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Major Disaster at large

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A windy one!

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Rank: SC

Experience; 11 Months

Duty: 2100-0700 Saturday Night

All timing from PNB.

2040: Arrive and say hello to the Sarge and the one officer in the report room.  I'd done a shift earlier in the week with this Code and I'd told them I'd be in.  There is still an issue with vehicles.  One car's coolant leak has come back and the small cage van hasn't been returned from repair as expected, so the Sarge is working out who will go where.

2050: Custody call down for an officer to charge someone and after a consult it is decided there is nothing to prevent me doing it.  I'd not charged anyone before so the Custody Sgt explains the process and shows me the layout of the forms.  Laddo comes out,abuses everyone, is charged, abuses everyone some more and is put away again still abusing everyone.

2100:  The rest of the code are in and two sips into a cuppa a call arrives and three of us pile into the big van and head for the town square.  A 14 yo girl is very intoxicated and her male friend is being aggressively protective.  We manage to peel him off her and monitor while ambulance are en-route.  Another unit arrives and the young lad kicks off - I'm not sure that he couldn't have been led away and calmed down, but one of the other crew decide to arrest for D&D so I assist as I have an arm at that point.

2110:  As the ambulance is parked in a narrow part of the street I'm directing traffic down a side road, telling people that hopefully we won't be long and their first action should be a spin round the town for 5 minutes.  The one way system means that the top of town is off limits until the road is open.  One motorist is less than happy!

Him: I need to get to the top of High Street

Me:  Sorry, you can't right now, go round and hopefully we'll be gone by the time you get back.

Him: But I need to get up there NOW!

Me:  Well, you can't, you've got to go down Bridge Street for now.

Him: Can't I squeeze past the ambulance?

Me: No, go down bridge Street.

Him: Why do I have to go down there?

Me: [with a smile] Because I'm telling you to


Me: [pointing at my slide on the arm of my fleece] 7***, have a nice evening.

That's another first for the evening, my first angry number demand.

2200:  Welfare check, but it turns out the lady is fine and the gentleman doesn't recognised when he's being ignored.

2220:  Another officer and I take a spare cage van out to the next City to pick up a prisoner and some evidence (not connected).  The prisoner is a choice specimen and the evidence is a lot of cannabis, which make the van smell wonderful.  The round trip is about 120 miles he drives there and I drive back!

0200: Food break.

0230:  Into town with the Sarge and the van.  Over the next hour we deal with various verbal disagreements, search a very cocky young chap (without result) drive a drunk driver's car to the nick (first time I've driven a GTi in 15 years - mine smelled better!).  One officer is tied up in custody on 136 watch while others deal with various losses of bodily functions among the 'guests'.  While we are doing this the wind and rain arrive in force and town disperses relatively quickly.

0400:  I drive the spare van down to it's daytime home ten miles away and one of the local officers drives me back. Complete some paperwork.

0545:  The Sarge and I go back into town to deal with a verbal spat - it takes a bit of sorting out but eventually between taxis and giving one girl a lift up the road we restore order.

0700: Knock off.

A very varied and interesting shift.

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"Him: Why do I have to go down there?"

Because the Road Traffic Act makes it an offence for you not to comply with my directions sir. *Smile*

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Sounds like a varied shift! Out of interest what is your force policy around driving non-job cars on duty? I think in the Met you need to be a L1/Advanced driver so interesting to hear it's more relaxed elsewhere.

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5 hours ago, Will said:

Sounds like a varied shift! Out of interest what is your force policy around driving non-job cars on duty? I think in the Met you need to be a L1/Advanced driver so interesting to hear it's more relaxed elsewhere.

A to B is sufficient for us which is useful.



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Interesting write-up thanks!

I've not heard the word "code" before in this context, we say "shift" in my force.

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