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Feature Requests & Bug Tracker

Chief Bakes



As a result of the upgrade of the forum and to provide a platform moving forward we have now developed a Bug Tracker and Feature Request section on our website. All members can post in these and they provide one central repository to ensure nothing gets missed.

Bug Tracker

As with any upgrade and moving forward any software platform, there is always a risk that things behave in a way that is not intended. Errors will no doubt always be present and this is where the Bug Tracker comes in. Simply visit the Bug Tracker from the 'Support' menu and log your issue on there. We will aim to resolve it for you as quickly as we can and if we need to escalate it to the developers of the software then we will. Please do not raise support issues that are specific to your account. In these circumstances continue using the support system. No personal information should be supplied in the Bug Tracker as it is publically available and is intended for issues that are affecting multiple users.

Feature Requests

The way things work and the logic used across the site may not be the way you would have hoped. You may also have a great idea for new features in a specific area of the site or to appear site wide. In these circumstances create a Feature Request entry and we will consider it, implementing where we can.

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