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Pay Day Saturday Night in Town!




So, here we go with another Saturday night shift. Timings reasonably accurate - taken from PNB

1930 - On duty, with the legendary Joe, and two ladies whom we will call L1 and L2 to save their blushes (Joe is beyond saving!)

1945 - Immediate call so jump in with L1 and head to a carpark where a group of pre-teens have come across an older chap who has taken a tumble and has a cut above the eye.  They have called 999 and given rudimentary first aid.  He is a little drunk and takes some persuading to go with the medics but eventually goes off to get cleaned up.  The youngsters are thanked for their help.

2020 - MISPER, adult male, turns out not to be missing at all but fit and well at his home address!

2050 - MISPER 2, juvenile absconded from foster home.  We go and search his natural family home, they are very helpful and have seen him on an authorised visit that day.  they offer some suggestions as to where he might be.  We pass those on. (he turned up later on near his foster home).

2130 - As we are heading back to the nick we are diverted to a male causing a disturbance.  We find a drunk youth who has been refused entry by his Mum and he has kicked off.  He won't calm down so I arrest for D&D.  My presentation at the custody desk gets the seal of approval from Joe who helped me take him in as that particular custody sgt is known for requiring exact detail.

2220 - Refs followed by statement for my arrest.  My special inspector is in and heads off to a domestic where he gets an arrest and one of the Special Sgts from another part of the county is also in custody with an arrest - a good night for the Specials!

2319 - Call to a melee on one of the 'less salubrious' estates.  The next half hour is a bit surreal.  Two cars arrive, me and Joe and L1 & L2.  The only thing that is clear is that a lad has been thumped and the assailant who is identified has done a runner.  Joe and L1 run after him, L2 sees a likely suspect and runs after  him.  More units are inbound but I spend an 'interesting' few minutes in the middle of what I can only describe as a 30 strong mass audition for the Jeremy Kyle Show.  One person tries to take responsibility for the assault despite the witnesses and the victim saying he was nothing to do with it.  The crowd then turn on this individual who refuses the offer of being transported out of harms way.  He gets gobbier by the second and finishes up being nicked for S5.  The assailant is arrested and with the timely intervention of PC Rain we eventually get away.  Back tot he nick to finish earlier paperwork and assist bagging up evidence of the assault.

0130 - Call into town with L2 where traffic are with a lad who has been pushed/fallen though a shop door window.  We look round for a possible attacker but without success.  We stay in town for a bit though the continuing rain is helping keep a lid on things.

0210 - A badly parked car is blocking in several bouncers who can't go home - oh dear!  We call it in.  Back to the nick and straight out with the sarge to reports of a domestic in the street.  No sign but we are then flagged down by a woman who is nervous about entering her property due to a man loitering.  I see her in ok and we talk to the chap who it is obvious is having mental issues.  I won't go into details, but I manage to strike up a rapport with him.  He is staying with his mum nearby and between talking to her and his friend on the phone we decide S136 is in order.  Joe an L2 come down to help but he is reasonably happy.  

0300 - Called back into town by the unit watching the busted door and waiting for duty chippy to come and fix it.  Joe stays with the S136, L2 and I head down where we find a male who has been assaulted and is horizontal with a head wound.  There is a lot of blood about.  The ambulance turns up and they take over the management of the casualty while we gather what info we can.  This takes some time and the lads friends and workmates are milling around being more of a pain than a help.  Lots of activity in town as a report has come in of an alleged serious sexual assault.

0400 - Back to the nick and  book off.

All in all I think I changed vehicles about 6 times and barely stopped!


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Chief Cheetah


Another great entry, thanks.  It's on our social media feeds now.

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