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Bank Holiday Night Response




OK, my first blog entry.

Rank: SC

Experience:6 Months

Duty: Response, 1900-0400, Sunday night of a Bank Holiday weekend - all timings approx.

1900:  Get in and do the self brief and some paperwork.  The Sgt has been working away so it's the first time I've met him though I know the others on duty.

1940:  Just as a coffee arrives a call comes in from a single crewed officer who has detained three men and a van round the back of a shopping block - sus theft by finding.  The Sarge and I go  down in the van and a traffic unit comes in as well.  All three have been arrested and I drive their rather ramshackle van with the evidence in it back to the nick.  Help in booking two of them in than the arresting office, Sarge and I go out to do S18 searches.  Can only get access to one property, the occupants are OK and I know one of them.  Nothing suspicious found but yet again I wonder how people can allow their homes to get into such a state.

2100:  Back to the nick for a brew and a butty.  My S/Insp has come in to do some paperwork and we talk about a few things.  He decides to come out on patrol, so we grab a vehicle and book on.  Just as we are going out of the Station a call comes in to a domestic.  Although we are not response trained it is not far away and we are first on scene (by about 15 seconds).  We find a woman who Private Eye might describe as  'Tired and Emotional' sitting in the drive.  I take her and sit her in the car while my Insp and two others go inside.  After about 10 minutes of her insane ramblings "my sister gets away with it because she works for MI5" (turns out the sister works in a local supermarket) my Insp comes out and arrests her for assault.  Seems she turned up at a family party already hammered and clocked her sister one in the eye.  Back to the nick and book her in - have to hang around for ten minutes while a female officer comes over to do the search.  S/Insp does a statement and I do a neat PNB write up for the file.

2300:  Paperwork finished as a call from a single crewed officer in town comes in for help breaking up a scrap.  By the time we get there another crew is on hand and one miscreant is cuffed and led off.  The usual moans and groans from Joe Q Public, all of which receive the same response 'phone 101 in the morning and tell then all about it'.

2345:  After a spell of the usual stuff the doormen at the big club tell us they have had a handbag theft which was caught on CCTV and they have the victim and suspects inside.  We do some preliminary questions to establish identity and view the footage - pretty blatant.  After a radio call with the Sarge the van crew come down and three ladies are arrested on sus of theft.  One of the regulars agrees to do the file so Insp and I do PNB entries.

0130:  Back into town - very busy but not much trouble.  One lad claims to have been thumped but not much else beyond the normal stuff.  I go back to the club to get copies of the CCTV.  As I'm coming out there is a girl being loaded into the back of a patrol car apparently having a fit - my Insp goes with her to AnE where the doctor clocks her as faking it, the give away is when he produces an enormous needle and she shies away.  She is left to find her own way home.

0300:  Chuck out time and for once it goes smoothly (good job as custody is now full and next nearest is over an hour away).  I see a bunch of my students who are having a good time and a very well endowed young lady bends down in front of me to pick up her cigarette and  (just) manages to avoid having a wardrobe malfunction - my parting comment was 'For God's sake, love, don't sneeze'.  One minor casualty receives first aid, not serious but a slip over and a split lip.

0400:  Back to finish off the paperwork and head for home at 0430, just as the birds are giving it root-toot.

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