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New Forum Layouts

Chief Bakes



We have now introduced for our VIP and Lifetime VIP members the ability to change their forum layout from the standard Default view. 

VIP and Lifetime VIP users will now be able to choose to move the sidebar from the right to the left of the page, they will also be able to choose from the standard list view to an all new grid view layout. Swapping themes is quick, easy and simple to do. At the bottom of any page on the site simply select the dropdown icon next to the word 'Theme' in the footer of the site to change your theme. There is no limit on the number of times you can adjust your layout and my personal view is that the Grid layout is particularly useful when accessing the site from a mobile device. On the main computer I personally prefer to have the list view 'Default' layout. Now you have the flexibility to choose.

All layout options are totally responsive and will work across all device platforms adjusting to your screen size making Police Community a great place to use whilst on the go.




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