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VIP Features - Member Moods, Emoticons & Enhanced Editor

Chief Bakes



Our VIP members are very important to the continued success of Police Community. Without that contribution to our online home we would not be able to keep this place going in the same way.

As a result we are keen to demonstrate how we are striving to make your use of the forum much improved on a standard user account so that you feel you are rewarded for your contribution to Police Community. We have introduced a number of unique VIP only features and there are more to come ....

Member Moods

As the world of social media and online communities grow we have seen a few things be core to any successful platform. One of theses is for the member to be able to express how they are currently feeling. Here at Police Community we are calling this Moods. VIP Members will be able to update their mood any time and expand the default text to be specific to them. Simply click on the Moods icon in the top right corner of the forum header and set your mood. Your mood will then show on all your posts in the profile card next to each post. Moods are visible to all members but only VIP members can have or change a mood.

Once your mood is selected it will appear on your profile card as follows;

Enhanced Editor

Whilst using the site the editor changes slightly dependant upon what device you are using at the time. On a desktop machine you will get a very different browser editor whilst using our forum to that you will see on a tablet and further still on a mobile device. We have taken this one step further. Standard members will see a standard toolbar in the editor across the site where VIP members will have many more options available in their editor just to make things easier for you.

A standard member's editor looks as follows;

A VIP Members editor will look as follows;


Ok - so we all enjoy using emoticons, it's become part of the way we communicate online. Our standard members will still have access to the 'Classic' emoticons we had before but we have introduced many more categories and modern emoticons available to VIP account holders. Simply click the emoticon icon in any editor and click on the category drop down menu that appears. More will be added in the fullness of time to enhance our VIP members online experience.

A standard member will see;

A VIP Member will see;

Upgrading your account is easy and in reality costs hardly anything. Just £5 will give you a one years VIP Membership, that is less than 2p per day but all these contributions help to keep Police Community moving forward and developing further. You can of course sign up to our Lifetime VIP Membership for a one off fee of just £30

View Membership Plans By Clicking 'Membership' From The Main Menu




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