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Saturday Night Time Economy




Saturday Night, Response, 2000-0400.  All timings approx

2000:  Get in in a bit of a rush but looking forward to it as Code B are on and they are very Special Friendly - also one particular officer (Joe) is on and there's never a dull moment when I'm paired with him-at this point however he is out with RPU and some of the others are on another task so...

2015: Another officer and I head off with a Sgt from the south of the county to look for a specific habitual drink driver.  On the way a car pulls out suddenly on us so we pull him over.  My colleague breath tests him while I do the check.  A moment's excitement when it comes back as no insurance or MOT, but he produces an MoT certificate dated two days ago and it turns out he has Traders insurance.  He blows zero so is sent on his way with advice to be careful in the future.  We do not find our target but on the way back we do a Licence Check on a local pub that has had noise problems.  All is in order and the girl singing in the bar was actually quite good.

2100:  Status 4 - I'd taken a chinese in which matched what the rest of the two codes now in were having (the other code are slightly less SC Friendly but individually are still ok).  We hear that the NPT Sgt who had been in coordinating an Op has passed his Inspector's board so there is much congratulating and good natured p***taking.

2200:  The duty inspector wants boots on the ground in pairs for town patrol, as Joe is tied up with a traffic job I hang around for a bit catching up on the e brief and some bits and bobs.

2245: Joe comes back and we grab the cage van, park up in town and start our wanderings.  We run into the other pair and head down to the skate park, now in darkness.  There we sneak up on 4 lads who are having a smoke.  One is very sus and Joe searches him while we sniff round the others (literally).  They are fine, and not too drunk but our dodgy one (who has plenty of previous) is getting gobby and only the intervention of his mates stops him getting nicked.  They decide to head back into town.

0030.  There are still only a few hundred in town.  The clubs are only about a quarter full.  One of the local weirdos is causing trouble but is sent on  his way and we head back into the main square.

0100.  The other pair on patrol take the van back up to the nick for a brew and we agree we'll stroll back in slow time, but as we are about to set off Joe spots a scrote about to relieve himself in a doorway.  In the ensuing discussion the lad gets sufficiently gobby that he is nicked under S5.  We get the girls to bring the van back for him, but it is getting a bit antsy as his friends are being very difficult.  As luck would have it another CS and a traffic unit happen to arrive in town and order is restored.  Our boy's girlfriend is furious - with him or us it is impossible to tell (all will be revealed later).

0115.  We head off to the nick to process our lad, as we pass the Leisure Centre we are flagged down by a car who tells us 'he's up there' - Who?  Turns out he'd phoned in a man smashing up a car but we hadn't heard the call in the hoo ha in town.  Other units are coming down - it's only 200 yards from the nick - but by coincidence we are first on scene.  We head up where he directs and end up running down a street to find the attacker.  I arrest and caution at which point he coughs.  He'd walloped his ex's windscreen with a hammer (recovered).  Joe processes our S5 (Q: Have you ever been arrested before? A :yes Q:When? A: Last night!!!!) and I process our Crim Dam.  Upstairs for a brew, and short statements. The inspector is well pleased as officially Joe and I managed two arrests in under 5 minutes.  Specials getting arrests are flagged up as the Chief Constable likes us and is recruiting actively!

0230.  Files completed we head back into town for chucking out.  I see several of my students - I call them The Usual Suspects, though they are not bad lads.  One of them got punched and has bled well on his shirt but he isn't bothered by it being a rugby player and well anaesthetised.  I get him to peel back his lip but it isn't serious.   There's a bit of banter flying round but there are a few niggles surfacing and we put the word out for some extra bodies.   We eventually finish up with about ten officers - more than I have seen before at that time (not many by big city standards but quite a few from our rural perspective) including two student officers and a traffic unit.

0315.  Sure enough - big kick off.  Battling parties separated and two nicked.  I go back up the station with one of them and help process him in.  About this time there is a call for officers to go round the front where a woman is kicking off.  It turns out to be the girlfriend of the lad we nicked earlier.  I seems it was us she was p***ed off at and she ends up reunited with him, well in the same cell block after being arrested! That causes much chortling in the custody suite.

0345:  Finish booking in all and sundry, back upstairs and book off.

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Chief Cheetah


Another great blog entry, thanks Major Disaster, it has already hit our twitter and Facebook feeds plus you were awarded some points for submitting it.

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