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TapaTalk Enabled

If you've ever tried to follow multiple forums on a mobile browser, you know how inconsistent of an experience it can be. We save you time and make it easy to follow all of your favorite online communities on your mobile device. You can monitor, post, and add photos to all your favorite forums, all in a single app. You can even elect to receive push notifications on your favorite threads. Because of the flexibility that TapaTalk brings to the world of forums, here at Police Community we have joined the tapatalk community and enabled the app on our community forum. Simply download the tapatalk app for android, iOS, Windows Phone or Windows 8 and search for Police Community. Sign in with your login details and you can use this super easy mobile application to view, use, post and interact with the Police Community Forum whilst on the go. Visit your app store and search TapaTalk today.

Chief Bakes

Chief Bakes


Our Social Media Accounts

Here at Police Community we are always looking at the best ways we can bring you the latest policing stories, current news as it happens and some of the best discussions amongst colleagues and online friends. One of the ways we strive to do this are via our official Social Media platforms. If you are not already following us ensure you visit the pages and like/follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/policecommunityforum Our Twitter Page - www.twitter.com/PolComForum Any issues on the forum will also be posted to our social media accounts should our forum need to be taken offline at any point in the future so make sure your following.

Chief Bakes

Chief Bakes


Member of The Month

We have decided to have a new award on the forum entitled Member of the Month You may be asking how you win this, well this is a secret. It is a voted decision by the moderators based on your posting history, how many likes you've received and any reports we've received from our members. The figures we use are for the previous Month so for instance although you may appear as January's member of the month it is based on your forum history for December. You don't need to be the highest recipient of Likes nor do you need make the most posts the decision is based your overall contribution to the forum for that month. You are probably wondering if you win anything, well sorry to disappoint but this award comes with nothing but Kudos and a banner across the bottom of the forum announcing this fact to all of our members. This is a thank you to those whose overall contribution to the forum should be recognised and applauded by all.

Chief Bakes

Chief Bakes


Monthly Member Draw

Well we said it was coming back and it is ... The first draw will be on the 1st December 2014 and again at the start of the month every month moving forward. The winner will be announced on the website with a video of the draw being shown so you all know how it was drawn. The draw will be open to VIP and Lifetime VIP members and you do not need to do anything to be included in the draw. If you are not a VIP member upgrade your account before the 1st of December 2014 to be included. The winner will then need to raise a support ticket to claim their prize and we will send you the e-voucher code via the support desk. Winners will have 30 days to claim their prize and any claims not made in time will be rolled over to the following month. Get upgrading you're account ready for our first draw. Best Wishes Police Community Team

Chief Bakes

Chief Bakes


What's not to like?

What's not to like about this place? It is but just a few months old and almost un-discernible from from how it looked on 31st October 2014. With this latest addition, the blogs section, we once again have something that our competitors don't have. We have the membership, we have the Admin and mod team to support the forum and we have the desire to see it improve constantly. It's not been without its trials. We've had a few stumbling blocks and some things simply haven't worked. Despite what you all may see this forum has a lot of work going into it in the background and the Admin and mod team give hundreds of hours between them every week to ensure it stays fresh and working properly for you all. So what's not to like about this place? Get your friends and colleagues to sign up and we can continue to develop and grow the forum. Cheetah

Chief Cheetah

Chief Cheetah


Tagging Topics

Some of you may have already noticed that when you start a new thread you are now required to add at least two tags. You can add more should you wish (200 is the maximum) but you will need to add at least two. Why have we done this? We've done this to help the forum make connections and to help with the indexing of subjects. If somebody comes to the site looking for some information then even if they make their search quite vague it will bring up all relevant topics we have, this should hopefully improve the knowledge base we are currently building. Some of the legacy sites that we frequented previously have been going for years and therefore have built up a large library of information, well we want to do that as well and we want it to all be relevant and linked. But what tags should I use? Any you like. The most obvious to use would be where something is specialised such as a post about torches or boots, then you can use the tag 'Torch' and the tag 'Boots', this means that in the future when someone is searching for information on boots or torches these will be more relevant than someone who has made a posting and used the sentence 'my boots we're soaking after all the rain and I think lost my torch'. But what if it's just a general discussion? Well then you can just use general tags such as, 'Police' or 'Specials' or 'Recruitment' if the subject is about Policing or maybe 'Off Duty' if it's for the locker room and about off duty activities. It's about building up that series of links and relationships and these are the little things that will take this beyond being a great place to being the Best place for Police related information and discussion.

Chief Bakes

Chief Bakes

About us

Police Community was originally founded in 2014 by two serving Police Officers.

In 2016 it was incorporated as a limited company called RAW Digital Media Limited and then purchased 3 other forums; Police Specials, UK Police Online and Police UK to form the largest policing discussion forum network in the UK.

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