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Major Disaster at large

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Warrants op




0800.  Meet up in local station with Sgt, the area drug DC,  a uniformed PC, dog handler and three other specials.  Get a briefing on the two search warrants we will be executing - there were supposed to be three but one has been postponed.

0900.  Door answered and in we go.  Mum and toddler are fine, laddo is spark out on the sofa.  We wake him up.  He is not really with it.  The drug dog goes through without any particular indication so we begin searching.  I find a wrap of cannabis between the DVD cases, which the mum claims.  She is taken down to the station to receive a cannabis warning.  We also find a used grinder and a large stash of 'herbal resin' pouches.  Laddo claims they are his supply for the week - if they were then he is a miracle of science.  They are seized-the DC explains that if they test as legal and there is no corroboration that he is supplying then they will be returned.  Various phones are also seized.

1130.  We are back at the nick for a break and then head out to our second address.  A drive-by suggested that there was no-one home so the ARU are called and happily attend with the 'Big Red Key'.  The drug dog indicates in the living room (I use the term living loosely  - this place is beyond description).  We find a grinder, a cannabis plant and various other bits that make it worthwhile.  Eventually a woman with two young children comes back - I assume she is the gran, but the DC knows her and tells me she is not yet 40 - I am seldom lost for words but this is one of those times - This woman is ten years younger than me and looks twenty years older.  She goes mental at us and her kids end up calming her down.  Her partner turns up and is mellow - he takes ownership of the plant and agrees to come in tomorrow to give a statement. We depart.  Back at the nick various markers are updated for child welfare etc.

1400.  We depart.  One of my Special colleagues, who is Temp S/Sgt and I go back to our home station where we have secured that most precious of commodities...NEW LOCKERS!!!!  Four big lockers - eventually we will double up but for the moment we can have one each (Luuuuuxurrrrry) and a set of Pava/Tetra lockers.  The only problem is they are over by the Traffic office - across the courtyard, down the stairs and round several sharp bends - (the lift is U/S as well).  Our colleagues assist in true spirit of policing...They hold the doors and make "To me...To you" comments!  We get them in position, Label them up and I shift my gear over.

1530.  Knock off.  A very successful day where the Special Constabulary did what it does best.  We provided bodies on the ground.

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Enjoying the reads on my lunch hour @MajorDisaster, I'm assuming U/S in ref to the lift stands for unbelievably ....?

Great reads, any chance on a few more after these?!

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U/S stands for un-servicable, Army and Police speak for .....!

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