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A blog for a few odds and sods. From the perspective of a serving officer.












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Once upon a time in January 2021

I posted a couple of these a few years ago and got some decent reception, I thought it would be nice to write a couple more of my experiences more recently. I am approaching 5 years with Thames Valley at the time of writing this.   …Sometime in January 2021. Location: [Redacted] Night shift.   ….The night is young. I tend to leave for work as late as possible. I recently moved so it is a bit of a trial and error to see how much time I can chip away at the commute be


Ironic + in Once upon a time in January 2021.

A night on the town

Tour of duty - Saturday 18th August 2018  I have served with my force for approaching 2 and a bit years. My last blog documented a ride-along in February 2016 before I joined. It is interesting reading a blog pre and post joining. It is 9 pm I begin work with a trudge to my night shift.  I had been on the rota to be doing a late shift but was moved to cover a lack of resourcing. I am very tired. Early shifts straight into night shifts without a shift to transition body clock is a



A cold evening in February [Ride Along]

My first of two ride-alongs I took part in during the application process for Thames Valley Police for the role of Police Officer. A cold Friday evening in February 15:00 - 24:00 13:30 - Arrived at station, supposed to be collected at 13:40 for safety briefing. 15:00 - Actual start time, accompanying officer had a shift change and I was forgotten about. Oops!  15:30 - Signed the indemnity document, policies and a quick overview of the night's plan of action. Tonight would be



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