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Major Disaster at large

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County Day Shift




Rank SC

Length of service 6 months

Shift: 0900-1600 Response

0830: get in and the sarge asks me to go to another station ten miles away as his officers are all over the place.  He has two students with tutors who are with assessors, four in custody on prisoner observation (including two on "poo watch" - some people get all the best jobs), so I team up with a chap I've worked with before and we head down to his location for a brew.  The sarge there breaks the good news to us that the Chief Constable is visiting the nick later so it would be a  good thing if we are out doing stuff and not making the station look untidy.

0930:  As my buddy has sone admin to do the sarge ask me if I would like to do a school visit with one of the NPT PCSOs so off we go to the local infants' school 'nurture group'.  6 five year olds from problem families who seem like nice enough kids, especially as they come with tea and bikkies.  We spend half an hour with them as t hey try on our hats and talk about...well it was hard to tell really but they had a good time.  We left at break time so the whole playground came to wave us off so my partner who had come to pick us up gave it large with the lights and siren as we pulled off.

1015:  We drop off the PCSO and head off to see if we can gather some int on a possible drug user, but are sidetracked by a call for an arrest op.  We RV with ARU (there if forced entry needed), CID who are coords, dogs, the sarge and another couple of officers.  The chap we are after is wanted in another part of the country for a particularly nasty attack and is rated as a 'badass'.  We go round and position ourselves at various doors and windows but in fact he comes quietly.  turns out he was someone I'd sat with in A&E last saturday when he was in for D&I but we didn't have the int on him then.  Take him back and book him in.

1200:  Call for a unit to an RTC in a village, just so happens we are closest so we go.  No casualties but the road is blocked where a white van has come round a sharp bend on a narrow road and his a mum and three year old in their car.  No injuries other than shakes but neither vehicle is going anywhere.  It's the van driver's first day on the job and the boss hung up on him after the first phonecall.  We measure up and draw diagrams while the insurance companies arrange recovery.  The rod is finally opened just in time for the school run.  My oppo runs me back to my station where I knock off at about 1530.


Again nothing outrageously exciting but a good mix - nice to see the children and then a more serious side of things later on



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