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Major Disaster at large

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Saturday nights




Rank: SC

Service 8 Months

Duty: 1900-0400 ; Response

All timings appropriate.

1830.  Arrive and grab my gear.  The duty inspectors are handing over and are very pleased to see me as they are strapped.  I start self briefing.

1840.  The sarge asks me to go from Big Town BT (where I am) to Small Town ST about ten miles away as there is exactly one officer there for the next couple of hours, then only two more.  I don't mind so I grab 'duty clapped out fiesta' (every nick has one!!) and head off.

1930.  I've arrived at ST and have the nick to myself - fortunately I recall the combination to the door.  My buddy arrives, we haven't met before but he is very friendly and we head off once he has finished his paperwork and we have had a natter with the PCSOs who have come back ready to finish. He's on to 0300 so I plan to finish then too.

2030-2130.  I meet one of ST's best known families.  The scion of the clan (alcoholic) has had a barney with his on/off girlfriend (druggie).  We shuttle between the two and discover that it is six and two threes and all parties are advised to keep away from each other for a bit.

2130.  Back to the nick via Tesco for a sandwich and catch up with the night pair.

2200-0200.  Not much going on - we attend several noise complaints including a run up to BT as they are all busy.

0210.  As we pull back into BT and grab a brew a call comes in ref a CrimDam at the club down the road.  Local pond life has been ejected and punched out the rear windscreen of a car which by coincidence belongs to the chef on pie & chip duty in the club.  We get him back to the nick to take a statement and the night crew find and arrest aforementioned pond life and take him off to BT custody.

0255.  Statement finished and ready to book off...in comes a call to a domestic.  Night crew have been 'borrowed' by the Sarge in BT for  a job so off we go.  Long and short of it - we arrest the male party to prevent BoP and take him to custody.  He's compliant and we get him processed and head back ready to book off, when...

0400.  As we pull up by the nick a call to the other club in ST where it's all spilling out onto the street (they have a 0500-0600 licence).  We arrive and start helping the door staff break up the various squabbles.  Night crew and ARU arrive and we start making headway.  Local hard case is herded away before he can kick off and super gobby girl who is complain that she has been called a 'fat whore' is dealt with firmly but fairly (that is told to ****** off home).

0500.  I finally book off and drive back to BT, home and bed.



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