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Management Team - Welcome Cheetah

Chief Bakes



It is with great pleasure that @Chief Rat and I would like to welcome @Cheetah to the Management Team here at Police Community. @Cheetah has a proven track record with the forum and has been a valuable member of the wider Police Community Team for some considerable time. Cheetah's work ethic and commitment to keeping the forum running and available for all the members is something that I am very grateful for and as Cheetah now takes up his new position on the Management Team I am sure that you will all join me in congratulating Cheetah, whilst at the same time thanking him for his continued support. 

Welcome to the Management Team - Well Deserved.

Chief Bakes
Police Community

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Does that mean a profile rename? "Chief Cheetah" :)

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Chief Cheetah


Whoa there, I haven't even yet fully remembered the secret handshake and my keys to the executive toilets are still being cut.

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Do you have to roll up one trouser leg as well ?

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