by the Traffic office - across the courtyard, down the stairs and round several sharp bends - (the lift is U/S as well).  Our colleagues assist in true spirit of policing...They hold the doors and make "To me...To you" comments!  We get them in position, Label them up and I shift my gear over.

1530.  Knock off.  A very successful day where the Special Constabulary did what it does best.  We provided bodies on the ground.


Saturday nights

Rank: SC

Service 8 Months

Duty: 1900-0400 ; Response

All timings appropriate.

1830.  Arrive and grab my gear.  The duty inspectors are handing over and are very pleased to see me as they are strapped.  I start self briefing.

1840.  The sarge asks me to go from Big Town BT (where I am) to Small Town ST about ten miles away as there is exactly one officer there for the next couple of hours, then only two more.  I don't mind so I grab 'duty clapped out fiesta' (every nick has one!!) and head off.

1930.  I've arrived at ST and have the nick to myself - fortunately I recall the combination to the door.  My buddy arrives, we haven't met before but he is very friendly and we head off once he has finished his paperwork and we have had a natter with the PCSOs who have come back ready to finish. He's on to 0300 so I plan to finish then too.

2030-2130.  I meet one of ST's best known families.  The scion of the clan (alcoholic) has had a barney with his on/off girlfriend (druggie).  We shuttle between the two and discover that it is six and two threes and all parties are advised to keep away from each other for a bit.

2130.  Back to the nick via Tesco for a sandwich and catch up with the night pair.

2200-0200.  Not much going on - we attend several noise complaints including a run up to BT as they are all busy.

0210.  As we pull back into BT and grab a brew a call comes in ref a CrimDam at the club down the road.  Local pond life has been ejected and punched out the rear windscreen of a car which by coincidence belongs to the chef on pie & chip duty in the club.  We get him back to the nick to take a statement and the night crew find and arrest aforementioned pond life and take him off to BT custody.

0255.  Statement finished and ready to book off...in comes a call to a domestic.  Night crew have been 'borrowed' by the Sarge in BT for  a job so off we go.  Long and short of it - we arrest the male party to prevent BoP and take him to custody.  He's compliant and we get him processed and head back ready to book off, when...

0400.  As we pull up by the nick a call to the other club in ST where it's all spilling out onto the street (they have a 0500-0600 licence).  We arrive and start helping the door staff break up the various squabbles.  Night crew and ARU arrive and we start making headway.  Local hard case is herded away before he can kick off and super gobby girl who is complain that she has been called a 'fat whore' is dealt with firmly but fairly (that is told to ****** off home).

0500.  I finally book off and drive back to BT, home and bed.


Mid Month Saturday Night (with added rain)

A quick Government Health Warning to you Regulars out there.  Us Specials compare notes in detail about you.  We talk about who we like to work with, who is good in a scrap, who makes the best brews/cakes and which pairings always manage to be deployed in far flung villages while the pubs and clubs are kicking out.  One of the things we also rate is the quality of your Response driving – it’s very subjective seeing as we only have A to B grading but even so it varies between “Have we actually got our lights on because we aren’t going any faster” to “SHIIIIIIIIIIIT I’M GOING TO DIE”.  This becomes relevant later on, so to the account of last night, a mid-month Saturday night in town.


1900 – Arrive in the station.  The Skipper tells me that one of the clubs has an ‘event’ on and there has been a bit of personnel movement around the county.  He suggests I go with two officers (male and female – this too is relevant later).  I know them both though I’ve only worked with the man before – if you add their ages together they are still 5 years younger than me!


1940-2000 – The Inspector wants a high profile presence in town tonight so we do an early walk through and call in the various pubs.  Not too many folk out yet and the mood is good, one ‘lady of a certain age’ seems to take a shine to me and I have trouble getting rid of her.  The old ‘finger to the ear-piece and distant look’  trick gets me away!


2000+  Immediate call to an incomplete 999 in a village about 10 miles away – possible domestic.  So, the young man is driving (complete with very daft haircut, the youth of today (sighs)).  I am very impressed, smooth, rapid – we  hit 110 mph at one point (rural) but I never felt unsafe and some very difficult stretches that cause a lot of accidents were taken at sensible speed.


We arrive and after some confusion over the address (three streets start at the same junction and there are no numbers on the doors) we gain entry.  A young woman with three children under 7.  She is very anti-police and won’t tell us anything.  She seems to have a real problem with my male colleague.  I do a quick search, all is clean, reasonably tidy, there is food in the fridge and the children seem well cared for.  The mum is kicking off and eventually I manage to get the two younger children to come with me into the kitchen where they get themselves a drink.  The toddler finds a new game running round me and jumping over my boots – good job I have big feet.  This gives my female colleague a chance to get some details from the mum.  She point blank refuses to give the name of her partner but eventually tells us what the argument was about (same old same old, use your imagination).  She is going to stay with friends but refuses to tell us where.  The taxi has arrived so I go and get the driver’s details and ask him to make a note of where she goes.


Ultimately, we are satisfied that the woman and her children are safe, so she goes on her way.  My male colleague and I agree that without having had a woman officer present we would probably have ended up arresting her and getting social services involved.  We head back to the station to update the system.  I call the cabbie but he can only give us the road he dropped her on.  All relevant systems are updated – she is ‘known’ so we add her new address and flag it up for the various support and protection agencies to follow up.


2200. Urgent run to a local fast food emporium to pick up refs – tonight its….Chinese!  My crewmates, the Skipper and the Inspector eat while the Boss regales us with tales of his time on the ferries (vomit, vomit and more vomit) and the problem of his dog’s clogged rear hair (somehow we manage to eat our food!).


2230.  Another Inspector from the south of the county arrives bringing two of my Special colleagues with him.  We divvy ourselves up, along with two of the night crew and go boots down in town.  By this time we have been joined by PC Rain.  It is, to coin a phrase, p***ing down!




In town.  I deal with the following – in roughly this order.




Numerous encounters with my ‘woman of a certain age’.  I swear the mad bint is stalking me.  I end up almost running away!




Bloke falls down the steps of the night club and knocks himself out.  Ambulance arrives and he looks in a poor state.  The inspector later calls and asks for CCTV as it is looking bad.  20 minutes later we get the all clear as he has recovered faster than Lazarus and wants to come back out.


Did I mention that it was raining.


Drunk teenager on a bus night out whose mother has got a strop on with her mates who found her and are trying to help.  Mum is told to wind it in and take her daughter home.


It rains some more, take shelter under the Street Pastors’ umbrellas – fantastic folk.


Three way tiff (2 Male, 1 Female) where one of the males is turning very nasty but decides to walk off in a huff.  The female accidentally kicks the skipper which raises a smile, especially when she does it again.  Who says sergeants have no sense of humour?


One amorous couple are politely asked to wait until they get home, or at least into a taxi before they remove each other’s clothing – it is after all still piddling down.


It stops raining…then start again.


I get a tap on the shoulder from a chap who explains that he is on a scavenger hunt and a selfie with a copper is worth good points.  At this moment he recognises me – we worked together for a few months last year.  I oblige and he goes away happy.


It carries on raining.


A group of older, impeccably dressed and exceedingly p***ed ladies and gents form an incongruous picture as they process down the street to their minibus.  Hammered they may have been, but they were at least dressed for the elements and were very polite.




Just as it looks like winding down a comatose female appears being carried by a bouncer and her friend (where were they taking her?)  She is very out of it and the nearest ambulance is 30 minutes away.  ARU are hanging round and as they have the trauma kit we put her in a car with one of them and off they go to hospital where colossal alcohol intake is diagnosed (no ####, Sherlock!).


0415.  Off duty.  The high profile tactics seem to have paid off as we had no arrests which is a rarity for town on a Saturday night and yes, there was a callsign that managed to be ‘busy’ out in the sticks all night and never appeared in town!


0445.  Get home, hang up my goretex hi-viz and my hat to dry and go to bed.


Pay Day Saturday Night in Town!

So, here we go with another Saturday night shift. Timings reasonably accurate - taken from PNB

1930 - On duty, with the legendary Joe, and two ladies whom we will call L1 and L2 to save their blushes (Joe is beyond saving!)

1945 - Immediate call so jump in with L1 and head to a carpark where a group of pre-teens have come across an older chap who has taken a tumble and has a cut above the eye.  They have called 999 and given rudimentary first aid.  He is a little drunk and takes some persuading to go with the medics but eventually goes off to get cleaned up.  The youngsters are thanked for their help.

2020 - MISPER, adult male, turns out not to be missing at all but fit and well at his home address!

2050 - MISPER 2, juvenile absconded from foster home.  We go and search his natural family home, they are very helpful and have seen him on an authorised visit that day.  they offer some suggestions as to where he might be.  We pass those on. (he turned up later on near his foster home).

2130 - As we are heading back to the nick we are diverted to a male causing a disturbance.  We find a drunk youth who has been refused entry by his Mum and he has kicked off.  He won't calm down so I arrest for D&D.  My presentation at the custody desk gets the seal of approval from Joe who helped me take him in as that particular custody sgt is known for requiring exact detail.

2220 - Refs followed by statement for my arrest.  My special inspector is in and heads off to a domestic where he gets an arrest and one of the Special Sgts from another part of the county is also in custody with an arrest - a good night for the Specials!

2319 - Call to a melee on one of the 'less salubrious' estates.  The next half hour is a bit surreal.  Two cars arrive, me and Joe and L1 & L2.  The only thing that is clear is that a lad has been thumped and the assailant who is identified has done a runner.  Joe and L1 run after him, L2 sees a likely suspect and runs after  him.  More units are inbound but I spend an 'interesting' few minutes in the middle of what I can only describe as a 30 strong mass audition for the Jeremy Kyle Show.  One person tries to take responsibility for the assault despite the witnesses and the victim saying he was nothing to do with it.  The crowd then turn on this individual who refuses the offer of being transported out of harms way.  He gets gobbier by the second and finishes up being nicked for S5.  The assailant is arrested and with the timely intervention of PC Rain we eventually get away.  Back tot he nick to finish earlier paperwork and assist bagging up evidence of the assault.

0130 - Call into town with L2 where traffic are with a lad who has been pushed/fallen though a shop door window.  We look round for a possible attacker but without success.  We stay in town for a bit though the continuing rain is helping keep a lid on things.

0210 - A badly parked car is blocking in several bouncers who can't go home - oh dear!  We call it in.  Back to the nick and straight out with the sarge to reports of a domestic in the street.  No sign but we are then flagged down by a woman who is nervous about entering her property due to a man loitering.  I see her in ok and we talk to the chap who it is obvious is having mental issues.  I won't go into details, but I manage to strike up a rapport with him.  He is staying with his mum nearby and between talking to her and his friend on the phone we decide S136 is in order.  Joe an L2 come down to help but he is reasonably happy.  

0300 - Called back into town by the unit watching the busted door and waiting for duty chippy to come and fix it.  Joe stays with the S136, L2 and I head down where we find a male who has been assaulted and is horizontal with a head wound.  There is a lot of blood about.  The ambulance turns up and they take over the management of the casualty while we gather what info we can.  This takes some time and the lads friends and workmates are milling around being more of a pain than a help.  Lots of activity in town as a report has come in of an alleged serious sexual assault.

0400 - Back to the nick and  book off.

All in all I think I changed vehicles about 6 times and barely stopped!



Saturday Night Time Economy

Saturday Night, Response, 2000-0400.  All timings approx

2000:  Get in in a bit of a rush but looking forward to it as Code B are on and they are very Special Friendly - also one particular officer (Joe) is on and there's never a dull moment when I'm paired with him-at this point however he is out with RPU and some of the others are on another task so...

2015: Another officer and I head off with a Sgt from the south of the county to look for a specific habitual drink driver.  On the way a car pulls out suddenly on us so we pull him over.  My colleague breath tests him while I do the check.  A moment's excitement when it comes back as no insurance or MOT, but he produces an MoT certificate dated two days ago and it turns out he has Traders insurance.  He blows zero so is sent on his way with advice to be careful in the future.  We do not find our target but on the way back we do a Licence Check on a local pub that has had noise problems.  All is in order and the girl singing in the bar was actually quite good.

2100:  Status 4 - I'd taken a chinese in which matched what the rest of the two codes now in were having (the other code are slightly less SC Friendly but individually are still ok).  We hear that the NPT Sgt who had been in coordinating an Op has passed his Inspector's board so there is much congratulating and good natured p***taking.

2200:  The duty inspector wants boots on the ground in pairs for town patrol, as Joe is tied up with a traffic job I hang around for a bit catching up on the e brief and some bits and bobs.

2245: Joe comes back and we grab the cage van, park up in town and start our wanderings.  We run into the other pair and head down to the skate park, now in darkness.  There we sneak up on 4 lads who are having a smoke.  One is very sus and Joe searches him while we sniff round the others (literally).  They are fine, and not too drunk but our dodgy one (who has plenty of previous) is getting gobby and only the intervention of his mates stops him getting nicked.  They decide to head back into town.

0030.  There are still only a few hundred in town.  The clubs are only about a quarter full.  One of the local weirdos is causing trouble but is sent on  his way and we head back into the main square.

0100.  The other pair on patrol take the van back up to the nick for a brew and we agree we'll stroll back in slow time, but as we are about to set off Joe spots a scrote about to relieve himself in a doorway.  In the ensuing discussion the lad gets sufficiently gobby that he is nicked under S5.  We get the girls to bring the van back for him, but it is getting a bit antsy as his friends are being very difficult.  As luck would have it another CS and a traffic unit happen to arrive in town and order is restored.  Our boy's girlfriend is furious - with him or us it is impossible to tell (all will be revealed later).

0115.  We head off to the nick to process our lad, as we pass the Leisure Centre we are flagged down by a car who tells us 'he's up there' - Who?  Turns out he'd phoned in a man smashing up a car but we hadn't heard the call in the hoo ha in town.  Other units are coming down - it's only 200 yards from the nick - but by coincidence we are first on scene.  We head up where he directs and end up running down a street to find the attacker.  I arrest and caution at which point he coughs.  He'd walloped his ex's windscreen with a hammer (recovered).  Joe processes our S5 (Q: Have you ever been arrested before? A :yes Q:When? A: Last night!!!!) and I process our Crim Dam.  Upstairs for a brew, and short statements. The inspector is well pleased as officially Joe and I managed two arrests in under 5 minutes.  Specials getting arrests are flagged up as the Chief Constable likes us and is recruiting actively!

0230.  Files completed we head back into town for chucking out.  I see several of my students - I call them The Usual Suspects, though they are not bad lads.  One of them got punched and has bled well on his shirt but he isn't bothered by it being a rugby player and well anaesthetised.  I get him to peel back his lip but it isn't serious.   There's a bit of banter flying round but there are a few niggles surfacing and we put the word out for some extra bodies.   We eventually finish up with about ten officers - more than I have seen before at that time (not many by big city standards but quite a few from our rural perspective) including two student officers and a traffic unit.

0315.  Sure enough - big kick off.  Battling parties separated and two nicked.  I go back up the station with one of them and help process him in.  About this time there is a call for officers to go round the front where a woman is kicking off.  It turns out to be the girlfriend of the lad we nicked earlier.  I seems it was us she was p***ed off at and she ends up reunited with him, well in the same cell block after being arrested! That causes much chortling in the custody suite.

0345:  Finish booking in all and sundry, back upstairs and book off.


County Day Shift

Rank SC

Length of service 6 months

Shift: 0900-1600 Response

0830: get in and the sarge asks me to go to another station ten miles away as his officers are all over the place.  He has two students with tutors who are with assessors, four in custody on prisoner observation (including two on "poo watch" - some people get all the best jobs), so I team up with a chap I've worked with before and we head down to his location for a brew.  The sarge there breaks the good news to us that the Chief Constable is visiting the nick later so it would be a  good thing if we are out doing stuff and not making the station look untidy.

0930:  As my buddy has sone admin to do the sarge ask me if I would like to do a school visit with one of the NPT PCSOs so off we go to the local infants' school 'nurture group'.  6 five year olds from problem families who seem like nice enough kids, especially as they come with tea and bikkies.  We spend half an hour with them as t hey try on our hats and talk about...well it was hard to tell really but they had a good time.  We left at break time so the whole playground came to wave us off so my partner who had come to pick us up gave it large with the lights and siren as we pulled off.

1015:  We drop off the PCSO and head off to see if we can gather some int on a possible drug user, but are sidetracked by a call for an arrest op.  We RV with ARU (there if forced entry needed), CID who are coords, dogs, the sarge and another couple of officers.  The chap we are after is wanted in another part of the country for a particularly nasty attack and is rated as a 'badass'.  We go round and position ourselves at various doors and windows but in fact he comes quietly.  turns out he was someone I'd sat with in A&E last saturday when he was in for D&I but we didn't have the int on him then.  Take him back and book him in.

1200:  Call for a unit to an RTC in a village, just so happens we are closest so we go.  No casualties but the road is blocked where a white van has come round a sharp bend on a narrow road and his a mum and three year old in their car.  No injuries other than shakes but neither vehicle is going anywhere.  It's the van driver's first day on the job and the boss hung up on him after the first phonecall.  We measure up and draw diagrams while the insurance companies arrange recovery.  The rod is finally opened just in time for the school run.  My oppo runs me back to my station where I knock off at about 1530.


Again nothing outrageously exciting but a good mix - nice to see the children and then a more serious side of things later on


Bank Holiday Night Response

OK, my first blog entry.

Rank: SC

Experience:6 Months

Duty: Response, 1900-0400, Sunday night of a Bank Holiday weekend - all timings approx.

1900:  Get in and do the self brief and some paperwork.  The Sgt has been working away so it's the first time I've met him though I know the others on duty.

1940:  Just as a coffee arrives a call comes in from a single crewed officer who has detained three men and a van round the back of a shopping block - sus theft by finding.  The Sarge and I go  down in the van and a traffic unit comes in as well.  All three have been arrested and I drive their rather ramshackle van with the evidence in it back to the nick.  Help in booking two of them in than the arresting office, Sarge and I go out to do S18 searches.  Can only get access to one property, the occupants are OK and I know one of them.  Nothing suspicious found but yet again I wonder how people can allow their homes to get into such a state.

2100:  Back to the nick for a brew and a butty.  My S/Insp has come in to do some paperwork and we talk about a few things.  He decides to come out on patrol, so we grab a vehicle and book on.  Just as we are going out of the Station a call comes in to a domestic.  Although we are not response trained it is not far away and we are first on scene (by about 15 seconds).  We find a woman who Private Eye might describe as  'Tired and Emotional' sitting in the drive.  I take her and sit her in the car while my Insp and two others go inside.  After about 10 minutes of her insane ramblings "my sister gets away with it because she works for MI5" (turns out the sister works in a local supermarket) my Insp comes out and arrests her for assault.  Seems she turned up at a family party already hammered and clocked her sister one in the eye.  Back to the nick and book her in - have to hang around for ten minutes while a female officer comes over to do the search.  S/Insp does a statement and I do a neat PNB write up for the file.

2300:  Paperwork finished as a call from a single crewed officer in town comes in for help breaking up a scrap.  By the time we get there another crew is on hand and one miscreant is cuffed and led off.  The usual moans and groans from Joe Q Public, all of which receive the same response 'phone 101 in the morning and tell then all about it'.

2345:  After a spell of the usual stuff the doormen at the big club tell us they have had a handbag theft which was caught on CCTV and they have the victim and suspects inside.  We do some preliminary questions to establish identity and view the footage - pretty blatant.  After a radio call with the Sarge the van crew come down and three ladies are arrested on sus of theft.  One of the regulars agrees to do the file so Insp and I do PNB entries.

0130:  Back into town - very busy but not much trouble.  One lad claims to have been thumped but not much else beyond the normal stuff.  I go back to the club to get copies of the CCTV.  As I'm coming out there is a girl being loaded into the back of a patrol car apparently having a fit - my Insp goes with her to AnE where the doctor clocks her as faking it, the give away is when he produces an enormous needle and she shies away.  She is left to find her own way home.

0300:  Chuck out time and for once it goes smoothly (good job as custody is now full and next nearest is over an hour away).  I see a bunch of my students who are having a good time and a very well endowed young lady bends down in front of me to pick up her cigarette and  (just) manages to avoid having a wardrobe malfunction - my parting comment was 'For God's sake, love, don't sneeze'.  One minor casualty receives first aid, not serious but a slip over and a split lip.

0400:  Back to finish off the paperwork and head for home at 0430, just as the birds are giving it root-toot.

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