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Major Disaster at large

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A busy night




Rank SC

Service 12 months (to the day - today is the anniversary of Attestation)

Shift: 2100-0700 Saturday Night

Duty: Response

2045:  Arrive and see who is about.  It is a 'Super Saturday' where accumulated hours owed are called in.  They happen every 5 weeks and mean extra bodies.  The problem is two cars are tied up on a warrant so with 2 Specials swelling the ranks further we head out Six-Up in the van (crazy numbers for our town).

2120:  Arrive at an address to carry out a Fail To Attend warrant, but the individual is not there, her location is given to us and passed over to the relevant division.  Have a bit of a cruise around.

2200:  Call to a domestic.  Woman in a house next door to another family member being looked after by good neighbours.  Bit complicated but she lives over town and was heading for her relative after a fight with her partner, but only got as far a the neighbour.  We go to her flat, there is blood on the door but no partner.  We eventually get his mobile number and he agrees to meet us at her flat.  We go back and knock up the chap in the next flat.  The blood is explained as he has had a right pasting.  Turns out he got it defending the girl.  The partner is clearly giving us the run-around until 0100 when he is sighted at the hospital where she's being treated.  We pile up and he is eventually located and arrested.  I switch to a car with another officer.

0120:  Called to an address where another long running serial is reaching a climax.  A lad is being sought for all sorts of things and officers are in his home address.  There are eventually three crews, traffic and ARV en-route when lad is found hiding, mum assaults two officers and in the melee a PAVA canister valve gets snapped off and one of the traffic officers gets it all over himself (thankfully not in the eyes).  I was on back garden watch as he's been known to exit via the first floor windows.  Laddo and mum are brought out making a right fuss and we get two vans up for them.  Change cars.

0140:   Called to a confusing welfare issue - we knock on the door and the young lady answers...without any clothes on...She realises her 'mistake', closes the door, grabs a towel and we share a laugh about it.  The welfare issue (third party) is sorted and all are accounted for, safe and well.

0220: Called to criminal damage - diverted to a teenage welfare issue, dealt with as elder sister is present, over 18 and responsible.  The family are known and we know what solutions work.

0300:  Into town for chucking out - going reasonably well until a problem crops up.  I know the lad kicking off quite well and am surprised to see him in such a state.  I try and try to get him to leave but he finally pushes it too far and two colleagues take him in, as much for  his own safety as anything else.

0410:  Refs, taken very quickly.

0430:  Called back to the 0220 job.  Mum has turned up - known to be difficult.  In fact she is reasonable.  She knows my partner and tells us she's having treatment for he various issues and , tonight at least, seems to want to help (which is good as I've met her when she has been less cooperative and it wasn't pleasant).  The teenager is eventually dropped at Nan's and by about 0530 we are back in the nick where everyone is busy doing statements and preparing handover files.  I do what I can to be helpful, it seems that I've got all the necessary mobile numbers from the earlier jobs - the regulars have fancy data tablets but the specials' PNB is sometimes the easiest way to get info down quickly.

0700:  Finish and drop into MacD's where eldest daughter is working early shift for a hot choc. Home and bed.


So I've been a special for a year.  Well over 500 hours in 2015 and the crews I work with regularly tell me that they are happy to see me - I hope they aren't just being polite.  Here's to another year and the 'festive' season, especially Friday 18th, the real 'Black Friday'!!

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